Callum Marshall

Callum Marshall

Callum is POK Universe's Managing Editor and a long-time-fan of the Pokémon series. He's a Gen-One kid at heart with a huge bias towards the first three generations. However, after reengaging with Pokémon XY, he has caught up with the pack and has absorbed all there is to know with regards to Pokémon, including some very interesting fan-made ROM Hacks!

Pokemon Clover Guide and Walkthrough

Pokemon is a video game franchise that has been running for what seems like forever. Offering its fans a wealth of content, providing more monsters than you could ever hope to remember, and giving fans eight mainstream adventures to take…

Pokemon Rocket Edition Walkthrough Guide

pokemon rockt edition

Pokemon ROM hacks have a wonderful way of turning the Pokemon universe on its head, offering new and exciting scenarios that Game Freak couldn’t even dream of putting together. Whether that’s a Pokemon/zombie apocalypse in the form of Pokemon Snakewood,…

Pokemon Yellow Guide

pokemon yellow guide

Back in the late nineties, the gaming collective as a whole was still in a state of Pokemon-fever following the mass success of Pokemon Red and Blue, not to mention the trading card game, the popular anime series, and the abundance of…