Pokémon Scarlet & Violet | Can You Breed Paradox Pokémon?

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Unfortunately, no. You cannot breed Paradox Pokémon. This means that if you want to nab yourself a few extra Paradox types, you’ll have to head into The Great Crater of Padea and hunt them down individually.

If you’re only looking to complete the Pokédex, though, you can simply pass Paradox Pokémon back and forth between your friends without impunity (you don’t have to permanently keep a Pokémon on you for it to register).

Nintendo hasn’t given any official reason as to why these types of Pokémon can’t be bred, but as far as the lore is concerned, the reason is thought to be due to their appearance as time-traveling entities.

paradox pokémon iron treads
A sketch of the Paradox Pokémon Iron Treads. | Nintendo via Pok Universe

The idea is that Paradox Pokémon couldn’t follow the same biological precedence as ordinary Pokémon because they can exist only as a sort of snapshot in time.

What Are Paradox Pokémon?

The Paradox Pokémon’s inability to be bread marks only one of its main oddities, the others being that they cannot evolve, are marked as ungendered, and bear strange resemblances to present-world Pokémon that will be familiar to you (you might think of them as ancient versions of the classics).

As has been deduced from the text within the Scarlet/Violet Book, Paradox Pokémon are thought to have essentially come from the distant past or future, and possibly from alternate timelines.

scarlet book
The Scarlet Book (the violet book is the same, only a different color) | Nintendo via Pok Universe

In this way, Paradox Pokémon may come from entirely different versions of the earth than the one we experience in the game.

There’s also the theory that Paradox Pokémon aren’t real in the literal sense of the word, instead manifesting from the dreams and imaginations of Professors Sada and Turo (you’ll find dialogue discussing this sort of thing a lot throughout the game).

There are 16 Paradox Pokémon to collect, with 8 available in each game (check this Blubagarden post for an exhaustive list).

sada and turo
Professors Sada and Turo | Nintendo via Pok Universe

Each Paradox Pokémon

Which Paradox Pokémon you can catch depends on whether you’re playing Scarlet (where Past Types are available) or Violet (where Future Types are available). The charts below are categorized as such.

Future Types

Iron TreadsGround/SteelHP:90,ATT:112,DEF:120
S.ATT:72, S.DEF:70, SPD:106
Iron BundleIce/WaterHP:56, ATT:80, DEF:114
S.ATT:124, S.DEF:60, SPD:136
Iron HandsFight/ElectricHP:154, ATT:140, DEF:108
S.ATT:50, S.DEF:68, SPD:50
Iron JugulisDark/FlyingHP:94, ATT:80, DEF:86
S.ATT:122, S.DEF:80, SPD:108
Iron MothFire/PoisonHP:80, ATT:70, DEF:60
S.ATT:140, S.DEF:110, SPD:110
Iron ThornsRock/ElectricHP:100, ATT:134, DEF:110
S.ATT:70, S.DEF:84, SPD:72
Iron ValiantFairy/FightHP:74, ATT:130, DEF:90
S.ATT:120, S.DEF:60, SPD:116
Iron LeavesGrass/PsychoHP:90, ATT:130, DEF:88
S.ATT:70, S.DEF:108, SPD:104
Iron BoulderRock/PsychoHP:90, ATT:120, DEF:80
S.ATT:68, S.DEF:108, SPD:1124
Iron CrownSteel PsychoHP:90, ATT:72, DEF:100
S.ATT:122, S.DEF:108, SPD:98

Past Types

Great TuskGround/FightHP:115, ATT:131, DEF:131

S.ATT:53, S.DEF:53, SPD:87

Scream TailFairy/PsychoHP:115, ATT:65, DEF:99

S.ATT:65, S.DEF:115, SPD:111

Brute BonnetGrass/DarkHP:111, ATT:127, DEF:99

S.ATT:79, S.DEF:99, SPD:55

Flutter ManeGhost/FairyHP:55, ATT:55, DEF:55

S.ATT:135, S.DEF:135, SPD:135

Slither WingBugFightHP:85, ATT:135, DEF:79

S.ATT:85, S.DEF:105, SPD:81

Sandy ShocksElectric/GroundHP:85, ATT:81, DEF:97

S.ATT:121, S.DEF:85, SPD:101

Roaring MoonDragon/DarkHP:105, ATT:139, DEF:71

S.ATT:55, S.DEF:101, SPD:119

Walking WakeWater/DragonHP:99, ATT:83, DEF:91

S.ATT:125, S.DEF:83, SPD:109

Gouging FireFire/DragonHP:105, ATT:115, DEF:121

S.ATT:65, S.DEF:93, SPD:91

Raging BoltElectric/DragonHP:125, ATT:73, DEF:91

S.ATT:137, S.DEF:89, SPD:75

Wrapping Up

iron threads

I hope this article cleared up the confusion surrounding breeding Paradox Pokémon, and provided you with some important background information for understanding why. If you found this article informative, be sure to check out our other pieces, such as Every Pokémon Remake Ranked or our Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Review.

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