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Pokémon is one of the biggest franchises in the world, and it extends far beyond its humble beginnings as an experiment for the original Game Boy. Its rich 25-year history encompasses dozens of games, multiple TV series, movies, and a massive variety of merchandise in every possible form.

In this list, we’ll discuss one facet of the Pokémon consumer empire: figures. I’ll be covering the best designs you can buy today.

There’s positively hundreds of brilliant choices on offer, from official mainstays to unofficial custom designs, and as a self-certified super fan, I’ve certainly had my fair share of some of the best Pokemon toys, ornaments, and trinkets throughout the years.

For that reason, I know where to look and what to look for. I’ve whittled the choices to fifteen stand-out pieces across a broad range of themes, sizes, materials, and designs. We’ve got quite a few figures to cover, so let’s get right into it!

My Personal Top Three

1. Pokémon History PVC Statue: While there are an array of brilliant designs in this list, none lovingly allude to Nintendo’s history with the series like this. It would make a wonderful gift for that Pokémon superfan in your life whose grown up with the series.

2. Rainbow Charmander Figure: I love how the designer went all out to create something recognizable yet wholly original. I’m a sucker for pearlescent textures like this, and I’m sure anyone that sees this little guy on your mantelpiece will be too.

3. Low Poly Pokémon Figures: These figures immediately stood out as elegant, tasteful, and unique. Their minimalist design makes them a stylish feature to any room, and with ten unique designs to choose from, it’s tempting just to buy them all!

Selection Criteria

rainbow charmander figure

An important question to answer is what constitutes a figure. It’s a broad description encompassing models that sit statically on a window sill to toys with movable limbs, so I set my criteria to reflect that sentiment. 

Items can be Official or Unofficial

There are both excellent official and unofficial Pokémon merch, so this list will present a mix of Nintendo-branded items and independent products.

Entries can be Ornamental or Toys

What constitutes a figure isn’t exactly clear-cut. For this list, I’ve decided to assume the definition includes toys and ornaments that sought to realize an entity from the Pokemon universe.

It’s often the case that those sorts of toys double up as cool shelf decorations anyway! I’ll also stretch the definition to include pieces beyond depictions of the human characters or monsters: some fantastic in-game item models deserve a place here.

Budget-Friendly to Collectible

Some of the best Pokémon toys are cheap as chips, and others will cost a fair bit. With these figures and models appealing to children and adults alike, it would seem too restrictive to put a price cap on the entries. You’ll find something for you in this list, no matter what your budget.

The Best Pokemon Figures

Pokémon Die-Cast Premier Ball Replica

pokémon die-cast premier ball replica

Kicking off the list, we’ve got one of the more expensive items in the set. In the games, the Premier Ball offers one of the highest catch rates available — and this all-singing-and-dancing desk toy certainly has that quality feel. Encased in what is described as a high-quality engineered metal shell, this toy is designed as a one-to-one replica of the in-game model.

The ball is painted with a vivid high gloss finish, but its aesthetics aren’t the only eye-catching feature. The Pokeball can be removed from its display case, and a motion sensor on the front plays a catching sequence featuring a light show with audio.

This is an officially licensed display-grade product. It’s perfect for someone looking for a premium-feel model with some fun injected!


  • Very high production quality
  • Extra audio and visual effects are a nice touch
  • Built well


  • It’s expensive

Pokémon Car Figures

pokémon car figures

Everything else on this list has been produced to fit the settings of shelves, desks, windowsills, and bedside cabinets, but these figures offer a way to Pokefy your car instead.

They stick safely to your dashboard to offer a cute embellishment to the ordinarily sterile aesthetic of a car interior, and they make an excellent gift for someone who’s just passed their test and bought their first car. Of course, they’re also suitable for dotting about a room to accent your furniture with a Pokémon twist!

Close-up pictures show the paintwork to be precise and vibrant, and the vinyl lacquered finish should ensure their durability to the sun when placed in front of car windows. They’re pretty cheap, considering you get six handmade pieces, so give your friends and family something to remember you by while they’re on the road with these mini figures!


  • High-quality, durable finish
  • Multiple figures for a low price
  • Car decor, instead of the usual indoor pieces


  • They might be a little too small to feature in some indoor areas

Pokeball and Action Figure Toys

pokeball and action figure toys

I thought these toys from Ali Express were an excellent value. Buyers can pick from a selection of twelve popular Pokémon, each with its own unique Pokeball, and each figurine has fully movable limbs.

These are made for kids to play battle with their friends, and they’re cheap enough to buy a few. Each figure folds up neatly into its ball and having bought one myself, I was surprised with the quality of how they’re painted and the degree they move dynamically as toys.

Their maneuverability lends itself to the simulated battles we loved doing as kids, and any would-be trainer is sure to love these! Even if you’re not a little kid, these models make great ornaments, given that you can position them however you want.


  • The high degree of maneuverability in different positions
  • Nicely portable, lending themselves to kids’ play
  • Folds up to fit into a small poke ball


  • The visible joints might put some off if they want to display them

4.5 Inch Charizard Figure

4.5 inch charizard figure

I had to include this classic character somewhere in this list – and in what better way than with a Pokemon franchise officially licensed figure?

This is an immediate go-to if you’re in the market for a classic, instantly recognizable Pokémon design with a level of quality you know you can count on. The model comes from Nintendo’s official line of toys: it has the fully movable legs and arms you’d expect, and it even can shoot a flaming projectile from the mouth.

It’s ideal for play battles or as an ornament, making this an excellent choice for children and adult fans.


  • An iconic Pokémon that will be instantly recognizable to any fan
  • Substantial dimensions make for a stand-out feature on a shelf or desk
  • Officially licensed


  • With it being a favorite Pokémon, someone you’re buying for might already have Charizard-themed stuff.

Pokémon History PVC Statue

pokémon history pvc statue

This is one of the most remarkable figures I’ve seen. There’s an incredible amount of detail here and a beautiful spectrum of popping colors, but the aspect that stands out most is the nod to Nintendo’s history.

We have full models of the original Game Boy and Game Boy Advance. The former was the architecture upon which the entire series was built, and the latter is the final iteration of the brand and the end of an era so far as the classic games go.

With Pikachu and Charizard emphatically bursting through the screens, joined by other series favorites on the perimeter, this is the perfect piece for a series super fan. The detail is incredible — it’s one of those pieces where the more you look, the more you notice, and the more outstanding it becomes!


  • An ornate, intricate design that celebrates Pokémon history
  • Utilizes only the highest quality materials
  • Unique design


  • It will likely appeal to a smaller portion of the Pokémon community – mostly superfans

Rainbow Charmander Figure

Rainbow Charmander Figure

Here’s one of the most striking models I found, and it’s easy to see why. Standing at 6 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide, this stunningly textured pearlescent Charmander figure is sure to please any series fan. Sometimes simply going for these classic Pokemon types in your figurines can feel a bit generic, but this piece will wow anyone — Pokemon fan or not.

It’s the perfect addition to a minimally colored room or a bare desk. I’ll always appreciate designs that go against the grain; it strikes an ideal balance between an instantly recognizable aesthetic and bespoke design!


  • A unique iridescent design I haven’t seen replicated before
  • Precise and detailed machine finish
  • Minimalistic, making it perfect for those that want something more mature


  • Some people might prefer a more traditional color pallet.

Pikachu in Motion MEGA Statue

pikachu in motion mega statue

I like figures that offer an extra element of involvement, and this product embodies that sentiment. I’m thoroughly impressed with how realistic a model this project ends up being when it’s built, and the fact that it houses a mechanism to make it move independently is extra cool.

This is the most unique modeled depiction of Pikachu that I’ve found, and building something like this from scratch broadens its appeal to young and adult fans alike. It’s one of those products that tick all the boxes!


  • Great project for parents and their kids
  • A motorized core allowing for movement adds an extra level of appeal


  • Not a great option for those that don’t like having to assemble their figures

Pikachu and Ash Ketchum Figures

pikachu and ash ketchum figures

Pikachu and Pokémon trainer, Ash. They’re an iconic duo and an obvious choice for any Pokémon fan’s figurine collection. I love the ‘battle ready’ pose, and with its cheap price, this figure duo is the perfect gift for just about any fan of the Pokémon series.

The Pokemon character is instantly recognizable, meaning it’s always going to be a safe bet, and at 4.5 inches, it’s not too imposing and will fit in just about anywhere. If you know someone who would love a Pokémon figurine but have no clue what to buy — get this one!


  • The very cheap price point
  • One of the few figures to feature the human characters in the series
  • Colorful and matte finish to resemble the anime characters


  • A bit simple for someone wanting a more substantial ornamental figure

Set of 6, 5-8 cm Pokémon Figures

set of 6, 5-8 cm pokémon figures

Sometimes, you won’t want something too big. Or maybe you’re unsure if the person you’re buying for will. In this case, a set of smaller figures is a great bet, and this set of six is a brilliant choice for that situation.

In this pack, you’ll get six individual figures. I’ve got some of these myself, and I find they’re a great addition to have dotted around a room to add a bit of Pokémon flair. It’s sometimes difficult to know where to place one of the larger figures in this list within a room, so these represent a great introduction to someone less familiar with these types of ornaments.


  • Great for stationing around a room for a subtle Pokémon flair
  • A varied mix of more famous and lesser-known monsters
  • It comes with six figures


  • It may be considered a little small for some ornamental situations

4.5-inch Blastoise Figure

4.5-inch blastoise figure

Here’s another figure with something a little extra. Every Pokémon fan will recall Blastoise’s duel water cannon ability, and not only does this figure look the part authentically, but you can also fire his projectiles! For that reason, this model is an excellent choice for kids. I think figures with that extra layer of functionality as a toy will always be a big hit for this audience.

Of course, this would look awesome on a desk, shelf, bedside cabinet, or anywhere else you might envisage the series’ favorite water type!


  • Both a functional and aesthetic product
  • High-quality paintwork and a good size
  • You can shoot the projectiles for fun play


  • Some reviews say it was easy to lose the projectiles

Low Poly Pokémon

low poly pokémon

There’s a fine line between clutter and tasteful when it comes to fan merchandise. Minimalist-style rooms are very in vogue right now, and while you might love a model at face value, it may look out of place within the space.

That won’t happen with these awesome low poly mini-figures, though. Their pastel colors gel with any setting you put them in, and the blocky polygonal design fits perfectly with the smart, streamlined decor. I’ve got some of these, and they’re a perfect way to accent a space with a pop of Pokémon cuteness without being overpowering.


  • Perfect for accenting a minimalist room with a pop of color
  • Multiple designs to choose from and fun to collect
  • Super unique design


  • It might be a little too abstract for some fans

Ultra Swole Pokémon Figures

ultra swole pokémon figures

I’m always up for including the weird and wacky among more standard options, and these models certainly fit the bill in that regard!

Who knew bodybuilder Pikachu and Bulbasaur would look so oddly satisfying? These are undoubtedly polarizing pieces – they won’t be for everyone, but if you’ve got a bodybuilding Pokémon fan with a bare room, it’s an obvious choice! 

Or perhaps you just like weird crossovers. Either way, these figures are the perfect gift for a Pokémon fan with a sense of humor!


  • A clever twist on the aesthetic of famous characters
  • Impressive level of detail
  • Fun for those that like to find a little humor in their figures


  • It may be considered a little too weird for many fans

Homertoise Figure

homertoise figure

This is undoubtedly the most obscure model on this list, that’s for sure, but if you’re as big a fan of Pokemon and The Simpsons as I am, you’ll absolutely love this piece. The expression on Homertoise’s face is just excellent, and the designer did a fantastic job with the color pallet.

I also think this one works brilliantly as a gift: If you know someone who likes both series, it makes for the perfect personalized present.


  • A humorous and well-executed parody
  • Well-balanced colors that will blend in with most settings
  • Can make a great personalized gift for someone that is a cross over fan


  • Appealing only to a particular type of fan

Pokémon Evolution Statues

pokémon evolution statues

This is your best option if you’re after an absolute showstopper and have a lot of cash to spend. The statue depicts a given Pokémon and its different evolutionary states in stunning fashion; as you can see, the detail is absolutely breathtaking.  

They stand 23cm tall, and you can choose between Mewtwo, Mega Mewtwo, Raichu, Blastoise, Charizard, Venusaur, Gengar, Dragonite, and Slowbro and Slowking. I love how the textures are materials are so varied, and each variant is totally different, too. If I were getting one, I’d struggle to pick from these stunning options!


  • The most detailed and visually impressive figures I’ve found
  • A wide range of different textures makes for an eye-catching statement piece
  • Could be a collector’s item


  • Smaller target audience considering they’re tailored to fans of a specific type of Pokémon.

Natural Obsidian Gengar Hand-carved Figure

natural obsidian gengar hand-carved figure

This is a great little gem – if you’ll pardon the pun. There aren’t any hand-carved models on this list simply because they’re few and far between. However, this Gengar model has been affectionately crafted out of Obsidian for an authentic, unique, and understated overall design.

This is an excellent choice if you’re not looking for something that overtly references the series. It’s not instantly recognizable due to the deep black color, but sometimes, that unassuming design is precisely what people are looking for.


  • Suitable for those who only wish for a subtle hat-tip to the series
  • One of the only handmade models I came across
  • Made of obsidian


  • The fact that it’s not immediately recognizable as a Pokémon may be off-putting to some


Question: I’m Considering Getting a Pokémon Figure for an Adult, but I Don’t Know Whether they’ll Find it too Childish. How can I Tell what they’ll Like Best?

Answer: Understandably, you’re cautious about buying for an adult — even if you’re confident they’d enjoy something Pokemon-themed. As we’ve established, a figure can be many things, so take the time to consider what the person may already own that might be in that realm. Perhaps they like figures and desk items, so you can tailor your search around that.
Unless you’re sure the person will like it, avoid going for toy figures. The person you’re buying for will likely appreciate more understated collector’s items over the Pokémon Battle Balls I covered above, for example.

Question: I Know My Friend/Family Member Likes Pokémon, but there are so Many of them that I Don’t Know which to go for! How do I Know what Monster to go for in Figure Form?

Answer: There are indeed a lot of Pokémon — 905, to be precise! If you don’t know your friend or family member’s favorite, or if they have a favorite in the first place, you’re best off going with the classics.
Thankfully, these are mostly what you’ll see in the Pokémon merch space. You won’t find every one of the 905 represented as a figure! Pikachu, Charizard, Gengar, and Bulbasaur are each good ones to go for if you’re stuck. Any fan will recognize these.

Question: Having Seen so many Cool Designs on Etsy, I’m Interested in Designing My own Figures. What Do I Need to Know?

Answer: Etsy is an excellent source of inspiration for many who frequent the stores, but making your own models like those in this list is a large undertaking. That’s not to say you can’t, of course, and the complexity depends on what sort of equipment you have.
Many models will have been 3D printed, which is a whole art form in and of itself. I recommend checking out the 3D printing subreddit for more information or Thomas Sanladerer’s YouTube channel.


I hope this list has given you insight into either buying an item for yourself or a gift for the Pokémon fanatic in your life. It isn’t an exhaustive list, of course, so be sure to have a further browse on the sites each item is linked to for more ideas that might catch your eye. Good luck!

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