Pokemon Infinite Fusion Guide: Messing with Arceus’ Creations Introduction

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Pokémon Fusions, as a concept, has been around in the community for a long while. I remember people asking for Pokémon Fusions since the X&Y era, thinking that a poor 3DS would handle such a bestiality that it would have more than 200k 3D models in a single cartridge.

title card

But digressing aside, fans have been asking for Fusions in Pokémon games for a while. Of course, Game Freak isn’t fond of including Fusions because it’s unreal, so, as always, if you refuse to please Pokémon fans, they’ll do a fan game about it. That’s how we have Pokémon Infinite Fusion.

Story Synopsis

Yeah, about this… There’s nothing new. Pokémon Infinite Fusion takes place in Kanto, and we’ll be controlling none other than the classic yet enigmatic Red during his adventure defeating Team Rocket, defeating Blue, defeating all the Gym Leaders, and defeating the league. The guy is unstoppable!

our room
Where it all starts, and where it all ends. Your room.

Don’t get me wrong, Ily thankful this game doesn’t include an original story in a new region; it’s the best “what if” I’ve ever seen in a Pokémon fan game!

Key Features

  • All Pokémon from Gen 1 and the important Pokémon from Gen 2 to 5. Also, Fairy-type and Physical/Special split.
  • More than 150k available Pokémon you can get through fusing them. Imagine doing 150k sprites; even though the sub-community of the game helped a lot, more than 150k sprites is a gigantic task!
  • Kanto, Johto, and the Sevii Islands are available to explore. This is at least 60hrs of gameplay!
  • Side Quests that unlock new content like items to replace HMs, exclusive Pokémon, etc.
  • Different game modes and difficulties like Random Mode, Single Type Mode, etc.
  • Wonder Trades and Online Trades.



The game starts with menus asking for your in-game age, name, and gender—usual stuff. Then, the game takes you to a save system that allows you to have several save states of your game, which is nice to have as you’ll want to play this game for a long while only to discover all the fusions and their usages.

After that, the game starts. It turns out that Silph Co. created such an abomination as it is the DNA Splicers, which lets you drain the DNA from two Pokémon species to mix it out and bring a brand new Pokémon to life. Arceus would be ashamed of what we are doing with its creation.

dna splicers

Let’s now go to Pallet Town, our hometown. It’s time to start with our adventure. As always, take some time to explore your house, talk with your parents, and leave. There’s a Potion in your room’s PC. Take it.

Outside your room, your mother will receive you with some great news; you are now part of the Pokémon League Challenge, which means you’ll be recognized as a Trainer from now on. After that, your mother will ask for your rival’s name. I’ll call him Blue! Also, you can run now; don’t worry, you can run inside buildings too.

meeting blue

As you leave your house, Blue will appear. Professor Oak will give you a Pokémon, but he’s not in town yet, so you’ll have to wait. Meanwhile, if you go to Blue’s house (the one next to yours), his sister will give you a map. There’s nothing else to do, so head north! Professor Oak will stop you, claiming you can’t explore without a Pokémon. That’s how you’ll end up in his lab.

It’s time to choose your starter! Hey, pick what you want; even though you are in Kanto, and Charmander would struggle here, remember you can fusion Pokémon, so you can create an abomination from a Charmander and a Water-type to destroy the first few gyms as you wish.

First Battle against Blue

After choosing your starter, Blue will take the two remaining Pokémon and fuse them. Hey, That’s cheating!

professor oak

Of course, you’ll have a battle against him. As I picked Squirtle, Blue will have a Charsaur (Charmander+Bulbasaur). Don’t worry about types for now; these little guys will only have moves like Tackle or Scratch. Win the battle and leave the lab; it’s time to travel!


Professor Oak will ask you to go to Viridian City, so that’s your next destination. Heal yourself in your house and go north. You can’t catch Pokémon yet, so don’t worry about that.

Viridian City, First Visit

Welcome to Viridian City! I always recommend exploring every city you visit entirely before continuing with the story-related quests; you’ll always find someone wanting to trade Pokémon with you or give you a gift that can be handy later in the game.

So, go to every house in Viridian City, talk with everybody, and then continue. After that, move to the PokéMart and speak to the manager. He’ll give you Oak’s Parcel and a DNA Splicer to use with your Pokémon.

viridian city first visit

Now, you are ready to go; return to Pallet Town and give Oak his parcel. As retribution, he’ll give you the Pokédex and some Poké Balls to start building your team! You can fuse every Pokémon you want and revert the fusion if you don’t like the results. But be careful, though, as if you revert a fusion, both Pokémon will lose some experience, which isn’t convenient.

This is a great moment to introduce a handy tool I found online, so you don’t waste DNA Splicers mixing Pokémon until finding the right one for you. If you click Here, you’ll find a webpage that shows you the results of fusing Pokémon (and you can also use it to check the weaknesses of your opponent’s Pokémon, but don’t tell anyone about it, wink).

Let’s get back to the game. If you go to the Pokémon Center, you’ll find a kid that wants to trade a Spearow for his Bellsprout, which will be a handy asset against Brock in case you picked Charmander!

Your next destination is Pewter City. To reach there, you’ll have to return to Viridian City. After that, you’ll have to cross Viridian Forest (where you can find interesting Pokémon like Pichu) and then continue to the north. See you there!

viridian forest

Pewter City

Welcome to Pewter City! As always, take some time exploring the entire city. Then, you can get down to business. Here, you’ll find some NPCs who can give you missions. If you complete these missions, you’ll get great rewards, such as items or even gifted Pokémon. You’ll always find these NPCs in Hotels. Every Town and City of the game has a Hotel where you can find missions!

pewter city

First Badge

Let’s talk about Brock, Pewter City’s Gym Leader. He uses Rock-type Pokémon, but as you might assume, he’ll have fused Pokémon, which changes his battle drastically. Also, there’s a new rule for Gym Battles; you can only use the same amount of Pokémon your rival will use. Brock will use two Pokémon, which means you’ll only use two. So, take a closer look at Brock’s team and choose accordingly.

vs brock

This is Brock’s team:

Geogey, Lvl. 9Geodude/PidgeyRock/Flying
Dignix, Lvl. 12Diglett/OnixGround/Rock

If you take a Grass-type to this battle, reserve it to use against Dignix because otherwise, Geogey will sweep it with Gust. Water-types such as Squirtle as your starter will excel here. Fighting-types can also help; you can find Mankey in Route 22, west of Viridian City, and a kid is willing to trade a Tyrogue for a Mankey in Pewter City’s Pokémon Center.

brocks dignix

As you win, you’ll get the Boulder Badge and a TM copy of Rock Tomb, which works perfectly against Flying and Bug-type Pokémon!

It’s time to continue with your adventure. The next Gym is in Cerulean City, but first, you’ll have to go through the untamable Mt. Moon.

Mt. Moon

Mt. Moon is filled with trainers, so you should muster some potions and antidotes because you’ll need them.

mt moon

Team Rocket raided Mt. Moon. These thugs are stealing Moon Stones to use them as fuel for a machine that will fuse three Pokémon at a time. Yes, because two aren’t enough to create an abomination, right?

The Stolen Moon Stones went to the trash because the machine doesn’t work (what a surprise), the Grunts and Giovanni leave the place, and the Nerd you beat will gift you a fossil. The Dome fossil contains Kabuto, while the Helix fossil contains Omanyte. I recommend Omanyte if you don’t have a Water-type Pokémon. Otherwise, Kabuto is a great attacker!

Cerulean City

Welcome to Cerulean City! There’s a lot to explore here and many items to get, like the Bike, but I’ll get down to business; let’s talk about Misty. But first, I recommend grinding some levels before this battle, and please, don’t only level up the two Pokémon you’ll use for this battle; instead, train your whole team!

cerulean city

Second Badge

Misty, Cerulean City’s Gym Leader, is a Water-type master trainer, yet, you can be sure she’ll use some fusions to help her reinforce her team’s weaknesses. Let’s see her team:

vs misty
Jigglydeen, Lvl.19Jigglypuff/GoldeenFairy/Water
Oddyu, Lvl. 22Oddish/StaryuGrass/Water

Jigglydeen’s Horn Attack is very harmful; you might want to use a defensive Pokémon as your lead because Jigglydeen can defeat your sweeper.

Oddyu is easier to take down if you have a Poison-type Pokémon in your team. You can find plenty of them, like Nidoran or Zubat. I fused my Nidorino with Fearow, creating a beast that took Oddyu with a single Aerial Ace or a Venoshock.

mistys oddyu

As you win, you’ll get the Cascade Badge and the TM that contains Water Pulse. Your next stop is Vermillion City, where Lt. Surge is waiting for you, but first, it’s time to cross the Nugget Bridge, where you’ll find a familiar face.

Second Battle against Blue

Blue is in Cerulean City, and he wants to battle against you. As soon as you put a step on Nugget Bridge, he’ll come across you, asking for a battle. This is his team:

blue in nugget bridge
Nidotto, Lvl. 18Nidorino/PidgeottoPoison/Flying
Mantata, Lvl. 16Mankey/RattataFighting/Normal
Blue’s Starter, Lvl. 19
Abra, Lvl. 15Psychic

This battle is going to be easy if you trained before facing Misty. Nidotto is his strongest Pokémon, but an Electric or Rock-type can harm it. Brock gave you Rock Tomb; you can use it against it.

Let’s also talk about the strategy against Blue’s Starter. Blue’s Starter will have two elemental types. It can either be Fire/Water, Grass/Fire, etc. So, to beat it, you’ll have to exploit its secondary weaknesses. Grass-type is weak to Flying and Poison-type Pokémon, Fire can’t stand a battle against Rock and Ground-types, and Water is susceptible to Electric-type moves. That’s all you need to defeat it!

Go and claim the Nugget, do the sidequest near Cerulean Cave to get the handy PokéRadar, and visit Bill to get the S.S Ticket. When you are done, go to the south. Eventually, you’ll find Vermillion City.

Vermillion City

Welcome to Vermillion City! First, Lt. Surge is a master Electric-type Pokémon trainer, so if you don’t have any Ground-type options in your team, you can go to the Diglett Cave, east of the city. I recommend you fuse it with a Water-type Pokémon as Water/Ground-types are very strong!

vermillion city

Also, go to the Pokémon Fan Club and talk with the chairman! He’ll give you a Bike Voucher to get a free Bike whenever you return to Cerulean City.

You can’t get to the Gym yet; first, you have to take a ride on the S.S. Anne, which can only mean one thing:

Third Battle against Blue

Blue is on the S.S. Anne, and you’ll have to have a battle against him. If you win, you’ll get Cut, which means you can access the Vermillion Gym. This is his team:

blue in ss ane
Nidotto, Lvl. 22Nidorino/PidgeottoPoison/Flying
Manticate, Lvl. 20Mankey/RaticateFighting/Normal
Blue’s Starter, Lvl. 22
Starbra, Lvl. 18Staryu/KadabraWater/Psychic

There are not many changes on Blue’s team since the last time you battled against him. The only new asset is Starbra, which is weak to Electric, Dark, and Bug-type Pokémon. This one will be complicated to defeat later, but for now, use your most potent Physical move, and you’ll defeat it.

After battling against Blue, go to help the Captain, who got seasick (how can you get seasick if your ship is anchored?). He’ll give you the HM Cut, and you can continue. I recommend training your Pokémon to Level 25~ before visiting Lt. Surge!

Third Badge

Lt. Surge, the American Lightning, is an Electric-type elite trainer. This will be a 3v3 battle, so choose wisely. This is his team:

vs lt surge
Voltby, Lvl. 24Voltorb/KrabbyElectric/Water
Pikalett, Lvl. 24Pikachu/DiglettElectric/Ground
Raibuzz, Lvl. 26Raichu/ElectabuzzElectric

If you have a Grass-type Pokémon, you should use it as your lead, as Voltby and Pikalett are vulnerable to Grass-type moves. They are weak and are more of a pest than a problem, so let’s focus on Raibuzz.

Raibuzz is chunky and very strong. Ground-types will help you defeat it, but if you have something that can poison or sleep it, you should too.

As you win, you’ll get the world-famous Thunder Badge, the TM73, which contains Thunder Wave, and after leaving the Gym, you’ll get the HM07 Teleport. It works like an Escape Rope, but it also can take you to any visited city, like Fly!

I recommend you visit Pewter City to revive your fossils. After that, return to Cerulean City, as it’s the only way to get to Lavender Town, your next destination.

As you arrive at Cerulean, go East, follow the route, and go through the Rock Tunnel, and you’ll get to Lavender Town.

Lavender Town

Welcome to the spooky Lavender Town! As usual, you’ll have to go through the event with Blue in the Pokémon Tower, which will make you go to Celadon City to look for the Silph Scope. I won’t stop much here aside from the battle against Blue because it’s a straightforward event. Let’s talk about Blue!

lavender town

Fourth Battle against Blue

This time, Blue’s team will have some slight changes. Let’s take a look at it:

blue in pokemon tower
Cuotto, Lvl. 25Cubone/PidgeottoGround/Flying
His Starter, Lvl. 25
Starbra, Lvl. 22Staryu/KadabraWater/Psychic
Gyarados, Lvl. 23Water/Flying

Your Pokémon should have a higher level than Blue’s because you went through the tedious Rock Tunnel. But if you are still struggling, here are some tips.

Cuotto is weak against Water-type moves, while Starbra is physically weak (so many neutral Physical moves can take it down). Lastly, Gyarados is 4x weak against Electric-types, and it’s also pretty weak against Rock-type moves.

As you win, you’ll continue with the event. Some Rocket Grunts kidnapped an elderly man who used to work in Silph Co. and helped develop the Master Ball. You’ll have to go to Celadon City to look for the Silph Scopes to save him!

Celadon City

Welcome to Celadon City! The biggest City of the game, and where you’ll find all the evolutionary stones you can need to evolve your Pokémon. Investigate the whole city, and then continue with your quest. By the way, there’s an Eevee up for grabs in the tower shown in the following pic:

eevee tower

You’ll have to do a small quest to get it first, but as soon as you get it, you should train it for a while and then evolve it!

Now that you explored every corner of Celadon City, you’ll have to go to the south and cut the three trees you’ll find there to find Erika. She’ll take you to the sewers.

First Battle against Giovanni

After some exploration and hideous puzzles, you’ll reach the hidden Rocket HQ. Here, you’ll see Giovanni. He’ll want to fight against you after defeating Erika, and this is his team:

Arnix, Lvl. 32Arbok/OnixPoison/Rock
Rhyras, Lvl. 32Rhydon/LaprasGround/Ice
Haunkhan, Lvl. 35Haunter/KangaskhanGhost/Normal

This one is a complicated battle because you’ll get here with your Pokémon at Level 26 or even 28 if you are constantly battling against wild Pokémon. First, Arnix. It’s 4x weak against Ground-type moves but is chunky because of Onix’s great Defenses. Rhyras is also a problem, but you can attack with Fire, Grass, or Water-type moves, as it’s weak against them.

The big issue with this battle is defeating Haunkhan. It’s weak only against Dark-type moves, is very chunky, has a tremendous Special Attack, and can take most of your Pokémon down with its Shadow Ball. For sure, a big problem.

To defeat it, try to attack it with your Dark-type user. If your Dark-type user fainted, then try to attack it with your best move while reviving your Dark-type user. Alternatively, you can try to paralyze or sleep it, but Giovanni will heal it, so you’ll have to try it several times.

As you win, you’ll get access to the Silph Scopes, and you can challenge Erika to get your fourth badge. You aren’t ready yet; first, return to Lavender Town to help Mr. Fuji!

Lavender Town, Second Visit

All the trainers in the tower are people possessed by Ghost-type Pokémon, and as you win the battle, you’ll free them, except for one, a girl with a Genwak (a fusion between Gengar and Marowak), a Ground/Ghost-type Pokémon at Level 40. You can attack it with Water, Grass, or Dark-type moves; it’s not very strong even though it’s at Level 40.

After that, you’ll finally find Mr. Fuji, who will give you the Poké Flute (keep it, you’ll need it later). Now, go to Celadon City and claim your fourth Badge.

Celadon City, Second Visit

Fourth Badge

Erika is a Grass-type trainer. You might have seen a bit of her team when she helped you in the sewers. Her Pokémon are vulnerable to Poison-type moves, so that’s a great way to attack them.

vs erika

Let’s see Erika’s team:

Exegguduo, Lvl. 33Exeggutor/DoduoGrass/Flying
Tanape, Lvl. 33Tangela/PrimeapeGrass/Fighting
Vilebell, Lvl. 35Vileplume/VictrebellGrass/Poison

This battle will be easy if you have Ice and Flying-type Pokémon. Exegguduo is 4x weak against Ice-type moves, while Tanape is 4x weak against Flying-type moves. It can be hard to find an Ice-type Pokémon out there, but you can get the Eevee given at the event I mentioned early and give it an Ice Stone (which you can buy in the Department Store) to use in this battle.

Vilebell is Erika’s strongest Pokémon. This bad boy is susceptible to Ice, Flying, Fire, and Psychic-type moves, and it can poison your Pokémon, but if you swept through Erika’s team, you won’t find much opposition.

erikas vilebell

As you win, you’ll get the Rainbow Badge and the Solar Beam TM (great move). Your next destination is Fuschia City, and you can get there through two paths. The important one is near Vermillion City, so fly there and go to the East.

Snorlax & Janine

As you arrive, you’ll see a big fat Snorlax sleeping in the way, and you’ll see Janine, Koga’s daughter, trying to move it unsuccessfully. Now that you have the PokéFlute, you can wake it, but it’ll get angry because it was having a power nap (I would get angry too).

janine and snorlax

You’ll battle against it, and you can catch it. If you still have a free slot in your team, fill it with Snorlax (even though filling something with a Snorlax would be an almost impossible task).

After that, you can continue. You’ll go through several Routes until arriving at Fuschia City. See you there!

Fuschia City

Welcome to Fuschia City! It was a long ride from Vermillion City, but you are finally here! You can go to claim your fifth Badge as soon as you arrive, but first, you have to do some sidequests.

fuschia city

First, go to the house next to the hotel. You’ll find Janine again. She’ll give you the Strength HM. To use it outside of battle, you’ll have to beat Koga! After that, it’s time to visit the Safari Zone!

Getting Surf

You’ll find many interesting Pokémon in the Safari Zone, like Tauros, Scyther, or Pinsir, but here, you’ll also find the Surf HM. You can’t use it until you get the sixth Badge, though.

This HM is in a house in the middle of the Safari Zone. As you enter, go to the east, then go up, and continue through the east. You’ll get to Area 2.

In this new area, you’ll have to get to the north and search for the entrance to Area 3, which is on the west. Cross Area 3 and enter through the southern entrance to enter Area 4. After that, go to the small hallway on the left, and you’ll get to this house:

surf house

A man inside will give you Surf, and you can continue. That’s all you have to do here. Time to defeat Koga!

Fifth Badge

Koga is known for his deadly Poison-type Pokémon, so you should bring your Psychic and Ground-type Pokémon to this battle and leave your Grass and Fairy-types on the bench.

vs koga

This is Koga’s team:

Venomer, Lvl. 35Venomoth/GrimerBug/Poison
Beether, Lvl. 36Beedrill/ScytherBug
Magnefing, Lvl. 36Magnemite/KoffingSteel/Poison
Chanuk, Lvl. 38Chansey/MukNormal/Poison

Venomer is easy to take down, as well as Beether. The only thing you must be aware of is that Beether can set Poison Spikes, which is very annoying as every time you switch Pokémon, the one entering the field will get poisoned. Try to take it down with a single hit; otherwise, you’ll get all your Pokémon poisoned.

Magnefing is 4x weak to Ground-type moves, but it has Levitate as its ability, so you can’t hit it with an Earthquake. If you don’t have Smack Down, hit it with a Fire-type move.

Lastly, Chanuk. It has a lot of HP (and an egg in its mouth), and it’s annoying to take down. Go with your strongest Psychic or Ground-type move, and you’ll eventually take it down.

kogas chanuk
The guy has an egg in his mouth!

Winning will grant you the Soul Badge and the Venoshock TM! It’s time to continue; your next destination is Saffron City, currently blocked by Rocket Grunts. Travel back to Celadon City through the Cycling Road (you’ll find it as it’s west of Fuschia City) or by flying and then find an entrance to Saffron. You’ll get there in a moment! All you have to do is defeat one of the Rocket Grunts guarding the entrance to the City!

Saffron City

Welcome to Saffron City! The lair of the Team Rocket. Explore the place as usual, and when you are ready to continue, head to the Silph Co. building.

saffron city

I recommend cleaning out all the building floors from Rocket Grunts while saving all the hostages as you’ll get a Lapras as a reward. After that, you’ll find the entrance to the top floor in the yellow panel in the middle of the third floor.

Fifth Battle against Blue

On the other side of the teleport panel, you’ll find Blue, who didn’t find a worse moment to battle against you than this one. This is his team:

blue in silph co
Nidogeot, Lvl. 44Nidoking/PidgeotPoison/Flying
His Starter, Lvl. 45
Tauros, Lvl. 45Normal
Electados, Lvl. 42Electabuzz/GyaradosElectric/Water
Starbra, Lvl. 42Staryu/KadabraWater/Psychic

A difficult battle. Your Pokémon should be at Level 40~, which is enough to beat Blue, but if you still have some difficulties against him, it’s better if you surrender and train before trying again.

Nidogeot is weak against Ice and Electric-type moves, and Starbra is weak against Electric, Bug, and Dark-type moves. Blue’s Starter isn’t fully evolved yet; otherwise, this battle would be a real issue.

Be careful with Tauros because it has Takedown and can sweep most of your Pokémon. It also has Zen Headbutt to counter its weakness against Fighting-types. You can freely attack with a Dark-type Pokémon or a Psychic-type Pokémon; Tauros doesn’t have the best defensive stats ever, so it’s easy to take down. Electados isn’t a problem either; a good Ground-type move will be enough.

Second Battle against Giovanni

After the battle, Blue will heal your Pokémon and will be with you to confront Giovanni and kick Team Rocket out of Saffron City!

giovanni sus

This is Giovanni’s team:

Primerino, Lvl. 45Primeape/NidorinoFighting/Poison
Rhyras, Lvl. 45Rhydon/LaprasGround/Ice
Genkhan, Lvl. 47Gengar/KangaskhanGhost/Normal
Sandqueen, Lvl. 51Sandslash/NidoqueenGround/Poison

This battle is easier than you might think because Blue will be with you. Primerino is x4 weak to Psychic-type moves, Rhyras is susceptible against the three elemental types, and Sandqueen can’t resist Psychic and Water-type moves.

The problem of this battle is Genkhan, again. I already showed you how to deal with it, but if you are still struggling, try to sleep it first, and then you can go with a Dark-type move to take it down.

After winning, the Silph Co. Chairman will gift you one of the three Johto starters, and then, he’ll let you grab a Master Ball on the fifth floor. Now, you are free to explore and get your sixth Badge!

master ball

Sixth Badge

Sabrina holds the sixth badge; she’s a strong Psychic-type trainer. Dark and Bug-type moves will help you a lot here, but you’ll have to bench your Fighting-types for this battle.

vs sabrina

This is Sabrina’s team:

Hypmime, Lvl. 41Hypno/Mr. MimePsychic/Fairy
Esreon, Lvl. 41Espeon/UmbreonPsychic/Dark
Alabro, Lvl. 42Alakazam/SlowbroPsychic/Water
Genkazam, Lvl. 45Gengar/AlakazamGhost/Psychic

Hypmime is weak against Steel and Poison-types. Alabro is weak against Grass and Electric-type moves because of the Water.

The strongest ones on Sabrina’s team are Esreon and Genkazam. Esreon can be taken down with a Bug-type move, as it’s 4x weak against it. Otherwise, you can opt for a Fairy-type move. It’s chunky and powerful, so you might want to sleep it first.

Genkazam is 4x weak to Dark-type moves; Crunch can destroy it, but again, be careful as it hits very hard and is considerably fast, so it can take your Pokémon down with a single hit.

As you win, you’ll get the Marsh Badge and the Psyshock TM, and you’ll be able to use Surf outside battles. It’s time to travel to Cinnabar Island! To get there, return to Fuschia City and go to the southern entrance to reach Route 19. Follow the Routes, and you’ll make it to Cinnabar Island.

Cinnabar Island

Welcome to the warm Cinnabar Island! You can go to the Gym as soon as you arrive, but wait; it’s locked! It only means you’ll have to look for Blaine, the Gym Leader.

cinnabar island

Blaine is in the Pokémon Mansion, a terrific and mysterious place. The guy hides in the basement; don’t worry, this isn’t a cryptic place full of puzzles, and the only thing that will annoy you here is the wild Pokémon; you should bring some Repels with you.

pokemon mansion

As you find Blaine, he’ll return to his Gym, so now you can challenge him!

Seventh Badge

Blaine dominates the Fire-type Pokémon, so you might want to bring some Water, Ground, and Rock-type moves to the battle. Grass and Bug-types will not have many chances to help you against Blaine.

This is Blaine’s team:

vs blaine
Gloodash, Lvl. 47Gloom/RapidashGrass/Fire
Ninenine, Lvl. 47Ninetales/ArcanineFire
Magdon, Lvl. 49Magmar/RhydonFire/Ground
Chardactyl, Lvl. 51Charizard/AerodactylFire/Flying

I came to this battle without training my Pokémon properly (they were at level 44~), and I managed to win by switching constantly and hitting Blaine Pokémon’s weak spots.

To do this, the trick is to set Stealth Rocks in the field in the first turn. There’s a guy in a house south of the island who can teach you Stealth Rock to your Pokémon in exchange for some money, and that’s great because Fire-types are very susceptible to Rock-type moves.

Then, after setting the Stealth Rocks, you can switch to a Flying-type user to take Gloodash down. Blaine will probably send Ninenine to the field; there’s when you have to use a Ground-type Pokémon. Blaine’s Pokémon will get seriously damaged by the Stealth Rocks, including Chardactyl, which will see half of its HP drained by some little rocks in its wings. What a poor thing.

The rest of the battle will be you sweeping through Blaine’s Pokémon until winning. You’ll get the Volcano Badge and the Fire Blast TM as you do.

The last Gym is in Viridian City, but don’t waste your time traveling there, as the remaining Gym Leader, who happens to be Giovanni, is missed, and you have to look for him.

Get out of the Cinnabar Gym, and go to the south; there, you’ll see a sailor arguing with some Rocket Grunts. Then, the Grunts will steal the sailor’s ship and head to Mt. Ember. You guessed; you’ll have to follow them.

But hold on; before traveling to Mt. Ember, train your Pokémon to at least Level 50. The next challenge is very tough.

Mt. Ember

The Route that leads to Mt. Ember can be confusing, but I can give you a tip. Pay close attention to where the current is running, and you’ll advance. You’ll have to always head to the south; don’t stop or go sideways because the current will take you back to the north.

mt ember entrance

As you arrive, you’ll see plenty of Rocket Grunts blocking the main entrance. Don’t worry; they are easy to defeat.

The problems arrive when you get to the bottom of Mt. Ember; Giovanni has captured all the Legendary Birds and fused them into a bestiality of a Pokémon: Zapmolcuno.


Battling against Zapmolcuno is like having a battle against the three Legendary Birds at the same time; you’ll have to defeat them all to win. As you can see, it has three HP Bars, one for each bird. Z stands for Zapdos, M for Moltres and A for Articuno.


Your Rock-type user will be vital in this battle, as the three birds can’t stand receiving Rock-type moves. Moltres is 4x weak to Rock-type moves, so that’s the first bird you must attack and defeat. Sadly, the three heads of the bird have a berry that reduces damage from Rock-type moves, so you’ll have to land a couple of hits on every bird to defeat them.

The berry gives them time to heal with Roost and then kill your Rock-type user. If this happens, revive it and put it back into action.

You can follow an alternative strategy by using moves that can hit the three birds, such as Slugdge Wave, Surf, or Earthquake, but only if you use Smack Down first.

As you win, Giovanni will leave, heading to the Gym, so you can finally challenge him for your last Badge.

Talking about challenges, Moltres will stare at you as if it is challenging you to a battle. If you accept this invitation, you’ll be able to catch it! You can use the Master Ball or several Ultra Balls in case you want to reserve the Master Ball.

After that, return to Viridian City; there are some issues you’ll have to address there.

Viridian City, Second Visit

Last Badge

Giovanni loves Ground-type Pokémon, which means your Grass-type Pokémon will finally see some action! You should also bring your Water and Ice-type Pokémon with you. On the other side, Fire-types will struggle here, so they aren’t going to play today.

vs giovanni

This is Giovanni’s team:

Rhyperas, Lvl. 50Rhyperior/LaprasGround/Ice
Electatrio, Lvl. 50Electabuzz/DugtrioElectric/Ground
Gochamp, Lvl. 52Golem/MachampRock/Fighting
Glisitar, Lvl. 54Gliscor/TyranitarGround/Dark
Rhylax, Lvl. 54Rhydon/SnorlaxGround/Normal

Most of Giovanni’s Pokémon will fall with a single and well-landed Surf, except for Rhylax, which is extremely tanky. A strong Grass-type move is also helpful here.

What I recommend doing against Rhylax is attacking it with Fighting-type moves. High Kick Jump can work like a charm against it!

Also, don’t worry about Glisitar; it’s way weaker than you might think; attack with Water or Grass-type moves, and it’ll fall.

It’s time to continue. As you win, you’ll get the Earth Badge, the TM that contains Earthquake, and the chance to go to the League, which happens to be east of Viridian City.

Sixth Battle against Blue

Guess who’s back? The Captain “I challenge you to a battle in the least appropriate moment ever”!

Anyway, Blue is here and wants to battle. This is his team:

Nidogeot, Lvl. 47Nidoking/PidgeotPoison/Flying
Taucute, Lvl. 45Tauros/ExeggcuteNormal/Psychic
His Starter, Lvl. 53
Maghorn, Lvl. 45Magmar/RhyhornFire/Rock
Electados, Lvl. 47Eletabuzz/GyaradosElectric/Water
Starkazam, Lvl. 50Starmie/AlakazamWater/Psychic

To be fair, this is an easy battle. This is because your Pokémon should have a higher level than Blue’s. I don’t know why, but the devs seriously nerfed Blue in this battle.

We already know Nidogeot, His Starter, Electados, and Starkazam, but Blue added two new Pokémon to his team: Taucute and Maghorn.

Taucute can fall easily if it receives a Dark or Bug-type move. It won’t hit you hard in this battle (but it’ll be able to sweep your entire team later). Maghorn is 4x weak to Water-type moves and 2x weak to Ground, so you have plenty of options to attack it.

After the battle, you must cross Route 26 and Victory Road. There aren’t interesting puzzles, and it’s easy to make your way through there; the hardest challenge is the trainers on the road, but there’s not much to say about them.

Let’s get to the real deal: The league.

Pokémon League


Lorelei is the first Elite Four member and is an Ice-type master. This is her team:

vs lorelei
Magong, Lvl. 54Magmortar/DewgongFire/Water
Mambro, Lvl. 54Mamoswine/SlowbroIce/Psychic
Wearas, Lvl. 57Weavile/LaprasDark/Ice
Jyngrowth, Lvl. 57Jynx/TangrowthIce/Grass
Tentaster, Lvl. 53Tentacruel/CloysterWater/Ice

Lorelei’s Pokémon have interesting type combinations, but sadly, most have 4x weaknesses.

Jyngrowth is 4x weak to Fire-types, and Wearas gets fragile when it faces Fighting-types. Magong is susceptible to Ground and Rock-type moves, Mambro can’t stand Fire-type moves, and Tentaster is weak overall; you can attack it with what you wish, but only if it deals neutral or effective damage.


Let’s continue. Next up is Bruno, who is a strong Fighting-type trainer. Put your Fairy or Psychic-type user at your first Pokémon in your party!

This is Bruno’s team:

vs bruno
Mavire, Lvl. 53Machamp/ElectivireElectric/Fighting
Marochan, Lvl. 54Marowak/HitmonchanGround/Fighting
Scicross, Lvl. 57Scizor/HeracrossSteel/Fighting
Steechamp, Lvl. 53Steelix/MachampSteel/Fighting
Magnenix, Lvl. 57Magnezone/OnixSteel/Rock

Mavire and Magnenix aren’t hard to take down; Mavire is weak against Ground-type moves, while Magnenix is 4x weak to Fighting-types (that’s ironic). Also, you can’t take Magnenix down with a single hit because it has Sturdy as its ability; you’ll need at least two hits to defeat it.

Steechamp and Scicross will fall with an Earthquake; both are weak. But be careful, though, because they hit very strong. Fire-types can work like a charm too.

Marochan has Counter; it’s a problem, and the possible outcome is that it’ll defeat one of your Pokémon if you don’t get rid of it in a single turn. You can do it by using Water or Grass-type moves against it! Also, don’t try to use Fly against it, as it’ll use the chance to use Double Team, so you’ll have it impossible to land a hit on it.


It’s time to challenge Agatha, the Ghost-type master. This is her team:

Mismabat, Lvl. 57Mismagius/CrobatGhost/Flying
Gendoom, Lvl. 55Gengar/HoundoomGhost/Fire
Umbter, Lvl. 55Umbreon/HaunterDark/Ghost
Snorgar, Lvl. 58Snorlax/GengarNormal/Ghost
Wobgar, Lvl. 55Wobbuffet/GengarPsychic/Ghost

I don’t recommend going for a Physical attack on Mismabat; it’s better if you use a Ghost-type move to take it down. It’s fast, annoying, and can confuse your Pokémon, so you’ll have to switch Pokémon constantly against it.

Gendoom is not a problem; flood it with Surf, and it’ll faint. Umbter isn’t a problem either; Fairy-types will do the job against it.

Wobgar is annoying to play against because of its Curse + Destiny Bond combo. It’ll also use Mirror Coat which will deal you two times the damage you dealt to it, but only if you attacked with a Special move. To avoid getting obliterated, try to hurt it with Physical moves. It doesn’t matter if you deal neutral damage, just don’t stop hitting.

Lastly, Snorgar. That Pokémon is an authentic beast! It’s very tanky, and its Body Slam is difficult to deal with. Go with Special attacks, as it has very high Defenses.

agathas snorgar


The last challenge before the Champion. It’s time to defeat Lance, the Dragon Tamer. Before starting the battle, put your Fairy-type user as your first Pokémon. This is Lance’s team:

vs lance
Dragodos, Lvl. 55Dragonair/GyaradosDragon/Water
Togenite, Lvl. 58Togekiss/DragoniteFairy/Dragon
Typhnair, Lvl. 57Typhlosion/DragonairFire/Dragon
Tyrandactyl, Lvl. 59Tyranitar/AerodactylRock/Flying
Porydra, Lvl. 55Porygon2/KingdraNormal/Dragon

The battle starts with Dragodos, who is weak against Fairy-type moves. There’s not much else to do against it. That’s why you must open the battle with a Fairy-type Pokémon.

Togenite is a beast. It’s weak against Poison and Steel-type moves, so that’s a way to attack it. Otherwise, you can consider paralyzing it, but the most possible outcome is that Lance heals it with a Full Restore. What a coward.

lances togenite

Typhnair is susceptible to Ground and Rock-type moves, and is very weak, as it’s not fully evolved. The same goes with Porydra, who will fall with a single Fairy-type move.

Then, we have Tyrandactyl. It’s weak against Water, Electric, Ice, and Steel-type moves, but the problem is that it’s very chunky, so you might want to leave a Steel-type Pokémon in the field, or at least the tankiest one.

Let’s challenge the Champion, who is nothing else than your childhood friend, Blue.

Last Battle against Blue

At this point, Blue doesn’t need an introduction. This is his team:

vs blue in the league
Nidogeot, Lvl. 59Nidoking/PidgeotPoison/Flying
Tautor, Lvl. 59Tauros/ExeggutorNormal/Psychic
His Starter, Lvl. 64
Rhypemortar, Lvl. 60Magmortar/RhyperiorFire/Rock
Electidos, Lvl. 61Electivire/GyaradosElectric/Water
Starkazam, Lvl. 58Starmie/AlakazamWater/Psychic
  • Nidogeot, Poison/Flying, Lvl. 59
  • Tautor (Tauros/Exeggutor), Normal/Psychic, Lvl. 59
  • His Starter, Lvl. 64
  • Rhypemortar (Rhyperior/Magmortar), Rock/Fire, Lvl. 60
  • Starkazam (Starmie/Alakazam), Water/Psychic, Lvl. 58
  • Electidos (Electivire/Gyarados), Electric/Water, Lvl. 61

Blue starts the battle with Nidogeot. It’ll use Swords Dance in its first turn in case it doesn’t have a clear shot through Wing Attack, its offensive move. You can use this “free” turn to set Stealth Rocks, which are pretty handy to inflict damage to Blue’s Pokémon every time he switches them. After that, Psychic-type moves are very effective against it because its Special Defense is bland.

After that, Blue will either use his starter or Tautor. If Blue uses his starter, you already know how to defeat it by exploiting the alternative weaknesses of each elemental type. But if Tautor is the one getting on the battlefield, you’ll have to opt for Dark and Bug-type moves. Alternatively, use Special moves, such as Thunder, Flamethrower, Surf, etc. This is because its Special Defense, again, is bland.

Let’s now talk about Rhypemortar. If you use Stealth Rocks or Spikes, this guy will get seriously damaged, which is great for us. Rhypemortar is 4x weak to Water-type moves, so, Surf can get rid of it in the blink of an eye. Alternatively, Ground-type moves also hurt it.

blues rhypmortar

Electidos is not the best Pokémon ever; usually, I swept it with a single Earthquake (or a strong enough Ground-type move). Grass-types also hurt it, but it’s better to attack it with a Physical move as it is Earthquake.

And lastly, the “pokemonified” headache, Starkazam. It isn’t Blue’s strongest Pokémon, but its Special Attack and Special Defense are top-tier; it was my chokepoint. If you have a strong Bug, Dark, or Ghost-type move, and it’s a Physical one, you should use it against him.

Here’s a video of me completing the Elite Four and beating Blue. It was a surely enjoyable experience!


Question: Is Pokémon Infinite Fusion a hard game?

Answer: Yes, it can get difficult, but only if you don’t train your Pokémon properly. I can say this isn’t a game I recommend to people who want to start getting into Pokémon fangames.

Question: Can I play Pokémon Infinite Fusion on Android?

Answer: Yes, you can! It works through Joiplay. It’s great to see fangame devs giving some love to those who want to have their Pokémon fusions in their pockets!

Question: Which is the hardest battle of Pokémon Infinite Fusion?

Answer: Zapmolcuno. In my opinion, it’s harder than Champion Blue’s one because it takes you off-guard!

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Guide: Conclusion

And that’s it! You beat Blue, and now, you are Kanto’s Champion! Professor Oak will appear, congratulating you and chewing Blue out simultaneously. Then, you’ll get inside the Hall of Fame, and you and your team will go down in history as the ones who defeated a seemingly impossible-to-defeat trainer as it was Blue. Good job!

Now, Johto is waiting for you; there are a lot of things to do there, and after that, you can give Sevii Islands a go, and there’s more, as you can start hunting Legendary Pokémon, and after that, you can rebeat the League and challenge all the Gym Leaders again! If you thought the game was over, you are wrong!

This game is marvelous. My first impression was that it wasn’t what I like to see in a game, but then, it got hard, and the sprites of the fusions got better. Guessing the Pokémon involved in a fusion by only reading the game was a fun side game, and watching the aberrations (in a good way) created by the fans was a pleasure.

Now I know why fans want Fusions as a concept in official Pokémon games, but to be fair, I prefer if this concept stays as something developed by the community itself; trust me, we’ll give it a better usage than Game Freak.

Lastly, I know there are people always looking for interesting teams out there, so here’s my beloved team:

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