Kara Phillips-Ashman

Kara is a certified gaming pro, at least where to soft and comfy games out there are concerned, and with hundreds of hours in Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Stardew Valley and her all-time-favorite Harvest Moon, she knows what makes a game an engaging, wholesome experience.

munna pokemon guide

Munna Pokemon Guide

I’ve always found myself in awe of Psychic Pokemon. Since the first game’s release, they’ve been a significant, mind-churning addition to the franchise, with new species joining every generation. However, it’s easy to argue that some are stronger and more memorable than others. Munna is a Pokemon from a generation I massively overlooked. After falling …

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cursola guide

Cursola Guide

Cursola was introduced to the Pokemon franchise within Generation Eight and was announced as a regional variant since it evolves from Galarian Corsola. Its name is a play on words to its haunting appearance, and it’s said to represent the decaying coral of polluted waters. Galarian Corsola is the only regional variant of the originally …

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