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There’s always something so sentimental about custom products; whether you’re memorializing a pet or a special day or person (even if it’s just you), having a custom item can be the perfect way to do that. If you’re a Pokemon fan, having a custom pokemon card is the best way to do it.

Even beyond getting yourself or a beloved pet (or person) immortalized in a Pokemon-type card, an older trend has recently picked up speed where artists custom paint cards to encapsulate a full Pokemon scene. These artistic pieces make for gorgeous display cards, perfectly representing your favorite pokemon in a free-flowing and expanding environment.

Whether you just like Pokemon or you collect the cards, little beats custom pokemon cards, though picking out the best service can be difficult. So, I’ve taken the liberty of compiling the best custom pokemon card services from around the internet. All prices will be listed in USD.

Commission Custom Hand-Painted Pokemon Card- Gift

Bottom Line

Custom Pokemon Card services are a great way to make something fun and memorable. They’re perfect gifts and if you’re using a website, they’re a nice way to waste some time. Each card is unique in a way that only creatives can manage when you’re purchasing, whether through Etsy or Fivver.

There are many excellent custom services, but some of the most unique custom physical cards can be bought through Etsy. If you’re looking for something cheap and faster, Fivver is a great way to go, though you’re probably not going to get a physical object.

At a Glance – Our Suggestions

I personally prefer the Etsy options, as they offer the most unique physical products, but Fivver does offer some beautifully done digital work.

Digital offers a bit more versatility as you can print it out and make your own cards, make it into stickers, or do other crafty projects with it that a physical card might not offer. Digital cards through Fivver are also cheaper than physical cards purchased through Etsy.


Special Mentions



Selection Criteria

Custom Wooden Pokemon Card

There are a few things to consider when looking at custom pokemon cards, mainly:

  • Materials that are used (if a physical card is made).
  • How close it is to an actual Pokemon Card in appearance.
  • Availability of customization.
  • Price.
  • Whether or not the card comes in a protective casing and with a stand.

When it comes to the custom painted pokemon cards, I took on slightly different criteria:

  • Materials used.
  • Whether or not the card has a protective coating to prevent paint chipping or damage.
  • Price.
  • The customizability of the card.
  • Opaqueness and translucency of the paint.
  • How closely the paint job aligns with the card’s artwork.


Etsy is the marketplace of (mostly) small businesses and independent creatives. It is one of the go-to places when searching for custom products, especially to receive physical copies of your product.

Custom Wooden Pokemon Cards – $80-$199

Custom Wooden Pokemon Cards

Made by Pigminted, these wooden pokemon cards and unique in their material and gorgeous. Although the price may be high, it’s absolutely worth it for this handmade, wooden product.


  • They are made from walnut, cherry, and poplar wood.
  • Has a three-dimensional effect.
  • Accurate to original Pokemon cards, down to the legibility of the writing.
  • Original three starters in their evolved form (Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur) are $80/piece.
  • Twenty dollars more to make a card with your Pokemon of choice.
  • Comes with a wooden stand.


  • Only Pokemon – you cannot memorialize your pet, yourself, or another person in this manner.

Custom Commission Pokemon Card Paint – $27.08 – $61.89Custom Painted Pokemon Card

Hand-painted by PokePaintsCards, these cards are absolute show-stealers and if purchased, will absolutely become shining stars in your collections and displays.


  • Utilizes original Pokemon cards.
  • Partial paintings and full paintings are offered ($27.08 for partial, $61.89 for full).
  • You can send the seller one of your own cards to have painted.
  • The painting is given a protective coating.
  • Guaranteed to be shipped in waterproof and padded envelopes to keep your creation safe.
  • The painted environment looks very similar to the printed card background.
  • The paint isn’t translucent.


  • There is a longer wait for your cards. As of writing, this listing is for November/December.
  • If the seller doesn’t have the card, you may need to purchase one for the seller to paint.

Custom Painted Pokemon Card – $24 – $64

Custom Painted Pokemon Card

This adorable custom card was created by SamanthaDeirArt, who offers custom-painted cards and custom-painted card keychains in her shop. All of her pokemon card paints are in such a lively environment it’s hard not to want one.


  • Utilizes a Pokemon card as the base.
  • Will be sent to you in a protective top loader.
  • Painting is given a protective coating.
  • You can purchase a bundle of cards (one for $24, three for $64).
  • With many cards, the Pokemon art style meshes very well with the artist’s style.
  • The paint job is opaque and you cannot see the original print underneath the painted areas.


  • You may need to purchase a card to be painted if the artist does not already have it.

Custom Metal Pokemon Card – $31.23 – $75.13

Custom Metal Pokemon Card

Offered by DannyCustomDC, this custom card offers more versatility than the Wooden Pokemon card while remaining unique.


  • These metal cards give you an artistic rendition of yourself, your pets, and your loved ones.
  • Metal cards are put in a plastic slab case to prevent scratches and damage to the card.
  • The artist works with you to create your card, requiring approval of the final image before it’s shipped out to you (so no surprises!).
  • Very stylized.


  • They only make the cards as Trainer Cards.
  • Doesn’t come with a stand for display.

Custom Artwork Pokemon Cards – $54 – $199

Made Anime Custom Pokemon Cards

Made by LunaAndTheBrush, these adorable custom Pokemon cards could easily be mistaken for the real thing. When buying this card, one person or pet paired with a pre-made background is $54; adding a custom background with one person or pet raises the price to $109.


  • The back of the card can be customized.
  • Highly stylized and similar to original pokemon illustrations.
  • All moves and stats can be customized on the card.
  • The background of the card can be customized for a fee.
  • You can get up to four characters on the card.
  • Artist works with you throughout the process of creating your custom card.
  • They are printed on premium cardstock, making it more durable than the standard Pokemon card.
  • You receive a digital version of the image, the card, a side-by-side of your original image and the card, and a physical card.


  • The standard back of the card is not the same as a Pokemon card.
  • Only Pokemon cards, no Trainer cards.
  • Currently, only ships in the United States.
  • Holographic cards are no longer offered.
  • The card doesn’t come in a protective acrylic case or with a stand.
  • Borders on the more expensive side, the more customized you make your cards.

Personalized Pokemon Card – $52.24 – $130.76

Custom Pokemon Card

Created by PokeCustomsOfficial, these unique cards are highly stylized and offer something unique that no other custom Pokemon card creator has yet – Jumbo Sized Cards.


  • Both standard-sized and jumbo-sized cards are offered.
  • Holographic options are available.
  • Up to four characters can be drawn – both people, pokemon, and pets.
  • Stats and moves can be customized.
  • Free shipping worldwide.
  • Jumbo cards are nine inches wide.
  • The back of the card looks more similar to standard Pokemon cards.


  • Delivery likely requires a signature (so be on guard!).
  • Unknown what the material of the card is made of.
  • Does not come with a protective acrylic case or stand.

Special Mentions

This section is exclusively for special mentions within the Custom Pokemon Card listings on Etsy. While scrolling through the mountain of listings on Etsy, I stumbled across a few that were exceptional and utilized Pokemon Cards in unique and interesting ways.

Custom Shaker Card – $32.99

Custom Shaker Card

Created by SunGlowResin, this custom listing caught my attention because of the unique utilization of a Pokemon Card. In their shop, SunGlowResin offers a variety of other Pokemon-themed products, utilizing real cards to create their products.

This listing goes in special mention because it doesn’t quite fit into the criteria for the other custom Pokemon cards. If you’re looking into getting this listing, make sure to reach out to the artist first to see if your vision can be seen through.

Custom Pokemon Card Artwork – $69.29 – $83.16

Custom Pokemon Card

Made by RunicCards this artwork utilizes real Pokemon cards to create your Pokemon. This one finds its way into the Special Mentions category because it’s not actually a Pokemon Card, but it does utilize Pokemon cards to create custom work. The base price for this artwork is $69.29, but you can purchase it with a frame in black or white for $83.16.


Fivver allows creatives, mostly traditional artists, to independently create works patrons can easily enjoy. Most products sold through Fivver are digital, though there is one custom Pokemon Card I found that provided a physical version of the card.

Custom Physical Pokemon Card – $145-270

Fivver Custom Physical Pokemon Card

Made by rubenratia these were the only physical custom Pokemon cards that I could find on Fivver. However, the production time for these cards is much shorter than those on Etsy.


  • Offers a physical card.
  • You receive two copies of your custom card.
  • The base package allows for two full-body figures on your card.
  • Up to five figures with a complex background.
  • Four revisions are included with the base package purchase.
  • A holographic option is available.


  • By far the most expensive custom Pokemon cards.
  • The price does not include shipping.
  • Unknown what material the physical cards are made from.
  • It is limited to people and Pokemon (no pets).
  • Stand and protective casing do not seem to be included.

Custom Digital Pokemon Trainer Card – $10 – $20

Fivver custom pokemon trainer card

Created by radsonja, these Pokemon Trainer cards are unique and gorgeous with strong stylization.


  • Gorgeous artistic style.
  • Simple and legible writing.
  • Inexpensive and very giftable.
  • Comes with a digital file so you can create your own card.
  • Up to two figures per card.
  • Formatted like the standard Pokemon Trainer card.


  • No physical card.
  • Does not come with a description of the card’s ability.

Custom Digital Pokemon Card – $30 – $85

Fivver Custom Pokemon Card

Created by nexxus96, you can make any type of custom Pokemon card with up to three figures on a card.


  • You can do your pet, pokemon, or yourself (with a partner if you want).
  • The card can be a Basic, Trainer, VMax, or Badge card.
  • Digital file, allowing you to print out and make your own cards.
  • Gorgeous stylization, very similar to the style on Pokemon cards.
  • Custom attack description and stats.


  • No physical card.


Before I dive too far into apps and websites, let me put it out there I highly encourage you to opt for independent artists first.

Not only do you support an individual and small business, but you get a very cool product out of it. However, if you’re tight on funds and don’t care too much for artistic renditions, websites might be the way to go. Like Fivver, only a few options allow you to purchase your custom physical card.


dingus poke card

This free web program allows you to make your custom cards and download, upload, or purchase them. Although I was skeptical when I began making my card, it proved to be surprisingly intuitive and a lot of fun. In the image above, I used one of my pets and had a lot of fun making an unsurprisingly insulting card for him.


  • The download is Free.
  • You can share your cards with the community and with your friends.
  • Buying a physical card is $9.83.
  • Fully customizable, with every type of Pokemon Card available as a base.
  • Cards you purchase can be standard, holographic, or jumbo (no holographic option for the jumbo size).
  • Looks like a standard Pokemon card.
  • If your card makes it into the top ten in the PokeCardMaker community, then you can potentially get a free card.


  • If you want custom artwork, you will have to make it yourself or hire someone to draw it for you.
  • Unsure what the physical cards are made out of.

Custom Pokemon Card 2

This is one of the most basic custom Pokemon card makers. It’s pretty self-explanatory and free to use. The website for PokeCard is less fancy than PokeCardMaker, but it achieves the same goal.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Looks like an actual Pokemon card.
  • It’s free.


  • You need to edit the size of your photos before uploading. Once uploaded, the website will stretch the image to fit.
  • Will not make a physical card for you.
  • Only one type of Pokemon card is available as the base.
  • You cannot see your card change as you edit or change descriptions. To see the updated card, you need to click Generate.
  • You need to make an account to download your card.

custom pokemon card 3

I liked this website less than the other two, but it’s still better than most other apps or websites out there to make your Pokemon card. The image you upload doesn’t end up strangely distorted as the website tries to fit it into the template, which is nice.


  • The website is free to use.
  • It gives you specific instructions on how to make the card into a Pokemon Card.
  • The uploaded image doesn’t end up distorted and stretched to fit the template.
  • Easy to use the website.
  • The appearance of the card updates as you work.


  • Not much customizability.
  • Doesn’t look like a real Pokemon card.
  • In order to make it a card, you must sacrifice a real card.
  • Only one type of card base.


Question: Does Pokemon offer an official custom card service?

Answer: As of now, Pokemon does not offer an official custom card service. However, there are enough custom card creators out there that offer official enough looking custom cards that you can find someone who fits your needs and your budget easily. Please note, however, that none of the cards made are usable in the actual Trading Card Game.

Question: What is a Fakemon?

Answer: A fakemon is a fake pokemon. If you’d like your custom Fakemon to be made into an actual Pokemon card, consider reaching out to Custom Pokemon Card creators before purchase to see if they would be willing to bring your little monstrous creation into reality.

Question: Why are Custom Pokemon Cards so expensive?

Answer: Custom products often take creators a long time to make. When purchasing a custom product, you’re paying that creator for their time, skill, and materials. Mass-produced cards are generally cheaper because the materials to make them are generally of lower quality and purchased wholesale. Plus, the artists who make mass-produced cards are paid by the company rather than by you. Their work creates many cards that are often not unique or rare.

On the other hand, custom creators are making one-of-a-kind products tailored to your needs. The more work and time needed for your product, the more it will cost. But, in the end, you will have something that no one else can lay claim to.

Best Custom Pokemon Card Service: Conclusion

It’s hard to pin down precisely what the art style of real Pokemon cards is, considering that it varies with each generation and artist that is brought on to work on the Trading Card Game. Still, every custom Pokemon card service does an excellent job blending their style with the Pokemon style.

Each card is unique and customized to each person, with an artist working alongside you the entire time. The only time you don’t have someone working alongside you and communicating how the project is going is with the website designers. When it comes to picking an artist-designed custom card, however, it is up to your taste and desires.

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