Tallis Spalding

Tallis Spalding

Tallis grew up with a big binder of Pokemon Trading Cards. When she was twelve she made the horrible mistake of giving them away. Since then, she's tried to make up for her lapse in judgement by immersing herself into the Pokemon games (and dreaming about getting back into the TCG). When she needs a break from life or just to relax, she turns towards the Pokemon games and frequently reworks her Pokemon Dream Team.

Best Pokemon Mystery Boxes

best pokemon mystery boxes

There’s something so alluring and tempting about mystery boxes. Sure, it’s easier to purchase the exact thing you want, even if it’s for a heavily marked-up price, but the thrill of receiving it isn’t the same as finding it in…

Best Custom Pokemon Card Service

best custom pokemon card service

There’s always something so sentimental about custom products; whether you’re memorializing a pet or a special day or person (even if it’s just you), having a custom item can be the perfect way to do that. If you’re a Pokemon…

Best Pokemon Advent Calendars

best pokemon advent calendars

Is it Christmas or close to the Holiday Season? No, it’s not. It’s the middle of summer, but my yearning for Advent Calendars is unwavering. I didn’t get many Advent Calendars as a kid, so maybe this longing is just…