Every Cat Pokemon Guide

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If you know about the Pokémon franchise, you probably realize that every Pokémon, even the legendary ones, are based on real-life concepts, like animals, objects, legends, or myths. 

Game Freak used day-to-day concepts in their games only to create a world where a dragon spitting fire all over the place can be a normal day in your life. Just tell me, who doesn’t want to live in a world where you can teach your pet to use psychic powers on your enemies? 

But I digress. It’s very common to have a ton of Pokémon based on animals we know, like dogs, fish, snakes, goats, and whatever kind of animal Muk is. Then there are Cat-Pokémon. They all have a special place in my heart; some are excellent in competitive matches and adventures, and others have creative concepts and background stories. 

What to Expect from This Guide

I want you to picture this guide as if we are in a PokéSafari, and I’m your guide. In this Safari, you will see every single Cat Pokémon; you’ll learn about their behavior, their usual habitats, and how they can perform when being around a proper trainer. 

There are more Pokécats than you might think, so let’s start this cat-venture!

Meowth & Persian

#01 Meowth  

Image from Wiki Fandom
  • National Dex Number: 52
  • Category: Scratch Cat Pokémon
  • Type: Normal-type

I promise the former will be the last cat-joke I’ll do here; I don’t want to torture you. 

Let’s start this tour in Kanto, where we are going to find the first-ever Pokécat introduced to the games and the Pokémon that worked as inspiration for many other Pokécats. This one is famous and has several regional versions, and its name is Meowth. 

Meowth’s design is inspired on the Maneki-Neko. You probably won’t know what a Maneki-Neko is by only reading its name, but I’m sure you’ll recognize it as soon as you see it. 

Maneki-Neko Cat

In my town, there are plenty of Japanese and Chinese groceries stores where the first thing you’ll see is a cute little cat doll waving its hand at you while holding a golden coin. That’s the Maneki-Neko, and it’s believed it brings luck to its owner. Pretty similar to what it’s said about Meowth, which brings good luck to its trainers. 


Meowth is a shiny hunter, so everything that shines and seems like gold, Meowth will try to steal, take, or even assault people for it. It’s not common to see Meowth in the wild because they usually wander around the cities in their insatiable search for shining objects. 

That’s why in the anime series, Meowth was one of the Team Rocket members; if they are burglars, they have to be around experts! 

Where to Find Meowth? 

If you want to catch a Meowth, then you’ll find it in the following places: 

  • Red, Blue, and Yellow: You can only get Meowth in Blue on Routes 5, 6, 7, and 8. If you want it in Red or Yellow, you’ll have to trade it! 
  • Gold, Silver, and Crystal: Meowth can only be obtained in Silver on Routes 5, 6, 7, 8, 38, and 39. 
  • Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald: You can only get Meowth in Emerald by trading it for a Skitty in the Battle Frontier. 
  • FireRed and LeafGreen: Meowth appears on Routes 5, 6, 7, and 8, Bond Bridge, Canyon Entrance, Cape Brink, Five Isle Meadow, Kindle Road, Ruin Valley, Sevault Canyon, Treasure Beach, and the Water Path. 
  • Diamond, Pearl & Platinum, Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: You can find Meowth in the Trophy Garden.
  • HeartGold & SoulSilver: You can find Meowth only in SoulSilver, on Routes 5, 6, 7, 8, 38, and 39. 
  • Black 2 & White 2: You can get Meowth through an event with a character named Yancy. Long story short, you’ll find Yancy’s Xtransceiver on the streets of Nimbasa City, so she’ll be calling you constantly. You have to interact with her for a long while. But that’s not all; if you want her to trade with you, you’ll have to complete the League at least once.  
  • Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire: The only way to get Meowth on these games is by breeding a Persian, which can be found on Mirage Island. 
  • Sword and Shield: You can trade a Galarian Meowth for a Meowth at Turffield Stadium. 

#02 Persian 

Image from Wiki Fandom
  • National Dex Number: 53
  • Category: Classy Cat Pokémon
  • Type: Normal-type

When you level Meowth up to Level 28, you’ll get Persian.  I love Persian because it is the most faithful representation of the typical despicable cat that hates every human in the world. As soon as you try to pet one of those, it’ll thrust its claws on your hand; classic. 

That’s what Persian is all about, as it’s very aggressive and will not hesitate to attack its owner. The funniest part is that Persian loves to attack randomly and with no reason, like real-life cats! 

Battle Usage; Avenger Persian 

Now, if you want to risk your life training a Persian, let me say it’s actually very useful in low-end competitive matches because of its very high Speed. Thanks to Persian’s Speed, it can excel as an offensive Pivot, with highly offensive moves, as its task will be revenging its fallen teammates. 

Persian works with the following build: 

  • Knock Off
  • Double Edge
  • Fake Out
  • U-Turn

With Silk Scarf as its item, Technician as its ability, and Jolly as its Nature. 

This build is very simple; You can use Persian whenever one of your Pokémon faints. Its task will be using Fake Out in the first turn and disarming the opponent with Knock Off. Then you can switch Persian out with U-Turn.  Trust me, this build will make your rivals toss their game out the window, as they won’t be able to land a hit on Persian. 

#03 Alolan Meowth 

Alolan Meowth
Image from Wiki Fandom
  • National Dex Number: 52
  • Category: Scratch Cat Pokémon
  • Type: Dark-type

Alolan Meowth’s origin is a very interesting story. Meowth was originally introduced to Alola as a gift to the Alolan Royalty. However, over the years, the Meowths were getting more arrogant and greedy as they mimicked their owners, and that’s why Alolan Meowth is a Dark-type Pokémon. 


It has always been said that owners and pets are very much alike, and Alolan Meowth is faithful proof of that. Alolan Meowth is a very selfish, prideful, and annoying Pokémon. As soon as the Alolan Royalty fell off, Alolan Meowth went wild and territorial, being able to do very bad things, like hurting people, only to protect their territories as they still felt like the kings of the place. 

Where to Find Alolan Meowth? 

If you want an Alolan Meowth, you can get it in the following places: 

  • Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon: You can find Alolan Meowth in Route 2, Trainers’ School, Hau’oli City, and Malie Garden. 
  • Sword and Shield: You’ll find a backpacker in the Isle of Armor who will give you an Alolan Meowth after finding five lost Alolan Digletts. 

#04 Alolan Persian 

Alolan Persian
Image from Wiki Fandom
  • National Dex Number: 53
  • Category: Classy Cat Pokémon
  • Type: Dark-type

If you get full friendship with Alolan Meowth, it’ll evolve into Alolan Persian. 


Instead of being totally aggressive with its owners, Alolan Persian is more of a cold-blood Pokémon that uses naughty strategies with its opponents and prey.

I picture Alolan Persian like the mischievous cat that always hide under the couch and waits for you to pass by only to scratch your heels. 

Battle Usage 

Things went weird when Game Freak released the Regional Pokémon concept, as Persian and Alolan Persian literally have the same Stats and can learn pretty much the same moves. 

So, if you want to use Alolan Persian in battles, you can build it exactly like you can build Persian. The only good thing about Alolan Persian is that it has a better synergy with the Dark-type moves, but that’s it. 

#05 Galarian Meowth 

Galarian Meowth
Image from Wiki Fandom
  • National Dex Number: 52
  • Category: Scratch Cat Pokémon
  • Type: Steel-type

Meowth was always the preferred pet for everyone back in the Royalty era, as Galarian Meowth has almost the same story as Alolan Meowth. Meowth was introduced to Galar through some Kantonian explorers that needed some company when exploring new lands. 

Sadly, these Meowths got lost near the Galarian Mines, and surviving there was very difficult for them, as they had to fight for their food. 


The constant fighting they had to face for their survival made them very aggressive. As time passed, evolution made them stronger, changed their mentality, and even reinforced their claws, changing them into a very resistant and Steel-like material. 

Nowadays, Galarian Meowth loves to get involved in fights; it’s basically like a bully! 

Where to Find Galarian Meowth? 

If you want a Galarian Meowth, you can get it in the following places: 

  • Sword and Shield: Route 4. 

#06 Perrserker 

Image from Wiki Fandom
  • National Dex Number: 863
  • Category: Viking Pokémon
  • Type: Steel-type

It was obvious a wild warrior cat would not evolve into a dainty cat like Persian. If you train Galarian Meowth to Level 28, it’ll evolve into Perrserker, a Steel-type beast. 


If Galarian Meowth battled for survival, Perrserker is a blood-thirsty battle maniac. However, instead of being quadrupedal, Perrserker stands upright, using its upper paws as daggers. If you see one of these in the wilds, it’s recommended to be very far from it.  

Battle Usage; Wallbreaker Pivot Perrserker 

If you are obsessed with battles as much as Perrserker is, then let me tell you, it is a tremendous Pokémon in the competitive meta, being able to rip apart every tanky and bulky Pokémon you can find. Perrserker is an excellent Wallbreaker in low-end competitive tiers because of its great damage and access to diverse offensive moves; basically, it knows them all. 

Perrseker’s task will be getting down those wall-like Pokémon with a few hits. 

It can do it perfectly with this build: 

  • Iron Head
  • Seed Bomb
  • Close Combat
  • U-Turn

With Leftovers as its item, Tough Claws as its ability, and Adamant as its nature. 

Perrserker’s configuration and moves will help you get into battles whenever it is a good option to do it, with three very strong moves: Iron Head, Seed Bomb, and Close Combat. If Perrserker is in trouble, it can run away with a U-Turn. 

Mew and Mewtwo

We couldn’t leave the most famous cat Pokémon behind, Mew and Mewtwo. These two have the most interesting story and are undoubtedly the strongest PokéCats. 

#01 Mew

Image from Wiki Fandom
  • National Dex Number: #151
  • Category: New Species Pokémon
  • Type: Psychic-type

Mew is important in the Pokémon saga because when Arceus created the universe, it created Mew with the only purpose of creating the earth’s life.


Every Pokémon and human comes from Mew, and everyone has a bit of Mew in their genetics; that’s why Mew can do whatever it wants, like learning every single existent move and travel through the earth, water, or air. Mew is heavily powerful but, at the same time, is very shy. It won’t appear to anyone; you must be a pure-of-heart trainer (You can also be the protagonist of the Pokémon games, which is easier). 

As soon as you demonstrate kindness and trustworthiness, Mew will stick to your side. 

Where to Find Mew? 

Even if you feel worthy enough to have Mew, it’s impossible to get because Mew can only be found through events. Mew is what the Pokémon Community knows as a Mythical Pokémon. Nonetheless, there’s a way to get Mew in Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee & Pikachu and Sword & Shield, which is through a Poké Ball Plus. 

The Poké Ball Plus is a cool but useless device you can use to have real-life strolls with your Pokémon. To do it, you have to connect the device to the game and then transfer a Pokémon of yours to the device. After that, you can disconnect the device and start walking around your city with your favorite Pokémon. 

The thing with the Poké Ball Plus is that it has a code that can work to redeem a gifted Mew. But here’s the catch, if you want a Mew, I recommend buying a brand new Poké Ball Plus because the codes only work to redeem a single Mew and will not work afterward. 

Multimedia Appearances 

Mew has been the protagonist of several anime series’ movies and is a total pain for the players in side games, like Pokémon Snap or PokéPark Wii. Mew is so important that it was the protagonist (alongside its clone) of the first-ever Pokémon movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back! 

If you haven’t played Pokémon Snap, you don’t know the pain behind trying to take a single pic of Mew. I’m still traumatized. 

#02 Mewtwo 

Image from Wiki Fandom
  • National Dex Number: #150
  • Category: Genetic Pokémon
  • Type: Psychic-type

Let’s get things straight, the Pokémon Company used Mew and Mewtwo’s story to do a harsh critique of animal experimentations, and I absolutely loved it. Mewtwo is an artificial Pokémon; it’s not the only one, as Magearna, Type:Null, and Genesect (and many more) also exist. 

Mewtwo was created in the infamous Pokémon Mansion of Cinnabar Island by some horrendous scientists who found Mew in a deep jungle in South America and started doing several DNA-related experiments on Mew to the point where they cloned it to create Mewtwo. 

Yes, you aren’t reading it wrong, South America, exactly on Guyana. This happened when Pokémon was intended to happen in Japan. That’s a great piece of historical information about Pokémon!


Mewtwo was created to be cold, expressionless, and ruthless. Therefore, you shouldn’t come across Mewtwo unless you want to die. But, at the same time, Mewtwo, when it’s free from its creation purpose, has demonstrated to be kind and protective. Poor guy, it makes me sad. 

Where to Find Mewtwo? 

If you feel like you have what it takes to face Mewtwo, you’ll find it in the following places: 

  • Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed & LeafGreen, HeartGold & SoulSilver, and Let’s Go Eevee & Pikachu: Cerulean Cave. 
  • X & Y: Unknown Dungeon. 
  • Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon: Ultra Space Wilds, on the Rocky World. 
  • Sword and Shield: In the Max Lair, but only as a Dynamax Adventure. 
  • Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: In Ramanas Park, but you need the Genome Slate. To get the Genome Slate, you’ll need to find some Mysterious Shards S on the Grand Underground. 

Battle Usage, Attacker Mewtwo 

Mewtwo is one of the best competitive Pokémon ever. It’s strong, bulky, fast, and can learn a lot of powerful moves. Moreover, it’s so powerful that it can be used for any attacking role, like being a Sweeper, a Pivot, or anything you want. 

Mewtwo’s most known build works with the following moves and items: 

  • Psystrike
  • Recover
  • Nasty Plot
  • Shadow Ball or any other move, depending on your team’s needs. 

With Life Orb as its item, Pressure as its ability, and Modest as its nature. 

This Mewtwo’s build is intended to destroy everything on its path while hanging a bit on the field, thanks to Recover.

You’ll be attacking with Psystrike and any other offensive move you like and using Nasty Plot to buff Mewtwo’s Special Attack. 

Skitty & Delcatty

#01 Skitty 

Image from Wiki Fandom
  • National Dex Number: 300
  • Category: Kitten Pokémon
  • Type: Normal-type. 

Skitty feels like it was created only for use in the anime series. You probably remember May’s Skitty when we followed Ash on his adventure through Hoenn. That Skitty was just lovely! It was such a great pet for May and helped her win a lot of Pokémon Contests!


Skitty is a very simple Pokémon; if Persian resembled an obnoxious cat, Skitty represents all those kind and playful cats we know and love. If you are a cat owner, I’m sure you know how Skitty’s behavior is. It’s a mostly frisky Pokémon that loves to mess around its trainer and gets easily distracted by shiny objects. 

Where to Find Skitty? 

If you want to get a Skitty, you’ll find it in the following places: 

  • Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald: Route 116. 
  • Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Brilliant Diamond, and Shining Pearl: Route 222 after getting the National Dex. 
  • Black, White, Black 2 & White 2: Skitty can’t be obtained in Black or White, but it appears in White 2, exactly, in Castelia Park in Castelia City. 
  • X & Y: Skitty only appears on Route 4. 
  • Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire: You’ll find Skitty on Route 116. You can get a traded Skitty if you exchange it for a Spinda in Fortree City. 
  • Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon: Here’s where things get bad for Skitty as it doesn’t appear in these games, and the only way to get a Skitty here is by transferring it through the Pokémon Bank. 

#02 Delcatty 

Image from Wiki Fandom
  • National Dex Number: 301
  • Category: Prim Pokémon
  • Type: Normal-type. 

When you expose Skitty to a Moonstone, it’ll evolve into Delcatty. 


I love Delcatty as it represents me. Delcatty is a pacifist Pokémon that rarely fights and prefers to run away or solve conflicts in other ways. Also, it hates to get disturbed and prefers to do things at its own pace. Delcatty is constantly sleeping, so it really looks like an adult cat! 

Obviously, Delcatty loves to play around with its trainers, and it’s mostly preferred by Pokémon Contest participants because it’s extremely adorable. 

Multimedia Appearances 

If Skitty is memorable for constantly appearing in the anime, Delcatty is lovely remembered by the Pokémon Manga fans because Ruby had a beautiful Delcatty named Kiki. I remember Kiki being classy, elegant, and very useful when battling! 

Battle Usage 

Look, if you love the Pokémon Contests, let me tell you that Delcatty is a secure bet! But here’s the catch, Delcatty is one of the worst Normal-type Pokémon for competitive matches. It doesn’t have updated builds and doesn’t appear in Sword and Shield. Still, even in Ultra Sun & Moon, Delcatty was outpassed by several Normal-types like Stoutland, Kangaskhan, and many more. 

I remember Delcatty having one of the weirdest abilities I’ve ever seen, named Normalize, which changed all the moves it can learn into Normal-type moves. It was useful to paralyze Ground-types, but that was all its usage, as every Ghost-type could easily defeat Delcatty. 

Glameow & Purugly

These two Pokémon have a very interesting concept. I can just think about karma when I see Glameow evolving into Purugly. So let’s check them out: 

#01 Glameow 

Image from Wiki Fandom
  • National Dex Number: 431
  • Category: Catty Pokémon
  • Type: Normal-type

Glameow teaches us a great lesson; revenge and resentment rot our souls.


Glameow is a very classy, bland, and shallow Pokémon that only cares about itself and, in only a few situations, about its trainer. It hates being touched without permission, even to the point where it will hate you forever if you touch a centimeter of its whiskers. 

Glameow’s enemies must be careful not to get near it unless they want to be severely bitten. This behavior helped Glameow survive in the meadows and the zones near the mountains, so, even if they are cute and most wanted for Pokémon Contests, like Skitty, Glameow also has a lot of weapons to survive in the wild. 

Where to Find Glameow? 

Glameow can be useful in the usual Pokémon Adventures, so if you want to get one, you’ll find it in the following places: 

  • Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Brilliant Diamond, & Shining Pearl: Glameow doesn’t appear in Diamond, Platinum, or Brilliant Diamond, but you’ll find it on Pearl and Shining Pearl on Routes 218 and 222.
  • Black, White, Black 2 & White 2: Again, Glameow only appears on White 2, on any Hidden Grotto. 
  • Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: Glameow appears on the Mirage Forest, east of Mossdeep City. 
  • Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Moon, Sword, Shield: Glameow doesn’t appear on these games, and it’s impossible to get them here. 
  • Legends: Arceus: Glameow appears in the Obsidian Fieldlands.

Multimedia Appearances 

Sadly, Glameow is one of those very forgotten Pokémon which received a lot of attention in one anime episode and then didn’t make it to anything else.

I clearly remember one episode named For The Love of Meowth! When Team Rocket kidnaps a female Glameow from a trainer named Mamie, but suddenly, Meowth falls in love with her, so he decides to run away and take her to have a fresh start. 

The problem was that Glameow evolved into Purugly, so let’s see what happened next. 

#02 Purugly 

Image from Wiki Fandom
  • National Dex Number: 432
  • Category: Tiger Cat Pokémon
  • Type: Normal-type

When Glameow trains until Level 38, it’ll evolve into Purugly. Well, in the same anime episode I talked about before, Glameow evolved into Purugly, getting heavy, obnoxious, careless, and lazy. 

Luckily, Ash, Mamie, and the whole crew came to the rescue. Meowth sees what his love has become, while Purugly decides to bully Meowth down, so Meowth decides to run away and leaves Purugly behind. 


The episode works perfectly to see how Purugly’s behavior is. Purugly is a lazy, heavy, and bossy Pokémon. It likes to dominate the weaker ones through intimidation and doesn’t hesitate to use its heavy weight to get what it wants. 

Battle Usage 

As I said, Glameow and Purugly don’t appear in the newest games, so it’s impossible to use them for competitive matches. Nonetheless, it is a high-class Pokémon for Gen 4, 5, and 6 adventures, as it’s strong, bulky, and very fast! 

If you are going through the classic games, I recommend using it with Return and U-Turn as its moves because it’ll land strong hits constantly. 

Espurr and Meowstic 

It’s time to talk about the weirdest Cat Pokémon you’ll ever find, Espurr and Meowstic. I don’t know what Game Freak has with relating cats with the Psychic-types, but it’s cool. 

#01 Espurr 

Image from Wiki Fandom
  • National Dex Number: 677
  • Category: Restraint Pokémon
  • Type: Psychic-type


There are only a few things we know about Espurr which is very creepy. First, it’s a hard-to-control Pokémon. It always has the same expression because it’s only focused on controlling its Psychic powers, which are believed to be able to destroy everything within a 300-feet radius. 

Espurr can barely control its powers, and its own powers make it suffer a lot, as it can’t show any emotion to anyone unless it wants to destroy everything near it. 

Where to Find Espurr? 

If you want to have an Espurr on your team, you’ll find it in the following places: 

  • X & Y: Route 6 and the Psychic-type Friend Safaris. 
  • Sword & Shield: You’ll find it on Route 5, Hammerlocke Hills, and Motostoke Riverbank as a wild Pokémon, and in Watchtower Ruins and Stony Wilderness on Max Raid Battles. 

But hey, Espurr has a happy ending as soon as it evolves! 

#02 Meowstic 

Image from Wiki Fandom
  • National Dex Number: 678
  • Category: Constraint Pokémon
  • Type: Psychic-type

When Espurr gets powerful enough to control its powers and gets to Level 25, it’ll evolve into Meowstic. 


To talk about Meowstic, I have to talk about two different Pokémon, as the female and male Meowstics are very different. However, they only have in common that both store and control their powers behind the ears and can release them when they please.

Meowstic’s powers can destroy anything, and they can control people mentally with ease, making them very dangerous Pokémon when if they fall into the incorrect hands. 

Male Meowstic is the dark blue one. It’s protective and always cares about its trainer. Meanwhile, Female Meowstic cares more about herself and is more reactive to situations. In short words, it’s easy to make Female Meowstic angry. 

Battle Usage 

Both Meowstics have different abilities depending on the gender of the Pokémon. While Male Meowstic has Prankster, which gives priority to all of Meowstic’s moves, Female Meowstic has Competitive, which, as its name indicates, it’s wonderful for using on competitive matches!

Competitive raises Meowstic’s Special Attack whenever one of its stats decreases. So, for example, if someone uses Intimidate on your Female Meowstic, its attack will decrease by one stage but its Special Attack will increase by one stage. Very useful! 

Litten, Torracat and Incineroar

If people love cats, it was about time to have some cat-based starters. This is the case of Litten, Torracat and Incineroar. 

First, I’m still disappointed with what Game Freak did with Incineroar. It was the best opportunity to create a cool, dark, and a bit evil Fire/Dark-type badass starter. Still, they just decided to give it the Dark-type, but literally following the same concept a typical Fire/Fighting-type starter has. 

It would have been great if Incineroar was more of a rude, reckless Pokémon that only cares for its trainer and nothing else, like the classic rude guy that always covers your back. A principled Pokémon, yes, but very rude. Just picture Incineroar with a leather jacket and the sunglasses Krookodile has. Very good, right? 

#01 Litten 

Image from Wiki Fandom
  • National Dex Number: 725
  • Category: Fire Cat Pokémon
  • Type: Fire-type

Litten is one of my favorite starters because of its cute design and behavior. Pokémon like Glameow or Persian have a concept that fits into a cat’s behavior, but the concept gets exaggerated in a good way. But on the other hand, Litten is the Pokémon that looks the most like a real cat. 


It’s said that Litten is a lonely Pokémon that doesn’t like to get around others. It minds its business but doesn’t hate anyone or is always willing to attack. It doesn’t like to get affection, but it usually lets its owner pet it as much as the owner wants.

Also, if you have a Litten, be careful not to pet it too much, as its hair drops some very flammable liquids that can be very dangerous. Litten uses these liquids to ignite some fireballs that it uses to fight. 

Where to Find Litten? 

If you want Litten, you’ll find it in these places: 

  • Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon: Litten is one of the three starters of these games. 
  • Sword and Shield: If you choose Scorbunny as your starter, there will be a man in the Isle of Armor who is looking for some Alolan Digletts that got lost in the place. If you find all the 100 Digletts, the man will reward you with Litten. 

Anime Appearances 

I’m pretty sure you can remember Litten from the anime as Ash caught one when he started his Alolan Adventure. Ash caught Litten in the episode One Journey Ends, Another Begins… since then, it was a great company for Ash, helping him win impressive battles! 

#02 Torracat 

Image from Wiki Fandom
  • National Dex Number: 726
  • Category: Fire Cat Pokémon
  • Type: Fire-type

When Litten gets to Level 17, it’ll evolve into Torracat. 


Torracat is an interesting Pokémon. It has what looks like a collar with a bell on its neck, but actually, it’s more than that. The bell acts like a sac where Torracat stores the flammable liquids I talked about before, using them to create bigger fireballs. 

Sadly, Torracat’s behavior is nothing new. It’s the typical Pokémon with a strong will to fight, never giving up even when its rival is way bigger than it, and will always try to do its best to please its trainer. 

I’m sure this description fits almost every Fighting-type Pokémon, including other Fire-type starters like Blaziken, Infernape, or Emboar. But, of course, you could have done more than this, Game Freak. 

#03 Incineroar 

Image from Wiki Fandom
  • National Dex Number: 727
  • Category: Heel Pokémon
  • Type: Fire/Dark-type

When Torracat fights with all of its heart and gets to Level 34, it’ll evolve into Incineroar. 


You might think Incineroar, just because it’s a Dark-type, it’ll be a bully. But Incineroar’s behavior is a far cry from that. 

Incineroar loves to fight. It hates facing weak rivals and prefers to fight against stronger ones. Sometimes it can be a moron, even when its trainer is trying to give it some battle indications. But it’s a respectful Pokémon with a sense of battle honor. 

Lastly, Incineroar always feels like it is in a show; that’s why it has moves like Darkest Lariat, as it loves to demonstrate its strength to others. Incineroar loves to feel admired. 

Multimedia Appearances 

A cool thing about Incineroar was the protagonist role it got when Ash had its adventure through Alola. Ash and the Masked Royal developed a bit of a rivalry mostly because both owned an Incineroar. The rivalry between both Incineroars was one of the hooks that made me further interested in the series! 

Incineroar also appears in Super Smash Bros as a playable character! That’s pretty neat, considering it fits with the look of a Lucha Libre brawler. 

Battle Usages; Pivot Incineroar 

Incineroar is a great Pokémon for competitive matches. There, Incineroar is known as a consistent, bulky, and full-of-power pivot! 

Remember when I talked about Perrserker’s Pivoting role? Well, Incineroar can also do it perfectly. It’ll work with the following build: 

  • U-Turn
  • Knock Off
  • Toxic or Swords Dance (depending on your style)
  • Any other offensive move. I recommend Blaze Kick or Fire Fangs to give some usage to Incineroar’s great Attack Stat. 

With Heavy-Duty Boots as its item, Intimidate as its ability, and Adamant as its nature. 

Here’s a very offensive Incineroar whose task is to get on the field, sweep everyone up, and then return to its PokéBall. We all know how U-Turn works; Incineroar will hit its target and leave the field. Before spamming U-Turn, I recommend using Knock Off as it works to disarm some dirty strategies. 

Using Toxic or Swords Dance will depend on if you want Incineroar to stay on the field or if you want it to leave as soon as possible. The last moveslot is reserved for any other offensive move you like. You can opt for Fire-type moves like Blaze Kick, but there are several you can use, like Brick Break, Darkest Lariat, Drain Punch, etc. 


Question: Which is the strongest Cat Pokémon? 

Answer: The answer is more than obvious; Mewtwo. Mew can face it as a rival, but none of the Pokémon mentioned on this list can face Mewtwo without leaving the battlefield with the tail between their legs. 

Question: How many Cat Pokemon are there in total?

Answer: There are 17 Cat Pokemon in total as of now, but with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on the horizon bringing us the adorable Sprigatito, this total will hopefully rise up to 20, so long as Game Freak can stick the landing on its evolution line.

Question: Which one is better, Male Meowstic or Female Meowstic? 

Answer: I’ll say Female Meowstic, only because it has a better ability, named Competitive, which can make Meowstic a great competitive Pokémon. 
Obviously, this doesn’t mean that Male Meowstic is bad as it has Prankster, and Prankster is always a wonderful ability. The only problem with Prankster on Meowstic is that Meowstic can’t learn very interesting moves, making it fall behind.

Every Cat Pokemon: Conclusion

You can love or hate cats, but you have to accept that they have been very important in the story of humanity. People love cats, and, in their own way, they love us. Having all of these Cat Pokémon proves that cats are important to us. These PokéCats have been with humans during all of the Pokémon story, as well as cats being with us when we discovered the whole world. 

Meowth, Skitty, Glameow, Litten. They have seen stories that can captivate more than a single person, and I hope you appreciate these cats as well as I do. 

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