Alex Maksymiw

Having began his writing career at Veryali Gaming, Alex has changed gears and has decided to write about his one true passion, Pokémon! Alex is one of our resident competitive experts and loves messing around with peculiar EV's, move sets and typing combos to keep his opponents on their toes. Also, when he's not out tossing Pokeballs in the tall grass, he's quite a handy guitar player and a decent photographer to boot!

pokemon insurgence guide

Pokemon Insurgence Guide: Becoming the Torren Region Champion

Pokemon ROMs are fan-made Pokemon games, but before you scoff and cast aside these tender love and care-filled projects, you need to give Pokemon Insurgence a go! This ROM has been filled with content, from intimidating challenges for veteran Pokemon trainers to a mature, dark-themed story. As well as the weird and wonderful Delta Pokemon! …

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I Choose You Guide

I Choose You Guide

It’s quarter to four on a Friday, and I’ve just got back from school me and my buddy have already had a Pokemon battle on the ride home. We are both excited to show how our Pokemon have grown and show off new captures. That excitement and nostalgia came rushing back in the opening scene …

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