Pokemon Saiph 2 Guide

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The Vytroverse is a trilogy of fanmade Pokemon titles by Vytron and is arguably one of the most ambitious fanmade projects. Pokemon Saiph 2 is the newest game in said trilogy, and it’s evident that Vytron wants to end the story with a bang.

The Vytroverse games are so full of custom content that it’s easy to forget you’re even playing a Romhack.

Pokemon Saiph 2 follows suit with everything from custom locations and sprites to a unique soundtrack. If you want help navigating the region of Regris, let’s get started.

Bottom Line Up Front

Pokemon Saiph 2 tells a story far more in-depth than most fanmade Pokemon games. The difficulty is slightly tougher than the mainline games and is a suitable entry point for newcomers to Pokemon ROM Hacks.

Although the previous events in the Vytroverse are constantly referenced, you’ll be fine enjoying Pokemon Saiph 2 as a standalone experience. We’ve written an in-depth guide for Pokemon Sors, the 2nd game in the Trilogy, so if you prefer to start there, check it out for a head start.

Story Synopsis

Pokemon Saiph 2 takes place immediately after the events of the previous title, and Micah, a member of the International Police, is on a plane heading to his next mission. Suddenly, something goes catastrophically wrong, and the plane hurtles toward the ground.

Micah barely escapes the plane crash and washes up in the Regris Region, losing his Pokemon and companions in the process.

Micah must establish contact with his friends and find his Pokemon but quickly becomes embroiled in a plot that will alter the course of history. On his travels, Micah will meet time-traveling adventurers and even long-forgotten foes. All in a day’s work, right?

Key Features

  • No Gyms!
  • Story-rich adventure with solid character development
  • Brand new Region of Regris to explore
  • Huge Pokedex up to Gen VII
  • No Fakemon
  • Optional side quests galore
  • HM’s are abilities and don’t require learning.
  • Battle Frontier
  • Extensive endgame content
  • Hero and Vigilante Modes
  • ‘Regress’ forms in place of Mega Evolutions

On top of the features above, one odd quirk in previous Vytroverse games is enemy behavior. AI combatants would often prioritize status moves like Sand Attack to lower accuracy.

While a viable tactic in battle, it’s pretty annoying when every Trainer does it. In my experience with Pokemon Saiph 2, that enemy behavior is toned down, and the combat is more enjoyable.

What Are the Hero and Vigilante Modes?

Hero Mode is Pokemon Saiph 2’s hard mode, making every aspect of the game much more challenging.

In Hero Mode, your opponent’s teams scale based on the level of your highest Pokemon. Key battles are tougher, and Saving is limited to specific zones, as in the Pokemon Ranger games.

Vigilante Mode kicks the difficulty up even further, as the game will soft reset if you lose a battle. This is basically a built-in Nuzlocke setting for all you hardcore Pokemon masochists out there.

Mystery Gift Codes

Pokemon Saiph 2 Guide mystery
Image by Anthony Yates

You won’t be able to enter these until you have the mission to go to Tempou Town. Once you have that, you can enter the following codes at the Mystery Gift Counter in any Pokemon center. These codes give free Pokemon you can keep in your boxes or train up as part of your main squad:

  • Chespin: XY2016V
  • Alolan Sandshrew: ALOLASET1
  • Alolan Vulpix: ALOLASET2
  • Alolan Exeggcute: ALOLASET3
  • Alolan Diglett: HEEYEHEYE
  • Alolan Meowth: ALOLASET4
  • Alolan Geodude: ALOLASET5
  • Alolan Grimer: ALOLASET6
  • Fennekin: XY2016VNM2
  • Litten: ROWLETGOOD
  • Grookey: MASUDAMONK
  • Pikachu with a hat: FINEASHEVENT

A Quick Word on Performance

Although perfectly playable, Pokemon Saiph 2 does have performance issues. I play on the mGBA Emulator and run into frequent slowdowns, particularly in busy areas.

You may have better luck on another Emulator, but I didn’t run into any game-breaking bugs, even with the inconsistent speeds. Saving the game takes a while, so I find recording your progress through the Emulator’s Save State feature works best.

Welcome to Regris Region

Pokemon Saiph 2 Guide regris
Image by Anthony Yates

If you were expecting a cute delivery van and friendly professor waiting for you near your home, you’re playing the wrong game. You play as Micah in Pokemon Saiph 2, although you can still pick his alias.

Your plane crashes, leaving you washed up on the shoreline of Fillbur Isle. Your first objective is to make it to the mainland, but that may be difficult without your missing Pokemon. Still, you’re taken in by a girl called Keola, and with that, your adventure begins.

Fillbur Isle

Fillbur Isle is a small island away from the busy mainland of Regris. While you’re here, Pokemon Saiph 2 will run you through all the regular Pokemon tutorials you’d expect, starting with a fetch quest.

Keola asks you to find her dad in the Fillbur Wilds, so leave the town via the east exit and follow the path. You won’t take long to reach Keola’s dad, surrounded by Pokemon. Pick a starter, and help him out.

Pick the Perfect Starter

• Bulbasaur (Grass/Poison) LV5
• Cyndaquil (Fire) LV5
• Mudkip (Water) LV5

As there are no Gyms to worry about in Pokemon Saiph 2, pick your favorite, as they are all strong options. I chose Bulbasaur but often relied on my Fire type during my playthrough.

Pokemon Saiph 2 Guide trees
Image by Anthony Yates

After the battle, return to the town, and you’ll be given your first quest. A massive improvement to Saiph and Sors Quest mode has been made, as you can now take multiple at once.

Your first quest is mandatory, and you must find six pieces of wood to repair a boat. If you need to heal, speak to Keola’s mum in the kitchen.

Head east into Fillbur Wilds for the wood. Although it’s not visible on the map, interact with the base of each tree, and you should find enough. There are 3 Trees near where you saved Keola’s Dad.

You’ll need to climb down the nearby vine for the others. Return to town when you’re done. Hand over the wood, and you can take the ferry from the pier on the beach.

Marrgon City

Your first objective on the mainland is to find information about Prof. Aspen and deliver the given Pokemon.

You’ll have to do some sleuthing to find the assistant you were supposed to meet at the dock. Speak to the journalist outside the Pokemon Center, then follow the road and enter the house by the red car. Speak to the scientist inside, then return to the journalist.

You don’t get many answers, but you at least have an objective now. Your next destination is Qendro City. You can get to the city via the Marrgon Foothills to the west.

Marrgon Foothills

Walk into the foothills, and you’ll trigger a cutscene where a girl is chased off-screen on a bridge. Proceed across the bridge and into Qengon Cavern.

Qengon Cavern

You’re limited in where you can travel in this area, so it’s impossible to get lost. That said, there is a fiendish Ice Puzzle to solve. Here’s the solution:

Qengon Cavern Ice Puzzle

Pokemon Saiph 2 Guide ice puzzle
Image by Anthony Yates

Stand where I am and press Up, Right, Down, Right, Up, Right, Up. You’ll quickly catch up with the girl from the bridge just in time to help her in a doubles battle.

• Nosepass (Rock) LV7
• Budew (Grass/Poison) LV7

After the battle, you’re teleported back to the entrance. When you’re ready, head back inside and battle through the cavern. When you reach the exit, the map will still say you’re in Marrgon Foothills, but cross the road, enter the building, and you’ll arrive in Qendro City.

Qendro City

Qendro City is massive, but most places are sealed off for you right now. Visit the Pokemon Center, then follow the path to the east until you find Qendro Research Academy.

Qendro Research Academy

academy Pokemon Saiph 2
Image by Anthony Yates

Professor Aspen is in the Academy, so head inside to trigger the story. Your next task is to assist Olean while you’re waiting for your wrist device to be fixed. Exit the Academy and follow the path west and into the building. You’ll be challenged to a battle:

PKMN Trainer Olean

• Murkrow (Flying/Dark) LV8
• Houndour (Dark/Fire) LV10
• Snorunt (Ice) LV9

After the battle, you can enter Lake Falahte through the door to the west.

Falahte Lakefront

This is a small area, but there’s tons of tall grass and plenty of Trainers to battle. A Flying type will serve you well here as there are a lot of bugs.

There’s only one path around the area, so head west, then north when you reach the lake. Speak to Olean, and after the story section, you’ll wake up in Qendro Research Academy.

Speak to Aspen, and you’ll be given a room at the Academy. Ensure you check every room on the floor when you leave, as there’s a good optional side quest you can take. If you accept the quest and battle every Trainer in the nearby rooms, you’ll earn a ‘VS Seeker.’ This gadget lets you rematch certain opponents and is a great tool to gain EXP.

When you head downstairs, be sure to visit Aspen in his lab. This will trigger the next part of your quest. With your new objective, your next destination is Tempou Town.

Journey to Tempou Town

Head to the building that connects the Qendro City to Falahte Lakefront and leave via the door to the north. Interact with the Sceptile ahead, and you’ll be able to use the Cut ability on the overworld map. It’s not signposted, but keep traveling north, and you’ll arrive in Tempou Town.

Tempou Town

Pokemon Saiph 2 Guide tempou
Image by Anthony Yates

Tempou is a quaint farming town. There’s not much to do here, but you can leave a Pokemon in Daycare if you wish. Go to the northwest corner and speak to Darlo to progress the story.

Once you’re done in Tempou Town, return to Qendro Academy and speak to Aspen. After another story sequence, you’re told to revisit Tempou Town. Walk back to Tempou town and interact with the large stone door to the northwest.

Tempou Temple Ruins

As soon as you walk in, you’ll encounter two Regressist Grunts. Interact with the purple crystal up the stairs to the west to turn it off. Follow the grunts, and you’ll be challenged to a battle.

Regressist Grunt

• Sandile (Dark/Ground) LV13
• Croagunk (Fighting/Poison) LV13
• Nosepass (Rock) LV14

Continue battling through the gauntlet of grunts. Once outside, follow the route northeast and interact with the crystal, which will unlock the barrier to the south. The area is simpler than it looks, and there’s only ever one way to go. When you reach the hole in the ground, drop down into the next area.

Pokemon Trainer Sina

• Rookidee (Flying) LV14
• Pawniard (Dark/Steel) LV15
• Clauncher (Water) LV15
• Combusken (Fighting/Fire) LV16

Sina is your first real opponent in Pokemon Saiph 2, but shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve been battling wilds on the way here. This Trainer can use potions and likes to switch Pokemon out. As Sina’s team has a lot of coverage, make sure you’re switching to counter.

After the battle, interact with the yellow light, which takes you back to the ruins’ entrance. You’ve done everything you can here for now, so return to Aspen.

You’ll be tasked with going back to the ruins with Sina. Interact with the Stone Tablet at the top. You’ll then be sent to Agrito village, south of the Falahte Lakefront.

Agrito Village

I wonder how Agrito village normally functions as work has stopped, thanks to a few unruly Bidoofs. Your objective in the area is to beat them in battle, and you can do so in the farming plots to the south.

Once you’ve sorted out the Bidoof problem, visit the cafe, which is the last building to the east. Inside, you’ll find one of the Regressist grunts to interact with. Head through the cave to the west and through to the Sabbio Desert.

Once out of the cave, head south, and you’ll be reunited with your Garchomp, which allows you to break small rocks.

Sabbio Desert

As money is hard to come by in Pokemon Saiph 2, fall down the hole in the sand by the first two Trainers.

It will take you to a hidden cavern with an Amulet Coin on the floor. The Amulet Coin is a hold item, and I recommend giving it to your team leader for double the money from Trainer battles.

Follow the route to the east, and you will arrive in Sabbio Town.

Sabbio Town

Pokemon Saiph 2 Guide sabbio
Image by Anthony Yates

Sabbio Town is overrun by Regressist Grunts. Fortunately, the Pokemon Center still works, so head there if necessary. Your objective here is to battle the Regressists scattered around the town.

Interact with the grunts blocking the east exit, follow them, and you’ll reach the Sabbio Ruins. Go inside and talk to Sina.

Sabbio Ruins

All fights in the Ruins are double battles regardless of how you approach the grunts on the map. As you’ve teamed up with Sina, you’ll only have access to half of your party.

There are Stone Tablets that you need to interact with to progress. Once you’ve reached the back of the ruins, go outside and follow the path to the east into the next area. Go down the pit with the ladder, and you’ll find the Regressist crew. Darlo challenges you to a battle:

Regressist Darlo

• Skorupi (Bug/Poison) LV18
• Blitzle (Electric) LV19
• Dewott (Water) LV19
• Togetic (Flying/Fairy) LV18

Darlo loves using Super Potions to extend the fight, but he shouldn’t be a problem besides that. Once the battle is over, read the Stone Tablet at the back of the room, and you’ll be returned to Aspens Lab.

Your next objective is to find a signal source in the Marrgon Sea. Head back to Marrgon City. Go through the Qengon Caverns and east into the city to get there. You’ll find a sailor waiting by a ship northeast of the Pokemon Center. Talk to him to head to travel to Marrgon Sea.

Marrgon Sea

Pokemon Saiph 2 Guide marron sea
Image by Anthony Yates

Marrgon Sea is linear for the most part, and any optional routes lead to items like Dive Balls. Head west and then south until you see a Seadra. Follow it, and then interact with it, and it’ll run off again.

At this point, your objective is to herd Seadra into the cave to the southeast. Every time you interact with Seadra, it will swim away.

The angle you approach determines which way Seadra goes, but it’s inconsistent, so take your time. Once you get the Seadra trapped, it will battle you, but you can’t capture it. You’ll get the item it ran off with and be reunited with your Samurott!

Samurott enables Surf; you can swim across any body of water by interacting with it. If you swim directly north, there’s a flight of steps you can climb into Podeti Bay.

Podeti Bay

podeti bay map Pokemon Saiph 2
Image by Anthony Yates

You need to return to Aspen’s Lab (again!), but you’ll have to take the long way back. Exit Podeti Bay via the west exit and into Podeti Trail. Follow the route west, and you’ll find a bridge you can’t cross as Olean challenges you to a battle.

Pokemon Trainer Olean

• Murkrow (Flying/Dark) LV19
• Snorunt (Ice) LV19
• Combee (Bug/Flying) LV20
• Houndour (Dark/Fire) LV21

Like Darlo, Olean loves Super Potions, but the battle should be easy. Head south into Crimseti Forest near the bridge.

Crimseti Forest

Olean will join you, and the area has several doubles battles. You can only use the first 3 Pokemon in your party, so keep that in mind. Fortunately, your team is healed after each match.

The Forest isn’t huge, although it’s a little confusing as there are two exits. You can’t go through the North exit right away, so leave via the south gate instead. Once you’re out of the Forest, Qendro City is a short walk west. Head back to the lab, and you’ll be assigned another task.

Return to Fillbur Isle

Fillbur Isle is the small island you washed up on at the start of the game. To return there, visit Marrgon City and Surf from the east side of the area.

Fillbur Isle Revisited

After the cutscene, head into Fillbur Wilds. You need to climb up the vines to reach the cave entrance.

ruins jump down Pokemon Saiph 2
Image by Anthony Yates

The route through the cave is straightforward, but there are plenty of Grunts to battle. Once you’ve cleared the first floor, jump down the hole. There is another hole to fall into on this level as well.

Follow the path to the next door, jump down from here (pictured), and head inside. After the cut scene, you’ll be reunited with your Staraptor. Staraptor allows you to Fly and Soar. Both abilities can be used through the ITP Nav in your Key Items pouch.

Fly to Qendro City and return to Aspen’s lab. Your next objective is at Filuse Volcano. To get there, use Staraptor to Soar above the south, then select Filuse Volcano.

Filuse Volcano

Before you go into Filuse Volcano, I strongly recommend stocking up on healing items, as you won’t be able to visit a shop for a while. If you’ve been using your Amulet Coin, you should have a ton of cash to spend.

There’s a small army in the Volcano, and while none of them are particularly strong, they will start to burn through your resources. If you run out of items inside the Volcano, there’s a house just outside, although it’s a pain to backtrack to.

Filuse Volcano is a large area but easy to navigate as there’s only one way through. Take the door to the west, and you’ll be reunited with your Aggron. Aggron lets you push boulders around, and this ability works the same as Strength in the mainline games.

After you’ve found Aggron, head northeast and walk through the door. Climb the ladder in the next room, and you’ll arrive in an area full of lava.

filuse volcano Pokemon Saiph 2
Image by Anthony Yates

Hop across the little rocks sticking out, and you’ll find 3 Boulders you can use Strength on. Push them in and then head back across the rocks to the entrance. The Boulders have blocked the flow of lava, so you can travel up the north of the room.

In Version 1.1 of Pokemon Saiph, this is a little buggy, and sometimes you have to get close to the lava before it disappears. Head through the previously inaccessible door and up the stairs.

You’ll quickly reach a junction. If you go east, you’ll find the Tepig you were asked to track down earlier being harassed by two Salandits. You’ll be forced to fight one, and if you return to the quest giver, he’ll let you keep it!

You can do this now or later but head north at the junction to continue toward the summit.

You’ll be challenged to a doubles battle with Aspen as your teammate. As with the other Doubles battles, you can only use your first 3 Pokemon, so set up your party accordingly.

Regressist Grunts

• Krokorok (Dark/Ground) LV31
• Magmar (Fire) LV32
• Sandslash (Ground) LV31
• Magcargo (Fire/Rock) LV31
• Pyroar (Fire/Normal) LV32

After your battle, it’s time to return to the lab. Use Staraptor to fly back. Your next objective requires you to return to Podeti Bay. When you arrive, head east and Surf across the water. After a short swim, you’ll reach Heincuro Icelands.

Heincuro Icelands

When you reach the city, beware, as there’s a major story trigger in this area. If you head immediately east, a cutscene will start. If you need to heal up, visit the Pokemon Center beforehand; it is to the south.

Activate the trigger when you’re ready. I recommend hard-saving, as when the story concludes, you’ll be controlling Darlo instead.

Regressist HQ

Darlo plays very differently from Micah. He has no Pokemon and can travel through vents. This is a stealth section, and if you get caught, you get sent back to where you started. As Darlo, you’re looking for four notes on the ground that spell out a code. You can use can use that passcode to free Micah.

Pokemon Saiph 2 Guide vents
Image by Anthony Yates

Your first challenge is to get past the barriers to your west. You’ll appear in a different location each time you interact with a set of vents. The picture above shows the order in which you should interact with them.

Note the same vent is used twice in the middle. Read the note on the floor for a code piece, then return to where you started. You can write these down to remember them or use the solution below.

Every piece of paper you need is on the floor, although you can read the ones on the table for some lore snippets. I recommend exploring the area, but here are the codes:

Security Room: 1112
Micah’s Cell: 0803

micah's pokemon Pokemon Saiph 2
Image by Anthony Yates

Once you’ve freed Micah, you control him as usual. Head south and go into the first room you see. Sneak past everyone and then pick up your Pokemon.

Regressist HQ Part 2

You need to use the elevator next to your Cell, but it needs another code. As you have Pokemon now, you don’t need to sneak around, and battling each Grunt on the floor will give you the complete password. I recommend fighting for the EXP, but if you just want the elevator code, it’s 3618.

Once you’ve got access to the elevator, head to Prison Cells 2

There’s another small army of Grunts here, but a few battles can be avoided if you move while their backs are turned. Head to the north of the room, and you’ll see Olean and Aspen being held in Cells. You need a Prison Card to free them.

Take the south exit out of the room and defeat the grunts down the hall. There’s a junction; if you head east, you’ll retrieve your Vikavolt, which gives you Flash. Go south and grab the Prison Card, then spring your friends. Darlo gives you the Lab Card, which lets you access the Laboratory Floor with the elevator, so go there next.

The Laboratory floor is very straightforward, although you may feel the pressure from lack of items by now. Defeat the Grunts and grab the Admin Key before returning to the keypad near the elevator. Use your Admin Key, and you’ll gain access to Shenow’s chambers.

Unfortunately, you can’t fight Shenow yet, so leave the building and surf down the Waterfall. Grab the Pokeball on the small island, as it contains the Waterfall HM.

Pokemon Saiph 2 Guide rendevus
Image by Anthony Yates

Rendezvous with your friends on the nearby island, and they’ll tell you the location of a hideout near Podeti Bay.

You can get there by Flying to Podeti Bay and leaving via the east exit. From there, Surf north and use your new HM on the Waterfall. You’ll find Darlo waiting for you at the top. Chat with him, and a story sequence will start.

Your next objective is to intercept Shenow at Lake Falahte.

Lake Falahte Revisted

The quickest way to Lake Falahte is to fly to Qendro City and walk through the connecting building. Follow the path around to where you met Sino for the first time and surf a little northwest to the cave entrance.

Ancient Pueltown

Pokemon Saiph 2 Guide light key door
Image by Anthony Yates

As you may expect, this area is crawling with Grunts, and it’s best to defeat them as there’s a fair bit of backtracking to do. I recommend clearing the top first and battling your way to the door with the flashing symbol on the front. Interact with it, and you’ll be told to seek out 3 Light Keys.

Pokemon Saiph 2 Guide light key
Image by Anthony Yates

You can find 1 in the cave pictured above. There’s a Trainer inside, and you’ll need Flash. Light Key 2 is inside the Dive area you’re prompted to look at when you enter Ancient Pueltown.

Pokemon Saiph 2 Guide light key
Image by Anthony Yates

The final key is on top of this tower, just to the west of the starting area. With all 3 keys in your possession, open the door to the next part of Ancient Pueltown.

Defeat the 2 Executives in the area, then Surf and Dive down the hole to the south. While underwater, head further south and resurface when you can. You’ll be right next to a cave entrance. A big fight is ahead, so head inside when you’re ready.

You may be expecting Shenow, but it’s actually Sina who challenges you in this area, and he’s a formidable opponent. This is what you’re up against:

PKMN Trainer Sina

sina Pokemon Saiph 2
Image by Anthony Yates

• Corviknight (Flying/Steel) LV40
• Clawitzer (Water) LV40
• Gallade (Psychic/Fighting) LV41
• Bisharp (Steel/Dark) LV40
• Blaziken (Fighting/Fire) LV42

Your fight with Shenow will have to wait, but for now, your next objective is to ‘seek lessons’ at the four ruins.

Revisiting the 4 Ruins

Pokemon Saiph 2 Guide ruin locations
Image by Anthony Yates

There’s no need to overthink this part, and you can quickly Fly to each Ruin. I’ve highlighted their locations on the map above.

You can tackle the Ruins in any order you wish. I chose Tempou first. This mission isn’t difficult, but it is time-consuming, and the fights may be tricky if you’ve not kept up with training.

Tempou Ruins

Make your way through the Ruins as you did the first time you were here, and you’ll meet Old Memory Asher, who will challenge you to a battle.

Old Memory Asher

Pokemon Saiph 2 Guide asher
Image by Anthony Yates

• Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy) LV41
• Vikavolt (Bug/Electric) LV41
• Greninja (Dark/Water) LV42
• Magmortar (Fire) LV42
• Lucario (Fighting/Steel) LV43 (Regress)

Most powerful opponents will have a ‘Regress’ Pokemon from this battle onward. This state is similar to a Mega Evolution, offering boosted stats.

After the fight, you earn your first Dark Crystal. You can use the yellow light to teleport to the Ruins entrance.

Sabbio Ruins

As with Tempou, head into the Ruins. You can find them to the east of town through the cave entrance. This time around, you’re against Frio. Here is his party:

Old Memory Frio

Pokemon Saiph 2 frio
Image by Anthony Yates

• Talonflame (Flying/Fire) LV41
• Electivire (Electric) LV42
• Zoroark (Dark) LV41
• Ferrothorn (Steel/Grass) LV42
• Swampert (Water/Ground) LV43 (Regress)

After the battle, take your next Dark Crystal and move on to the next Ruin.

Filuse Volcano Ruins

You’ll need to Soar to get here. Once you arrive, make your way into the Ruins and challenge the memory of Lori.

Old Memory Lori

Pokemon Saiph 2 lori
Image by Anthony Yates

• Swellow (Flying/Normal) LV42
• Gastrodon (Water/Ground) LV42
• Goodra (Dragon) LV43
• Volcarona (Bug/Fire) LV43
• Sceptile (Grass) LV44 (Regress)

Grab your Dark Crystal, leave the area, and Fly toward your final destination, Fillbur Isle.

Fillbur Ruins

You know the drill by now: make your way deep into the ruins until you trigger a battle. This time, you’re fighting a memory of Darlo.

Old Memory Darlo

Pokemon Saiph 2 Guide darlo
Image by Anthony Yates

• Unfezant (Flying/Normal) LV42
• Floatzel (Water) LV43
• Typhlosion (Fire) LV44 (Regress)
• Eelektross (Electric) LV43
• Hippowdon (Ground) LV43

With all four Dark Crystals in your possession, you can return to Ancient Pueltown in Lake Falahte. Strangely, you can’t Fly unless you’re in the town, so make your way there and Fly to Qendro City.

Ancient Pueltown Revisited

cresselia Pokemon Saiph 2
Image by Anthony Yates

Make your way through Ancient Pueltown and to the area where you fought Sina. The voice guiding you through the game was the legendary Pokemon Cresselia! She offers to help on one condition: you beat her in battle.

Cresselia LV50

The Cresselia fight is odd because it does allow you to throw Pokeballs like usual. You may be able to capture Cresselia here, but she joins your party when you defeat her regardless.

This Pokemon loves to spam Aurora Beam, so keep your Dragons away from the fight. Cresselia is tough, but you should be fine, as it’s 6 vs 1.

Return to the hideout near Podeti Bay to continue the story. After the cutscene, you’ll be given the Rock Climb TM. Your next destination is Qengon Cavern.

Qengon Cavern

The Cavern entrance you need is quite hard to find as several places on the map share the name. The easiest way is to head west from Marrgon City and use Cut on the trees in the Foothills.

When you’re inside, go east and walk across the ice. There’s a shelf you can traverse with Rock Climb, and when you use the ladder, you’ll be going the right way. You’ll know you’re in the correct place as Trainers have Pokemon level 42+.

There’s a simple Boulder Puzzle on the way, but most importantly, there are many Trainers. Most battles are unavoidable, so save some PP for your best attacks. The route is pretty linear, so follow the path, and you’ll eventually end up outside just in time for a double battle with Olean as your partner:

Regressist Executives

• Froslass (Ice/Ghost) LV44
• Muk (Poison) LV44
• Malamar (Psychic/Dark) LV45
• Skuntank (Dark/Poison) LV45
• Victreebel (Grass/Poison) LV44

Mt. Temporita

I ran into a few bugs in this area, so I recommend saving frequently, just in case. There are plenty of Regressists scattered all over the Mountain. Go north whenever possible and watch for areas where you can use Rock Climb. Once you reach a cave, defeat the Regressist and head north. When you exit, you’ll help Aspen with a doubles battle.

Regressist Executives

• Mightyena (Dark) LV46
• Toxicroak (Fighting/Poison) LV46
• Pupitar (Rock/Ground) LV47
• Shiftry (Dark/Grass) LV47
• Crobat (Flying/Poison) LV47

Expect this battle to quickly become a 2 vs 1 because Aspen is useless in fights. Continue your ascent, heading north wherever possible. You’ll eventually catch up with Darlo. Speak with him, and if you say ‘Yes,’ you’ll trigger a doubles battle with Sina and a Regressist Executive:

Sina & Regressist Executive

Pokemon Saiph 2 Guide sr battle
Image by Anthony Yates

• Clawitzer (Water) LV47
• Honchkrow (Flying/Dark) LV47
• Probopass (Rock/Steel) LV47
• Gallade (Psychic/Fighting) LV47
• Blaziken (Fighting/Fire) LV48 (Regress)

After a critical part in the story, you’ll be forced into a battle with Shenow himself.

Reg. Boss Shenow

Pokemon Saiph 2 Guide shenow
Image by Anthony Yates

• Eelektross (Electric) LV48
• Decidueye (Grass/Ghost) LV49
• Togekiss (Flying/Fairy) LV50
• Drapion (Dark/Poison) LV49
• Kingdra (Water/Dragon) LV50
• Flygon (Ground/Dragon) LV51 (Regress)

Shenow’s Pokemon hit hard, especially his Flygon, but if you’ve been tackling Trainer battles as they show up, you should be more than a match for him. After the fight, another jaw-dropping story bomb is dropped, and you’ll arrive in the Alternate Reality.

Alternate Reality

Pokemon Saiph 2 Guide alternate reality
Image by Anthony Yates

This area looks confusing, but there’s only one way through. Hop across the stones and face Shenow once again.

Darkrai (Dark) LV55 (Regress)

Darkrai is a brute, and the Regress form makes it even more dangerous. Darkrai may only be a single Pokemon, but it can one-shot many Pokemon around level 50. To make matters worse, it’s swift and will usually go first.

darkrai Pokemon Saiph 2
Image by Anthony Yates

Darkrai is weak to Fighting, Bug, and Fairy types. The story encourages you to use Cresselia for the battle, but mine got killed in a single hit. I used Hariyama, but any bulky Fighting type should do the trick.

After the battle, the story concludes, the credits roll, and you’ve just beaten Pokemon Saiph 2!

Pokemon Saiph 2 Endgame Activities

While this won’t be a comprehensive guide on everything you can do in the end game, there are several activities to shoot for. To start the post-game missions, head to Qendro City and visit the Academy.

After a short story section, you’ll have a Frontier Pass and an Almia Pass. The Frontier Pass grants access to the Battle Frontier, and it’s a real pain to reach. The easiest way is to Fly to Heincuro City, head toward the cave, and then go east.

You’ll find an area called Risreg Icelends, littered with powerful Trainers. Battle through the gauntlet, then surf south onto Frontier Isle.

You can use the Almia Pass in Podeti Bay. Fly there and go into the doorway immediately south of the Pokemon Center.

Battle Frontier

Pokemon Saiph 2 Guide frontier
Image by Anthony Yates

Battle Frontier is a competitive player’s dream come true and well worth the journey. In this area, Trainers can pit their skills against powerful opponents to earn BP, a unique currency to spend on rare items. The Battle Frontier has 4 different locales to topple, each with its own rules, including Singles, Doubles, and Inverse battles.

The Battle Woods have a ruleset that makes your Pokemon LV1, but they level up the further your progress. If you ever wanted to play Pokemon with Roguelike rules, this is a great way to do so. Battle Centric Trainers can spend dozens of hours here, and it’s the perfect place to test your team.

Almia Region

Once you’ve flashed your Almia Pass at Podeti Bay, you’ll be whisked away to Haruba Village. This area has a story, although your objective won’t be visible on the ITPNav.

There’s a short campaign on Almia that takes you on a tour around the region. It’s far more straightforward than the main story, and you’ll likely breeze through it with your current team.

Pokemon Saiph 2 Guide prison
Image by Anthony Yates

The only part that may cause you problems is the Prison section in Volcano Cave. This stealth section plays similarly to the Darlo sequence in the main story. A few of the doorways are hidden. Once you know what to look out for, it’s much easier, and I’ve circled what to look for in the picture above.

Memory Arena

memory Pokemon Saiph 2
Image by Anthony Yates

Pokemon Saiph 2 doesn’t feature a league or Elite Four, but the Memory Arena offers the same type of challenge. You’ll unlock this area after beating the mini-campaign on Almia.

Compared to other Trainers you’ve fought thus far, the Memory Arena is tough, and the teams you’ll face are well thought out. Expect U-turns galore and many nasty Status moves. Here’s what you’re up against:

Old Memory Olean

• Honchkrow (Dark/Flying) LV65
• Froslass (Ice/Psychic) LV65
• Salazzle (Poison/Fire) LV65
• Vespiquen (Bug/Flying) LV65
• Houndoom (Dark/Fire) LV66 (Regress)

Old Memory Darlo

• Unfezant (Flying/Normal) LV66
• Haxorus (Dragon) LV66
• Hippowdon (Ground) LV66
• Typhlosion (Fire) LV67 (Regress)
• Eelektross (Electric) LV66

Old Memory Frio

• Talonflame (Flying/Fire) LV68
• Garchomp (Ground/Dragon) LV69 (Regress)
• Electivire (Electric) LV68
• Swampert (Water/Ground) LV68
• Zoroark (Dark) LV68

Old Memory Aspen

• Yanmega (Bug/Flying) LV67
• Runerigus (Ghost) LV67
• Scizor (Bug/Steel) LV67
• Abomasnow (Grass/Ice) LV68 (Regress)
• Serperior (Grass) LV67

Old Memory Sina

• Corviknight (Steel/Flying) LV69
• Clawitzer (Water/Dark) LV69
• Blaziken (Fighting/Fire) LV70 (Regress)
• Aegislash (Steel/Ghost) LV69
• Gallade (Fighting/Psychic) LV69
• Bisharp (Steel/Dark) LV69

A large Crystal in Ancient Pueltown will vanish upon defeating the Memory Arena. If you fly back to Regris, you can challenge Asher. He’s no joke and is one of the toughest opponents in Pokemon Saiph 2.

Showdown with Asher

Eclipser Asher

• Pidgeot (Eclipse) LV75
• Magmortar (Fire) LV76
• Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy) LV76
• Lucario-A (Steel/Fighting) LV81!
• Greninja (Water/Fighting) LV78
• Vikavolt (Bug/Electric) LV77

I have no idea what Ashers Pidgeot is weak to, as it’s an Eclipse variant. Pokemon Sors’s Story is all about Eclipse Pokemon, so I highly recommend playing it if you want to learn more about them.

If you manage to defeat Asher, you’ll be treated to the ‘true ending’ and a sneak peek at what’s in store for the Vytroverse!

Without delving into spoilers, I’ll just say there are a few loose ends!

The Legendary Hunt

tornadus Pokemon Saiph 2
Image by Anthony Yates

On top of the post-game activities, you can also find several Legendary Pokemon. Some are hidden in plain sight, like the Forces of Nature. You can find Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus by Soaring around Regris, for example. There are Legendaries all over Almia, too, including Terrakion and Victini.

I’ve certainly not uncovered every post-game activity, but some opponents will request rematches, even Darlo.

If you want to battle him, he’s waiting near Fillburr Ruins. The best thing you can do in the end game is explore, fill out your Pokedex, and let those coveted legendaries come to you.

Useful Resources

Pokemon Saiph 2 Guide: FAQs

Question: Is there a world map in Pokemon Saiph 2?

Answer: Yes, there is. You can access the world map with your ITPNav, which you can find in your bag. This item also lets you view any side quests you’ve taken across the region.

Question: How do you Fly/Soar in Pokemon Saiph 2?

Answer: Use the ITPNav in your bag. Select ‘Field Notes’ and then Fly/Soar. Flying is done the traditional way; simply pick your destination, and you’ll land by the Pokemon Center.

Soaring lets you travel around the map and view it from above. Although not always the most practical, it’s an awesome way to get around.

Question: Do I need to play Pokemon Saiph and Sors before Pokemon Saiph 2?

Answer: Pokemon Saiph 2 is heavily story-driven, and if you’ve not played the previous entries, much of the dialog won’t make sense. That said, you’ll still be able to complete the game, even if it’s your first Vytroverse title.

Think of it like the Lord of the Rings movies. If you skip straight to 3, you’ll figure out who the baddies are and who you should be rooting for, but any references to the past won’t mean much to you.

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