The New Squirtle Funko POP Is Making A Splash

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The Pokémon Center shop and Funko Pop have released the latest installment of the Pearlescent Pop series, which features Squirtle! Here’s the announcement for the new Squirtle Funko POP, made by the official Pokémon Twitter (or X) account:

This series of Funkos stands out from the rest of the Pokemon offerings, as they have a pearlescent and shining coloring there aren’t too many Pokemon Funko POPs that fall into this category. 

Squirtle Funko POP Details

The first thing that is highlighted above the rest is that this is a Pokémon Center exclusive figure.

You can only buy it on the official Pokémon Center webpage for USD 14.99. This one is a special edition, so you can only get it at this price until it gets out of stock.

This figure has a size of 3.5 x 2.5 x 4.5 Inches, and it weighs 4.6 OZ, meaning this figure is way smaller than the usual Funko Pop size, hence why it only costs USD 14.99. As usual with this kind of figure, it is made of vinyl.

As the figures of this series are smaller than the usual Funko Pop, they aren’t heavily detailed, and Squirtle isn’t the exception; in the images, you can see that it’s a pretty basic figure with not much to show, as it’s main attractiveness is its pearlescent texture and colors. 

Availability Details

This figure is available in the US and UK Pokémon Center online shop. If you are outside the US or UK, you might want to buy it from the US shop and search for a shipping service that brings the product to your country. 

You also have 30 days to return it after buying it in case you are not pleased with the figure, but be aware that the figure must be in its box, sealed, and never opened if you want to have your money back.

Pearlescent Squirtle’s Brothers

This isn’t the first Pearlescent figure that Pokémon Center and Funko Pop released as a collab. This figure is part of the Pearlescent series, which already has Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Pikachu.

Sadly, these figures aren’t available through the Pokémon Center shop because they are out of stock, and we will not likely see them again. Still, many people are selling these figures through Amazon and eBay, in case you want to complete the collection. 

Pikachu and Charmander are the most expensive ones, and these guys’ prices rank from USD 30 to USD 45. 

If you want to kick off a Pokémon figure collection, Squirtle and his pearlescent brothers are a cheap yet good option. And if you are interested in the newest Pokémon products and all that Pokémon Center has to offer, stay tuned to PokUniverse!

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