Arthur Monteclar

Arthur Monteclar

Arthur has been in the writing business for years now, and he loves writing about his hobbies, one of which is video games. He loves Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley and other relaxing games of this nature, namely the Pokémon series which is his biggest love within gaming. He is also a software programmer, so he understands the craft and effort invested in the gaming medium. He is also fond of manga and anime, being an avid follower of One Piece and Kaguya-Sama, to name a few.

Pokemon Radical Red Guide

pokemon radical red guide

In the late 1990s, a bunch of developers made a game that they thought would be fun for children all over the world. They made cute creatures that kids would get attracted to while also making cool-looking beasts. However, they…

Pokemon Ash Grey Guide

Pokemon Ash Grey Guide

Pokémon is a popular franchise that everyone has heard of. Even if you ask your century-old grandma with no exposure to the internet what Pokémon is, she would probably mention Pikachu, the yellow rodent with red cheeks heralded as the…

Pokemon Snakewood Guide

pokemon snakewood guide

The Pokémon Company has always made Pokémon to be family-friendly because they want to cater to people of all ages. The young me loved playing Pokémon Emerald, and the adult me spent hours on Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Sure, they have…

What are Pokemon Rom Hacks?

pokemon rom hacks

“What are Pokémon ROM Hacks?” you might ask. Simply put, Pokémon ROM hacks are modified versions of original Pokémon games, tailored to offer new stories, challenges, and sometimes entirely new worlds. Created by dedicated fans, these hacks provide a fresh…

Flabebe Guide

flabebe guide

I still remember that day when my cousins introduced me to Pokémon: Sapphire. I didn’t know at that time about a game full of hundreds of creatures, both small and large. A massive world where all Pokémon have unique designs…

Kubfu Guide

kubfu guide

Everybody is kung fu fighting! As a kid growing up watching Kung Fu Panda, that song stuck in my head for years. Now, I would say it is a masterpiece similar to the Kung Fu Panda trilogy. My friends and…

Morpeko Guide

morpeko guide

Hamsters and guinea pigs are cute and bubbly pets to own, although taking care of one has huge responsibilities. I had a friend who loved owning pets, from fishes to four-legged mammals. His parents once bought him a guinea pig…

Stunfisk Pokemon Guide

stunfisk pokemon

Pokémon are fascinating creatures with unique designs. I find many of them fascinating, like the gargantuan Wailord, the largest Pokémon before Pokémon Sword and Shield came out and introduced Eternatus. Some of them take fascinating shapes, like the Alolan Exeggutor,…