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From the inception of Rhydon (The first designed Pokémon) to the current roster that we have today, the Pokemon company has evolved greatly. The variations of Pokemon keep increasing along with the franchises popularity with fans eagerly waiting to see the newest additions made by the company.

The Pokémon franchise has now introduced new Pokémon, ingenious evolutions, and even new regional forms of Pokémon.

The eighth generation was a turning point for the Pokémon franchise, they changed the game’s formula, introduced new mechanics and showcased new variations of Pokémon, but one of, if not the coolest additions made to the roster is a new Pokémon “Toxtricity.”

From its unique Electric–Poison typing to its innovative forms, it might be the most distinct edition of the eighth generation. Toxtricity’s rocking aesthetic is terrific and the way it battles is very intriguing. I will tell you everything you need to know about this Punk Pokémon and how it transforms the current Pokémon systems.


toxtricity guide
Image from Bulbapedia

The way Toxtricity is designed is one of its most important features to understand this Pokémon. Toxtricity is available in two forms Amped-Up form and Low-Key form. Toxtricity is a Lizard Type Pokémon; they are purple and are bi-pedal species.

They have four large spikes on the back, two on either side, and four smaller spikes on each of its wrists in the form of a bracelet. They also have a spiked belt-like organ protruding from its waist on both sides, which are a lighter shade of lavender.

Both forms have unique spots on their legs and a sizeable colored surface from their neck to their waist; depending on the form, the color varies.

Amped Up Form

This form of Toxtricity stands with a slouched posture. It has a yellow-colored area on its belly, and the spots on its legs are also yellow. It also has yellow outlines on the edges of its hands and feet.

This form has four spikes on its head; two short spikes on the side of its eyes and two long spikes or horns on either side of its face. It has yellow electric shockwaves from its nose to the back of its neck. Six oval purple organs protrude from its chests in the shape of a butterfly.

Low Key From

This form of Toxticity stands upright with perfect posture. It has a shocking blue-colored area on its belly, and the spots on its legs are also blue.

It also has similarly colored outlines on the edges of its hands and feet. It has one large horn on the tip of its nose and two smaller ones on the sides of its head. It has two blue shockwaves from the back of its horn to the end of its neck. Four oval-shaped organs larger than their counterpart protrude from their chest, creating a V-esque shape.

Both of their forms have the exact measurements.

  • Height: 5’03 (1.6m)
  • Weight: 88.2lbs (40Kg)



It combines both forms with vivid and colorful Pink shockwaves as attacks. The gigantimax form can walk on all fours or two legs.

The color palette of the entire body is similar to those of its per-gigantimax forms, but the variable color is now dark pink. It also has a pink tail which acts as an electric power tower or a sound transmission tower. The bottom and the tower also consist of two large bulges in the shape of power terminals.

The eyes are shockwaves of yellow with light blue outlines on the outer edges. The organs in its chest are now colored with the same shockwave aesthetic, with two blue ones on the edges and four yellow organs in the middle. It has pink, yellow, and blue shockwaves going right down the middle from its front to its back.

  • Height: 78’09+ (24m +)
  • Weight: unknown

Shiny Form

Both forms of Toxtricity can be shiny; the only difference between their original forms and their Shiny counterparts is the primary color palette. Instead of the purple body color, the shade shifts to a dark pink and purple-ish color. The rest of the colors remain the same.

Evolution and Nature

toxicity evolution from toxel

Toxtricity evolves from Toxel, a new introduction to generation eight, which is a cute lizard-type baby Pokémon. It has a small electric shockwave on its forehead with four small horns on the sides of its head. The entire Pokémon is purple and has light, violet eyes.

Its body, from the waist down apart from the hind legs, is lavender colored instead of the darker purple shade of its body. Toxel has its purple tongue usually sticking out and two round whitish–violet spots on both cheeks.

The fascinating thing about Toxtricity isn’t its cute pre-evolution form but the way it evolves from it. To evolve Toxel into Toxtricity, you need to level it up to 30, where it will evolve into one of its two forms according to the nature it holds. Toxel can be of almost any nature that changes the form it would evolve into. The natures required for the forms would be:

Amped Up Form

  • Quirky
  • Rash
  • Sassy
  • Jolly
  • Naïve
  • Hasty
  • Lax
  • Impish

Low Key From

  • Lonely
  • Relaxed
  • Timid
  • Bold
  • Serious
  • Mild
  • Modest
  • Quiet
  • Calm
  • Bashful
  • Careful
  • Gentle

Toxtricity and its Duality

toxtricity evolution
Image from Bulbapedia

It is the only Electric and Poison-type Pokémon. Its design and ability allows Toxtricity to use sound-based moves to its advantage playing into its Punk Rock aesthetic.

Both forms of Toxtricity can claw the organs on their chest to create electricity and produce a sound similar to that of an electric instrument. The Amped Up form makes sounds similar to an electric guitar, and the Low Key form has a sound similar to that of an electric bass. The personality and behavior of Toxtricity can change according to its evolved form:

Amped Up Form

This form is evolved from the more exciting nature types and is known to be very short-tempered and overly confident.

Amped up Toxtricity is very aggressive. It takes eye contact as a sign of aggression and prepares to fight those who make it. Its body breaks down the toxins Toxtricity absorbs toxins that it consumes, usually from stagnant water sources. It uses all the toxins it absorbs to create and generate electricity.

Low Key Form

This form of Toxtricity is known to be cool and much calmer than the Amped Up form. It is dismissive towards other Pokémon and people, which it doesn’t accept.

Low Key Toxtricity is selfish and holds its strength in high regard whenever it’s in a fight; Low Key Toxtricity taunts the opponent when making eye contact. The electricity produced by this form is a bit different than its counterpart; the organs on its chest can produce about 15,000 volts of electricity.


Pokemon can only attain the Gigantimax form during certain conditions. Its primary weapon is its electric energy, which is more than a thundercloud would produce. The toxin its body secretes slowly penetrates its brain, which causes it to lose control; this makes toxic sweat all over its body like acid rain.

The strength and energy of its attack that it uses from the guitar-shaped instrument on its body is strong enough to destroy the land. This form is the only known Pokémon that can use G –Max Move: G – Max Stun Shock.

In The Trading Card Game

One of the shining stars of the eighth generation of Pokémon, Toxtricity got its fair due of recognition in the Pokémon cards. As a strong attack type Pokémon, both its forms and even the Gigantimax state are separately represented in the Pokémon cards.

The Amped Up Form

Fusion Strike: The Amped Up Form knows the move Punk Rock, and the Toxtricity is shown in a rockstar pose from the side. The Low Key Form has the ability Maximum Downer which affects the field and knows the move Head Bolt. The artwork shows Toxtricity with its hands crossed in colorful background.

Rebel Clash: It knows the moves Poison Shout and Hammer In. It shows the Toxtricity climbing a rocky surface while discharging electricity.

Shining Fates – Shiny Vaults: It shows a Shiny Amped Up form Toxtricity, which knows the moves Risk-taker and Thunder Jolt. The artwork shows a Shiny Toxtricity pointing up on a white background with sparkles from a top-down left side angle.

Note: When a V Pokémon is knocked out, the opponent draws two prize cards.

Shining Fates – Shiny Vaults V:  This would be the V card of Toxtricity, knowing the moves poison jab and Electric Riot. It contains a full artwork showing a glistening Shiny Amped Up Toxtricity on a white background with sparkles surrounding it, showing him with a front-facing pose.

Shining Fates – Shiny Vaults V – Max: The V – Max card of Toxtricity, it knows the move G – Max Riot. It shows a Gigantimax Toxtricity in an aurora-colored background with sparkles surrounding it.

Low Key Form

toxicity evolution from toxel

Darkness Ablaze: The Low Key Form knows the move Risk Taker and Thunder Jolt. It shows Toxtricity diving down surrounded by broken rocks and getting ready to strike.

Sword and Shield Promo V: It knows a move Venom Slap and Energize. The borders of the card are black, showing full card 3d artwork. The Toxtricity is shown getting ready to strike with a powerful electric attack from his hands.

Rebel Clash V: It knows the move Poison Jab and Electric Riot. It shows bluish aurora-colored electric clouds in the background with a highlighted Toxtricity standing upright.

Rebel Clash V – Max: It shows a Gigantimax Toxtricity that knows the move G – Max Riot. The full-color artwork has a rainbow aurora background encasing even the Pokémon’s body.

In The Anime

Toxtricity, both forms, made their debut in the episode “Battling Turned Up to Eleven” in the Pokémon journey series. They appear as a part of the Maximizers band. Piers – The local Gym Leader – is rehearsing with the band alongside both forms of Toxtricity, acting as band members.

Ash and his team enter the Gym because the fans of his opponent Marnie, Team Yell, who deceived him. They told Ash that the battle for the One On One World Coronation Series was at Spikemuth instead of Wyndon Stadium. With the help of Piers, Ash manages to make it in time for the match.

Both forms of Toxtricity also appeared in the Pokémon series Pokémon: Twilight Wings in the episode “The Gathering of Stars” as a part of the Maximizers group. They only made a minor appearance.

In the Short Pokétoon “Wait for Me, Magikarp!” both forms of Toxtricity made a minor appearance by playing air instruments while surrounded by electricity.

In The Manga

Toxtricity In The Manga

In the manga, Casey Shield obtains a Toxel, which she names Tera. The Toxel evolved into a Low Key Toxtricity, which appeared in the chapter “Ooh Shiny!! Legendary Equipment.” During her Gym battle against Opal – The Gym Leader of Ballonlea Stadium – who specializes in Fairy-type Pokémon, Toxtricity makes its first appearance. It is revealed that Tera is capable of Gigantamaxing, which shocks the people and Bede, Opal’s successor.

In The Game

At first glance, this Electric – Poison-type Pokémon might not be the best choice because of its very mediocre stats but Toxtricity has a few tricks up its sleeve. Apart from the statistics, which I will explain later, the specific moves learned by Toxtricity, especially sound-based ones, allow him to become a high-level all-rounder.

With its unique ability Punk Rock and using sound-based moves, Toxtricity can become a welcome addition to the team. Its presence not only adds to your main roster but is also an excellent addition for double battles. While its weakness might One Hit KO him, by using the right move set, Toxtricity can sweep entire teams.

Toxtricity’s –Pokedex Number 849 – evolution allows new uses for existing mechanics in the Pokémon game. It has a catch rate of forty-five (11.9%) and belongs to the Human-like Egg Group. The hatching time for Toxtricity is about 6500 steps. It has a fifty-fifty chance of being either male or female.

Toxtricity has a Medium Slow leveling up rate, and defeating it in battle yields 176 base experience points. When caught, the base friendship of Toxtricity is fifty, and the EVs it yields are two.

Where to Find Toxtricity

The Pokémon made its debut in Pokémon Sword and Shield; apart from the special events, the only way to obtain a Toxtricity is by evolving it from a Toxel, which is usually almost high enough leveled up to evolve.

In the Pokémon Sword and Shield games, the weather is also an aspect that is needed for better Pokémon spawn chances, and the new mechanics allow random encounters along with overworld spawns, so the best areas to find a high-level Toxel would be.

For Overworld Spawns

  • Bridge Field
  • Stony Wilderness
  • Motostoke RiverBank

For Random Encounters

  • Route 7
  • Giant’s Cap
  • Hammerlocke Hills
  • Stony Wilderness

Special Events

Rock Star Shiny Toxtricity
Image from Project Pokemon

Rock Star Shiny Toxtricity: This Pokémon was part of the special event that was distributed to promote the Shining Fates set of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It was available online through various retailers and retail storefronts through Pokémon Codes. The Pokémon came with a Classic Ribbon for February 19th to June 30th in 2021 as the Shiny Toxtricity Gift. If a code were unused, it would be expired by June 30th.

Dynamax Adventures: For the Pokémon DLC expansion, Max Lair was a place where trainers could go and participate in raid battles or fight against Dynamax Pokémon. Max’s Lair’s rules prohibit using your Pokémon; instead, focus on using rental Pokémon, which are given at random. Gigantimax Toxtricity is also available to fight there.

Wild Area News: This feature in the game expands the Max Raid Battle dynamics by making certain Pokémon available for specific periods. Trainers can obtain these Pokémon through the Mystery Gift feature in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Toxtricity had been available at various dates in the games, and both forms were available in Sword and Shield versions at least once. The Sword version received the Amped Up form the most, and the Shield version received the Low Key form the most.


The base stats of Toxtricity seem weak at first glance, especially the average defense stats it holds, but this Pokémon with the right EV training can become a powerhouse. The low attack stat makes it a weak physical attacker, but we will mostly stick to its special attack, which is quite good. Its base stats are:

  • HP: 75
  • Attack: 98
  • Defense: 70
  • Special Attack: 114
  • Special Defense: 70
  • Speed: 75
  • Total: 502

To create the best usable version of this Pokémon, we require to EV train its speed stats for 252 EVs and its Special Attack to 252+ EVs. Depending on the build, the remaining 4 EVs can either be added to Special Defense or HP.

The reason for these distributions is to create a Pokémon capable of using its base potential and quickly attacking. This is also because your opponents can abuse its weaknesses to One Hit KO Toxtricity. I will explain it further in the Strategy and Weakness section of the game.


We have established that Toxtricity has a fantastic design, but we’re finally at the part where we talk about its most unique feature; its abilities. Toxtricity comes with two base abilities and one hidden ability, but the one we will discuss the most would be Punk Rock.

Punk Rock is a new ability introduced in Generation VIII for Toxtricity, explicitly making it one of the few Pokémon having a Signature Ability. Punk Rock boosts the power of sound-based moves by thirty percent (30%) and reduces the damage received from sound-based moves by half (50%) as well.

Plus or Minus: First introduced in Generation III, when the Plus ability pairs with the Minus ability or vice versa, it raises the Special Attack by fifty percent (50%). This ability later changed, loosening its constraints after Generation IV having a Pokémon with either Plus or Minus ability could be paired together. This might be able to create a strong Toxtricity for doubles, especially since it knows Magnetic Flux and Gear Up according to its forms.

Hidden Ability – Technician: Technician increases the power of moves that have damage of sixty (60) or less. This ability can be helpful for specific Pokémon, but in Toxtricity’s case, it’s not.

Best Strategy

Being the only Electric Poison Type Pokémon out there, Toxtricity has a few unique ways it can behave in battles, but what truly makes it shine is its unique ability Punk Rock. As explained above, Punk Rock increases the damage done by sound-based moves, which is amazing for Toxtricity, who learns Overdrive and Boomburst.

Utilizing its abilities and giving the correct EVs, as shown in the Statistics category, the optimal ways to use Toxtricity would be either with the Choice Specs or Throat Spray. The move sets are slightly different for Amped Up and Low Key Toxtricity. The best choice would be Amped up Toxtricity because of how it learns Shift Gear.

The Versatile Attacker

The Versatile Attacker
  • Sludge Wave/ Sludge Bomb
  • Shift Gear
  • Boomburst
  • Overdrive

The item “Throat Spray” is consumed to raise the special attack by one level after a Pokémon uses a sound-based move. This versatile move set allows for a strong Boomburts combo, especially after Throat Spray is used. Shift Gear is also changed to increase the speed of Toxtricity, leaving only priority moves as a strong weakness.

The quickness and heavy-hitting boomburst will allow for heavy damage against all opponents. Overdrive is also a sound-based move for heavy electric damage. The special attack bonus allows Poison Type attacks to work even better.

The Heavy Quick Sweep

  • Snarl/ Sludge Wave
  • Overdrive
  • Volt Switch
  • Boomburst

By giving Toxtricity the item “Choice Specs,” it becomes a strong heavy attacker since the item boosts special attack by 1.5%, of course, it only allows one move to be repeated afterward, but that won’t be a problem since the Punk Rock ability will boost its already strengthened attacks into overdrive.

The Boomburst will become a force to be reckoned with, one hit KO’ing most Pokémon. If Toxtricity is pitted against a Pokémon, it’s weak against, Volt Switch comes into play to make a tactical retreat since its defenses are low. You can use the poison type moves to poison tanks or just damage fairy and grass types. You’ll mostly be using Boomburst with this build, and the rest of the movie set is built for Toxtricity’s survival.

Double Battle Strategy

  • Overdrive
  • Boomburst
  • Sludge Wave / Protect
  • Snarl

The best way for a double battle with Toxtricity would be with a Trick Room mental Pokémon. “Throat Spray” increases the special attack level, and Snarl provides good dark types coverage. Protect can be used to allow your team a strong setup, especially if it lets you set up Trick Room.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Toxtricity can be a powerful addition to your Pokémon team. Still, because of its low defense stats, it might even get One Hit KO’d by the right move, and that’s not counting its weaknesses.

Four Times Weak: It is four times weak against Ground Type moves.

Two Times Weak: It is two times weak against Psychic type moves.

Resistant To: it is resistant to Fighting, Flying, Poison, Bug, Steel, Grass, Electric, and Fairy-type moves. This means that their move damage is halved.

The rest of the types damage Toxtricity normally. Ground-type moves are the bane of Toxtricity; one Earthquake leaves Toxtricity defeated, so we focus on its speed and special attacks. Its defenses aren’t EV trained because even though Psychic type moves are two times effective, one Psychic if it hits Toxtricity results in a One Hit KO. Its low defenses are something to worry about, so the focus remains on Special Attack and Speed.

Moves Per Level

Both forms of Toxtricity have a similar move set apart from a few unique moves. The main moves are:

Level                     Move
1Eerie Impulse
1Tearful Look
1Thunder Shock
1Acid Spray
1Noble Roar
On EvolutionSpark
8Shock Wave
12Scary Face
40Poison Jab

The main difference lies with the moves Venoshock and Shift Gear learned by the Amped form and Venom Drench and Magnetic Flux which the Low Key form learns.

Moves Learned Through TM’s

Toxtricity Poke

Similar to leveling up, both forms can learn almost similar moves.

TM                         Move
00Mega Punch
01Mega Kick
03Fire Punch
05Thunder Punch
08Hyper Beam
09Giga Impact
14Thunder Wave
26Scary Face
63Drain Punch
80Volt Switch
93Eerie Impulse
TR08Thunder Bolt
TR22Sludge Bomb
TR27Sleep Talk
TR42Hyper Voice
TR57Poison Jab
TR73Gunk Shot
TR78Sludge Wave
TR80Electro Ball
TR82Stored Power
TR86Wild Charge

The only difference is that you can teach the Amped form Venoshock, whereas the Low Key form can learn Venom Drench.

Breeder Moves

The moves it can learn through breeding are

  • Endeavor
  • Metal Sound
  • Power Up Punch


Question: What is the best form for Toxtricity?

Answer: The Amped Up form, without a doubt, is the best one. This is because it learns Shift Gear which becomes very useful. With its blue color, the Low Key form looks cooler, and the modest nature does help. You can change nature with a Nature Mint, so the Low Key form loses reason to be chosen.

Question: Who is the large geo-glyph of a giant Pokémon outside the town of Turffield?

Answer: Noticing the patterns, colors, and shape, many speculate that the geo glyph might be of the Gygantimax Toxtricity. This would be because of the pinkish-purple shade it has and the lizard-like features it boasts. Along with the tower, its tail matches the one Toxtricity G-max has.

Question: Can Toxtricity Play instruments?

Answer: We have seen previously that Pokémon are intelligent creatures and can be taught instruments, but in the case of Toxtricity, It doesn’t require them. The protrusions on its chest work as electric string instruments, allowing them to become instruments of power and arts.

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