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There’s something so alluring and tempting about mystery boxes. Sure, it’s easier to purchase the exact thing you want, even if it’s for a heavily marked-up price, but the thrill of receiving it isn’t the same as finding it in a mystery box.

If you have never purchased a mystery box or a blind box and crossed your fingers, desperately hoping to get a specific item and opened it to find it, you have never experienced the best rush of excitement one could ever hope to feel.

Blind boxes and mystery boxes are like the child version of Christmas for adults – you might have a general idea of what you’re getting, but the specifics are beyond you until you rip open the packaging. However, the last thing we want is a bad experience for these mysteries, so here is a list of the best Pokemon mystery boxes!

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of Trading Card Game and merchandise Mystery and Blind Boxes, on the market right now, but it’s essential to keep a lookout for people selling bootleg products.

Booster back bootlegs are especially prominent, so when purchasing Trading Card Game Mystery Boxes online, keep an eye on the reviews and look for anything suspicious. If the price is too good to be true, then it probably is.

At a Glance – Our Selections

This article is split into two sections, starting with the Trading Card Game and ending with the merchandise. Although some merchandise boxes will offer products from the TCG, the majority of the products in the Mystery Boxes are oriented toward other products.

Trading Card Game

Let’s be honest, whenever you buy a Booster pack, it’s kind of like a mystery. You have a general idea of what kind of cards you’ll get, and their theme, but you don’t know if any of them will be good. However, if you’re dead-set on having the Mystery Box tagline attached to it, as well as a guarantee that you will get a graded card, then these two mystery packs are the perfect option.

Zoo Packs Pokemon Graded Card Mystery Power Box

Zoo Packs Pokemon Graded Card Mystery Power Box

The more expensive of the two at $59.99, the Zoo Packs Mystery Box offers a guaranteed graded card along with some vintage cards and a collector’s coin. Whether you play the TCG or you just enjoy collecting cards, this Mystery Power Box likely won’t disappoint.

The TCG Vault Pokemon Mystery Box

pokemon mystery box

The Pokemon Mystery Box, at $29.95, is the cheapest Mystery Box on the market, while still offering a guarantee of some rare cards and some foil cards. This Mystery Box is perfect for someone just getting into the scene or someone who wants to supplement their collection.


These two merchandise items sport some hefty price tags with expensive shipping to boot, but the adorable and officially licensed Pokemon merch, straight from Japan, might just prove worth it for serious collectors. For the casual collector of Pokemon merch, the expensive price tags on these mystery boxes may not prove worth it for your wallet.

Sugoi Mart Deluxe Pokemon Lucky Bag

sugoi mart lucky bag

Sugoi Mart’s Lucky Bag marks at $75, by far the cheapest of the two mystery bags with the most promise for diverse items.

Pokemon Center PikaPika Lucky Box 2022

Pokemon Center PikaPika Lucky Box 2022

The Pokemon Center Lucky Box is $129.99. Although the most expensive of the two, you’re guaranteed at least one adorable, high-quality pillow along with a few other items, though the range of what type of item you may get is a bit more limited.

Blind Boxes

Even if the mystery lucky packs don’t prove to be worth the strain on your wallet, Blind Boxes absolutely will. Not only are they on the cheaper side, depending on the box you get and how many, but they’re absolutely adorable and perfect as display pieces. Each of these blind boxes was picked for its thematic elements, how dynamically the pokemon inside are posed, and how high-quality they are.

Pokemon Town: Back Alley at Night Blind Box

pokemon town night back alley

This blind box excels in both thematic elements and dynamic poses. Add on the high-quality plastic and paint job and this is by far one of the best Pokemon blind boxes.

Pokemon Floral Cup Collection 2

Blind Boxes

Although this blind box set doesn’t have the highest quality paint job, it is absolutely adorable in its theming and suits each Pokemon figurine perfectly.

Pokemon Terrarium Ex Galar Vol. 2 Blind Box

Pokemon Terrarium Ex Galar Vol. 2 Blind Box

This blind box set has the most dynamic figurines. The display cases are the least inspiring, but the environment inside of them makes up for that two-fold.

Pokemon Dreaming Case Volume 3

Pokemon Dreaming Case 3

One of the most adorable blind boxes, the Pokemon Dreaming Case fits into every quality with only a few things I can nitpick about the quality.

Selection Criteria

I considered a few key things when picking the best of these mystery boxes and blind boxes. For the Trading Card Game (TCG), they were:

  • Price versus value
  • The number of cards
  • If it included packs, what type was included
  • Guaranteed graded cards

For Merchandise Mystery Boxes and Blind Boxes, I had slightly different criteria. This criterion was:

  • Price versus value
  • Quality of items included
  • Theme

All prices will be listed in USD.

Trading Card Game Mystery Boxes

When I looked through the TCG Mystery boxes, I had to be careful in my selection. There were quite a few that looked appealing, but the risk of taking a Best of Box that sported fake Booster Packs was high.

The last thing anyone wants, whether you collect the cards or play with them, is to spend a lot of money and receive a bootleg product. As such, the reviews for these boxes proved to be very important.

Zoo Packs Pokemon Graded Card Mystery Power Box – $59.99

Zoo Packs Pokemon Graded Card Mystery Power Box

Zoo Packs are generally highly lauded in the Mystery Box community for Pokemon Cards, but their price errs on the higher end.

Whether or not they’re worth the price depends on the luck of the draw, but for the most part, they’re one of the best Mystery Boxes you can get for the Pokemon TCG. This is the best box for serious collections, players, and casual collectors.


  • You are guaranteed to get a Graded card of 8 or higher.
  • Guaranteed to get one First Edition stamped card, one sealed booster pack, and 20 assorted cards from 1999.
  • One Code Card is included for the Pokemon Online TCG.
  • There’s a chance that you can get random vintage packs, pins, coins, or other collectibles.


  • Expensive.
  • No guarantee of a high-value graded card. Some reviews comment that their graded card was worth only $20.

The TCG Vault Pokemon Mystery Box – $29.95

This mystery box is undoubtedly the cheapest of the TCG bunch, offering enough cards to start anyone’s collection strong.

Even if you’re adding to your collection, the promise of rare cards is very alluring. The only downside is that if you’re chasing after graded cards, you’re going to have to send them in to be graded yourself which can end up being a very expensive process, especially if your card ends up only being worth as much as the Mystery Box.


  • One hundred cards are guaranteed.
  • 1Vmax and 3 Ultra Rare cards are guaranteed.
  • Guaranteed 6 Foil and Rare cards.
  • Claims that you won’t receive any duplicates.
  • Cheaper than other Pokemon Mystery Boxes.
  • One review mentioned there was a chance to receive a high-value Japanese or Chinese card.


  • No guaranteed Graded card.
  • No guaranteed Booster packs or Theme packs.


The Merchandise Mystery Boxes and Blind Boxes are possibly some of my favorite Pokemon products. Not only are most Blind Boxes adorable, but most of the Mystery Boxes offered by independent sellers are adorably thematic and offer products that might prove hard to get depending on where you live. Plus, some of them even offer a chance to get a Booster Pack if you like the Trading Card Game.

Sugoi Mart Deluxe Pokemon Lucky Bag – $75

Sugoimart Pokemon Lucky Bag

Sugoi Mart offers this Deluxe Pokemon lucky bag with the opportunity to get a range of officially licensed Pokemon merchandise – in each bag you have a chance to get large plushies, stationery, candies, chocolates, figurines, and more.

The Deluxe Lucky Bag beats out their standard one due to the chance for higher value items and better quality items available in each bag. The only downside is that shipping prices can be very high, turning a $75 lucky bag into $120 very quickly. However, the shipping does have tracking guaranteed, so your high-value items won’t be lost in the post system for eons.


  • You’re guaranteed at least ten collectibles
  • A variety of items that work for all age demographics.


  • This lucky bag ends up costing a pretty penny when shipping is added on. You’re going to need to really like Pokemon for this to be worth it.

Pokemon Center PikaPika Lucky Box 2022 – $129.99

Pokemon Center PikaPika Lucky Box 2022

You can get a variety of items in this Pokemon Center Lucky Box, but you’re guaranteed one adorable pillow of Rowlet, Cyndaquil, or Oshawott. Inside the box can be stationary, household goods, more plushes or figurines, keychains, and many more adorable Pokemon-themed goods.

The only downside of this box is the expensive price tag it sports and the fact that, as of writing this, this PikaPika Lucky Box cannot ship to Canada and Australia. Where it can ship, it bares a hefty international shipping price tag, with the United States costing about $112 in shipping.


  • Absolutely adorable, high-quality pillows.
  • A variety of mystery items are available in each box.


  • Very, very expensive international shipping. Hopefully, you end up loving all of the items inside.

Blind Boxes

As we dive into the Merchandise Blind Boxes, remember that they come disassembled. When opening, you will need to put them together. This can be a pro or a con depending on who you are and if you like self-assembly.

With the Blind Boxes, the mystery is also generally shortlived, as most of these figurines and their bases are packed in clear plastic.

Once the box is opened, you know exactly what you’re getting. As an additional warning for these Blind Box sets, when you order a set of six in an attempt to get one of everything, there isn’t any guarantee that you won’t get duplicates.

Pokemon Town: Back Alley at Night Blind Box – $17.99 (Single Box) $97.15 (six boxes)

Pokemon Town: Back Alley at Night Blind Box

This blind box set is arguably the most unique and interesting of all the Pokemon Blind Boxes and is, by far, my favorite that I have come across. For anyone who loves Halloween or a spooky atmosphere, this blind box set will be an absolute joy to open.

Plus, the flat bases are perfect for display purposes – the only downside is that if your house collects a lot of dust, the nooks and crannies of these display pieces might prove difficult to clean.


  • Most of the Pokemon are in a dynamic position, rather than being stagnant.
  • This series has Mimikyu, the best Pokemon.


  • It is kind of expensive, especially if you want to get all six.

Pokemon Floral Cup Collection 2 – $9.99 (Per box)

This floral cup collection stole my heart the moment I saw it. It’s absolutely adorable, and each figurine is so unique, with flowers stylized to fit each Pokemon perfectly. With six total boxes, it only amounts to $60, compared to the near $100 price tag of the Pokemon Town figurines.

The only downside of this cheaper price is that the paint job isn’t always perfect, but for tea lovers and people who adore florals, these picturesque Pokemon figurines are a must-have.


  • On the more reasonable side of pricing for a Blind Box figurine.
  • The flat bottom of each figurine makes it perfect as a display piece.


  • The molded flowers could be better for Zorua’s cup.

Pokemon Terrarium Ex Galar Vol. 2 Blind Box – $12.99 (single box)

Pokemon Terrarium Ex Galar Vol. 2 Blind Box

Although there’s nothing too special about the clear Pokeball, as compared to the other Blind Box displays, it does have the added benefit of allowing a 360-degree view. These dynamic pokemon have fully-developed environments that are just as cute as they are… for the most part. In this blind box set, the environment had just as much care put into it as the Pokemon figurines did, and it shows.


  • Easily the most dynamic posed figurines of all the Terrarium sets.
  • The paint job and plastic look nicer than other Pokemon Blind Boxes.
  • The bottom is flattened out slightly to allow for easier display.
  • This collection has some of the more unique environments in the Pokemon Terrarium collections.


  • Pikachu looks like Cramorant is eating him and I am kind of horrified by that.
  • Errs on the more expensive side of Pokemon Blind Boxes.

Pokemon Dreaming Case Volume 3 – $16.99 (Single Box)

Pokemon Dreaming collection 3

The Pokemon Dreaming collections are by far the most adorable Pokemon Blind Boxes. Something about sleepy Pokemon makes my heart melt. With plush pillows and sleepy faces, these Pokemon are undeniably adorable, though some, like the Alolan Vulpix, are only pretending to sleep. Each Pokeball is custom designed to match the sleepy Pokemon’s color scheme, utilizing soft colors and pastels to achieve the ultimate calming appearance.


  • A very excellent paint job.
  • The bottom is flattened for easy display.
  • The lid of the Pokeball is designed like the handle for a glass display dome.


  • One of the more expensive Blind Box collections.
  • The Gem handles look very fake and bead-like.


Question: Is there a difference between blind boxes and mystery boxes?

Answer: There’s not much of a difference outside of specific semantics. Blind boxes are often a series of toys from various media and entertainment. They’re generally boxed in a way where you know what you could get but not what you will get inside the box. Mystery boxes, on the other hand, are surprise boxes that have a specific theme or offer a specific brand. Generally, the box’s contents are of higher value than what you purchased it for.

Question: What is a Code Card?

Answer: Code Cards allow you to unlock online decks and cards in the Pokemon Online Trading Card Game. They can be redeemed on the official Pokemon website or in-game. If you don’t play the online game, a Code Card is likely pretty useless and not all that enticing.

Question: What is a Graded Card?

Answer: Graded pokemon cards mean that your card has been sent to a company that professionally grades your card. This means that the company certifies your card is genuine and rates it on a scale of one to ten based on how well printed it is and what condition it’s in, among other factors. Once graded, the card is sealed in a transparent box or slab, with a sticker at the top dictating what Grade it is. Grades can range from 1 to 10, with grade 10 cards being both the rarest and the most valuable. Grade 10 pokemon cards can be sold for close to hundreds of dollars depending on the rarity and demand.
There are four trusted grading services as of 2022: Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), Beckett, CGC, and Ace Grading. PSA and CGC are most commonly used.


I love Mystery Boxes and Blind Boxes. They are arguably the most adventurous I will ever get in my life, which is kind of sad. But, when I’m surrounded by adorable blind box Pokemon, it is kind of hard to be sad. Their adorableness might not be for everyone, but if it’s for you, I hope you don’t skip out on the blind boxes.

The merchandise mystery boxes are some of my favorites, but as I get back into the Trading Card Game, I find the TCG boxes all the more alluring. The Trading Card Game boxes are perfect for starting or supplementing any collection. Buying a full box of booster packs can be very expensive, so Mystery Boxes are an excellent way to get around that (at least a little bit).

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