Panda Pokemon Guide

A panda Pokémon guide can clarify some confusion regarding our favorite bamboo-eating pals. These Pokémon are in my top favorites list primarily because Pandas are one of my favorite animals. I remember when X and Y came out. I received Pokémon X as a gift and got more into it than I had any game since Pokémon Platinum. I thoroughly enjoyed the …

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axew guide

Axew Guide

Dinosaurs are awesome, prehistoric creatures that we are slowly learning about. The idea of gargantuan beasts roaming our land perplexes our tiny, human brains so much that we fantasize about reviving them and enclosing them in parks for us to gawk at. However, I think a more interesting concept would be to capture them and …

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every spider pokemon

Every Spider Pokemon Guide: Strangely Bug-Type Arachnids

Every spider Pokémon guide has something to offer. Although I’ve never been a fan of spider Pokémon, I can appreciate them. I’m sure even those with arachnophobia can as well. Positive exposure is a great thing. For example, Lucas the Spider has helped many cope with arachnophobia, and I know that cute spider arachnophobia can …

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Fastest Pokemon Guide

Sometimes, the competitive Pokémon world is complicated. When battling, there are many things to consider: the objects your Pokémon have, the Abilities of your rival’s Pokémon, etc. But you don’t have to forget about the base stats.  The base stats (Health Points, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed) define how much will your …

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