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Fans have all sorts of different ways to express their love for Pokémon. They can buy all the main Pokémon games and follow Ash Ketchum in his quest to become a Pokémon Master. They can also express their love for Pokémon by devoting their hobbies to the franchise and even subscribe to the show’s philosophies of friendship and cooperation in their own lives.

However, there are times when we disagree with what is canon in Pokémon. Some of us felt that our favorite character was not explored enough (Sorry, May fans). Or your ship has been sunk (Sorry, May/Ash fans). Or we just don’t like the direction the story was heading (Sorry, anime fans).

Artistic fans can make tons of fan arts with their own take on their interpretations of their favorite shows. Sadly, many of us have wild imaginations but do not know how to draw beyond stickmen. If only there was a medium where we unleash our imaginations without the need for artistic skills

Enter fanfictions. If we can’t express our love through art, we can definitely express it through words. Do you write a story much darker or lighter than the original? Do you want to write about a forbidden romance between our two main rivals (Ash/Gary)? Or do you want to write a proper ending for Ash that is 20 years due?

The Human Imagination is endless, and so is the number of Pokémon fanfictions across the internet. In this blog, I will list my top 10 favorite Pokémon Fanfiction that I recommend.

Bottom Line Up Front

Fanfictions are self-explanatory; these are stories made by fans using the same characters and setting of a previously established fiction. Of course, these are not official and should not be sold and profited because of copyright issues. It is still a fun mental exercise to show your creativity.

Fanfictions are also a way for fans to communicate and share their fantasies of the existing Pokemon Universe or show their ideal vision for the franchise. Some fans wanted to make fanfictions to depict their what-ifs and put their theories, such as the Comatose Ash Theory, to the test.

Like Fanarts, anyone can make fanfictions. As long as you have a pen and paper or a keyboard to type, then you have the potential to become a fanfiction author. Many fanfictions have low-quality writing due to the lack of an editor and lack of experience; there still are a few treasures that shined brilliantly.

Always remember that plagiarism of fanfiction is still heavily discouraged. Even if fanfictions are not heavily protected by copyright, authors still own them, so you must credit them if you want to share them for the author’s exposure.

My Top 10 Pokemon Fanfiction

Before I show you my Top 10 Pokemon Fanfiction, let me share with you how I judged these fanfictions and why they are part of my Top 10. Always remember that the internet is vast. There is no way I could read all the fanfiction posted, so I’ll apologize if I missed some great Pokémon Fanfiction.

Selection Criteria:

  • Emotional Impact – one of the biggest factors that make me choose a particular fanfiction is how they affect me personally. Does the fanfiction make me cry, laugh, shocked, or all of the above? If it does, then it deserves to be in the position.
  • Interest – Aside from emotional impact, my interest would also matter. Is the fanfic’s plot unique? Disturbing? A completely different take on Pokémon? Count me in.
  • Wish Fulfillment – I know that fanfiction is all about wish fulfillment; it is fiction that satisfies our cravings for what we want for Pokémon. Some fanfics were selected since they fulfilled what I desired about the franchise.

“Pokédex” by Drabble

Pokemon Pangoro
Image from Fandom

The Pokedex is considered one of the most recognizable devices in the Pokemon Franchise. The Pokedex records all the Pokémon that the trainer caught, giving each Pokémon unique Pokedex Entries.

These Pokedex entries gave us more information regarding a Pokemon’s lifestyle, diet, and lore that is not visible in the games. It is fun to learn more about the Pokemon I caught. Some Pokemon entries are notorious across the internet because of their disturbing content, such as Driftloon and its penchant for child abduction.

So, what makes Drabble’s Pokedex entries fun to read that made it to my top 10 fanfiction? It is because Drabble included every single implication the Pokemon world fans have been wondering about. Drabble reminded us that the full name of Pokémon is Pocket Monsters, and he showed how dangerous they could be – something that the main games and franchise simply gloss over.

Drabble manipulated the entries’ lore to make them more compelling, engaging, and realistic. He also shows us how society reacts to the Pokémon’s behavior and abilities and how they will deal with them. It is a unique fanfiction that gives you an insight into how the world of Pokémon works if it happens in real life.

“CLICHESTORM” by Ysavvryl


Imagine yourself as the Pokémon Player; you have the privilege to choose your starting Pokémon. You chose Snivy, but when you opened the Pokeball, it was a mysterious egg that absolutely no one knew. You might think it’s an error or a bug, but the egg is definitely alive.

Moments later, the egg hatched, but it was no Snivy. Imagine a massive dragon from legends that can stab your multiple times with ice spikes. Imagine the Pokémon that absorbs the DNA of Reshiram and Zekrom. Imagine you, a newbie trainer, owning a Kyurem from the get-go.

Now try to imagine using Kyurem to battle your way against Route 1 trainers and their level 2 Bug Pokémon. Of course, hilarity ensues, and the essential plot of this fanfic. It follows the story of Hilda and her partner Kyurem as they journey throughout the Unova region.

The fanfic is hilarious and has a unique plotline that is worth a read. Despite having an overpowered main character which is a major problem with many fanfics, it doesn’t feel like Hilda is a Mary Sue.

“Six Spirit” by Ysavvryl

Stan Pokemon
Image from Fandom
  • Author: Yssavryl
  • Synopsis: Having lost his only Pokemon, 23-year-old Polaris finds a new start with a strange tablet that may be connected to the mysterious Arkahna religion.
  • Status: Complete
  • Url:

Six Spirit is a fanfiction written by Yssavryl. It is hands-down one of the best-written Pokémon Fanfiction I have ever read. Polaris’ character development and his relationship with Megan are really believable and do not feel forced. It is a beautiful story about loss, family, and belief.

The icing on the cake is the fanfic’s worldbuilding. It was detailed and well-planned, making the general setting feel realistic and fantastical simultaneously. The religion is also detailed, and I could see it functioning in the real world. This level of detail in worldbuilding immersed me in the story and the characters.

“Pokemon Reset Bloodlines” by crossoverpairinglover

Stan Pokemon
Image from Fandom
  • Author: crossoverpairinglover
  • Synopsis: Going back to save the world is tough; it’s tougher when the process radically alters reality. When the new world Ash wakes up in differs from the old one in many ways, Ash will have to adapt his battle experience to a new world, and what are these mysterious Bloodlines that everyone fears?
  • Status: Ongoing (updated since July 23, 2022)
  • Link:

Do you still remember Team Plasma Leader Cyrus’ plan to destroy reality and recreate another but without a soul? It’s a nightmare fuel plan and probably the evilest plan in the Pokémon Franchise. Lysandre’s genocide pales in comparison to Cyrus’ scale of destruction.

What if Cyrus succeeded? At least, mostly.

The premise of this fanfiction is that Cyrus succeeded in destroying reality and recreated a reality without a soul. Arceus managed to save Ash from the destruction and put him back in Pallet Town. However, Arceus did not manage to recreate the world identically. There were slight differences, such as Ash is now 15 instead of 10 and all other changes.

Pokemon Reset Bloodline is not the first fanfic because Cyrus’ plan became a popular ‘what if’ that spawned hundreds of it. This fanfic stands out because it has a grittier and darker tone relative to other fanfics.

Besides that, Ash is now a ‘bloodliner’ which means he has Pokemon Abilities – essentially having superpowers. Throw in some harems with the major female characters and an expanded universe then you will have a sprawling story that will entertain you for days.

“An Apple A Day” by Delongbi

Pokemon Erin
Image from Fandom

The synopsis alone caught my attention to this fanfic made by Delongbi. I always have a soft spot for Anti-heroes such as the Punisher, Eren Yeager, and Guts, so fanfic made up of a bunch of not-so-good people is a plus for me.

I love the character development of the major cast, and I especially love the fanfic’s villain. Although numerous grammatical errors exist, it does not push me away from the series. Though I have a problem with Erin’s blandness at the beginning, she becomes less and less so as the show continues.

Sadly, the author could not complete the fanfic, and it has not been updated since 2015. Despite the lack of a proper ending, I still recommend it for a read.

“Alphabet Soup” by Coffee Included

Pokemon Cheren
Image from Fandom
  • Author: Coffee Included
  • Synopsis: N can remember only bits of the ceremony. Bree can’t remember anything from before her sixth birthday. Bree White, Cheren Shiro, and Bianca Noir are in no way prepared for what lies buried.
  • Status: Complete
  • Url:

Anything with N is an instant read for me. N is by far my favorite character in the Pokemon Franchise. He is a complex character which made you root for him despite being the ‘Leader’ of Team Plasma.

He is a kind-hearted young man who genuinely wishes for Pokémon to be free from the ‘slavery’ of their trainers. It was a noble goal but was executed by forcibly making trainers release their Pokemon. His character development was well-written, and I was literally yelling at Ghetsis when he called his own son ‘defective.’ That’s how likable he is.

This fanfic knows N’s character very well, and I am sure the author has in-depth knowledge about the character’s nature in the game. I could really say that I kinda wished the fanfic’s N would be canon because of how great the fanfic’s interpretation of him was.

Aside from N, the story follows Bree White, who lost her memory and tried to unravel a mystery along with her friends Bianca Noir and Cheren Shiro. These characters were just as much fleshed out as N while maintaining their personalities from the games.

The story began to expand to include more storylines, well-executed foreshadowing, and wild plot twists. It also has an impeccable grammar that lets you fully immerse yourself in the fanfic. All-in-all I considered this fanfic as one of the great ones.

“Speak Up” by Mya_Latti

Pokemon Red
Image from Fandom

Speak Up is another retelling of the Pokemon Red/Blue games. But what makes this fanfic unique is that it acknowledges one aspect of the games that were often ignored by other fanfic authors: the protagonist is always silent.

The irony of the fanfic’s title is obvious if you know that the protagonist is a mute trainer. Red’s muteness led to an interesting interaction between him and numerous characters he met in Kanto. This is true with Red’s relationship with Green, wherein it starts with a heartwarming moment with Green trying to learn sign language to talk with Red.

I also like how the fanfic depicts mute people as simply just people with dreams and personalities. I also love how the fanfic incorporates fan theories and game plot points to make intense dramas that really worked so well. Oh – Pokémon Battles could potentially become deadly in this fanfic. I highly recommend you this fanfic.

“Alterity” by Witticaster

Pokemon Ruby
Image from Fandom
  • Author: Witticaster
  • Synopsis: A retelling of Pokemon Emerald where the Pokemon speak out, the battles are deadly, and the Kantoky Fried Torchic is delicious.
  • Status: Hiatus (Last update: December 12, 2020)
  • Url:

Unlike the other entries, Alterity is a webcomic made by Witticaster. The webcomic follows the events of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire with Robin, an undetermined gendered trainer, in their quest to become a Pokemon Trainer (but mainly to get out of their mother). It was based on the author’s Nuzloke run, but she took artistic liberties for the plot.

The webcomic is extremely bombastic and humorous, offensive and heartwarming at the same time. Robin is not exactly a likable person but a good character nonetheless. The banter between Robin and Talon is really quite entertaining to watch.

I also love how the author incorporates the Nuzloke challenge, and she fleshed out the characters to make it harder for us to stomach the losses. I also love how she incorporated certain game limitations into her worldbuilding which made the world much more realistic and complex. The author did not hesitate to show the consequences of Pokemon battles and deconstructed several League rules, such as the idea that brute force would win everything.

You might be a little miffed about following a comic about terrible people doing terrible things. I will tell you this one: It gets better. There will be a turning point that humanizes the characters and make them more likable.

So, we have the Nuzloke challenge, a trainer who we will never know their gender, and a sarcastic torchic put together to become one of the most entertaining fanfics I have ever read. So even if the webcomic is not yet done, it is still worthy of your time. Not to mention, the cute art style is just gorgeous – ignoring the dark jokes and Pokemon deaths.

“New Game” by Misheard Whisper

Alakazam Pokemon Fandom
Image from Fandom
  • Author: Misheard Whisper
  • Synopsis: What happens to your Pokemon when you press New Game? If you don’t transfer them to another game, they might well resent you for it. A sobering look at that New Game button we all take for granted.
  • Status: Complete
  • Url:

Oh boy. New Game by Misheard Whisper is not really long fanfic to read because it is a one-shot, but boy, does it pack a punch. Just looking at the synopsis alone made me teary-eyed. Essentially the one-shot reveals the final thoughts of the six Pokémon as they are in the process of being deleted.

This fanfic reminded me of my previous lost saves and made me imagine what they could have said when I deleted my own save file. The fanfic did not show mercy to the readers and let each Pokémon vent their frustrations and confusion to their trainer. The sense of hopelessness dripping in every word.

Each Pokémon has its own distinct personality, so you could really sense the individuality of these Pokémon which makes them all the more sympathetic.

Whenever someone says Pokémon are just digital numbers, I always remember this fanfic. Definitely recommended.

“Going Back” by JackmanB

Joshua Pokemon Fandom
Image from Fandom
  • Author: JackmanB
  • Synopsis: Joshua, a veteran Pokémon Trainer in Sinnoh, has finally earned the right to challenge the last obstacle before the Pokémon League: Victory Road. Many a Trainer has attempted and failed the cave before him; will his dreams be crushed, or will he succeed?
  • Status: Complete
  • URL:

Unlike the other fanfics mentioned on the list, the main character is actually an OC or ‘Original Character,’ which means that Joshua is not a canon character in the franchise. Despite having no canon basis, Joshua ended up being a likable character due to his determination and love for his Pokémon.

Joshua’s six Pokémon accompany him with each of them possessing distinct personalities. I love how Joshua and his Pokémon’s banter shows genuine comradery. There are plenty of moments that their relationship shines during their trial to get through the victory road.

I liked the story’s setting. It is not world-shattering, heartbreaking, and with multiple characters dying, as the other fanfic mentioned, it’s more like a stand-alone episode that could very well fit in canon. Nobody thinks the trials in Victory Road could make a story, and JackmanB delivered it perfectly.


Question: Can we sell Pokémon Fanfictions?

Answer: No, you can’t sell Pokémon Fanfictions. Selling fanfiction for profits could violate numerous copyright and trademark laws.

Question: Where can I read Pokémon Fanfictions?

Answer: You can read Pokémon Fanfictions almost anywhere on the internet. The most popular websites to host fanfiction are and Archive of Our Own. Wattpad is also a great source for Pokémon Fanfictions.

Question: How to become a Pokémon Fanfiction Author?

Answer: Anybody who knows how to write can become a Pokémon Fanfiction Writer. Producing great fanfiction requires proficient grammar, knowledge of the Pokémon Franchise, and an interesting interpretation of the Pokémon World and its characters.

Conclusion: What is the best Pokémon Fanfiction?

Being a fan of Pokémon lore, I fell in love with “Pokédex” by Drabble. It is a unique approach to fanfics, and it fulfills the nerdy side of me. By knowing more about these mysterious monsters, it makes the franchise more realistic.

Another fanfic that I would consider as one of my best Pokémon fanfics would be “CLICHESTORM” by Ysavvryl. The story reminds me of One Punch Man, which is a manga or anime about an overpowered bald dude who can push his way to victory using a single punch. I love One Punch Man and Pokémon; combining the two elements that make them great is perfection.

Making fan arts are one way to show your love for the Pokémon Franchise. Anyone can become a great Fanfiction writer, but to become a great one, you must follow the basic tenets of good writing. First, you must develop both existing and original characters to make them likable to the audience.

Second, you need to make the plot believable and engaging by making interesting conflicts and giving flaws actual consequences. Third, you need to have proficiency in writing because the easiest way to stop immersion is to spot writing errors.

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