Pokemon Victory Fire Walkthrough and Guide

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When it comes to Pokemon ROMs, I’ll tell you, my absolute favorites are those that offer a brand new world and a brand new story to engage with. I’m all for a Kaizo run now and again, but a fun story that Game Freak could only wish they could dream up is what I’m really in the market for. One ROM that nails this is Victory Fire.

This game places you in the Tyron Region with the traditional goal of becoming a Pokemon Champion. However, there is much more in play than just a race to the Elite Four here. It’s a game with a retro GBA feel but all the trappings of a modern-day Pokemon adventure.

But enough selling you on this game because it sells itself (and it’s free). This is POK Universe’s Pokemon Victory Fire Walkthrough and Guide.

Pokemon Victory Fire Story Synopsis

As mentioned already, Pokemon Victory Fire drops you into the Tyron Region, in the shoes of a young boy who has been having strange dreams. In this story, you’ll come to find out why this Pokemon keeps appearing in your dreams, why you seem to have a unique connection with this Legendary creature, and why you’ve been chosen ahead of all others.

Not only that, but you’ll have the usual song and dance of battling against your Neighbour and Rival Uranium, and you’ll need to take down the nefarious criminal outfit, Team Mirage. It’s everything you could want from a Pokemon adventure; it’s wonderfully well-written and paced, and most importantly, it’s tons of fun.

Pokemon Victory Fire Features

If you’re someone who needs more than just a killer storyline to jump into a Pokemon ROM hack, we have you covered. Here are all the unique features that Pokemon Victory Fire brings to the table:

  • A new and expansive Region
  • Day/Night Cycle
  • Dynamic Weather system
  • Main Character Portraits
  • Pokemon up to Generation VII (mostly IV and V)
  • Mega Evolutions included
  • Post-Game Content

Pokemon Victory Fire Walkthrough

Freshwind Town

We begin our adventure in a strange dream sequence where we find ourselves in the mountains, which kind of feels like a rework of Mt Chimney. Move your character along the path, and you’ll eventually come face to face with a Victini, a Legendary Pokemon that seems to have a strange connection to you.

It’s all a bit up in the air as to what this all means at the moment, but it will all become clear with time.

You’ll then wake up, and do your usual things. Set the clock, grab a potion from the PC, and then head outside to the town of Freshwater. Immediately as you exit your home, you will be handed your starter.

Sadly, you have no choice in the matter, but the good news is, it’s an Axew, which is a pretty awesome starter by all accounts.

After being handed your starter, head north, and you’ll be confronted by Uranium, your neighbor, and they’ll challenge you to a battle. They have three Pokemon, which are as follows:

  • Lv.2 Sandshrew
  • Lv.2 Sneazel
  • Lv.3 Ekans

With a potion in hand, this should be straightforward, and after you win this fight, you’ll want to go down and to the right, where you can find the NPC that Uranium stole those Pokemon from.

By the way, his gimmick is that he relies on other people’s Pokemon instead of training his own. Return the Pokemon, and you’ll be allowed to keep the Ekans.

After you hand the Pokemon back, you’ll want to head north out of town, where you’ll find Professor Ivan and have an encounter with Team Mirage, the criminal contingent of the Tyron Region. You’ll double battle against a Chikorita and a Machop, and when you will, they will scurry away.

After this, you’ll want to head through the Tall Grass, battle a few trainers, and eventually, you’ll come to a point where you are confronted by Max, the ‘Policeman.’ They’ll challenge you to a battle with the following team:

  • Lv.7 Pikachu
  • Lv.8 Elekid
  • Lv.7 Voltorb

This battle is a little bit of a test, but provided you have trained your Axew to at least Lv.10 and have learned Twister, you should be able to muddle through this one without any need for much strategy. They’ll give you a PokeNav and then be on their way.

AmberYellow Town

Head up the stairs ahead, and you’ll find yourself in AmberYellow Town; you can stay for a while and visit the Library if you want to get involved in a few more battles. But you’ll want to continue west along Light Path.

You’ll need to head through the cave system, where you’ll find some useful items and more trainers, but nothing you can’t handle, and eventually, you’ll emerge on the other side, where you’ll find Cutter Allen’s house.

This is where you’ll meet Silk for the first time, but more importantly, where you will acquire the HM Cut. You’ll need to battle Allen first, though, and he will be rocking this team:

  • Lv.8 Charmander
  • Lv.9 Nincada
  • Lv.10 Zangoose

Win this fight, and then, having won Silk’s freedom to explore Tyron, she’ll reward you by battling you. Thanks, I guess. Here’s the team she will take you on with:

  • Lv.9 Doduo
  • Lv.9 Natu
  • Lv.10 Lapras

For both of these battles, Axew will carry you through, provided you have leveled them to about Lv.13 or above. After this, you’ll want to head back to town, jumping down all the ledges to your right, and then you’ll want to head to the Library, as the Gym Leader is still not available.

Head to the second floor and then head into the back room and speak to Silk. She will then say their work is done, and head back to their Gym. A bit of a pointless venture, but okay.

You can now head to the Gym, but before you do, try your best to fill out your team a little bit, as Axew can only do so much. When you get to the Gym, Pure will come bursting out and tell you they earned their first badge before you, and then naturally, challenge you to a battle. Here’s their team:

  • Lv.11 Gible

One Twister from Axew will do the trick against this fellow Dragon Pokemon, and then you can head inside. You’ll need to beat the trainers, head to the back, and interact with the Pokeball.

Then, when you head back toward the battlefield in the middle of the Gym, Silk will be standing there. Here is the team they’ll be using:

  • Lv.13 Meowth
  • Lv.13 Buneary
  • Lv.14 Porygon-Z

All very basic stuff here, with the only small hurdle to clear being Porygon-Z as they have an Oran Berry and will use Harden to elongate the fight, but practically any available Pokemon leveled to Lv.14 or higher should be good enough to win this fight.

After winning your first badge, you’ll then need to assign an HM slave and teach them Cut, which will allow you to head north out of AmberYellow Town, but when you cut down the tree, Uranium will come along, and they’ll challenge you to another battle. Here is the team they will have stolen this time:

  • Lv.13 Riolu
  • Lv.13 Tynamo
  • Lv.14 Marowak

A quick way to beat Uranium here is by using a Ground Type Pokemon like Digglett, for example, but there isn’t any move or strategy that will catch you off guard here, so don’t feel it is entirely necessary.

After this, you’ll be able to travel up the road until two Mirage Grunts stand in your way, which will mean you’ll need to take a detour through Dead Volcano, and along Volcano Path.

This is a good place to catch a decent fire type and gain some EXP for a well-rounded squad. Battle through this area, and you’ll find yourself in Pure Village, complete with its Lavender Town adjacent theme music.

Pure Tower

This area has a Tower, too, oddly enough, but you’ll need to beat a Mirage Grunt to gain entry. Once they are dispatched, you can enter Pure Tower, where Team Mirage has taken over.

You’ll need to battle your way through the Tower, and when you reach the end room, you’ll find that there are two Mirage Admins ambushing a trainer called Alvaro. After some introductions, you’ll be given the choice of which Admin you want, Joseph or Cathaya.

Both are equally challenging, so for the sake of the guide, let’s go with Joseph. His team is as follows:

  • Lv.17 Houndour
  • Lv.17 Growlithe
  • Lv.20 Charmeleon

This is the first time the game offers a minor challenge. Axew can tank this fight due to their fire resistance, but you’ll probably want to have a water-type to hand if you want to get through the fight fast. Also, watch out for Houndour’s Smog in case it poisons you.

This will allow you to explore the rest of the Tower, though I would urge you to try and get your Pokemon to a Lv.15 minimum as you’ll be facing some Lv.22 mons up ahead. Climb up the tower, and maybe catch a Ghost-type you fancy along the way, and you’ll find Alvaro at the top of the tower. They will take you on in battle, and this is the team they have at their disposal:

  • Lv.19 Dustox
  • Lv.20 Seviper
  • Lv.22 Arbok

If you caught a fire-type back in Dead Volcano, they will handle the Dustox easily, and then you’ll need a ground type to handle Seviper and Arbok. Plus, obviously, when dealing with poison types, we have a few Antidotes to hand.

With this battle complete and Team Mirage ejected from Pure Village, you can now go back through Dead Volcano and through the previously blocked area taking you to Greenland City.

Greenland City

When you get there, you can either head to the School, where you can do some battling to level up some more, or you can head straight to the Gym, where you’ll find Uranium face-to-face with a familiar character in the form of Ash Ketchum. Who will take you on with his Lv.26 Pikachu. So, have a ground-type ready to strike them down.

After you beat them, you will be free to follow Uranium inside, where you will be up against the Grass-Type Gym Leader, Wood. This is the team that you’ll face when you make it through his forest filled with trainers:

  • Lv.22 Cherubi
  • Lv.25 Leafeon
  • Lv.24 Roselia

To win this fight, you can either lead with a fire-type Pokemon from Dead Volcano, or you can train up any of the flying types dotted around the early game area, like Pidove, for example. It is worth noting also that Leafeon is holding a Stirus Berry.

After you beat Wood, you’ll now be able to progress forward by heading east, where you’ll run into Max again, who will challenge you to another battle, so heal up before heading out of the City. Here is Max’s team for this encounter:

  • Lv.21 Pikachu
  • Lv.24 Electrabuzz
  • Lv.23 Tynamo
  • Lv.23 Voltorb

Not much change in terms of tactics here from the last fight. Get a Ground Type on the field, and the battle should be a cakewalk. The only small concerns are that Elecrabuzz’s Thunderpunch is a strong move, and Tynamo knows Swagger, which can turn the tide if you are really unlucky. You’ll gain HM05 Flash for winning this fight, and then you are free to head onwards.

Pine Forest

You’ll want to head toward Pine Forest, where two Mirage Grunts will be standing guard, and you’ll need to take them out to progress. Just so you are aware, this will be a double battle. Then, you can head inside and see what Team Mirage is up to.

You’ll need to get through the Forest Chamber, which means a string of Mirage Grunt fights, but you’ll eventually encounter Lily, who will heal your team about halfway through this area.

Keep pushing on, and eventually, you’ll encounter Admin Charlie as he attempts to capture the Legendary Pokemon Celebi, but it will break free when you arrive, and in an act of frustration, Charlie will challenge you with this team:

  • Lv.24 Swoobat
  • Lv.25 Kirlia
  • Lv.27 Alakazam

If you caught yourself a Ghost-Type back in Pure Tower, this is the time to break it out, as it will be super-effective against all of Charlie’s team. But failing that, you’ll want a Pokemon that knows a Dark-Type move like Bite, for example.

After the battle, Charlie will use Teleport to escape, and after a strange exchange with the Celebi, it will use Grasswhistle to knock out the rest of the group and get you out of the Chamber. Head over the bridge, dealing with trainers as you go, and you’ll find yourself in Pinerouma Villa.

Pinerouma Villa

Head to the Pokemon Center, and on the right of the building, you’ll find the Trick Master and Violet having a conversation. But out of nowhere, a mysterious figure called Wind appears and steals Violet’s Pokemon. Thankfully, you see the whole thing and apprehend them, but you’ll need to win the battle to do that, and this is Wind’s team:

  • Lv.27 Roserade
  • Lv.29 Spiritomb

A fire-type will take care of Roserade, but as for Spiritomb, unless you have a Pokemon with an offensive Fairy-type move, you’ll need to tank them. They could catch you out with a Hypnosis, but all in all, there isn’t much to worry about here.

You could head to the Trick Master’s house in town in search of a Rare Candy reward, but for the sake of the guide, we would urge you to push onward through Pine Path toward Mt Skyward.

When you get to the entrance, you’ll meet Lily, who will agree to help you save Violet’s Pokemon, but will also inexplicably battle you as well. This is the team they will be running:

  • Lv.29 Doduo
  • Lv.31 Natu
  • Lv.32 Lapras

This one is pretty easy. If you have an Electric Type, then use it here, or a blend of Rock and Grass types will do the trick also. After she’s taken care of, head into Mt Skyfall. Oh, and this would be a good time to teach someone Flash, otherwise this area will be a real pain to navigate.

This area is full of trainers and items but no storybeats, so take your time to explore and get what you need from the place, but eventually, you’ll find yourself in your next destination, Redwood City.

Redwood City

Just be aware that upon arrival, you’ll encounter Pure, who will want to battle you. Here is the team that will accompany her Gible this time:

  • Lv.33 Doduo
  • Lv.36 Gabite
  • Lv.35 Natu

This is weirdly similar to the Lily battle from before, but the key difference here is Gabite. if you have one, you’ll want to use an Ice-Type for the whole fight, but failing that you can use an Electric Type for the Birds, and then use Axew to handle the Gabite.

Feel free to explore the City, but eventually, you’ll need to bring yourself to the Redwood Gym for your next challenge. As has become custom in this ROM, you’ll be stopped at the door by yet another new character in the form of an unknown trainer with red hair, and their team will be as follows:

  • Lv.34 Arcanine
  • Lv.35 Xatu
  • Lv.35 Blaziken

You’ll want a water-type on hand to take care of Arcanine and Blaziken, and then Xatu can be handled with an Electric type. Or if you have a Rock Type, you can take care of them all without needing to switch at all.

You’ll need to work your way through the series of trainers standing in the way of you and your next Gym Leader, Dez, who is a Dark-Pokemon trainer. Their team will be as follows:

  • Lv.34 Mightyena
  • Lv.35 Houndoom
  • Lv.35 Scrafty
  • Lv.36 Zoroark

If you want to make short work of this dark-type gym, then the best option you can go for is either a fighting type or a Fairy type. Bug is also an option, but it’s not a good one. If you have none of these, then bring along a good few potions, and try to set your Pokemon up to knock down anything that comes.

By now, you should have a Fraxture that knows Dragon Dance, and while they are susceptible to Aerial Ace, if you can stack a few of these, you’re golden.

After this fight, you can head south, and as you head out of town, you’ll be stopped by Silk, who seems to have given up on running a Gym and wants to follow you around instead. Regardless, here is the team you’ll face on this occasion:

  • Lv.34 Persian
  • Lv.34 Lopunny
  • Lv.36 Porygon-Z

There’s pretty much no change in tactics needed from the time you fought her in the Gym, aside from Persian, who knows Double Team, which can be annoying. But after this bump in the road, keep heading south.

Along the way, you’ll encounter the Guardians of Time you encounter in the Forest Chamber, and you have the option to battle them and their multiple Celebis, and you should because you’ll get Rock Smash if you win.

This is a double battle, and while Celebi may be a Legendary, it’s weak to so many things, so if you have a Flying, Fire, Ice, Bug, ghost Dark, or Poison type, you’ll be fine.

Further along the path, you will then run into Alvaro, who has been doing some research and has found a text named Victory Fire, a book that seems to link you to the powerful Legendary Pokemon named Victini.

This somehow pivots into you two battling, but by this point, that’s expected even if the context isn’t there. This is Alvaro’s team this time around:

  • Lv.36 Weezing
  • Lv.36 Seviper
  • Lv.36 Arbok
  • Lv.37 Dustox

Just like last time, it’s all about using ground types to handle these Pokemon, with the main exclusion being Weezing due to their Levitate ability. For them, you’ll want to either tank them or use a Psychic Pokemon. Then, as for the new addition, Dustox, Flying, Fire, and Rock types are all good options.

Winning this battle will mean you get gifted HM03 Surf from Alvaro, and you can then head onward toward the Marble Lost Caves. When you get to the other side, you’ll end up in Marble City.

Marble City

As you would expect, a battle awaits you at the city’s border, and this time, Max is the one holding you back. This is the team he will take you on with:

  • Lv.36 Raichu
  • Lv.37 Electrode
  • Lv.37 Jolteon

Tougher Pokemon, but the tactic remains the same: lead with a Ground Type and wipe out all in your path. Then, you’ll be able to head into Marble City. This is an area where you can head to the many markets and buy lots of helpful items, including powerful hold items like an Exp. Share, Leftovers, and much more.

Be sure to explore and make avail of the goodies on offer, but you’ll then want to turn your attention to the Gym Leader of this city. Head over there, and you’ll need to battle Ash once again, and this time their Pikachu is Lv.43, but it’s only one Pokemon, so it’s not too much of an issue.

After you win this battle, the stranger standing with Ash will inform you that they need to go looking for the Gym Leader, Samuel, to cheer him up and convince him to attend his Gym. So he’ll fly you and Ash to the S.S. Bluesea.

You’ll need to explore the cabins of the ship, acquire some useful items like the TM Ice Beam, for example, and you’ll have to battle a few sailors aboard the ship. Then, when you make it through, you’ll find Samuel. You’ll learn that the Shipwreck is the cause of his woes, and he will then agree to return to the Gym so you can earn your badge.

After they return, you’ll be transported back as well, and you’ll be free to take on their Gym Challenge, which happens to have one of the more cool and creative gimmicks, having you sail ships to Samuel’s battlefield.

After you make your way across these choppy waters, you’ll have to take on Samuel’s Water-Type team, which looks a little like this:

  • Lv.39 Lumineon
  • Lv.41 Poliwhirl
  • Lv.42 Gyarados
  • Lv.44 Feraligator

This battle is pretty straightforward, provided you have a few grass or electric-type Pokemon to call upon. Samuel does have a few tough and tanky Pokemon at his disposal, but in terms of tactics, there isn’t much you’ll need to do there outside of hitting him with Super Effective moves.

Upon completing half of your Gym Badge collection, you can head north toward Naval Path, and as soon as you enter the Cave, you’ll be handed HM04 Strength from an NPC, allowing you to move the boulder up ahead. This means you’ll need to teach a Pokemon this move right away.

Keep heading on through the cave, and then battle through the abundance of trainers when you exit on the other side. After navigating this area, you’ll come to another cave, but you’ll be blocked by Lily and her father, who insists that Lily come home and cut her adventures short.

So, you’ll need to battle her to prove that she has what it takes to continue. This is the team she will come at you with:

  • Lv.42 Lumineon
  • Lv.45 Lapras
  • Lv.43 Dodrio
  • Lv.43 Xatu

Much like your battle with Samuel, if you have an Electric Type on your team, you can make pretty short work of her entire squad. The only small issue is that her Lumineon knows Recover and may be able to get a Rain Dance and Hydro Pump combo off, so watch out for that.

You’ll then be able to make your way up Heat Passage, and when you get to the top and out of this area, you’ll find Bell and Karls of Team Mirage once again, meaning you’ll have another double battle on your hands. Along with what will probably be your first Mega Evolution sighting. Here’s their team:

  • Lv.42 Houndoom-M
  • Lv.42 Dodrio
  • Lv.43 Machoke
  • Lv.43 Bayleef

Machoke is the real problem here, as they have a number of very strong physical moves they can call upon, so if you have a Psychic type to take them out fast or a Ghost-type to render them useless, that would be a good approach. After you defeat them, you’ll have a clear run toward Volcano Town.

Volcano Town

Well, it seems like you do, until an ominous fog rolls in, and out of nowhere, an unknown Team Mirage Leader pops up to take you on before you can enter Volcano Town. They don’t have a big team, but they do have a Legendary Pokemon in the form of a Lv.48 Darkrai.

It’s actually a harder fight than it seems, as Darkrai will use a combo of Hypnosis and Double Team to set up, and will then pick off your team with Faint Attacks. The best thing you can do here is use moves that you cannot miss, like Swift, Thunder, Water Pulse, or something in this general area. Or, use a fighting type and hope you land a devastating blow.

At this point, you’ll be transported to a Nightmare where you’ll encounter Darkrai again, but this time Victini will save you, and you’ll awake in a Hospital Bed in the Volcano Town Pokemon Center.

After this horrible ordeal, one that you’re still recovering from, you’ll be promptly challenged to a battle by Pure just outside the Pokemon Center. No rest for the wicked, eh? This is her team:

  • Lv.43 Rapidash
  • Lv.43 Dodrio
  • Lv.45 Gabite
  • Lv.44 Xatu

By this point, you’ll be an expert in fighting Dodrios and Xatus, so let’s focus on Rapidash and Gabite. To beat Rapidash, you’ll want a water-type on hand, and then, as for Gabite, a fellow Dragon, a fairy-type, or an Ice-type would be ideal to take them on.

After this fight, you’ll want to head into the Generator Room, which is just down and to the left of where you were standing.

You’ll need to fight a Trainer inside who has a Mega-Evolution Blaziken, but it’s worth doing, as they will reward you for winning by giving you a Mega Rock, an item that allows you to make your Pokemon into Mega-evolved versions of themselves. You can only have one at any one time, but hey, it’s a great option to have.

You can then explore the town some more as there are quite a few little oddities to find here, but we are mainly here for a reunion with Damien, who we met when Samuel was missing. They are the Fire Type Leader of Volcano Town, and this is the team that you’ll need to defeat to earn your fifth badge:

  • Lv.44 Houndoom
  • Lv.44 Ninetales
  • Lv.45 Flareon
  • Lv.46 Charizard

If you thought the fight with Samuel was easy, well then get ready for more of the same, because the only real difference here is that you need to bring Water Pokemon to this fight. It’s really as simple as that.

After this, you’ll be able to head north and out of town. There will be an NPC guard blocking the road, but if you talk to them, Max will come along and reveal that it’s, in fact, Admin Charlie in disguise, and this will force Charlie’s hand, leading to a battle against this team:

  • Lv.43 Haunter
  • Lv.44 Umbreon
  • Lv.45 Gardevoir
  • Lv.45 Alakazam

To win this battle, you’ll want to bring along a ghost Pokemon, as they will cut through Alakazam, Gardevoir, and Haunter with ease. Then, if you have a fighting type, this will be a good match for Umbreon, but even if you don’t, you should be fine regardless.

You’ll get a little bit further along the path before Victory Fire deems it time for another mandatory battle with a Rival. This time, you’ll be up against Silk again, and they will be looking for a pick-me-up after failing the Elder’s Challenge. Here is the team she will be putting out there:

  • Lv.45 Persian
  • Lv.45 Lopunny
  • Lv.46 Porygon-Z

Again, this is the same fight as when we faced them back in the first Gym, with the only minor change on this occasion being that you’ll need to watch out for Porygon-Z as they now know Hyper Beam, which is dangerous no matter what Pokemon is using it.

You can then continue along Jade Volcano, and after a little while, you’ll come across a beautiful building that is home to Elder Hai Qing, who has requested an audience with you.

He lets you know that he has been waiting for you for some time, and before he can tell you why, he needs to test your power to see if you’re the real deal because, of course, he does. You’ll battle five of his colleagues first, though, so be prepared for an endurance run.

After you beat five of his disciples, you’ll then come up against his team, which is as follows:

  • Lv.44 Victreebel
  • Lv.44 Haunter
  • Lv.45 Ninetales
  • Lv.46 Altaria
  • Lv.46 Noctowl

This team has decent type coverage, so in order, you’ll want a Psychic type to take out Victreebel and Haunter. Then, you’ll want a rock-type to take out Ninetales, Noctowl, and Altaria. This is the most efficient way, but fire types, water types, dark types, and ice types will work, too.

If you win, you’ll be given the Fire Orb. You won’t know why, and you’ll be given no explanation, but it’ll prove to be important later, and you’ll be allowed to travel onward, so I suppose that’s fine for now.

Continue through Jade Volcano, and you’ll find that Team Mirage is in attendance for whatever reason, and you’ll need to battle through their army of grunts to investigate. At this point, we would recommend that your team be at Lv.45 across the board if possible.

Eventually, you’ll find yourself outside, and up ahead is another Legendary Pokemon that Team Mirage seems to be trying to capture for their own nefarious purposes. But before you can confront them, you’ll need to take on Joseph and Cathaya from back in Pure Tower. You’ll fight Cathaya first, and this is her team:

  • Lv.47 Murkrow
  • Lv.47 Sneazel
  • Lv.49 Seviper
  • Lv.48 Vileplume

To take out the Murkrow and the Seviper, you’ll want to have a Ground Pokemon with Rock Type moves, but just remember that Seviper is immune to Ground attacks. Then if you have a fire-type, this will easily handle the Sneazel and Vileplume. This then means that Joseph steps in, and his team looks like this:

  • Lv.47 Mightyena
  • Lv.49 Charizard
  • Lv.48 Toxicroak
  • Lv.47 Houndoom

For this fight, you’ll want to lead with a fighting type that can take out Mightyena. Then you’ll need to switch to a Ground type with Rock moves to take out Charizard Toxicroak, and Houndoom. A good water type can also be used for Houndoom and Charizard.

After this, Damien will arrive behind you and heal your Pokemon for you, and after confronting the pair standing before the Legendary Pokemon, you’ll be forced to take on Mirage Admin Louis, and his team that looks something like this:

  • Lv.48 Magnezone
  • Lv.48 Porygon-Z
  • Lv.50 Dragonite
  • Lv.47 Electrode
  • Lv.49 Hypno

This one is a little bit tricky if you don’t have decent type coverage. To begin, you’ll want a Fire or a ground type to take care of Magnezone. Then you’ll ideally want to have a fighting type to take on Porygon-Z, and bear in mind that they know how to use Recover.

Then, for Dragonite, either a faster Dragon or an ice type will do the trick. When Electrode comes out, try to use a Pokemon that knows endure or has a high defense stat, as it will immediately Self-Destruct, and then finally for Hypno, a Ghost or Dark type will work wonders.

Sadly, despite your efforts, Team Mirage will still capture Reshiram, and you’ll need to track them down once again if you wish to foil their plans. But after being transported back to Volcano Town, you’ll now be able to head for Rumors Forest.

This is a previously inaccessible path south of Marble City, so you’ll need to do some backtracking through Naval Path and Mt Skyfall to get there. Make your way through the forest, and you’ll come across Uranium for the first time in a while, and you’ll inform them of recent events.

Which will cause him to question if you are a weakling. So, to protect your pride, you’ll need to put him in his place and defeat the following team:

  • Lv.49 Sigilyph
  • Lv.51 Eelektross
  • Lv.50 Lucario
  • Lv.51 Metang
  • Lv.52 Marowak

A good way to set up for this fight is to lead with a Ground Type Pokemon with Rock moves, as this will allow you to handle Sigilyph easily, and while Eelektross has no weakness, they are very ineffective against Ground Types. Then, continue this tactic to beat Lucario, and Metang as well.

The only Pokemon that will force you to deviate from this approach is Marowak, where you will want to use a water, grass, or ice type to take them down, but all in all, a ground type will carry you through the majority of this fight.

Bronze Port

After a little while, you’ll then find yourself in Bronze Port, and you’ll immediately notice Reshiram dominating the screen as there seems to be some sort of commotion in the middle of the Port. Feel free to explore for a while, but eventually, you’ll need to take on Wind, and this is the team he will take you on with: 

  • Lv.51 Sigilyph
  • Lv.52 Absol
  • Lv.52 Zoroark
  • Lv.53 Spiritomb
  • Lv.52 Roserade

For this one, begin with a rock type for Sigilyph, then switch out to a fighting-type Pokemon so they can take on Absol, Zoroark, and Spiritomb.

This just leaves Roserade, which can be taken down with a Fire-type, flying-type, ice-type, or psychic-type. The only other thing to keep in mind is that Spiritomb may use Pain Split, and this could turn the battle on its head.

From here, you’ll then need to head to the Lighthouse where Team Mirage retreated. Uranium will meet you there, but so will a new mysterious character with Reshiram’s sister Pokemon, Zekrom. And, you guessed it, you’ll need to battle them, and this is the team you’ll face:

  • Lv.54 Zoroark
  • Lv.52 Zekrom

You can head into the fight with a fighting type to handle Zoroark, and then things get a little more tricky. Zekrom has Extremespeed, Thunder, and Dragon Claw, so they are a very offensive attacker.

Your best course of action is to switch to a ground or Ice Type and then take them out as quickly as possible. As they are a hard hitter, a status effect like confusion or Sleep could be helpful, too.

Then, just when you thought surely that would be the last new character on the cards, when you make your way up the Lighthouse, you’ll be stopped by Eliza, a Team Mirage admin who also happens to be a talking Zoroark mutation of sorts. It’s all getting a bit odd around here. You’ll need to fight them, and they pretty much behave like a Lv.56 Zoroark, so lead with a fighting type.

When you get to the top of the Lighthouse, you’ll find Wind, and alongside Uranium, you confront them again, but before he can lay a finger on you, Victini steps in, and they flee as a result.

You then get told to continue your Gym challenge, and your next stop is in Mugwort Villa, which is some distance away, but thankfully, Max shows up late, and to make up for him missing things, he gives you HM02 Fly. This means you can fly back to AmberYellow Town in a jiffy.

Mugwort Villa

Follow Pure’s instructions and head along Snowy Path toward Mugwort Villa, and you’ll be happy to know that no battles aside from the Gym Leader await you along the way, excluding basic trainers. When you get there, you will need to get through the Gym’s Ice Puzzle, but before long, you’ll be standing before Aisha, the Ice Type Leader.

This is the team that she will be using:

  • Lv.56 Lapras
  • Lv.58 Weavile
  • Lv.59 Milotic
  • Lv.57 Glaceon

Despite this being an Ice Gym, it won’t be as simple as bringing some heat to the fight. A fire type will help you take down Glaceon and Weavile without much fuss, but Lapras and Milotic are a different story. Grass is an option, but because of the Ice Moves, it makes you vulnerable. So, I would suggest an electric Pokemon to handle both Lapras and Milotic.

With another Badge secured, you can now head west out of Mugwort Villa and lend the NPC your badge to clear the path ahead. You’ll then run into Max along the way and they’ll challenge you to one of those quintessentially needless Victory Fire battles. Here is the team they will run this time:

  • Lv.55 Electrode
  • Lv.56 Raichu
  • Lv.56 Eelektross
  • Lv.57 Electrabuzz
  • Lv.58 Ampharos

As has been the case for a while in fights with Max, a ground-type Pokemon will pretty much carry you all the way through this fight. The only thing you need to be wary of here is that most of his Pokemon know Light Screen now, which will make your Special Attacks much less effective. But even still, you should breeze through this one.

Skipping further along this path toward Halfleaf City, you’ll run into Alvaro again, and they will tell you something you already know. This is a pretty lame excuse for another battle, but here we are gearing up for another one, regardless. Here is the team Alvaro has in this encounter:

  • Lv.57 Seviper
  • Lv.57 Dustox
  • Lv.57 Weezing
  • Lv.59 Arbok

You’ll want to begin this fight with a Ground Pokemon with Rock-type moves, and this will allow you to deal with Seviper and Dustox with ease. Then you’ll want to switch to a fodder Pokemon, as Weezing will use Explosion pretty much immediately. Then, to finish the fight, you’ll want to bring your Ground type out again to take out Arbok.

You’ll then talk to a sentient rock in some more labored exposition that leads nowhere, and then you’ll be able to press on for Halfleaf City.

Halfleaf City

This area has a lot of interesting pockets to explore, including an area where you can buy rare TM’s to refine your movesets. But if you head to the beach specifically, you’ll find the Guardians of Time, and they will ask for another battle. And this is the team you’re up against this time:

  • Lv.58 Togekiss
  • Lv.58 Jolteon
  • Lv.58 Celebi
  • Lv.58 Celebi

To win this one, have a Ground Type with rock moves on the field to handle Jolteon and Togekiss, and then when the pair of Celebi come out, deal with them with a fire-type Pokemon.

After this, you can then head to the Gym in town, where you will encounter Silk at the entrance, and as per usual, that means you’ll need to deal with them before you can take on the Gym. So here’s the team she’ll take you on with this time:

  • Lv.58 Persian
  • Lv.58 Lopunny
  • Lv.59 Porygon-Z

There’s absolutely no change aside from the level of the Pokemon from the last fight to this one now, so let’s just keep the ball rolling, shall we?

Head into the Gym, and you’ll need to take on a series of trainers to reveal the path forward to the Leader deeper in the Gym. But when you do, you’ll find out that Pure is, in fact, the Seventh Gym Leader of Tyron; who knew?

Well, after that shock to the system, here is the team that you’ll be up against in this new look Pure squad:

  • Lv.59 Salamence
  • Lv.60 Dragonair
  • Lv.59 Lapras
  • Lv.61 Garchomp

Going into this fight, you’ll want to lead with an Ice-Type Pokemon, as this will cut through Salamence and Dragonair like a knife through butter. Then you’ll want to switch out for an Electric Type Pokemon to deal with Lapras before finally switching back to your Ice Type and putting an end to Garchomp and, by extension, the fight.

After you beat the Gym, you’ll then want to head into the Cave within Halfleaf City, as it seems that Pure has something to show you, and when you arrive, you find Sienna, the person you encountered in Redwood City there too.

They show the item to you and explain its value, only for Eliza and Team Mirage to show up as if on cue. The pair take on the Grunts, leaving you to take on Eliza, who has a full team now, which is as follows:

  • Lv.57 Banette
  • Lv.64 Eliza
  • Lv.58 Gengar
  • Lv.57 Cogfagrigus

You’ll want to begin with a Ghost or Dark Type Pokemon to handle Banette, then switch to a Fighting Type Pokemon to make short work of Eliza. Then switch back to your Ghost or Dark type to handle Gengar and Cogfagrigus.

Regardless of the fact you won the fight, they will manage to steal the item and disappear before you can do anything about it. Then Max will arrive on the scene late again.

Bronze Port – Mirage Base

He comes with a Basement Key to Team Mirage’s secret hideout in Bronze Port, so that’s where you’ll be off to next.

When exploring this area, you’ll need to find a Key to the area where they have been holding Violet and The Trick Master hostage, and when you save them, Lily will appear on the scene and offer to escort them out so you can continue, but not before giving you the passwords needed to go deeper into the base.

Use those series of passwords to get further into the Base, and before long, you’ll find your way forward blocked by Karls and Bell, and they’ll have a double battle in store for you with the following team:

  • Lv.59 Dodrio
  • Lv.59 Electrabuzz
  • Lv.60 Machoke
  • Lv.60 Meganium

The beginning pair is easy to deal with, as long as you have a Ground Type with Rock moves to call upon, and then if you want a very easy clean sweep, then bring along a flying type to deal with Machoke and Meganium.

Then, as you move along, you’ll be stopped by Louis and Wind, and Uranium will be there as you confront them. Seeing as you’re already warmed up when it comes to double battles, Uranium offers to take them on with a joint team.

So select three Pokemon and get into the action against this team. Oh, and bear in mind that Uranium’s team is under-leveled. He goes with a Metang, Sigilyph, and Eelektross:

  • Lv.60 Gardevoir
  • Lv.60 Magneton
  • Lv.60 Porygon-Z
  • Lv.60 Dragonite
  • Lv.60 Haunter
  • Lv.60 Alakazam

Just accept right away that you’re at more of a handicap with Uranium there than you would be, as you’ll be handling things pretty much all by yourself. To get ahead of this, you’ll want to begin with a fighting type, as this will allow you to dispatch Magneton and Porygon-Z. Then, switch to an Ice-Type to deal with Dragonite.

If you do this, then you’ll only have to battle one Pokemon for the rest of the battle, making things much more manageable. From here, you’ll want to switch to a Ghost Type Pokemon, and you can use this to take out Gardevoir, Alakazam, and Haunter in quick succession.

You might think there’s a lull coming, but right as you exit the Base, you’ll be face to face with Lumiere, who will give you HM08, which is admittedly very helpful but will also challenge you to a battle, which is deeply unhelpful. But alas, here is the team he will put forward:

  • Lv.43 Lucario
  • Lv.44 Honchkrow
  • Lv.45 Xatu

Seeing as these Pokemon are about twenty levels below yours, most likely, I think we can skip the tactics here and keep the show on the road, and that road leads to Mt Skyfall.

Mt Skyfall

When you ascend the newly accessible area of Mt Skyfall, you’ll encounter quite a few things. Suicine will be wandering around, Cathaya and Silk will be having a heart-to-heart, and everyone else you’ve encountered to this point will be challenging a Team Mirage Leader, meaning you’ll need to head to Wind and Night and take on Reshiram to foil their plan once and for all.

It almost goes horribly wrong as Reshiram attacks us, but Victini protects us again and, this time, joins our party as we take on Reshiram. You can’t catch them, and they are Lv.75, so this is a little bit of a challenge. If you have a Ground Type, you’ll want to switch out to it, as Victini isn’t exactly ideal for this fight.

After defeating Reshiram, the pair will lament their mistakes, but this sadness will soon turn to anger, and they will seek immediate retribution to make themselves feel better. Uranium will show up having caught Suicine to take on Night, meaning Wind will be your opponent, and this is the team he will have at his disposal this time:

  • Lv.63 Sigilyph
  • Lv.64 Zoroark
  • Lv.63 Absol
  • Lv.65 Chandelure
  • Lv.64 Roserade
  • Lv.66 Spiritomb

This looks like a hard fight, but it’s actually pretty one-note. All you need here is a ghost type with Dark Moves, which will be able to take out Sigilyph, Chandelure, Absol, and Spiritomb. Then you’ll need a fighting type for Zoroark, and then a fire-type for Roserade.

After this ordeal, you’ll be transported to the nearest Pokemon Center, and you’ll be invited to Flora Island to take on Sienna and earn your final Gym Badge. But before you can set off, you’ll be challenged to a battle by Lily, and this is the team she has this team around:

  • Lv.63 Cherrim
  • Lv.65 Lapras
  • Lv.63 Lumineon
  • Lv.64 Dodrio
  • Lv.64 Xatu

After this fight, you need to head south along the Halfleaf Sea, and you’ll also need to teach one of your Pokemon Dive, as navigating this area will require dipping underwater to reach new areas.

Flora Island

After exploring, you’ll then arrive at Flora Island, where you will be confronted by a new character that seems to have a link to Team Mirage’s Wind, but in a freak turn of events, he actually doesn’t want to battle you.

Head into town, and you’ll find that Uranium is there already, and wants to know more about the relationship between you and Victini, and by extension, himself and Suicine, and of course, that means another battle. That break in the action was pretty short-lived, huh? Here’s Uranium’s team:

  • Lv.65 Metagross
  • Lv.66 Marowak
  • Lv.66 Eelektross
  • Lv.67 Lucario
  • Lv.67 Sigilyph
  • Lv.68 Suicine

There are some minor changes here, and a new order to the Pokemon he’ll use, but nothing that will catch you off guard, really. Lead with a Fire Type to melt down Metagross, then switch to a Grass Type to deal with Marowak.

Then, you’ll want to go with your trusty Ground/Rock type that will handle Eelektross, Lucario, and Sigilyph back-to-back.

Then comes the exciting new addition, Suicine. To best this Pokemon, you’ll want to switch back to switch back to your Grass-Type, or an Electric Type if you have one, and after they go down, you’re free to explore Flora Island.

You can get your hands on a number of cool things in this area, like Johto Starters, for example, but we don’t have time to train Lv.5 Pokemon right now; we have a final Gym Battle to win.

You’ll need to battle trainers within the Gym to get the Door Passes needed to reach Sienna, and when you do, you’ll be up against this team that stands between you and the Tyron Elite Four:

  • Lv.67 Aerodactyl M
  • Lv.68 Venusaur
  • Lv.69 Gengar
  • Lv.68 Scrafty
  • Lv.71 Latias

This is easily the toughest battle you will have faced to this point, and here’s how I would suggest you handle it. Firstly, to beat Aerodactyl, lead with the Pokemon you taught to dive, as this Pokemon will likely use Fly, and if you dive, chances are they’ll miss, and you’ll take them down with ease.

Then, for Venusaur, go with an Ice, Fire, or Flying type, but bear in mind that they know Synthesis, so a Pokemon with Disable, Taunt, or something in this Wheelhouse could be helpful.

Gengar is an easy target, provided you have a Dark or Ghost-type to switch to, and then for Scrafty, you can switch to a fighting or flying type to take them down.

This only leaves the legendary Latias, who seems imposing, but if you switch back to your Ghost/Dark Type, you’ll wipe the floor with them! Congrats, you have all the badges needed to head for the Elite Four!

At this point, you can head out into the world and catch some legendary Pokemon like Kyruem or do some optional content to train up some more, but as long as your Pokemon are sitting in and around the LV.70 mark, you can head to Tyron Tower, and take on the Elite Four.

The Tyron Elite Four

Before we begin, you should consider the type of Pokemon you bring to this series of battles, as this will determine whether you’ll be champion, or knocked back to the Pokemon Center. Here is a rough skeleton of a team we would urge you to take with you:

  • One Ground Type
  • One Water Type with Ice Moves
  • One Ghost/Dark Type
  • One Dragon Pokemon with a Flying and fire moves
  • One Fighting Type Pokemon
  • Wildcard (Whatever You Like)

Firstly, we have the Elite Four’s Electric maestro, Ebby. Here is the team that they will bring to this initial fight:

  • Lv.75 Raichu
  • Lv.75 Eelektross
  • Lv.76 Jolteon
  • Lv.76 Luxray
  • Lv.78 Magnezone

Ebby never deviates from electric types, so if you have a ground/rock type, then you should be able to whitewash their entire team with no real issues. I would love to say there’s more to this fight, but there honestly isn’t, so get moving to the next.

Up ahead, you’ll find Cyasine, the Fighting Type Elite Four member for Tyron. Here is the team that she will use to take you down:

  • Lv.76 Toxicroak
  • Lv.77 Poliwrath
  • Lv.75 Scrafty
  • Lv.77 Hitmontop
  • Lv.77 Lucario

This one is a little less one note when compared to Ebby. To begin, you’ll want to begin with the same ground/rock type as before though, as this will deal with Toxicroak.

Then, for Poliwrath, you’ll want to switch to a Flying-type Pokemon, and you can use this for Scrafty and Hitmontop. Then, switch back to the Ground type to finish off this fight by beating Lucario.

Zach is up next, and they aren’t much for talking. So, let’s just get into the battle against his team of Psychic Pokemon:

  • Lv.76 Banette
  • Lv.76 Cogfagrigus
  • Lv.77 Spiritomb
  • Lv.76 Gengar
  • Lv.77 Chandelure

The fact that he says ‘Psychic’ is a cruel trick because all of his Pokemon are Ghosts, so what you’ll want to have to take them on is a Dark or Ghost Type of your own.

The battle is actually pretty similar to the ones you’ll have had with Wind in the past, if you want tactical analysis on this, just scroll back to those fights, as this is really straightforward.

The only warning I would offer is that unless you are confident that your Ghost will outspeed all his, you’ll be vulnerable, so a Dark type is much preferred.

After this comes the final Elite Four member in the form of Violet. You would think she would give us a pass, considering we saved her from Team Mirage, but apparently not. Here is the team of Ground Type Pokemon that Violet will come at you with: 

  • Lv.75 Claydol
  • Lv.77 Nidoqueen
  • Lv.76 Garchomp
  • Lv.77 Dugtrio
  • Lv.78 Tyranitar

This battle seems tricky, but a water-type will take care of most of these Pokemon. Lead with your Water-Type and take out Claydol and Nidoqueen.

Then, for Garchomp, if you have an Ice Move, you can let it ride. Otherwise, dragon-type moves work well, also. Switch back to your Water Type to handle Dugtrio, and keep them out there to handle Tyranitar as well. 

Having defeated Violet, only one person stands in your way, and that’s the Tyron Champion, Jacob. The mysterious figure you met back on Flora Island. This one’s going to be tough, so be prepared. Here’s what you’re up against: 

  • Lv.84 Snorlax
  • Lv.85 Haxorus
  • Lv.84 Kingdra
  • Lv.85 Latios
  • Lv.84 Chandelure
  • Lv.86 Sceptile

Begin with a fighting-type Pokemon, and try to make sure that it knows a move that will up it’s attack stat, as Snorlax is an absolute tank. You’ll want to whittle its HP down, and then when it eventually uses rest, use this time to build your attack, and then use a fighting move to take it down. 

After this, you’ll want to switch to your water type with ice moves and use these to handle Haxorus, or you can go with your Dragon-type, as this will also be ideal for taking down Kingdra. Then you’ll want to switch to your Ghost/Dark type to take down Latios, and let it ride to take down Chandelure. 

Then, to finish this fight, and the whole game, switch to your Dragon and use either a fire or flying move to take down Sceptile, and just like that, you’re the Champion of Tyron! Well done! 

Victorious In Victory Fire

So there you have it, a full guide from humble beginnings to Tyron Tower’s Elite Four. While I can’t say Victory Fire is the most cohesive story I’ve ever witnessed, it is still a lot of fun, and serves as a decent challenge for those looking for a unique Pokemon world.

I hope that this guide served you well, and as always, thank you for reading POK Universe! 

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