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Pokémon has been one of the most captivating media franchises across the globe. With almost a thousand variations of these pocket monsters, they have impressed and entertained children and adults worldwide. The first Pokémon game I ever played was Fire Red, and then I played Emerald.

I was so involved with the concept of being a Pokémon master that I completed the Pokedex in both those games and have been in love with the series ever since. The most identifiable Pokémon would be the beloved mascot Pikachu and the second most famous one would be Charizard. Still, many of the hundreds go unmentioned and unnoticed.

One such Pokémon which I believe gets the minimum recognition is Luvdisc, a water-type Pokémon. While not the strongest Pokémon out there, Luvdisc is created to be cute and appealing. With rich lore surrounding it, I believe Luvdisc is one of the most slept-on Pokémon out there, even by the Pokémon Company.

Luvdisc: A Love That’s Unrequited

Image from Wiki Fandom

Considered unviable for battle in the games and being left out in the anime due to the existing roster of fascinating Pokémon, Luvdisc’s beauty is still undeniable.

I believe that its speed and design prove to be the perfect candidate for Pokémon contests and Pokémon Showcases. Its beautiful and cute design provides the ideal aesthetic for such events. I will explain this rendezvous Pokémon in detail.

The oceanography of Luvdisc is quite complex. Usually found in clusters or schools, Luvdiscs are inhabitants of shallow and tropical seas. They are generally found in coral reefs, mainly shed or broken Corsola branches. They are famous for their heart shape, which caused many rumors to be associated with them regarding love. It is said that if a couple spots a Luvdisc in the ocean, The universe will bless them with eternal love.

It became so that people started gifting Luvdiscs to their significant others as a sign of love. Apart from their shape, part of this blame might go to the natural inclination of Luvdisc to gather around couples at sea. At one point, it became so that Luvdisc went through overfishing.

This was because they usually possess a heart scale; an item known for its unique color and beauty, given to loved ones to showcase their emotion. Whenever a school of Luvdisc is spotted, the water in that area appears bright pink. The Luvdisc as kiss as part of their mating ritual with which they select their partners forever.

They can float for a short time during this ritual as their bodies act as wings. Any Luvdisc left alone becomes destitute and usually falls prey to Pelliper, their natural enemy. The name Luvdisc is derived from the word “Love” and “Disc” pointing toward how its shape signifies love and its flat appearance.


Image from Wiki Fandom

Luvdisc is Pokémon that belong to the Fish species. They are shaped like a heart placed sideways and pink all over. They are relatively flat, and their mouth is located at the bottom point of the heart (their shape). They have small light pink lips and round blush spots below their eyes and in the middle of their body. They have black and dark blue eyes, which are placed a bit before the lips.

Shiny Luvdisc changes the body of the Pokémon from pink to golden, making it seem special. Its shiny form is one of the better ones in the series.

  • Height: 0.6m
  • Weight: 8.7KG


Image from Wiki Fandom

Luvdisc is one of the few Pokémon that have no evolutions. When the fifth generation was being released, fans, including myself, speculated that Alomomola would be the evolution of Luvdisc. Still, it wasn’t, and I will forever be shocked by that decision.

In The Anime

Juan's Luvdisc
Image from Wiki Fandom

The Pokémon first appeared in the episode “Clamperl of Wisdom” as one of the inhabitants of Maise Island. While Luvdisc has appeared in several other episodes, it truly shone in the episode “Luvdisc is a Many Splendored Thing!” It is shown that Misty and her sister Daisy both now have Luvdisc named Kasurin and Luverin.

Daisy organized a special underwater show which they must prepare for. Still, the problem is that Luverin is uninterested in Kasurin. Luverin is a shy Pokemon who has a habit of hiding, but Kasurin always sought her out because of their bond.

Team Rocket intervenes, and with their efforts, manages to steal Luverin for their nefarious plan. Daisy and Misty, along with the others, go after them to get Luvrein back using the special connection Kasurin maintains with Luverin.

Team Rocket had prepared for them, and our heroes get stuck in a pitfall trap set by Team Rocket; they also capture Kasurin. By co-operating with each other, Kasurin and Luverin use a combined water gun to defeat Team Rocket. Luverin is impressed by the bravery displayed by Kasurin, and they grow close, which in turn helps save the underwater show.

The Hoenn gym leader Juan also used a Luvdisc. During the gym battle against Ash, Juan’s Luvdisc used a sweet kiss against Ash’s Grovyle, which confused him and ultimately led to his defeat. Ash later sent Corphish, who used a bubble beam to defeat Juan’s Luvdisc.

In The Pokemon Card Game

Card Game
Image from Wiki Fandom

In the playing card game, Luvdisc is one of the weaker Pokémon that does not pose much threat to your opponents; it has appeared in quite a few series with stunning art:

  • Evolving Skies: In this series, Luvdisc knows the moves Synchrodraw and Water Gun.
  • Celestial Storm: Luvdisc knows the moves Even Game and Water Pulse. The artwork presents a beautiful yarn-styled Luvdisc in a toy fish tank background.
  • XY-Flashfire: Luvdisc knows the moves Heart Wink and Spike Draw. It features a light pink Luvdisc shining between crashing waves.
  • EX Hidden Legends: It knows the moves Loving Draw and Sweet Temptation and features a more straightforward design with several Luvdiscs in the background.
  • EX Emerald:  Luvdisc knows Call For Friend and Strange Scale. The design features a Luvdisc with a coral reef in the background.
  • EX Crystal Guardians: Luvdisc knows the moves Even Game and Stadium Play. The artwork features Luvdisc in shallow waters with cartoon-Esque islands in the background.
  • Diamond & Pearl – Great Encounters: It knows the moves Rendezvous and Synchro Dance. The artwork features Luvdisc in the background with corsola branches.
  • Platinum: Luvdisc knows the moves Love Call and Sweet Kiss. On the card, Luvdisc is right above the water in the ocean using a water gun.
  • POP Series 2: It knows the moves Paralyzing Kiss and Fast Stream. Luvdisc in this artwork is featured in a pair of 3 while using a bubble beam.

In The Manga

Luvdisc appeared as Wallace’s Pokémon named Elizabeth, who helped Wallace with management; She usually stayed out of her Pokeball. He rarely had to tell her what to do, and she was ready to solve his problems, acting as a fantastic partner to him.

Luvdisc also made minor appearances in “The Final Battle VII” and “The Pink Slip.” Wallace’s mentor Juan used a Luvdisc as well, which was observed by Ruby and Sapphire in the chapter “With a Spoink in Your Step II.”

In The Game

In the Game
Image from Wiki Fandom

The water-type Pokémon Luvdisc, is one of the most unviable candidates to use in the game for battles. The Pokémon games are based on battling,  capturing other Pokemon, and leveling up.

The side activities like the Pokémon contest system promote Pokémon who have been fed food items or decorated in beautiful attire, but Luvdisc always falls short of the mark. To keep a Luvdisc would only be for aesthetic reasons. Introduced in Generation III, Luvdisc has a catch rate of 29.4% with a Pokeball in full HP. It starts with a base friendship of 70 and has a fast growth rate.

Luvdiscs are usually found in the wild as 25% male and 75% Female. The experience gained by defeating a Luvdisc in battle is usually 110.

Where to Find Luvdisc

Ever Grande City
Image from Wiki Fandom

Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald: In Generation III, Luvdisc can be found on either Route 128 or Ever Grande City. You can easily fish Luvdisc with a Super Rod since it’s not rare in the games.

Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum: Luvdisc is located on Route 224 and the water areas in the Pokémon League in Generation IV. You will have to use the Super Rod to become more accessible, and it might take a bit to catch it since its rarity has increased.

Heart Gold and Soul Silver: It can only be found on Route 27, the route which connects the Kanto and the Jhoto regions.

Black and White: Still maintaining its rarity, Luvdisc can be found on Routes 4 and 13. You can also find it in Undella Town and Undella Bay.

X and Y: It is easily found compared to the previous games and can be located at Route 12 and 8. You can also find it in the Azure Bay, Shalour City, Cyllage City, and Ambrette Town.

Luvdisc has also appeared in other Pokémon titles like Pokémon PinBall Ruby & Sapphire, Pokémon Trozei!, Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, Explorers of Time & Explorers of Darkness, and Pokémon Rangers.


The problem with Luvdisc being an unviable candidate for your Pokémon team would be its unviable stats. Stats are the Pokémon games’ way to display the best way to use Pokémon in battles, to determine their move sets and how they would go against other Pokémon.

  • HP: 43
  • Attack:  30
  • Defense: 55
  • Sp. Atk: 40
  • Sp. Def: 65
  • Speed: 97
  • Total: 330

With all the stats on the table, the only redeeming feature of Luvdisc would be its speed. Still, even that isn’t up to the mark since there are far more viable candidates who are more potent and very quick. It doesn’t belong to any tier list since the Pokémon cannot compare to Kingdra and even Ludicolo.


Image from Wiki Fandom

All Pokémon possess innate abilities that help them in some way, shape, or form. Hidden abilities are abilities that are not found randomly. The Pokémon have to be bred correctly for the moves to appear.

While its primary ability, “Swift Swim,”; doubles the speed stat of the Pokémon in the rain, and is one of the good ones for water types. The speed stats alongside this ability make it a viable candidate for a speedy force. Still, sadly, the base defense being so low ruins its chances.

The hidden ability “Hydration” is a mid-tier ability that allows all non-volatile status effects to be removed from the Pokémon in the rain. While this ability is worse than Swift Swim in battle, it still falls prey to the same problems.


Being a Pokémon that loves to remain with its pack or partners, Luvdisc is usually found with either of the two natures:

  • Modest: Increases the special attack while lowering attack stats.
  • Timid: Increases speed while reducing base attack stats.

The best bet with Luvdisc would be to go with the Modest Nature since the base speed of Luvdisc is already relatively high. Increasing special attack will help its low base stats, and moves like hydro pump and ice beam will be more effective.

Best Strategy

Hydro Pump
Image from YouTube

There are many builds you can try with Luvdisc, but the one most compatible with its speed stat and the ability to swift swim would be:

  1. Ice Beam
  2. Hydro Pump
  3. Rain Dance
  4. Hidden Power (Grass-type)

This move set, in my opinion, would be ideal for Luvdisc. Rain dance will allow its ability to shine. The Hydro Pump would be its go-to, strong water-type attack, Ice beam against grass-type Pokémon if it ever encounters them, and hidden power if it ever goes up against another water type.

While this should allow Luvdisc to become a well-rounded speedy attacker, the base attack and special attack stats are so low, even with the Modest Nature, that it wouldn’t be able to take on its foes. The Pokémon would still be highly vulnerable to many moves, and it wouldn’t be able to one hit a lot of Pokémon.

Moves like Arial Ace or Mach Punch can easily damage Luvdisc, especially since it has to use Rain Dance for its ability to come into effect. The one thing you can do to upgrade it from its current state would be to give it the Life Orb and use Luvdisc to its fullest, but at that point, why not just use another Pokémon altogether.

The Status Strategy

Another strategy you can employ while using a Luvdisc is the move Toxic. Since most of its move set isn’t worthy of mention, a move like toxic can utilize its vital speed stat and end up helping against strong Pokémon in the long run.

If the Luvdisc or Pokémon before it manages to set up a Rain Dance, it will become even quicker. You can also utilize it with the move set Charm and Sweet Kiss, which might allow for a few mid-tier hits to affect its opponents. The strategies employed by Luvdisc aren’t perfect or foolproof but will work in the presented situation.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Luvdisc is a very simple Pokémon to understand. The only decent stat possessed by Luvdisc is its decent speed, and even that suffers from its low defense and weak attack.

The beauty of Luvdisc is only aesthetic. The Pokémon is two times (2x) weak against Grass and Electric-type attacks. Being a water type, it is resistant to (1/2x) Steel, Water, Fire, and Ice-type attacks. It is damaged normally by all other attacks.

You can utilize the speed strategy by allowing Luvdisc to inflict status-type attacks on its foes, but that would only be a one-and-done deal. It would still be susceptible to priority moves.

Moves Per Level

luvdisk moves

The moves learned by Luvdisc by leveling up aren’t the best ones, but a few can be used in battles and prove to be helpful. Since Luvdisc is a pure water-type Pokémon, most of these will be water-type moves, and some would be status effects.

Level     Move

1              Tackle

1              Charm

4              Water gun

7              Agility

9              Draining Kiss

13           Tearful Look

17           Water Pulse

20           Attract

22           Brine

26           Flail

31           Sweet Kiss

34           Take Down

37           Baby-Doll Eyes

40           Aqua Ring

42           Soak

46           Hydro Pump

49           Safe Guard

Moves Through TM’s

TM         Move

03          Water Pulse

07           Hail

13           Ice Beam

14           Blizzard

17           Protect

18           Rain Dance

20           Safeguard

32           Double Team

42           Façade

44           Rest

45           Attract

49           Scald

55           Brine

58           Endure

77           Psych Up

82           Sleep Talk

87           Swagger

90           Substitute

95           Surf

99           Waterfall

Through Breeding

  • Aqua Jet: From breeding Carvanha and Sharpedo.
  • Aqua Ring: From breeding these respective Pokémon; Goldeen, Seaking, Chinchou, Lantern, Luvdisc, Finneon, and Lumineon.
  • Entertainment: Remoraid and Octillary.
  • Splash: through Magicarp, Gyarados, Wailmer, and Wailord.
  • Supersonic: Goldeen, Seaking, Chinchou, and Lantern.

Through Move Tutoring

While Luvdisc was previously able to learn more moves through tutoring in earlier generations, this all changed in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. In the newer games, Luvdisc can be received through trading or using previous save files. The moves learned are:

  • Bounce
  • Icy Wind
  • Liquidation
  • Snore
  • Water Pulse
Group of Luvdiscs
Image from Wiki Fandom

Luvdisc Pokemon Guide: Conclusion

Luvdisc might be one of the most infeasible Pokémon in the series. Still, its beauty, cuteness, and place in the Pokémon universe are undeniable. With solid symbolic associations with Luvdisc and its oceanic habitat, you cannot minimize its importance in the Pokémon ecosystem.

Pokémon is a very battle and capture focused game, and it causes Pokémon like Luvdisc to be sidelined. Suppose GameFreak ever changes how Pokémon contests and beauty showcases work. In that case, I am sure Luvdisc will have a clear place in those arenas.

I will always question GameFreak for not using Alomomola as the evolution of Luvdisc. As for battles, Luvdisc is an unlikely candidate for any Pokémon team, and it will surely be a hindrance to anyone wishing to use it competitively.

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