Tony Bresnen, Pokémon Collector Supreme

Tony Bresnen has been writing his whole life, but never thought he’d end up doing it professionally. An editor and writer working in the public sector, Tony is thrilled to write about his passion since childhood—Pokémon. He was hooked the moment he powered up his purple Game Boy Color and started Pokémon Blue in 1999, choosing Squirtle (the only logical choice). Over the years, he’s played just about every Pokémon video game released by Game Freak. He began collecting cards in 1999 but got away from it for about a decade. In 2012, he started collecting again and enjoys completing sets, displaying rare and valuable cards, and playing the card game casually with friends. Outside of his near-obsessive Pokémon hobby, he enjoys spending time with his wife Nicole and two young children. He hopes to pass along his love of all things Pokémon to both of them and keep them away from the influences of Team Rocket.  Other hobbies Tony enjoys include fish keeping (lots of aquariums at home), gardening, PC gaming and building computers, ping pong, and tennis.

Pokemon Battles Styles

Pokemon Battles Styles Guide: It’s More Than You Think!

In Pokémon Sword & Shield: The Isle of Armor, “Battle Styles” refers to the form chosen when the Pokémon Kubfu evolves into the legendary Pokémon Urshifu. At the Towers of the Two Fists, trainers can evolve Kubfu after defeating all the trainers on each of the five floors. Kubfu can evolve using the scroll from …

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pokemon championship events

Pokémon Championship Events Guide: My On-the-Ground Coverage

We’ve all been involved in special moments in the world of Pokémon. For me, these moments include battling the Elite Four for the first time with a loyal team of six Pokémon (including Blastoise), cheering as Ash Ketchum’s Muk defeats a Bellsprout in the Indigo League, and finally adding that last card to complete my …

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McDonald's Happy Meals Pokemon Cards Guide

McDonald’s Happy Meals Pokemon Cards Guide

Most Pokémon fans know where to get cards for their collection. National brick-and-mortar store chains, local card, and video game shops, and even certain grocery stores carry Pokémon cards. But perhaps the most accessible place to get Pokémon cards is in your lunch order. McDonald’s has partnered with Pokémon for over a decade (going back …

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