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Pokémon Sword and Shield pushed the games from their conventional 2.5-dimensional formula to the anticipated 3D open-world Pokémon game everyone wanted. The game featured two playable characters, Gloria and Victor, native to the Galar region.

Gloria is a fun personality and the female protagonist of the games; even though the player controls most of what Gloria does, she has passions and hobbies and shows a slew of emotions. Gloria was never introduced in the Pokémon anime, and we will discuss that later.

Still, her appearance in the Manga is quite significant as Casey Shield. Even though she is a bit underrepresented in the series, Gloria is a beautiful addition to the Pokémon roster. You can find everything you want about her here.


Gloria Outfit
Image from Wiki Fandom

Gloria is a young girl with short brown hair that is neck length and parted to the left. She has brown eyes and fair skin, and wears a cardigan-Esque gray hoodie with three triangular brown buttons. Underneath, she wears a magenta thigh-high button-down dress skirt.

She wears checkered green long socks with brown ankle-high boots. She also carries around a brown backpack that usually hangs from her left side and wears a green Tammie hat with a white puff ball on her head.

Alternate Outfit

Gloria Alternate Outfit
Image from Wiki Fandom

Her league outfit is similar to a standard Gym Challenger outfit. She wears a white, black collared T-shirt with grey stripes at the front and a large blue bar on the sides.

The shirt bears logos of various brands, and the cuffs are also black. Gloria also wears shorts with the number 227on them; she has knee-high socks and pink–white shoes. She wears a glove on her right hand and a Dynamax band to Gigantimax, her Pokémon, during battles.

Her appearance can also be customized in-game.


Gloria is a passionate girl who is also a huge fan of Leon; since the player controls her, the player can change Gloria’s dialogue options from pleasant to sassy. I chose Gloria for my sword and shield playthrough because her character instantly clicked with me. I loved how she held herself and immediately seemed like the game’s main character. She is seen with a wide range of emotions all over her face throughout the playthrough.

Casey Shield, Gloria’s manga version for Sword and Shield, is enthusiastic and exuberant. Casey is very friendly and a great person to be around but usually acts hyper and assertive, which sometimes annoys her friends. She has a problem with being too loud even when people are beside her, which forces others to tell Casey to “Shut Up!” which she is always taken aback by.

Gloria’s Pokémon

Pokémon Masters EX

#01 Zacian

Image from Wiki Fandom
  • Type: Steel
  • Weakness: Fire
  • Role: PH Striker


  • Behemoth Blade, Play Rough
  • Glorious Behemoth Blade
  • Laser Sharp Focus!
  • Move Gauge Boost


  • HP: 589
  • Attack: 412
  • Defense: 170
  • Sp. Atk: 266
  • Sp. Def: 170
  • Speed: 416

Passive Skills

  • Fierce Entry 2: Sharply raise the user’s Attack when the Pokémon enters a battle.
  • Move Gauge Refresh 4: You have a good chance of charging the user’s move gauge by one when a move is successful.
  • Sync Burst 1: Restores one MP for the user when a sync move is used for the first time.

#02 Inteleon

Image from Wiki Fandom
  • Type: Water
  • Weakness: Electric
  • Role: SP Striker


  • Snipe Shot, Air Slash, and Dark Pulse
  • Summer Soaking Water Beam
  • Scope Em Out!


  • HP: 686
  • Attack: 199
  • Defense: 136
  • Sp. Atk: 295
  • Sp. Def: 136
  • Speed: 372

Passive Skills

  • Critical Strike 3: Powers up user’s attacks when they are critical hits.
  • Critical Refresh 9: Restores one MP of the user when it lands a critical hit.
  • Critical Freebie 4: Has a chance of applying the “Free Move Next” effect to the user when it lands a critical hit.

Gloria’s Pokémon in the Manga (Casey Shield)

Casey Shield loves her Pokémon dearly but lost many of them one year before the Sword and Shield manga story. After leaving on her journey, she slowly started finding all of her lost Pokémon. She created a good team filled with capable partners.

#01 Bit

bit pokemon

But it is Casey’s first Pokémon who joined her on her journey as a Scorbunny. Bit was always jolly and helped Casey throughout her battles; Bit was one of her go-to Pokémon for all gym battles. After evolving into a Raboot, Bit remained friendly but became more reserved and serious in displaying his emotions. He is very protective of his friends and Casey and even helps her feel better whenever she’s down.


  • Ember
  • Double Kick
  • Heat Wave
  • Flame Charge

#02 Kilo

Kilo and Gloria
Image from Wiki Fandom

Casey lost her Arrokuda before the Sword and Shield Manga took place; it happened when she encountered foggy illusions of Zacian and Zamazenta. Later, Hop told Casey about seeing an Arrokuda in the wild area where Casey went. She found Kilo, but a Crramorant was eating him, and she fought with her Pokémon to free him.


  • Scald
  • Bite

#03 Tera

Image from Wiki Fandom

Like Kilo, Tera was Casey’s Toxel, whom she lost during the illusion encounter with Zacian and Zamazenta. She found Tera in Glimwood after they had a battle against a Drakloak attacking her. Later, Casey found her Toxtricity capable of Gigantimaxing, which she used in her battle with Opal, the Gym leader.


  • Shockwave
  • Snarl
  • Gmax: Stun Shock

#04 Peta

Image from Wiki Fandom

He is Casey’s Eiscue and a Pokémon lost during the illusion incident. She found her at route eight later on while out on her adventure.


  • Blizzard

#05 Giga

Image from Wiki Fandom

A link is another one of Casey’s Pokémon she lost during the illusion incident. Casey later found Giga to be in possession of Sordward and Shielbert, who were using it for battles. The brothers were later defeated by Eternatus, after which Casey was able to get Giga back.


  • Rock Smash
  • First Impression

#06 Mega

Image from Wiki Fandom

Her last Pokémon lost to the illusion incident, and Mega is a Galarian Stunfisk who was also in possession of Sordward and Shielbert. Mega came back similar to how Giga did.


  • Metal Claw

Gloria’s Adventure

In the Anime

Gloria Artwork
Image from Wiki Fandom

Gloria only makes a very brief appearance in the Pokemon Twilight wings anime. She appears in the post-credits scene riding a flying taxi alongside Victor. She makes a few other very minor appearances, like in Gotcha! But that’s all for the silver screen.

I’ve seen the clip, too, and I want to see Gloria in with a Scottish/British voice in the shows, but I guess it’s unlikely for that to happen. We can always hope!

In The Game

Gloria Game
Image from Wiki Fandom

Like all Pokémon protagonists, Gloria lives with her mother in a small town. In her case, it’s Postwick in the Galar Region. Gloria and Hop get their starter Pokémon from Leon the Galar Champion, also Hop’s older brother. They also get a Dynamax band from professor Magnolia after which they start their journey to become the Pokémon champion.

Gloria collects the 8 Gym badges while also dealing with the menacing Team Yell. Gloria, on her journey, meets with many exciting people like Rose. The latter is the chairman of the Galar Pokémon Champions League. He endorses an obnoxious but capable boy, Bede, with whom Gloria develops an intense rivalry.

She also gets to meet Marnie, a talented yet quiet girl from the rough town of Spikemuth who wants to be the Pokémon champion just to support her hometown.

Because of his nefarious ideals, Rose unleashes Eternatus, who goes on a rampage, and Gloria, along with Hop, manages to defeat him with the help of Zacian and Zamazenta. She then goes on to battle Leon and beats him to become the new Pokémon League Champion.

Isle of Armor

Gloria goes to the Isle of Armor for a new adventure where she meets the former Pokémon champion Mustard, who takes her as a student and makes her compete in a series of trials in his Dojo along with a new rival Klara(Sword)/ Avery(Shield).

She completed the challenge and earned the right to inherit the Legendary Pokémon Kubfu. After training alongside Kubfu, Gloria challenges the Towers of Two Fists, culminating in a battle between Mustard and his Kubfu. After winning, Kubfu learns the tower’s secret, allowing it to evolve into one of two forms; Single Strike or Rapid Strike Urshifu.

Upon her return to the Dojo, Gloria finds Hop conducting research for Sonia. He says that to unlock Urushifu’s Gigantimax potential, it has to drink a soup but isn’t able to since it tastes too sour. A special ingredient is needed to make it sweeter.

Hop doesn’t tell Gloria of the component, but she goes off to search for it. Gloria recaches Honeyclam Island, where she fights a Dynamax Vespiquen who drops the special ingredient “Max Honey” after being defeated. Gloria brings that to hop, and Mustard challenges Gloria to a no holds barred match. After the game ends and Mustard loses, he declares that he has nothing left to teach Gloria.

The Crown Tundra

Gloria, in her travels, visits the Crown Tundra, where she meets the retired Gym Leader Peony, who recruits Gloria to become the leader of her explorer group. The first mystery Gloria encounters is to help the former king of the Crown Tundra, Clayrex, find his steed.

Gloria manages to reunite him with his mount Glastrier or Spectrier (depending on player choices.) The second mystery she sees is the ruins in which she discovers the Legendary Titans or the Regis. The third mystery allows her to find the Galarian legendary bird trio.

The fourth unknown mystery they encounter leads Gloria to a Dynamax adventure in which she encounters Necrozma and manages to catch it.

In The Manga

Casey Manga
Image from Wiki Fandom


Casey, along with Henry, went into the forbidden Slumbering Weald area to get the Wishing star – an item fit into the Dynamax band to allow Pokémon to Dynamax – but was met with an illusion.

The illusions were of the Legendary Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta, but a bright flash of light knocked them out. Due to this incident, Casey’s Pokémon went missing. After failing to search for her Pokémon, Casey and Henry decide to join the Gym Challenge to find Casey’s missing Pokémon.

To Find Lost Friends

Casey first appears in the chapter “Wow! That’s One Big Pokémon,” where she takes Marvin, a young boy saved by Henry, to meet him and participate in a Dynamax simulation with them. They all find Leon at Wedgehurst trying to move a flock of Wooloo off the train tracks, during which an Obstagoon starts terrorizing them.

Casey and Henry got rid of the Obstagoon in the hopes that Leon would see their good deed, and they would be given his endorsement for the Gym Challenge. Casey and Henry, along with Marvin, headed off to see professor Magnolia from where the true journey began.

Casey and Henry started entering, fighting intense battles, and meeting new people like Hop, Bede, and Marnie. Casey’s Scorbunny evolved into a Raboot during the battle with Nessa. This moment shocked Casey, and she realized how important all of her other Pokémon were.

This was because Nessa’s Pokémon already had fought with Henry and was weak. However, Casey still had a hard time against them with Scorbunny. She later cried, wishing for her Pokémon to return. Slowly while challenging the gyms and traveling with her friends, Casey found her Pokémon in odd and intriguing circumstances and was reunited with them.

Sonia and Casey decided to meet each other at Spikemuth when Sordward and Shieldbert attacked them. Casey recognized them as the two thieves from a year ago who stole her Pokémon; they wanted to trade Casey’s Pokémon for her camera, which had valuable images.

Piers arrived at the scene holding Casey’s camera and handed it over to the brothers but secretly took out the memory card. When the brothers returned for the memory card, Piers defeated them.

Leon informs everyone that Rose, Sordward, and Shieldbert are all working together to start the “Darkest Day,” which would result in the destruction of Galar. Rose calls upon Eternatus, and power spots all over Galar start lighting up, which causes Pokémon to start Dynamaxing. Rose explains how he only meant for this event to better Galar and sends Sordward and Shieldbert to defeat Eternatus with the help of the hero’s rusted Sword and shield, which they failed to do.

Casey was reunited with her Pokémon Giga and Mega after their defeat. Eternatus started overwhelming everyone but was pushed back by the arrival of Zacian and Zamazenta. They then started calling the rusted Sword and shield towards themselves, restoring them to their original glory and using a double Giga Impact on Eternatus vanished.

Everyone later found that after tracking Eternatus’s Poison and the rusted Samples, they went to the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra. Casey set her sights on uncovering this mystery and going on another adventure.

Notable Relationships (Mainly Manga)


Image from Wiki Fandom

He is professor Magnolia’s assistant from a family of sword smiths who wishes to carry his family legacy. He was with Casey the first time she experienced the mist and the illusion. They both went on the Gym Challenge journey together and are close friends with strong mutual trust.

Henry and Casey have helped each other throughout their journey. Even though Henry gets annoyed at some of Casey’s antics, they still enjoy traveling together.


Image from Wiki Fandom

He is Leon’s younger brother and a good friend of Casey’s. They grew closer because both of them were participating in the Gym Challenges. Hop is similar to Casey in many ways, like how he is enthusiastic and sometimes becomes very loud, not as much as Casey, though. Hop and Casey are a good friends.

Professor Magnolia

Professor Magnolia
Image from Wiki Fandom

She is the researcher that gave the Dynamax bands to Henry and Casey and helped them leave for their journey. Casey deeply respects Professor Magnolia and tries to concentrate on everything she says.



Another one of Casey’s travel companions she found and brought to Henry for a Dynamax simulation. Later, Marvin ended up joining their journey for the Gym Challenge. Marvin is kind and sweet and holds a deep respect for Casey. He primarily has fun with the Pokémon around him and adds a jolly aura to their group dynamic.


Image from Wiki Fandom

The Pokémon Champion, whom Gloria idolizes, Leon, is the peak Gloria wants to reach. Even though they haven’t interacted much, Gloria deeply respects Leon.

Pokemon Gloria Guide: FAQs

Question: What does the 227 on Gloria’s Gym shorts mean?

Answer: This is purely speculation, but there are two possible interpretations. The first one is that 227 represents the Japanese word goroawase, meaning safely. The second one is that it could reference the dates for the first-ever Pokémon games to release; Red and Green. This is highly likely since, in the Manga, she has 303 on her shorts, the date when the first Pokémon adventures were published.

Question: Why did Gloria get Zacian?

Question: Many fans criticize that Gloria should have received Zamazenta instead of Zacian since she represents the shield similar to Zamazenta. I believe otherwise, though. Every Sword needs a shield, so I believe Gloria was given Zacian instead of Zamazenta. Another theory is that since Zacian’s Pokedex entry is female, that’s why it was given to Gloria.

Question: Why didn’t Casey go for the Gym Challenge again?

Question: It was because Casey never wanted to be the Pokémon champion; her main goal was always to be reunited with her lost Pokémon. Over time that goal slowly changed into having a new adventure with her Pokémon but never to being a champion. This is why she was sad when she lost the challenge but never too distraught over it. After the Darkest day, she moved her vision towards the crown tundra and the Isle of Armor, looking forward to a new adventure.

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