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When Mega-Evolutions were introduced to the game, I was worried about them. I picked up my copy of Pokémon X and played to the point where Professor Sycamore allows you to choose a Kanto starter (Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander).

Since I had picked Froakie as my starter, I decided to go with Bulbasaur (grass starters for life!). I enjoyed playing the game with Mega-Venusaur, but it made some battles too easy. I did not start to appreciate Mega-Evolutions until they completely changed competitive gameplay. Pokémon gained new abilities, typings, and stats. It gave the competitive scene a refreshing and exciting look. 

In the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Mega Evolution short, my favorite scene is when mega Sableye and Lopunny are battling on the streets, and that leads me to this Mega Lopunny Guide. Quick disclaimer, since Mega Lopunny only appears in Pokémon ORAS, Sun and Moon, and USUM, I will only be talking about the location, moves, and abilities it has in those games. 

Bottom Line Up Front

Lopunny, the Rabbit Pokémon, is a normal-type Pokémon that was introduced in generation four. When Lopunny Mega-Evolves, it gains fighting as a secondary type, has the Scrappy ability, and receives a stat boost in attack, defense, and speed. 

During Mega-Evolution, Mega-Lopunny is weak to fairy, fighting, lying, and psychic moves, is part of the Field and Human-Like egg groups, and needs a Lopunnite to Mega-Evolve. In Pokémon ORAS, you can find Lopunnite in Mauville Hills. While in USUM, you can purchase Lopunnite for 64 battle points.  

In Pokémon USUM, you can encounter Buneary and Lopunny in Poni Grove. In Pokémon ORAS, you can find Buneary in the Safari Zone as a Hidden Encounter after defeating or catching Groudon Or Kyogre. 

If you want to use a Mega-Lopunny in competitive play, I suggest running it with: 

  • Item: Lopunnite
  • Ability: Limber/Scrappy 
  • Nature: Adamant (adds attack but reduces special attack)
  • Max EVs in Attack and Speed, with the rest going to HP.
  • Moves: Return, High-Jump Kick, Ice Punch, and Thunder Punch/Power-Up Punch.

While Smogon recommends running it with:  

  • Item: Lopunnite
  • Ability: Limber/Scrappy
  • Nature: Jolly
  • Max EVs in Attack and Speed, with the rest going to Special Defense. 
  • Moves: Return, High-Jump Kick, Fake Out, and Ice Punch/Quick Attack.

Pokédex Summaries/Inspiration

Lopunny vs Mega Lopunny

After reading through some of Lopunnys Pokédex entries, here are some quick facts about Lopunny.

  • Lopunny is not a fan of fighting, but it will if it needs to do. 
  • Since they have good strength in their legs, any kicking attack is extremely powerful. 
  • Though they are good fighters, they are very cautious. 
  • Lopunny shed their fur twice a year. In the winter, it is really soft.

Lopunny is classified as the Rabbit Pokémon. Some might say it gets a great deal of inspiration from actual Rabbits. I headed to National Geographic for Kids and found some interesting facts about Rabbits. According to the article, rabbit ears can grow “up to 10 centimeters in length.” It also states, “rabbits can turn their ears by 180 degrees, keeping careful listen out for predators.”

This fact aligns with Lopunnys cautious nature, always being on guard and looking for anything that might harm it. Another crazy fact is that “like cats, happy rabbits purr when they’re content and relaxed. As a crazy cat man, a new goal of mine is to hear a rabbit purr. 


Lopunny has one pre-evolution, and that Pokémon is Buneary. See locations for Buneary and Lopunny in the “Locations” section, but to evolve Buneary into Lopunny, you need to level it up with a high friendship stat. Some ways you can increase friendship in the game are giving Buneary a Soothe Bell, gaining levels, keeping it in your party while you walk around, catching it in a Luxury Ball, or getting the Pokémon groomed. 


Buneary and Lopunny are a part of the field and human-like egg groups. So, if you are looking to breed a Lopunny for competitive play or are shiny hunting, you will need a female buneary or Lopunny and a compatible male partner. 

A good amount of potential partners for the two are other Pokémon based on farm and field/grassland animals. Some of those Pokémon include Persian, Aipom, Miltank, Grumpig, Gogoat, Yamper, and Wooloo. 

On the flip side, being part of the human-like egg groups means the two Pokémon have some other interesting partners. Some of the weirdest ones I saw were Alakazam, Machamp, Mr.Mime, Toxicroak, Sawk, Toxtricity, Cacturne, and Grimmsnarl. 

Chances are you may already have one of these Pokémon in your boxes, but if not, you can always drop Buneary or Lopunny off at the daycare with a Ditto


Mega Lopunny Weakness

Under normal circumstances, Lopunny is a pure normal type. So, Lopunny’s only weakness is fighting-type moves, is immune to ghost-type attacks, and takes neutral damage from everything else. However, when Lopunny Mega-Evolves, it gains fighting as a secondary type. During mega-evolution, weakness, resistances, immunities, and normal damage are as follows: 

  • Weaknesses: Fairy, fighting, flying, and psychic-type moves. 
  • Immunities: Ghost-type moves. 
  • Resistances: Bug, dark, and rock-type moves. 
  • Normal Damage: Everything else not mentioned above. 

Some players have argued that some mega-evolutions do a disservice to some Pokémon. For example, when Garchomp Mega-Evolves, its speed stat drops from 102 to 92. In Lopunny’s case, it goes from having one weakness to four. However, it does gain three resistance it did not have before. 


As mentioned above, I will only be going over location, moves, and abilities in Pokémon ORAS, Sun and Moon, and USUM since those are the only games Mega-Lopunny appears in. 

From the three games mentioned above, you can only encounter a wild Lopunny in Pokémon USUM. On Poni Grove, you can encounter a wild Buneary, and during the day, there is a chance for that wild Buneary to call a Lopunny in for help (through the SOS mechanic introduced in Sun and Moon).

In Pokémon ORAS, you can encounter a Buneary in the Safari Zone. However, you need to have caught or defeated Groudon or Kyogre, and Buneary only appears as a hidden Pokémon. So, keep an eye on your DexNav while wandering around.  

In Sun and Moon, you will need to trade with someone who has a Buneary or Lopunny or migrate it from an older game.

Mega Stone Locations

Mega Stone Locations

To Mega-Evolve a Pokémon, it will need to hold its corresponding mega-stone. In Lopunny’s case, it will need to be holding a Lopunnite. In Pokémon Sun and Moon, Lopunnite was only obtainable through two past events. However, In Pokémon USUM, you can spend 64 battle points to get a Lopunnite at the Battle Tree. 

In Pokémon ORAS, you can obtain a Lopunnite in Mauville City, more specifically, Mauville Hills. Mauville Hills is the apartment complex above the city (and after defeating Groudon or Kyogre), the player can find Watson (the town gym leader) standing in front of the light tower in the middle of the city. Once you speak to him, he will give you access to Mauville Hills. 

When visiting apartment 12, you will find an NPC in a black suit standing outside. Once you talk to him, some dialogue begins, and you find out the NPC living in apartment 12 is late on his rent, and the NPC in the black suit is attempting to collect the rent.

Leave the area and revisit it, and you will see the NPC in the black suit standing outside apartment 12 again. Talk to him, and he will give you a Lopunnite. 


Mega lopunny

While Lopunny is in its normal form, Lopunny can have one of the following abilities. 

Cute Charm: If the opposing Pokémon is of the opposite sex and attacks Lopunny with a physical move, there is a 30% chance the opponent will become infatuated. When a Pokémon is infatuated, there is a 50% chance their moves will have no effect. 

Klutz: Lopunny will not be able to use any held items (quick note: this ability does not prevent Lopunny from Mega-Evolving). 

Limber (Hidden Ability): This ability protects Lopunny from being paralyzed.  

However, when Lopunny Mega-Evolves, it gains the Scrappy ability. Scrappy allows for normal and fighting-type moves to do damage against ghost-type Pokémon. 

Moves by Level Up

Below you can find a list of moves Lopunny can learn through leveling up in Pokémon ORAS, Sun and Moon, and USUM. Quick tip, for the lower level moves, you can visit a move relearner to teach Lopunny those moves.

Moves by TM/HM

Below you can find a list of moves Lopunny can learn through TM/HM  in Pokémon ORAS, Sun and Moon, and USUM. 

Egg Moves

Below you can find a list of moves Lopunny can learn through breeding in Pokémon ORAS, Sun and Moon, and USUM. With each move, I also included a potential partner. 

Move Tutors

Below you can find a list of moves Lopunny can learn through move tutors in Pokémon ORAS, Sun and Moon, and USUM. 


While in its normal form, Lopunny’s stats are as follows:

  • Attack: 76
  • Special Attack: 54
  • Defense: 84 
  • Special Defense: 96
  • HP: 65 
  • Speed: 105
  • Total: 480

When Lopunny Mega-Evolves, it gains a stat increase in attack, defense, and speed. Mega-Lopunny’s stats are as follows: 

  • Attack: 136 
  • Special Attack: 54
  • Defense: 94
  • Special Defense: 96
  • HP: 65
  • Speed: 135
  • Total: 580

Competitive Movesets

Mega Lopunny Competitive Movesets

When Lopunny Mega-Evolves, its highest stats are its attack (136) and speed (135). With that, I would run it as a speedy physical attacker. I would use Lopunny to knock out any Pokémon trying to set up or use it to chip at Pokémon with high defensive stats. 

Here’s what I would run with:

  • Item: Lopunnite
  • Ability: Limber/Scrappy 
  • Nature: Adamant (adds attack but reduces special attack)
  • Max EVs in Attack and Speed, with the rest going to HP.
  • Moves: Return and High-Jump Kick for powerful stab moves. I would also add Ice and Thunder Punch on there. Ice Punch for coverage against flying-type Pokémon and Thunder Punch for another powerful physical attack. I would also consider replacing Thunder Punch with Power-Up Punch to get some attack boosts. 

Smogon also recommends using Mega-Lopunny as a powerful attacker. Here is what they suggest running Mega-Lopunny with: 

  • Item: Lopunnite
  • Ability: Limber/Scrappy
  • Nature: Jolly
  • Max EVs in Attack and Speed, with the rest going to Special Defense. 
  • Moves: Return, High-Jump Kick, Fake Out, and Ice Punch/Quick Attack. 

Anime/Movie Appearances

While Lopunny had made a couple of appearances in the anime, Mega-Lopunny has only made two brief appearances in Pokémon’s animated content. You can see a Mega-Lopunny in the ending credits in the Mega Evolution Special (II). 

As I mentioned, you can also see Mega-Lopunny and Mega-Sableye battling in one of the Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire trailers. 

TCG Appearances

This screenshot was taken on

Lopunny has made a fair amount of appearances in the Trading Card Game, but Mega-Lopunny has only made one. However, this one card has four different versions! There is one Ultra-Rare Rare card, two Rare Ultra cards, and one Rare Rainbow card. 

These cards come from the Cosmic Eclipse Expansion Pac,k and they are all tag-team cards! On all four cards, Mega-Lopunny is joined by a Jigglypuff. 

All four cards look amazing! They are all full-print cards, and what full-print card doesn’t look amazing? From the four, the Rare Rainbow card has to be my favorite. The two are in a battle stance, Jigglypuff has an intense face on, and the rainbow color looks amazing. 


Question: What Does a Shiny Lopunny and Mega-Lopunny Look Like? 

Answer: Their body color does not change much, but the color of their fur does. Normally, Lopunnys fur is a light yellow color. In its shiny form, Lopunny’s fur turns pink. 

Question: Will Mega-Lopunny/Mega Evolution Be Part of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

Answer: Looking through the various trailers for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, there is no confirmation that Lopunny or Mega-Evolution will be part of the game.
However, since Buneary and Lopunny are some fan favorites (I believe they got a little extra love since Dawn had a Buneary in the anime), I have a feeling they might make it into the game. 

Question: In what Ways Does Lopunny Get Stronger when it Mega-Evolves? 

Answer: There is a couple of ways Lopunny’s improves when it Mega-Evolves:
Since it gains Scrappy as an ability, it can hit ghost-type Pokémon with powerful normal and fighting type moves. 
Its speed, attack, and defense all increase when it Mega-Evolves. 
With stab moves and an increase in attack, you can do bug damage with normal-type moves (Return) and fighting-type moves (High Jump Kick) since Lopunny gains fighting as a type when it evolves. 

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