Kara Phillips-Ashman

Kara Phillips-Ashman

Kara is a certified gaming pro, at least where to soft and comfy games out there are concerned, and with hundreds of hours in Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Stardew Valley and her all-time-favorite Harvest Moon, she knows what makes a game an engaging, wholesome experience.

Pokemon Squishmallows Guide

pokemon squishmallows guide

For gamers, nerds and collectors alike, San Diego Comic-Con is one of the most exciting times of the year. Lasting for four days, this event tends to produce highly anticipated releases of merch and event-exclusive items. So when the news…

Kleavor Pokemon Guide

kleavor pokemon guide

Pokemon Legends: Arceus introduced many new features upon its release, which surprised veterans of the franchise. Instead of walking through tall grass and encountering your sixteenth Bidoof, the new region of Hisui was open for you to explore at your…

Munna Pokemon Guide

munna pokemon guide

I’ve always found myself in awe of Psychic Pokemon. Since the first game’s release, they’ve been a significant, mind-churning addition to the franchise, with new species joining every generation. However, it’s easy to argue that some are stronger and more…

Cursola Guide

cursola guide

Cursola was introduced to the Pokemon franchise within Generation Eight and was announced as a regional variant since it evolves from Galarian Corsola. Its name is a play on words to its haunting appearance, and it’s said to represent the…