Pokemon Adventures Manga Series Guide: A Comprehensive Overview

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Named Pocket Monsters Special in Japan, Pokémon Adventures Manga Series is a manga series that debuted on March 3th, 1997, in the Shokakugan magazine with its first chapter alongside the TCG and the games on August 8th, 1997, with its first volume.

From that first debut, Pokémon Adventures has become one of the most iconic Pokémon products in Japan, along with the TCG. Having 15 different chapters, Pokémon Adventures is a big success if we talk about Pokémon merchandising.

Satoshi Tajiri, the man behind the Pokémon idea and creator of the franchise, said that Pokémon Adventures is how he imagines the world Pokémon should be.

As we said, this series has 15 different chapters, one related to every official game of the franchise, and they seem difficult to read since the significant amount of chapters the series has. Still, if you want to start reading them, you don’t have to worry, we will explain all of them!

Pokémon Chapters: Where to start?

Before you start reading, you have to know that every chapter has volumes, and every volume has its own rounds. Then, we will give you a quick guide of when a chapter starts and ends if you only want to read a particular chapter.

Another quick thing: You can’t read the manga the same way you can read comics, which means that you have to read the dialogues from right to left, not as usual.

If you have played all the main games or know their stories, then understanding the manga will not be difficult. Now, we will do a quick resume of every chapter to encourage you to read them. We will make this list in order, so you can use it as a guide too. Let’s go!

Red, Green and Blue Chapter (Volumes 1-3)

Pokemon Adventures Manga Series

This is the first-ever chapter to be released; in fact, we can see some Pokémon in its beta form. This manga showed the adventure of Red, Green, and Blue through Kanto while getting all the Gym badges with the objective of winning the Pokémon League. That will not be the only challenge these 11 years old kids will face since Team Rocket will be doing some criminal acts.

Yellow Chapter (Volumes 4-7)

Yellow Chapter

In this new chapter, Red is missing, and Green asked a girl named Yellow to rescue him. Yellow is a 9 years old kid with a lot of secrets and abilities. Red’s Pikachu joined her team in the attempt to save Red. After this chapter, Yellow will appear in a lot of chapters as a secondary character.

Gold, Silver and Crystal Chapter (Volumes 8-15)

Pokemon Adventure

Now we are going to Johto, where we will find Gold, a kid receiving his starter, Silver, who is wanted for stealing a Totodile, and Crystal, an expert Pokémon Catcher. They will have to fight against the Neo Team Rocket, whose leader is unknown.

Ruby and Sapphire Chapter (Volumes 15-22)

Ruby and Sapphire Chapter

This chapter takes place in Hoenn, Ruby’s new home. He runs away from his house in search of being a Pokémon Coordinator. On his adventure, he meets Sapphire, a girl collecting the gym badges, and Wally, a kid who is afraid of what he can do. Now, Team Magma and Team Aqua will be the antagonists of this chapter.

Fire Red and Leaf Green Chapter (Volumes 22-26)

Fire Red and Leaf Green Chapter

This chapter takes place in the Sevii Islands. Team Rocket came here to try to catch Deoxys, and all our protagonists will unite forces to stop Team Rocket’s plan.

Emerald Chapter (Volumes 26-29)

Emerald Chapter

Here, we will meet Emerald, a kid with a mission: to win against the Battle Frontier. Also, he and Crystal will be hunting Jirachi to prevent the antagonists from getting it and using it for their evil intentions.

Diamond and Pearl Chapter (Volumes 30-38)

Diamond and Pearl Chapter

Our travel leads us to Sinnoh, where we will meet Diamond and Pearl, two best friends. They will meet Platinum, a girl that has the mission of getting to Mount Coronet. Platinum will face the gym challenge of getting all the badges.

Platinum Chapter (Volumes 38-40)

Platinum Chapter

In this chapter, Platinum will be fighting against the Sinnoh’s Battle Frontier while meeting Handsome, a detective investigating the previous chapter’s happenings.

Heart Gold and Soul Silver Chapter (Volumes 41-43)

Heart Gold and Soul Silver Chapter

We will meet Gold, Silver, and Crystal again, but now in a new adventure while trying to stop Team Rocket once again.

Black and White Chapter (Volumes 43-51)

Black and White Chapter

Here, we will meet Black, a kid who dreams of being the best pokémon trainer, and White, a girl who works in the BW Agency, hoping to be a manager of Pokémon actors. Their plans will be truncated by the Plasma Team and their leader, N.

Black 2 and White 2 Chapter (Volumes 52-55)

Black 2 and White 2 Chapter

Here, we will meet Blake, a detective trying to find the last members of the extinct Team Plasma, while meeting Whitney, an ex-Team Plasma member trying to run away from her past.

X and Y Chapter (Volumes 56-59)

X and Y Chapter

This chapter will meet X and Y, two kids who start their adventure after their hometown got destroyed after Xerneas and Yveltal got into a battle. X and Y have to stop Team Flare that wants to steal the X’s Mega Ring for using it with Xerneas and Yveltal.

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Chapter (Volumes 1-6)

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Chapter

Manga writers were taking at least two years making enough content to put them into a full volume, which means that from here we will have mini volumes that got published constantly and have their own volumes, but they are still being part of Pokémon Adventures

Now, we will see Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald again, this time trying to protect Hoenn from a big menace.

Sun and Moon Chapter (Volumes 1-6)

Sun and Moon Chapter

Here, we meet Sun, a Pokémon trainer from Kanto who also works as a delivery man, and Moon, a pharmacist from Sinnoh who came to Alola to research everything related to Poison-types. They get together and do the Island Challenge while bringing in an adventure awakening the Guardian Deities.


Pokémon Adventures, with the Sword and Shield chapter, is still in production. This means that from 1997 to 2021, Pokémon has been relevant enough to have its own manga. More than 23 years of constant content have captured a lot of hearts in the way.

We didn’t leave much information about the manga because we want you all to read it; this is the most accurate way of seeing the Pokémon world the same way as its creator, Satoshi Tajiri, wanted it to be.

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