About Us

The Pokémon franchise has been around for over a quarter of a century, and in that time we have seen the original 151 expand into a huge Pokémon roster of over one-thousand monsters, we have seen countless iterations of the anime, lots of accompanying manga, innumerable trading card expansions, a cavalcade of Pokémon licenced merch, and of course, a hearty heaping of main titles of spin-off games. Oh, and ROM’s, don’t forget the fan-made ROM hacks! What we are saying here, is that the Pokémon series is vast, and there is more content to get through than you could ever hope to in a lifetime! At least, not without a little bit of help.

Here at POK Universe, we intend to be your ultimate guide to the world of Pokémon and provide content that will help even the most novice Pokémon trainer take on the Pokémon League and become a Pokémon Master. With a dedicated team of experts, all with a burning passion for this long-running franchise we are determined to become to best Pokémon blog on the planet. So grab your running shoes, pick your starter and let’s get going!

Our Team has a collective Pokémon playtime of 10,000+ hours each, they have a detailed knowledge of the TCG meta, the various anime series, they all have a shelf dedicated to all of their Pokémon merch, and thanks to this, at POK Universe, you are in good hands!


Our Goals

Our goal at POK Universe is simple, we aim to be the one-stop shop for all Pokémon-related content. However, we intend to do things a little bit differently to the general Pokémon blog out there. We want to offer an all-inclusive, community driven blog that provides content for all Pokémon trainers, no matter where they are on their journey to become Pokémon Master. We will do our utmost to ensure that every piece of content we write has something for both novice trainers and veteran fans alike.

We are a Pokémon Blog ran by genuine experts that have explored Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and beyond! We strive to produce content that offers an expert point of view that only first-hand experience can provide, allowing us to serve as the definitive Pokémon blog for true Poké-fans!

We also intend to be an all-encompassing Pokémon website, and by that, we mean that we want to cover all the content that we feel deserves coverage. We aren’t at the mercy of trends, and we do not simple cover a newsbeat. We curate our content very carefully and make sure that we publish articles that you are interested in, and that we can be proud of. So if you want some fan-made ROM hack coverage, or a want an inside scoop on the latest merch, we are your guys!

What We Offer

All of the Pokémon articles we publish are only created by our most knowledgeable and experienced Pokémon trainers. When we’re reviewing Pokémon video games, we aren’t handing off the review process to someone who doesn’t know everything there is to know about the Pokémon universe.

That’s what we’re all about here at POK Universe. We aren’t just here to half-heartedly follow Pokémon. We eat, breathe, and sleep Pokémon every. single. day.

No matter what type of Pokémon product we’re reviewing, we take every roundup, review, and comparison we write very seriously.

We also offer a wide variety of Pokémon related content. To give you some scope, here are some of the article types that you might encounter on POK Universe:

  • Listicles
  • Pokémon Comparisons
  • Game Overviews
  • Game Reviews
  • Pokémon Walkthroughs
  • ROM Hack Walkthroughs
  • Pokémon bios
  • TCG Content
  • Anime/Manga content
  • Movie Reviews
  • Merch Guides
  • Interviews

In short, there is something for everyone at POK Universe, and we should add, if you our readers have any suggestions to what sort of content you would like to see on POK Universe, we are all ears. Leave us a comment, drop us a message or reach out on socials to let us know how we are doing! We love feedback and we love talking to our fans!

How We Operate

Then how about a peak behind the curtain, eh? At POK Universe we have three stages of content development to ensure we produce best-in-class content. Firstly, we have our team of writers and contributors. These people are the beating heart of the website. At POK Universe we don’t have general SEO writers. We have passionate Pokémon fans who double as esteemed writing professionals. We make sure that we only take on contributors that know their stuff, meaning that when we receive that final draft, we know we have something special.

Let’s get one thing straight, we aren’t a wiki, we aren’t a fandom, and we aren’t Bulbapedia! We are much more! We are a expert-led and  community-driven Pokémon Hub, where all players and Pokéfans can gather, discuss their favorite franchise, and enjoy a wide range of content that get’s into the nitty-gritty!

The content then moves along to the editors, another team of passionate Pokémon fans who have an eye for grammar and article structure, and also look over the pieces of work from top to bottom to ensure that all statements are true, all stats are accurate, and the article flows perfectly.

Then finally, we have our formatting wizards that take this expertly written work, and then set about making it look pristine with killer images, suitable links, further reading materials, and then schedule the content, which then appears on-site for your viewing pleasure!

So the next time you’re diving into the world of Pokémon, let our team of trainers come along with you on your journey. We’re glad you and your Pokémon are joining us on your journey!

Our core values

  • Authenticity
  • Community-driven
  • Consistency
  • Dedication
  • Passion

Our Team

Now, it’s time to meet our team of Pokémon Masters, TCG Champs, Anime enthusiasts and Pokémon Breeders. Every member of our team is a Pokémon fanatic and has a killer speciality to offer to the team. Despite being separated by time zones and borders, our global team work togethers as a close-knit team to produce the best Pokémon content around. So without further delay, let us introduce the team:

Managing Editor – Callum Marshall

Callum is POK Universe’s managing editor and an all-round Pokémon Nerd! When it comes to Pokémon, Callum has been infatuated with the series ever since the boom in the late-nineties and even now, you’ll find him emulating old GBA Pokémon games on his phone or tinkering with builds and party comps in Pokémon Showdown. He’s got a clear bias for the original 151, but stays up to date on the modern Pokémon wave. Callum is an experienced content writer. He’s been working in the business for several years and offers his services as an editor-in-chief, PR consultant, game tester, scriptwriter, and an all-around gaming aficionado. He lives and breathes gaming, and that’s why he’s here to provide you (the reader) with important news that matters without all the fluff.

Outside of working hours, he stops typing and picks up a controller. His favorite games of all time are Kingdom Hearts, Journey, Fallout New Vegas, Disco Elysium, and he also dabbles in Rocket League in the lulls between titles. When he’s not gaming, you can find him re-watching Peep Show for the hundredth time or re-living his youth skating. Skateboards are the new comb-over, haven’t you heard?

  • Favorite Pokémon: Toss-up between Gengar, Gyarados and Dragonite, what can I say, I’m a gen-1 kid!
  • First Pokémon Game: Pokémon Red (The OG), still have my Game Boy Color, too!
  • Favorite Pokémon game: Of the main titles, Pokémon Emerald. If we include ROM hacks, then Pokemon Emerald Kaizo or Dark Rising
  • Best Pokémon Moment: It’s a cliché, but beating the Elite Four and Gary as a kid. Genuinely nothing like it.
  • Most Underrated Pokémon: Chikorita deserves more love
  • Pokémon Hot-Take: Modern Pokémon games need to pander to children less and offer more challenging gameplay

Tony Bresnen

Tony Bresnen has been writing his whole life, but never thought he’d end up doing it professionally. An editor and writer working in the public sector, Tony is thrilled to write about his passion since childhood—Pokémon. He was hooked the moment he powered up his purple Game Boy Color and started Pokémon Blue in 1999, choosing Squirtle (the only logical choice). Over the years, he’s played just about every Pokémon video game released by Game Freak. He began collecting cards in 1999 but got away from it for about a decade. In 2012, he started collecting again and enjoys completing sets, displaying rare and valuable cards, and playing the card game casually with friends. Outside of his near-obsessive Pokémon hobby, he enjoys spending time with his wife Nicole and two young children. He hopes to pass along his love of all things Pokémon to both of them and keep them away from the influences of Team Rocket.  Other hobbies Tony enjoys include fish keeping (lots of aquariums at home), gardening, PC gaming and building computers, ping pong, and tennis.

  • Favorite Pokémon: Just 1?!? Impossible. Blastoise, Dugtrio, and Tyranitar are the top three.
  • First Pokémon game: Pokémon Blue, played on a purple Game Boy Color.
  • Favorite Pokémon game: Hands down Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver.
  • Best Pokémon moment: Probably getting Pokémon Y during the midnight release and taking off work to play it all day and all night.
  • Most underrated Pokémon: Probopass. Great typing, fun movepool, and excellent design. Golden shiny too!
  • Pokémon Hot-Take: Mega evolution was the best mechanic ever introduced in Pokémon games and should be a permanent fixture in all new releases.

Jesus Cruz

It all started in 2010 when Jesus was 10 years old. His dad gifted him a Nintendo DS and let him choose a game for it. A weird, enormous, and grey serpent caught my attention on the box art for Pokémon Platinum, and since that moment he’s been hooked! He can only thank his 10 years old self for choosing a game this amazing! The Pokémon world is lovely and full of mysteries; this game saga captivated him to the point where he still has a crush on it 11 years after he experienced it for the first time. He probably has more than 6000 hours between all games, from Red and Blue to Sword and Shield. As of today, he mainly dedicates his Pokémon game time to designing competitive teams
  • Favorite Pokémon: I’ll go with Staraptor and Luxray!
  • First Pokémon Game: Pokémon Diamond, hence why Staraptor and Luxray are in my heart!
  • Favorite Pokémon Game: None other than Pokémon HeartGold! The best remake ever, there’s no doubt about it.
  • Best Pokémon Moment: I’ll go with two. The first one is in HeartGold, when you are at the summit of the Tin Tower, and you summon Ho-Oh. I really like the battle against Ho-Oh, because you have to take a very difficult route to get there. My second favorite moment is in Black and White, when you are raiding N’s Castle. The animations and the moment when all the Gym Leaders come to help you is epic!
  • Most Underrated Pokémon: Bulbasaur, for sure. It’s the best starter for the first gen, but everyone chooses Charmander because Charizard is a fan-favorite, it’s unfair!
  • Pokémon Hot-Take: We, as fans, didn’t appreciate Gen 5 as much as we should have. It was the first time the Pokémon series tried to create an interesting story and not just the classic “evil team want to destroy the world.” They are the best games in terms of story and lore, but people just focused on gameplay, hence why Gen 6 afterwards are pretty plain and uninventive .

Emily Medlock

Emily Medlock is a freelance writer who specializes in various niches. Out of every niche that she writes about, her true passions lie in gaming and anime. Pokémon was the first anime she ever saw and the first gaming franchise she became addicted to. As a child, she collected Pokémon merchandise with her siblings and wishes she would have kept some of it rather than handing it all down to be lost. Emily still keeps up with the new Pokémon games and is doing her best to let the legacy live on through her daughter. Watching the Pokémon anime is now family time.

Whenever she isn’t playing Pokémon, she plays various games in her free time and is always looking for more. Her classic favorites include 90% of Nintendo 64 games (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, etc.)  as well as the Fable, Sly Cooper, and Professor Layton franchises. Today, she typically spends time playing games with friends and family. Such as ARK: Survival Evolved, Final Fantasy XIV, and anything else on Steam that intrigues the group.

  • Favorite Pokémon: That’s difficult to say, as I have dozens. So I’ll go with the ones I’ve had as favorites for the longest- Mew, Vulpix, Lapras, and Dragonite.
  • First Pokémon Game: Pokémon Yellow, when I got my Gameboy Color
  • Favorite Pokémon game: Pokémon Red, but it may be nostalgia talking
  • Best Pokémon Moment: That’s tough, but I have to say the moment that the Pokédex is as complete as possible for the given game.
  • Most Underrated Pokémon: Kangaskhan. She’s a working mother who would do anything for her child. She not only cares for her baby, but she worries about its mental health. This is seen whenever she notices that her child is good at fighting, but not at anything else. Also, she sleeps standing up so she doesn’t crush her child. There are tales regarding Kangaskhan that lose their young so they care for human children instead.
  • Pokémon Hot-Take: Psyduck deserved better. I feel like Misty was often idolized, but in the first season, she really wasn’t a nice kid. No one saw that firsthand as brutally as Psyduck.

Alex Maksymiw

Alex Maksymiw is a budding content writer and has been training his Pokémon and writing skills to become a Content Writer virtuosa. Alex discovered his love for content writing at university, studying Digital Media when he was tasked with researching and blogging about Drone tech. A spark of interest in content writing led to Alex volunteering as a writer for VeryAli Gaming. Now Alex dedicates his full time to content writing about his gaming passions. A combination of extensive Poke knowledge of a Pokémon Professor and Battling skills of an Elite Four Champion. He cuts straight to the point, delivering all the information you need to become a Pokémon Master. Alex’s love of Pokémon began 20 years ago when his brother introduced him to Pokémon Silver. He has been hooked ever since.
When Alex isn’t writing and spinning PokeStops, he can be found playing competitive games with his friends. Or chugging on a hot cup of hot chocolate while playing on his Switch.

  • Favorite Pokémon: Arcanine, Meganium, and Umbreon are my all-time favorite pocket pals.
  • First Pokémon Game: Pokemon Silver was the first Pokemon game I owned. My brother gave it to me once he brought Pokemon Crystal.
  • Favorite Pokémon Game: Pokémon Soul Silver for letting me experience Silver once more with new features and a coat of paint. Pokémon Platinum is my second favorite Pokémon game as I love the mountainous region of Sinnoh and post-game content.
  • Best Pokémon Moment: Discovering Registeel for the first time in Pokémon Sapphire. I had no idea the three Regis existed until my friend, and I investigated the strange markings outside their lairs.
  • Most Underrated Pokémon: I absolutely adore Phanpy. It’s one of the cutest Pokémon out there but is rarely used due to its stats.
  • Pokémon Hot-Take: Pokémon needs to cater to its older audience with darker themes and more challenging gameplay. A darker world would create deeper connections with your team and companions. While I’m at it, bring back Pokémon Origins!