Pokemon Clover Guide and Walkthrough

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Pokemon is a video game franchise that has been running for what seems like forever. Offering its fans a wealth of content, providing more monsters than you could ever hope to remember, and giving fans eight mainstream adventures to take on, as well as countless spin-off titles that shake up the format and the content on offer even further. These are incredible experiences, but inevitably, you get thousands of fans who don’t like what Game Freak put on the table. Usually stating that they could do better.

Well, there are a select few developers out there who have put their money where their mouth is and produced Pokemon games of their own. These fan-made editions of the popular Game Boy outings give fans brand new adventures with content that you wouldn’t dream of seeing in a Pokemon game, such as Masocore level difficulty spikes, adult content, and violence beyond the usual Pokemon battles we are used to. It sounds a little barbaric, but we promise that a lot of these fan-made games are great. This is why we want to introduce you to some.

In this guide, we take a look specifically at the Pokemon hack known as Pokemon Clover. This is a game that parodies the online social media platform 4Chan. The game is filled with nearly impenetrable references, adult humor, some pop culture and gaming references that will make your mouth curl up at the side, and a whole catalog of completely unique Fakemon. So, without further ado, here is our essential handbook explaining all things Pokemon Clover.

What is Pokemon Clover?

Now, moving on to this ROM Hack, in particular, Pokemon Clover is a hack that allows players to experience a storyline that mimics a lot of the core structure of Fire Red.

However, this game tells a story that is chocked full of memes, pop culture references, content inspired by iconic movements on 4Chan, and regrettably, a lot of racial stereotypes, sexual content, toilet humor, bigoted jokes, and homophobic content, but we guess that is part and parcel of the 4Chan experience. So, if you are easily offended or your politics even slightly lean to the left, you might want to give this one a miss.

However, if you are able to put the narrative content to one side, the game does have some excellent content to offer. The game is much harder than a standard Pokemon adventure, has humourous moments interwoven with the tasteless content, has almost 400 unique Pokemon for you to collect, and offers some excellent changes to the format to optimize the gameplay on offer.

Pokemon Clover: A Story Synopsis?

The story of Pokemon Clover is not the most cohesive one if we are telling the truth. In terms of structure, it follows the same path that players will follow when playing through Pokemon Fire Red.

The players will beat a series of gym leaders, complete a series of side challenges, take down an evil team of criminals, and ultimately beat the elite four. So, fans of the series will probably find this process a strangely familiar one. The key differences are that this game changes the core content of the story to tell jokes, make pop culture references, and pepper in various dank memes for good measure.

The story will see you work through storylines that deal with immigration issues, Neo-Nazis, ultra-feminism, racism, 4chan admins, conspiracy theorists, Anti-semitism and much more.

In truth, the story is far too sporadic and unfocused to give an all-encompassing overview. However, if you are familiar with the source material, that is the social media platform 4Chan. You’ll know firsthand that this is very much on brand. In short, you simply have to experience this one to get the full picture.

What Pokemon Are Available within Pokemon Clover?

Pokemon Clover plays host to a grand total of 386 Pokemon. All of which are completely unique and exclusive to this Pokemon ROM. This game features absolutely no mainstream Pokemon and instead replaces them with Pokemon that make reference to memes and content that found fame within the 4Chan forums.

Some of these Pokemon, such as Hanginy, Chancer, or Pikatton, make reference to fan-favorite Pokemon. However, they are different enough to stand out as Pokemon in their own right.

This Pokemon title has a fully fleshed-out Pokedex, full entries for each Pokemon, and while players may struggle to learn all of the type advantages. The good news is that the developer has tried to make the typing of each Pokemon very apparent in the core design. So you’ll pick it up in no time, and if not, there is a dedicated Pokedex guide online should you need it.

Pokemon Clover Guide & Walkthrough

Starting Out: Veepier Town & Vitaya City

Ok, so let us walk you through the main points of the Pokemon Clover journey. The good thing about this game is that thanks to this ROM using the Fire Red map, a lot of the places you will travel and the order in which you do so is pretty much the same.

So, to begin with, you have to walk about into the tall grass and get stomped predictably by the professor of the region, Professor Stump. He will drag you back to his lab and ask you to choose a Pokemon to take on your travels. Your choices are Grasshole, the grass type; Arabomb, the fire type; and Ejacasm, the water type.

Then, once you have selected your preferred mon, you’ll fight your rival as normal, go to Vitaya City to collect a package to Professor Stump from the Pokemart, and then return to the town and head through the forest up ahead.

Gadech City

After you make your way through the forest, you’ll find the city that resembles Pewter City, Gadech City. Here, you have two objectives. You need to go to the Museum and defeat the Team Karma Admins. Then you’ll have to go to the Gym and beat Brock.

The museum battle is a fairly straightforward one. However, Brock can be a real challenge, especially if you choose Arabomb as your starter. So here is a quick rundown of what you’ll be up against, allowing you to plan ahead and beat Brock with ease:

  • Lanshil – Lv.11
  • Chompest – Lv.14
  • Ballacle – Lv.12

The key to this battle is to get a type advantage over his rock Pokemon. Rock Tomb is an absolute killer move in the early stages of this hack, and if you don’t plan ahead, Brock will whitewash you. Grasshole, Ejacasm, Semdrop, and Wedgard are just some of the many options that the trainer will have at their disposal.

Once you beat Brock and clear out the Museum. You’ll want to first talk to the dirty old man in the northeast of the city; this will award the player with the HM Flash, which is invaluable later. Then, head out toward Mt Moon, which is exactly where you would expect it to be if you have played the vanilla Fire Red title.

Mt Moon has a slightly different layout to the vanilla version. However, you don’t need flash to get around, and aside from perhaps the fossil keeper’s battle, you won’t have too much trouble.

Keksandra will battle you at the end of the cave, so try to keep PP and healthy Pokemon right up to the end of the cave. Ideally, use your starter Pokemon to make light work of this fight. Then make your way out of the cave, and you’ll find yourself in Actuvist City.

Actuvist City

Here, you also have two goals. One is to beat Tumblrita, and the other is to head out to what is meant to be Bill’s house and change them back from a Pokemon into a human. The latter is fairly straightforward, with the biggest challenge being crossing what resembles Nugget Bridge.

The end battle with Kymmi is somewhat tricky, but with a fully healed roster, you should get through just fine. Then you just need to take care of Tumblrita. Here is what you’ll be up against:

  • Fishnism – Lv.17
  • Caroline – Lv.18
  • Sjwhale – Lv.20
  • Praeteur – Lv.17

To ease through this battle, if you have a Grasshole, use it. If you have another water counter like Probiskito, Clauver, or Pikila, use them, and if you have Pokemon that can defend against flying types such as Wedgard, for example, use them too. This can be a tricky battle, but once you get past the Sjwhale, the rest is fairly simple.

Triport City

Once you get through here, you will want to head south toward the underground pass and make your way through there. Then, make your way through routes 6 and 7, where you will encounter a wealth of trainers and a spaceship to explore, so stock up on provisions. Travel until you reach Triport City, the equivalent of Vermillion City in Fire Red. Here, you will have another two quests. To beat the gym and hop aboard the Ruse Cruise,

The Ruse cruise is yet another easy area and pretty much mimics the SS Anne part in Fire Red. So, you may want to consider doing this task first to get some precious XP. This will see you battle a few trainers, some Karma Admins, and eventually your main Rival.

The battle with them is pretty easy and won’t give you too much trouble. Just be sure to pack a counter for his starter Pokemon, and you will be fine. When you beat your rival, you will be thrown off the boat, and you will find yourself on Singles Island.

To get back to the mainland, you will have to visit a house south of the main island and speak to the sea captain. This is a reference to the captain you find in Petalburg in the Hoeen-based games. He will give you the HM cut and will then head off to the marina.

Use cut to make your way there, set sail, and you will be back in Triport City. Now, with this added experience, you should be in a good position to face the third Gym leader in search of the Maskbadge.

To reach the Gym leader, you will need to solve a puzzle. This will involve pressing floor tiles to clear binary walls, somewhat similar to Mauville City’s Gym in the Hoeen games. The trainers and the tiles will not pose too much of an issue. However, you will need to enter a password to turn off the main gate. This password is the famous NES cheat code that requires you to input up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, and A. If you do this, you will gain access to the gym leader. Here is what you will be up against:

  • Annoymouse: Lv.25
  • Pikotton: Lv.23
  • Ribbizap: Lv.26
  • Mooshock: Lv.28

The main challenge of this battle lies in keeping a batch of Pokemon alive to beat the Mooshock at the end. However, if you have some competent ground-type Pokemon, such as Midril, or grass types like Analgae, you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

After you beat this Gym leader, you will want to head back up north, past the Moomoo Milk Cafe; use cut on the trees, and this will take you to route 16. This is where this game’s equivalent of Rock Tunnel is. You may want to grind a little if you feel you are behind, as it only gets harder from here.

Rock Tunnel/Parax Town

If you picked up Flash earlier, be sure to teach it to one of your Pokemon. Vandash is a great HM slave if you need one, and don’t mind the rather troubling symbolism. If you do this, Rock Tunnel is much less of a labyrinth, and you’ll make your way through with ease.

The correct way through is all the way north and then all the way west when you first enter. After this, the rest of the path is rather easy to follow. After you exit Rock Tunnel, head south through Route Eight, and you’ll find yourself in Parax Town, Pokemon Clover’s Lavander Town remix.

Here, you will only have one goal, and that is to reach the top of the tower and stop the ever-looping ‘Spooky Scary Skeletons’ theme that plagues the town. To do this, talk to the old man in the westernmost house in Parax Town, then make your way east toward the graveyard.

However, before you get there, you will have to battle your main rival again. This is the first battle with them, in our opinion, that you’ll potentially struggle with, so here is what you’ll be up against:

  • Lv.29 Ayylamo
  • Lv.31 Hazmate
  • Lv.30 Deemdow
  • Lv.33 Armowite
  • Lv32 Analgae/Iguallah/Hosajack

The main test is not one Pokemon but rather the whole set, as they offer a lot of coverage. So, we would suggest going into this one with a varied team that can take on psychic, dark, poisonous, and rock-type moves. When you beat your rival, you can begin scaling the tower, and thus begins one of the most frustrating puzzles of the whole game.

Your main goal here is to avoid the gaze of the skeletons in the tower. Initially, this is pretty simple, but as you ascend, the timing required to get this right is pretty precise. We would suggest that if you are playing at double speed, slow it down for this section. Every room bar the last will be annoying but straightforward. And for those stuck on the last one. The first skeleton will mimic your movements, so walk towards him and then walk him sideways until he gets stuck in the protruding wall.

Then, zoom past the one in the middle of the room, pivoting, and sneak past the one who is walking near the east of the room aimlessly. Time your run so you pass the skeleton doing shuttle runs. Then lastly, use the right-hand corner of where the two closely packed skeletons are to gradually edge your way closer to the stairs, then run when you see an opening. This will take a few tries, but persevere. Then maybe drop a save state here to avoid potentially having to do it again.

This is because you will have to face the evil spirit monster in the room above. This is a very strong, level 37 Pokemon that cannot be caught; it can only be killed. The best Pokemon for the job are rock and ground-type Pokemon such as Midrill or Plebbles, for example. His main attacks are discharge and flamethrower, so watch out for those. Once you have completed this, you can ascend the tower again to collect the sacred ash if you wish, then move on and travel to the west of Parax Town.

Animango City

West of Parax Town, you will find Route 9. There isn’t too much of note here. There are a few trainers, some hidden items, and some dancing men that block our path to Beehive City. So take the Underground Path, and you’ll find yourself smack bang in the middle of Clover’s Celedon City remake, Animango City.

There are a lot of things that the player can find and do in the city, such as Pokemon trades, the game corner, the department store, and a Weaboo store as well. However, we are interested in progression, so we will head to the gym in the southwest of the city. Here, you will find the Pokemon Leader, Snoop.

As you can imagine, this Gym is drug-inspired, so you will enter rooms that offer psychedelic overlays and visuals, with one representing a good trip and the other representing a bad one. To access the leader, you need to enter both rooms and stop the smoke generators. Be prepared to battle a few trainers on your way. When you switch off the generators, the north section opens, and you can now take on Snoop. Here is what you’ll be up against;

  • Lv.35 Vandash
  • Lv.35 Ingut
  • Lv.36 Marionettl
  • Lv. 37 Anaconduke
  • Lv.38 Marleyzard

This is a tough battle but one that you should be prepared for. Chances are that you’ll pass on the first try. For the grass types, you can use fire types to give you an advantage, and with the trick, fire types like Ingut and Marleyzard.

We would suggest that you pack some water/bug/Ground types too. This will give you enough coverage to beat this leader and take home the Blunt Badge. This is all you really have to do here, so once you finish up here, head east and head out toward Route 16 and on through Route 17; the way should now be clear.

Beehive City

Once you work your way through Route 17, you will now be in Beehive City, the Saffron City of Pokemon Clover. This is another huge city with tons to explore, but we have two clear goals here. One is to hit the Meme’s Incorporated building, and the other is to storm the Gym and take that badge.

We will go with Memes incorporated first. The goal here is to use the warp tiles to get to the various Team Karma Grunts and fight them to obtain clues on how to get the key card to access the president’s room. Do this, and eventually, you will be told to head to 3F, where an urban explorer will offer you an old key for the Capslock Prime building in Animango City. So once you have this, make your way back there.

Navigate through the various floors, and you will eventually find a key card as an item dropped on floor 2F of Capslock Prime. Once you have this, quickly zoom back up to Memes Incorporated and use the key card on the door on 7F to proceed further.

You will eventually get to an area where a small boy has been holding the president captive. It turns out that he left all of his Pokemon at home, so there is no need for a battle here, and the President is saved.

Speak to the team Karma grunt in the room, and they will give you details about Karma’s true secret hideout. This is between Animango City and Beehive City in the sewers. That’s where you are headed next.

Head to Karma Sub HQ, and here you will encounter, you guessed it, even more grunts who want to battle. Make your way through the underground floors, and before you reach the end goal, predictably, your main rival will appear and challenge you to a battle. Here is what to expect in this battle:

  • Lv.40 Uwotto
  • Lv.38 Dowster
  • Lv.40 Hazmate
  • Lv.38 Triggedon
  • Lv.41. Armowite
  • Lv.40 Rectareem/Lizakbar/ Condoom

This battle is just a slightly heightened version of the last one in Parax Town. Just make sure you have Pokemon that can withstand psychic, dark, ghost, and poison attacks, and you should be fine.

After this, make your way to B4F, where you will have to face a pair of grunts, and behind them, you will find the lift key. Go back to the elevator and use this to travel to the closed-off room on B4F. This is where you meet Lil’ Bro, and you’ll have another boss battle-level fight on your hands here. This is what you can expect:

  • Lv.40 Birdhouse
  • Lv.43 Baloofang
  • Lv.41 Smellox
  • Lv.41 Chasumo
  • Lv.42 Honrade

This is a tough battle, as his coverage is decent here, but if you have some strong psychic Pokemon, electric-type Pokemon, or Rock-type Pokemon, you should be fine here.

After you beat him, he’ll run off, and after tailing him, you’ll find yourself in a house in Beehive City. A grunt in the house will tell you that he’s already left and headed south of Parax Town. The good news is that you can fight the Beehive Gym now, so let’s go do that.

This is a Gym that is modeled after the late Freddie Mercury, so be prepared for that homophobic humor to hit you right up the face here. This Gym will have you solve an arrow tile puzzle, like in the sub hideout. It’s fairly straightforward, and before you know it, you’ll be standing before the hologram of the iconic rocker himself. Here is what to expect from Freddie in this battle:

  • Lv.40 Ayylamo
  • Lv.44 Geigh
  • Lv.42 Wifemin
  • Lv.43 Lossolith
  • Lv.45 Tripsius

The theme of this Gym is mainly Psychic Pokemon. So, the best antidote for this is to use your own psychic Pokemon or steel/dark types. The only exception to this is Geigh, the fairy/flying type, so bring a strong electric Pokemon along for the ride, too. If you do this, the Queen badge will be yours. So now you’ll want to head to Route 11, south of Parax town, and make your way south in search of Lil’ Bro.

RTBH Border Hop

After you make your way through Route 11, battling the various trainers as you go, you will reach Route 12, and on this route, you will find the RTBH Border Hop. Here come some problematic racial stereotypes.

This will see the player travel through what is Clover’s representation of Digglet Cave. Simply make your way through here, jump the fence, and you will be on the RTBH Wetback trail. Make your way through here, chasing down the leader of the Mexicans, Carlito, into the middle building within this area. This will lead to a battle with the boss as he believes that you are a border patrol officer. Here is what to expect from the battle:

  • Somboludo x6 (Levels 47, 48, 48, 49, 49, 50)

Somboludo is a ground and steel Pokemon, so take some water types, and you’ll ease through this battle. After this, Carlito will ask for your help, having cleared up the misunderstanding.

He asks you to help them pop the border. So back to the Border Hop, you go, battling the grunts that you find. Then, once you beat them all, it will be revealed that they were part of a taco smuggling operation. He runs off and drops a Poop Flute. This is your way forward and will allow you to clear the large piles of dung blocking your path, much like a Snorlax would in the original game. This will allow you to travel freely through routes 13, 14, and 15, and eventually, you will arrive in Esfores City.

Esfores City

In this city, you’ll get the chance to battle it out against the self-proclaimed best musical artist of all time, Kanye West, in the Esfores Gym. However, you’ll have to tackle the Safari Zone first. To even enter the Safari Zone in the north of the city, you’ll need to take on Keksandra, who wants to earn some prize money after spending it all at the Safari Zone.

You can deny her, but she won’t move until you beat her. So here is what to expect from this battle:

  • Lv.50 Flowre
  • Lv.48 Spaghefant
  • Lv.49 Memeface
  • Lv.47 Tripsius
  • Lv.47 Hitmonana
  • Lv.50 Rectareem/Lizakbar/Condoom

This is a tough battle, as the coverage on offer here can overwhelm even the most diverse teams. You’ll want a fire type, a fairy type, a flying type, a steel/dark type, an electric type, and a fighting type to take down this team. However, this is an ideal type of list, and there are a multitude of ways to go about this. After you beat Keksandra, she will give you the HM surf. You can visit the Safari Zone if you like, but to use surf, you’ll need to take on Yeezy, so that’s next on the agenda.

This Gym is set up with ten rooms with three-door choices that you can make in each. One will lead to a poisoned room that will poison a random Pokemon, another will lead to a random Lv.50 poison Pokemon encounter, and one will often be a Gym trainer room. Occasionally, you will get a Pokemon nurse that will heal your Pokemon. The twist of this Gym is that you cannot leave once you enter, so stock up on antidotes before you go in.

After the tenth room, you will be before the great Yesus himself. Here is what to expect from his poison-themed team:

  • Lv.50 Hazmate
  • Lv.54 Evolable
  • Lv.51 Crystaking
  • Lv.52 Cacademon
  • Lv 52 Smoxilon
  • Lv.50 Toxiraptor

This battle is one of the most straightforward of all the gym leaders. Just back your team with some strong rock, steel, and electric-type Pokemon, and you’ll breeze through this encounter, picking up the Ebola badge in the process and gaining access to surf outside of battle. We would also urge players to go to the safari zone now and work their way through the respective areas to obtain Rock Smash, which can be used outside of battle with no need for a badge.

Head west of Esfores City and along the watery path, which makes up routes 19, 20, and 21. After you have navigated these, you will be on Outcast Island.

Outcast Island

On the island, your goal is to pick up your seventh gym badge, but you can’t do that until the leader returns to his post. You’ll find him in Blacksmith Manor on the northwest side of town.

You’ll have to explore the various rooms as you would have done in the vanilla Pokemon Mansion, using statues with switches to open certain doors. You’ll make your way through three floors containing scientists and Polk’s underlings, and when you reach the end, you’ll find the Gym Leader Polk himself. He is impressed by your skills and decides to return to the Gym to give you a chance at the badge.

So now, exit the manor and head over to the Gym, where you will have to free the members of the Jewish community who have been captured by Polk to reach him. If you haven’t gathered, this is a neo-nazi themed gym. I tried to brush over that as best I could. You’ll have to free and battle all the prisoners and battle the guards, and when you finally do all of that, you’ll have Polk to battle.

This is what you can expect from the disgraced former Actuvist City Gym Leader.

  • Lv.54 Kuklan
  • Lv.54 Florigrace
  • Lv.58 Finasoven
  • Lv.56 Pyralink
  • Lv.55 Urswine
  • Lv.56 Hyletrack

This battle is tricky as you’ll need to have some Pokemon that can handle the red herring Florigrace. So pack some water types, one fire type, a dragon type, and maybe a ground type as well. This should put you in good stead to end this battle and pick up your seventh badge. You may be tempted to fly back to the eighth gym, which was inaccessible way back at the beginning of the game, but we aren’t done yet. Head north of Outcast Island, and after traveling through Route 22, you will find yourself in the RTFC Futaba Chambers.

RTFC Futaba Chambers/ Ruse Cruise II

When you reach these chambers, you will be tasked with working your way underground through the various floors. Then, ascend to exit on the other side of the island. This is essentially Clover’s Seafoam islands. When in this area, we would urge you to capture Fontaba A and Fontaba Z for a task that will be revealed a little later.

Then, as for the chambers. Simply work your way through the area, ascending and descending through the ladders and picking up various useful items along the way. Then, you should eventually exit and find yourself on the east of the island.

Continue west along Route 24; you will see more Futaba chambers, but ignore them as you will need Rock Climb to access the content here. Keep heading west, and you’ll eventually stumble across a familiar ship. Get yourself back on board the Ruse Crusie.

This area will feature more sliding tile puzzles that were not present on the first Ruse Cruise voyage, and the trainers are far more experienced than before, too. Simply work your way through the ship, exploring each cabin, and as you reach the last few, Leon, the Karma Admin leader, will be bound out and toward you, leading to yet another boss battle. Here is what you are up against this time:

  • Lv.54 Toxiraptor
  • Lv.56 Batterex
  • Lv.55 Lizakbar
  • Lv.56 Anaconduke
  • Lv.54 Pyralink
  • Lv.58 Cannonance

This is a tough battle, not only because Leon has decent type coverage. He also has some very capable monsters, including Cannonance, who is a formidable foe. The best way to approach this is to bring along a few dragon types, ice types, water types, and psychic types to give yourself the best chance.

This is a tough battle, so don’t be down if it takes a few tries here. After this, continue through the ship, shutting off the machines to get rid of the pesky arrows on the floor. When you do, this will allow you to enter the boss’s room, where you will find Lil’ Bro once again, triggering another boss battle. Here’s the lineup:

  • Lv.58 Birdhouse
  • Lv.59 Baloofang
  • Lv.56 Palossus
  • Lv.56 Sonnanos
  • Lv.56 Hulkan
  • Lv.58 Honrade

This seems like a tricky battle, but looking at the various Pokemon on offer, you’ll soon realize that a team loaded with Psychic-type monsters will get the job done pretty handily. Electric and dragon types are also encouraged. Lil’ Bro decides that Karma isn’t what he thought it would be and denounces the group.

Meanwhile, it’s time to walk ahead, use the medkit to heal up, and then you’ll meet the true boss of Team Karma, none other than Kymmi. Here is the team you’ll be up against:

  • Lv.57 Sadfish
  • Lv.60 Knogrinyu
  • Lv.58 Nomaestro
  • Lv.58 Deloris
  • Lv.59 Memenace
  • Lv.59 Oreon

This is hands down the toughest Karma battle that you will face. The coverage and attacking options that this team has is staggering. So we would advise having a counter for each and every Pokemon here.

This means that ideally, you’ll need a strong electric type, fighting type, Dark-type, psychic type, Grass-type, and Ghost-type to take on this leader. Obviously, there is some wiggle room, but this will give you a fighting chance. After this, you can either surf home and then walk up to Vitaya Gym or fly there if you pick up the move from the flying school in Beehive City.

Vitaya City Gym

When you enter the Gym, you can see that there is a sandstorm raging inside the building, and the gimmick of this Gym is much like the one in Triport. You will have to use floor switches to clear a path to the leader.

After you battle a few trainers, gather some clues on the upcoming elite four assault, and finally clear a path to the gym leader, you learn that you’ll be fighting Darude, which explains the literal sandstorm inside the Gym. Here is the team that the legendary artist will be using:

  • Lv.61 Motherfuck
  • Lv.62 Potarded
  • Lv.60 Somboludo
  • Lv.61 Galavire
  • Lv.61 Galaviste
  • Lv.60 Vaultevour

This is a dual-themed gym battle that will see you fight three primary ground types and three primary steel types. So you can approach this by having a selection of fire and water-type Pokemon, or you can bring along some grass and electric Pokemon for the ride as well.

However, this isn’t too tough of a battle if you bring along a well-thought-out party to battle with. Once you beat this gym, you will finally have access to the Pokemon League. You can choose to return home and battle Professor Stump, see your Mother, or go to Animango City and pick up your first legendary Pokemon from the man in the penthouse. However, whenever you are done with these tasks, head into the man cave in Vitaya City and along route 29; this will lead you to RTVR Victory Road.

RTVR Victory Road

The goal of this area is to find all of the guardians, battle them, learn secrets about the upcoming Elite 4 challenge, and then obtain Strength so you can move the boulder blocking your way to the Pokemon League. There are six areas of Victory Road to explore, so try to find all the guardians in each area, and eventually, a gentleman will inform you that you have beaten all the guardians and can proceed out toward the League.

Before you get anywhere near the league, there are some more obstacles that you need to overcome. The first is Keksandra, who will serve her final purpose before becoming a useless NPC. This is the team she will go into the final rival battle with:

  • Lv.67 Flowre
  • Lv.66 Memenace
  • Lv.67 Tripsius
  • Lv.67 Spaghefant
  • Lv.66 Hitmonana
  • Lv.68 Rectreem/Lizakbar/Condoom

This battle isn’t all that different from any of the other times that you have faced Keksandra. Just use a counter for her starter and a mix of fighting, ground, fire, and electric types, and you should win this battle.

However, the fun doesn’t stop there, as there is a shameless Samuel. L. Jackson reference on the way. This is a battle where you can’t use items and must weather the assault of six Motherfucks. This means six very powerful Self-destructs in a row with no revives.

We would suggest that you approach this battle with a very sturdy defensive Pokemon or at least one Pokemon that has the ability, endure, or has the ability, Sturdy. You could also try out speeding this Pokemon, but this battle is much easier if you simply ride it out rather than take on the trainer in genuine combat. After this, you will encounter a Ninoop that you can catch, and then, finally, you’ll be at the Pokemon League.

Fochun Pokemon League

Before you can get started on the league assault, merchants storm the building, meaning you’ll have to fight them to get past. Thankfully, this isn’t a hard task to complete. Then you can buy some gear, heal your Pokemon, make some last-minute tweaks to your squad, and then it’s on to the Elite Four.

First up, you have Bendova, who uses a selection of normal-type Pokemon. Here is the team that you’ll be up against:

  • Lv.66 Upchucken
  • Lv.66 Elephas
  • Lv.66 Ricosuave
  • Lv.67 Knogrinyu
  • Lv.67 Huntabre
  • Lv.68 Draconius

As you can see, some of these are only normal secondary types. So, if you can pack some Pokemon with fighting-type moves, dragon-type moves, and steel-type moves, you should make it over this first hurdle. This will bring you on to Ginosaji.

This elite four-member leads a primary ghost-type team with some wildcards to spoil the party. Here is the team that Ginosaji has to offer:

  • Lv.68 Unjoy
  • Lv.68 Oburonyxo
  • Lv.69 Spookzilla
  • Lv.67 Spilefree
  • Lv.67 Sprucifix
  • Lv. 67 Phantash

Apart from Oburonyxo, all of these Pokemon have a ghost typing, so you can use fellow ghost types, dark types, and psychic types to beat the majority of this roster. Then, you can use a water type to deal with the rogue rock type.

This takes you on to the third challenge in the form of Tyrone, the keyboard warrior of the elite four contingents. He leads with a dark-type entourage. Here is the team that you will be up against:

  • Lv. 67 Rekroach
  • Lv.68 Isissin
  • Lv.67 Monstrap
  • Lv.67 Uwotto
  • Lv.69 Deathorus
  • Lv.70 Yedoom

The team on offer here are all dark types but only as a secondary typing. So the coverage this team has is deceptively wide, making this one of the toughest battles you’ll face. For you to succeed, you’ll need to bring along a mix of steel, fire, water, ice, and electric Pokemon if you want to make it out in one piece.

If you do, you’ll move on to the last of the elite four, Saxton Hale. This man is a fighting type Pokemon enthusiast, and this is the team that will conclude the Elite Four challenge:

  • Lv.68 Galaviste
  • Lv.67 Krokizon
  • Lv.68 Mabster
  • Lv.69 Kuuroba
  • Lv.68 Batterex
  • Lv.71 Farfigtron

All of these Pokemon, except for one, are a secondary fighting type, so you can make use of psychic types in this battle. However, you may also want to utilize grass, fire, water, and dragon-type moves where applicable.

Then, for the red herring in the form of Krokizon, you’ll want to have a strong Ground, Water, or Fire option on hand to take this one on.

We would love to say that the champion is the only thing standing in your way, but your rival greets you on the final stairway and, after being defeated by the champion, aims to beat you with his fully healed team to stop you in your tracks, here is the team that your main rival will send out:

  • Lv.70 Uwotto
  • Lv.73 Armowite
  • Lv.71 Hazmate
  • Lv.70 Dowster
  • Lv.71 Cannonance
  • Lv.72 Rectreem/Lizakbar/Condoom

This is a tricky battle to have after facing the elite four, as PP and HP may be limited at this time. So use ethers and potions before you go into this one. You’ll want to have some dragon and psychic types to call upon, as well as a counter for their starter, as well as some steel-type moves to call upon. This battle isn’t too hard; it’s more the timing and circumstance that makes this one hard. However, if you stock up on items and prepare, you’ll get through this.

This will only leave one more battle, the grand champion. Your rival gives you a max Elixir and wishes you luck, only to realize that you are in the living room of your own house. In a shocking turn of events, your Mother is the grand champion, and she will test how much you have learned. Here is the team you will face for the final battle:

  • Lv.72 Mozzamamel
  • Lv.73 Shiny Baddon
  • Lv.99 Masdawg
  • Lv.71 Marleyzard
  • Lv.71 Wifemin
  • Lv.71 Sedemen

This is your biggest test, as you’ll have to take down a legendary Lv.99 Pokemon and a roster of well-rounded Pokemon with great coverage. What you’ll need here is a strong fighting Pokemon, a powerful dark type, a dragon that ideally knows a strong fire move, a steel-type Pokemon, and a powerful grass-type Pokemon, then perhaps a psychic Pokemon and a water/ground type for coverage. If you manage to beat Mom, you are inducted into the Hall of Fame, and the credits roll.

Congrats. You just beat Pokemon Clover.

Are You Feeling Lucky?

As you can see from the information above, Pokemon Clover is not for everyone. It’s offensive, has humor that is downright impenetrable at times for those who aren’t immersed in the world of 4Chan, and the content scrapes the bottom of the barrel at times for a cheap laugh.

However, in our opinion, if you get past the undoubtedly terrible subject matter, there is a gem of a Pokemon adventure to journey through here. Nearly 400 unique Pokemon, a completely unique story with end-game content, various cool features, and a difficulty level that will challenge even the most experienced Pokemon fan. We say give this one a shot and live the life of a meme lord.

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