Vikavolt Guide: A Fearsome Foe With A Piercing Blow

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After twenty-five years at the top of the gaming, anime, toy production, and trading card game ladder. It’s fair to say that Pokemon is one of the most successful brands of all time. This intellectual property is the second best-selling gaming series of all time and has captivated children and adults of all generations with one clear goal, catch ’em all.

This was much simpler back in the mid-nineties when the roster was only made up of 151 Pokemon in total. However, times have changed and as a result, the roster is now over one thousand strong. This is thanks to the continued dedication of Game Freak and the resurgence of Pokemon as a franchise thanks to Pokemon Go.

Allowing the series to continue growing and as a result, there are hundreds of Pokemon, each with their own unique quirks. Meaning even the truest of fans would be doing well to name them all, never mind tell us more about each monster. It’s unreasonable to consider yourself a Pokemon Encyclopedia, so we thought we would fill in the gaps. We are compiling a series of excellent Pokemon guides, each focusing on one Pokemon in particular and giving you all the information you could ever ask for.

In this guide, we take a look at Vikavolt, an electric bug Pokemon that has more than enough power to shock opponents.

What is Vikavolt?


Vikavolt is a seventh-generation, bug, and electric type Pokemon. In terms of this Pokemon’s appearance, it is rather similar to a beetle, with a bug-like body shape and wings that protrude from the thorax of the creature. The Pokemon has a small, orange face and sharp yellow pincers that are equally as large as the rest of the creature.

Then to top it off, the creature has a pair of piercing orange/yellow eyes that almost look like they belong to a robot. The body is a sleek navy color that almost gives the creature a metallic sort of look and overall, this creature looks fast, agile, and capable of dealing real damage.

It is also worth noting that this Pokemon primarily lives off tree sap and has a fierce rivalry with other bug-type Pokemon, Heracross, and Pinsir. The creature is about 4.11″ tall, weighs about 45 kilograms, and comes in male and female gender variants. Plus, Vikavolt is number 738 in the Pokedex, has a medium/fast growth rating, and has an 11.9% catch rate.

Does Vikavolt Ever Appear in the Anime?

Yes, Vikavolt has appeared in the anime several times since being introduced to the series. The first appearance was in Pokemon: Sun and Moon in the 1045th overall episode of the anime. In this episode we see Sophocles’s Charjabug evolve into a Vikavolt after helping Horacio’s Charjabug in a perilous situation.

Then in the 1058th episode of the anime, ‘A High-Speed Awakening’. We were re-acquainted with Horacio who was joined by his Vikavolt, a shiny version of the Pokemon.

He enters his Vikavolt in the Vikavolt race on Poni Island and comes to find out that Solhocles’s Vikavolt will be taking part too. They compete, come undone by some Team Rocket shenanigans, race on to the finish, and get beaten at the line by Solhocles’s Vikavolt.

Does Vikavolt Ever Appear In The Pokemon Movies?

Sadly, Vikavolt hasn’t featured in any Pokemon movies to date. This is likely due to the rather new nature of this Pokemon as it was introduced in the seventh generation. However, we can only assume that this Pokemon will at least get a cameo appearance in an upcoming Pokemon adventure.

Vikavolt’s Origin Story


Vikavolt came to be thanks to the inspiration of the stag beetle, which is why the creature has such huge pincers. Then this inspiration is coupled with a rail gun thanks to its very long and straight mandibles. Then in addition to this, it is also believed that the ‘Vik’ part of this Pokemon’s name is a reference to a Voltage improvement kit which is common in the electrical profession.

How Good is the Vikavolt Trading Card?

At the time of writing, there are currently three variants of Vikavolt trading cards within the TCG meta. The first is the original Vikavolt card which first appeared in the Sun and Moon expansion.

This card is a relatively common card that can be useful as a full evolution in an electric deck. It has 150HP and can hit for 150 damage which is reasonable. However, we would say that there are certainly better electric options out there.

Then there is the Vikavolt GX card which packs a bit more of a punch. This card first appeared in the Guardians Rising expansion offering users 240HP, 180 damage, and the ability to hit benched Pokemon for 60 damage. It’s a slightly better option but again, definitely not the strongest electric or GX option out there.

Then lastly, there is Vikavolt V which is for our money, the pick of the bunch. This first appeared in the Darkness Ablaze expansion and offers players 210HP, 190 damage, and a normal attack which can prevent opponents from using item cards in the following turn.

Vikavolt In the Pokemon Video Games

As you would expect with this Pokemon being such a new addition to the Pokemon series, its inclusion in Pokemon games to this point has been rather limited. Here is a list of all the games that Vikavolt has featured in:

  • Pokemon Sun
  • Pokemon Moon
  • Pokemon Ultra Sun
  • Pokemon Ultra Moon
  • Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee
  • Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu
  • Pokemon: Sword
  • Pokemon: Shield
  • Pokemon: Rumble Rush
  • Pokemon: Shuffle
  • Pokemon GO

What Moves Can Vikavolt Learn?

Vikavolt is a three-stage evolution Pokemon, which means that it has plenty of moves that it can learn naturally. Plus, this Pokemon has the scope to learn some excellent moves through the use of HM and TMs. Here is an extensive list of all the moves that Vikavolt can learn:

Learned moves:

  • Thunderbolt
  • Charge
  • X-Scissor
  • Crunch
  • Dig
  • Iron Defence
  • Discharge
  • Vice grip
  • Mud slap
  • String shot
  • Big bite
  • Bite
  • Spark
  • Sticky web
  • Bug Buzz
  • Guillotine
  • Fly
  • Agility
  • Zap cannon

Taught moves:

  • Fly
  • Hyper beam
  • Giga impact
  • Solar beam
  • Thunder wave
  • Dig
  • Screech
  • Light screen
  • Rest
  • Snore
  • Protect
  • Attract
  • Rain dance
  • Facade
  • Mud shot
  • Round
  • Acrobatics
  • Electro web
  • Volt switch
  • Eerie impulse
  • Air slash
  • Thunderbolt
  • Thunder
  • Agility
  • Substitute
  • Endure
  • Sleep talk
  • Crunch
  • Iron defence
  • Poison Jab
  • X-Scissor
  • Bug buzz
  • Energy ball
  • Flash cannon
  • Electro ball
  • Wild charge

Breeding moves:

  • Discharge
  • Harden

What is Vikavolt’s Strongest Move?

This would be a toss-up between Solarbeam and Zap cannon. Each of these attacks offers base damage of 120. However, because Zap Cannon only has a 50% accuracy rating, we would have to say that Solarbeam just edges it.

However, Acrobatics is a close second, coming in at 110 damage, offering a flying type option, and having a 100% accuracy rating.

What is Vikavolt Weak/Strong Against?

Vikavolt is a Pokemon with a number of resistances, but also quite a few ways to be got at too. In terms of Vikavolt’s weaknesses, Pokemon that have strong fire-type moves or rock-type moves will deal with this creature with no issues. However, in terms of this Pokemon’s resistances, it can withstand electric, fighting, steel, and grass-type attacks.

Also, as all Vikavolts have the levitate ability, this Pokemon is immune to all ground attacks. So unless you are fighting a fire or rock Pokemon, you should be able to hold your own.

What Abilities Does Vikavolt Have?


As mentioned above, all Vikavolts have the same ability and Vikavolt does not have any hidden abilities as of yet. Here is a description of the ability in question:

Levitate: This ability allows the Pokemon to constantly hover above the ground, rendering all ground type moves useless.

How to Catch Vikavolt in Pokemon Games

To capture this Pokemon in the limited number of games that it has featured in, it is rather simple. In Sun and Moon, you cannot capture a Vikavolt outright. Instead, you have to capture a Grubbin or a Charjabug and then level the Pokemon until it evolves.

Then in Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, this Pokemon can be caught in the wild in various locations and is also awarded to the player by Samson Oak in Pokemon Ultra Sun. The only games where this Pokemon is unobtainable is in Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee.

Is Vikavolt a Rare Pokemon?

Vikavolt is a somewhat rare Pokemon due to the fact that most players will only acquire this monster in the latter stages of their playthrough. Plus, in the case of Sun and Moon, they will have to commit to training a Grubbin or Charjabug to obtain this Pokemon.

Then with regards to the other games, the Pokemon may be readily available in the wild but the catch rate is relatively low at just 11.9%. With all of these factors taken into account, we would say that Vikavolt could be classed as an uncommon Pokemon.

Does Vikavolt Evolve?

Vikavolt does not evolve as it is the full evolution of Grubbin and Charjabug. To evolve a Grubbin to a Charjabug, you will need to advance to at least level 20. Then when this Pokemon becomes a Charjabug, there are two options as to how to evolve this monster.

This creature will evolve if you advance one level while within areas with a specific magnetic field. So technically this Pokemon can naturally evolve through leveling at as early as level 21. Or alternatively, the player can give the Pokemon a thunderstone. However, this only applies in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

What is Vikavolt’s Relationship With Charjabug?

This may seem like a strange question. Surely these Pokemon are only related by an evolutionary line. Well, actually Vikavolt has a rather interesting use for the Charjabugs that they encounter.

According to a Pokedex entry, it is made clear that Vikavolt’s take the Charjabug between their pincers and use this creature as a battery pack, providing extra power and allowing them to deal added damage in battle. However, if the battle is taken to the skies, the Vikavolt will drop the Charjabug to be more dynamic and agile while flying.

What are Vikavolt’s Base Stats?

Vikavolt has some rather impressive stats, especially considering that this is a bug type Pokemon, which aren’t exactly known for their battle-ready nature.

This Pokemon actually has the highest Sp attack stat of any bug type Pokemon on the entire roster. However, for an electric type Pokemon, this monster is uncharacteristically slow. Here is a rundown of Vikavolt’s base stats.

  • HP: 77
  • Attack: 70
  • Defence: 90
  • Speed: 43
  • SP attack: 145
  • SP Defense: 75
  • Total: 500

What Does a Shiny Vikavolt Look Like?

A shiny Vikavolt when compared to the normal sprite variant is a completely different beast entirely. This creature has a metallic, silver body coloring and instead of the yellow tips on the pincers, the shiny Vikavolt has lime green accents that are much more bright and vibrant than the standard counterpart.

As mentioned above, Horacio is the proud owner of a shiny Vikavolt in the Sun and Moon series of the anime and features heavily in the episode, A High-Speed Awakening.

Are There Any Pokemon Like Vikavolt?


It depends on how close a Pokemon needs to be to another to be deemed alike. In terms of hard-hitting Electric types, we would say that this creature is in the same ballpark as Magnezone, Electrabuzz or Ampharos.

However, we would say that this Pokemon sways more toward its Bug typing, championing a lot of these moves and characteristics. So with that in mind, here is a list of the Pokemon that we believe are most like Vikavolt:

  • Galvantula
  • Heracross
  • Pinsir
  • Joltik
  • Scyther
  • Ariados


Question: Which Bug Pokemon is the Most Powerful?

Answer: While Pokemon fans may not associate bug type Pokemon with power and competitive battling. There are actually some bug Pokemon that can hold their own. We aren’t talking about the Caterpies and the Wurmples. They are very much bug fodder and don’t really have a place on the battlefield.
However, these bug Pokemon below do pack a punch. Here are the five most powerful bug type Pokemon:
• Scizor
• Volcarona
• Golisopod
• Genesect
• Ninjask
The most powerful bug Pokemon without a doubt is Scizor. This evolution of the already powerful bug Pokemon Scyther is a step above and has a mega-evolution that only adds to the strength of this Pokemon.
This Pokemon acquires a new Steel typing, can learn a bunch of new, hard-hitting moves and overall, it’s a phenomenal competitive option. So for our money, Scizor is the obvious pick.

Question: Which Pokemon is the Smallest?

Answer: On the subject of bugs, you may be asking yourself, which Pokemon is the smallest on the entire roster. You would assume that bug Pokemon would definitely be in the running for this accolade. However, the answer may surprise you. Here is a rundown of the five smallest pokemon:
• Flabébé
• Cutiefly
• Comfey
• Joltik
• Cosmoem
There isn’t really much in it between those listed here. The smallest Pokemon award is a five-way tie between Flabébé, Cutiefly and Comfey, Joltik and Cosmoem.
Each of these Pokemon come in at around four inches in size. However, despite these Pokemon having a rather petite frame, they offer some interesting battling options. Plus, Cosmoem evolves into quite a fearsome legendary Pokemon. As the saying goes, good things come in small packages.

Question: How Many Pokemon Types Are There?

Answer: Well, this really depends on which generation that you entered the franchise. In the first generation of Pokemon, there were only fifteen different Pokemon types.
However, as the game has evolved, the series has introduced new and interesting typing’s that have added new tactical advantages and disadvantages in competitive battling. Here is a list of all the Pokemon types that currently exist within the franchise:
• Normal
• Fighting
• Poison
• Ground
• Rock
• Bug
• Ghost
• Fire
• Water
• Grass
• Dark
• Fairy
• Psychic
• Steel
• Electric
• Ice
• Dragon
• Flying
While the most powerful typings depend purely on the context of the battle and the opponent that you face. The most popular typings are steel, dragon, electric and fairy types.
This is due to the lack of weaknesses that they have. So provided you can avoid their one true type weakness, you are set. Then, in contrast, the least popular typing’s tend to be bug, ice and normal type Pokemon.

Final Thoughts

So that is our essential handbook detailing all that there is to know about the bug/electric Pokemon, Vikavolt. What do you make of this guide? Was it helpful and informative to you? Are there any other Pokemon that you would like us to cover next? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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