Pokémon World Championship Players Disqualified For ‘Hacking’

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The Pokémon World Championship has disqualified several players worldwide from the VCG (Video Game Championship) as they brought hacked Pokémon to the tournament. 

While there wasn’t an official announcement, some of the players talked about it on Twitter (or X):

What Really Happened?

Many pro-players worldwide couldn’t play in the VCG tournament because they brought hacked Pokémon to participate.

As there wasn’t an official announcement from any Pokémon source, there’s no list of pro-players who got banned from playing, and no one took the time to explain why the players got banned, which opened a lot of debate in social media.

Now that the dust settled, the players explained what happened.

Pokémon World Championship

These players didn’t bring illegal Pokémon with absurd and impossible stats; their Pokémon were legal to be played in the tournament.

The thing is that these players didn’t obtain their Pokémon through the usual method, which is by breeding or by hunting them through Tera Raid Battles.

Instead of taking the legal way, they were using several programs to create the perfect Pokémon, with perfect stats, to compete. 

“I Don’t Have Time To Breed My Team”

So, why did the players hack to get the perfect Pokémon? Well, Roberto Parente, one of the players who got banned, explained the situation perfectly through Twitter:

‘You can get perfect Pokémon to compete via breeding or hunting them through Tera Raid Battles, but the problem is that it takes a lot of time.

Sometimes, these players don’t have enough time to spend on the game during such an excruciating task as it is breeding via hatching eggs, so they use third-party programs to create these Pokémon.

It’s fair to say that these programs don’t give any advantage to the players who use them; it’s just a matter of not wasting time hatching hundreds of eggs.’

“We Spent Money On This; We Need Respect”

Hacked Pokémon aren’t a new problem; a lot of pro-players have admitted that they get their competitive Pokémon via hacking to use them in several regional tournaments.

The he same players have also said that they have been using this kind of Pokémon in international tournaments for a long time. 

Then, out of nowhere and without any further advice, the rules got strengthened for this World Championship, which meant the players didn’t have time to breed their Pokémon and bring them to the tournament.

The same players weren’t advised they were banned from the tournament until they travelled to Yokohama, Japan, to compete. That’s why most of the players are angry and want some compensation. 

The tournament ended, and the players and the organization haven’t said anything new about the issue, which can only mean that, from now on, the players will be forced to breed their Pokémon.

Hacking is unethical, no matter what, but it’s also fair to say that the breeding system is sometimes unfair and stressful, and it’s something GameFreak has to improve over time.

Do you want to know what will happen with this issue? Will Pokémon improve the breeding system, or will players be allowed to bring this kind of Pokémon? If you want to keep yourself up to date about this topic, stick to PokUniverse!

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