Pokemon Fire Red Omega Walkthrough And Guide

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As someone who has played through Pokemon Fire Red and countless Fire Red ROM Hacks countless times, I know a thing or two about the Kanto region. It’s where my first Pokemon adventure began, courtesy of Pokemon Yellow on the GBC, and it’s what I would call my comfort zone in the Pokemon series.

However, there are a few games out there that like to strip that comfort away and create a rather hostile and challenging environment for veteran Pokemon players. Pokemon Radical Red is a great example, Pokemon Run and Bun is another, and today, we are going to be going through Pokemon Fire Red Omega.

This is a title that keeps a lot of the core Fire Red story beats and events but adds a number of key changes, new areas, and much more to make this a test for even the most skilled trainer. But hey, enough talk; let’s grab some Pokeballs from Professor Oak and get moving. This is POK Universe’s Pokemon Fire Red Omega Walkthrough and Guide!

Pokemon Fire Red Omega Story Synopsis

The story synopsis here is that there isn’t really much change in terms of the game’s story beats when compared to the standard story established in Pokemon Red and Blue back in the 1990s.

The selling point of this ROM hack is that the game has been given a facelift and has been made significantly more difficult. I would argue that it’s still much more manageable than Pokemon Radical Red, but it’s still a very strong test for Pokemon fans.

Pokemon Fire Red Key Features

There are a number of core changes that make this game more than just a Pokemon Fire Red clone. Here are the most notable changes listed below:

  • New Starters
  • All Pokemon up to Gen III
  • Changes to accommodate nuzlockes
  • Updated Gym Leaders and Elite Four
  • EV Checker
  • Day/Night Cycle
  • Bump in overall average Level of Pokemon
  • QoL changes to Pokemon Movesets, Safari Zone, Trades, and more…

Pokemon Fire Red Omega Walkthrough and Guide

Okay, so just a quick disclaimer. If you haven’t played Pokemon Fire Red, I’m not going to hold your hand through the established progression and story, and I won’t be giving it much more than a passing mention. So be sure to check out our Pokemon Yellow Guide if you need a refresher on where to go and what to do. This walkthrough will focus mainly on the new battles and areas within this ROM.

Picking A Starter

Okay, with that out of the way, you know the drill. Grab a Potion from the PC in your room, step outside, and head into the tall grass. Professor Oak, on cue, will then bring you to his lab, and just like that, it’s time to pick a starter Pokemon.

Your choices in this ROM are either Magby, Smoochum, or Elekid. All are good choices and grow into tanky and powerful Pokemon if you nurture them, but if you want the easiest time in the early game, we would suggest taking Elekid, as this will provide a type advantage against Misty later on, and give you an even playing field against Lt. Surge. You can choose whatever you like, but for the purposes of this guide, we are going to assume you chose Elekid.

You’ll then need to take on Gary, as usual, and with a mix of Quick Attacks and hopefully inflicting paralysis through the ability ‘Static,’ you should get through this early challenge with no problem.

Viridian City and Viridian Forest

From here, head to Viridian and get the package in the PokeMart. Along the way, be sure to train Elekid against wild Pokemon, as Pidgey, Doduo, and HootHoot are immediately available and are weak to Thunderbolt, so that’s some easy EXP.

After delivering the Package and getting your Pokedex, return to Viridian and get the Teachy TV, an item that is right up in terms of useless crap Pokemon has handed us over the years. However, you’ll notice a fisherman standing nearby. Turns out the location of the Old Rod has been moved so speak to him and grab it.

Before hitting Viridian Forest, I would now urge you to grab some new Pokemon and train them all to a nice round number like ten or above. Good options in close proximity include Ponyta, Barboach, and Staryu.

Oh, and you can also speak to the woman at the entrance to Viridian Forest, and you’ll be gifted a Level 10 Treecko, no strings attached.

With this new team of stars in your ranks, this will also allow you to take on Gary on the path to the Indigo Plateau if you fancy it. He’ll have a level 9 Smoochum and a Level 9 Zubat.

Just Thundershock the Zubat for a quick kill, and then if you have a Fire Type like Ponyta, switch to them to deal with Smoochum. Otherwise, more Thundershocks with the hope of Paralysis is a fine alternative.

Moving onto Viridian Forest, the trainers here are largely unchanged, aside from a couple of Gen 3 Pokemon thrown into the mix. Provided you have a range of level 10 Pokemon in your ranks, you’ll have no issue at all.

Also, I wouldn’t recommend any Pokemon to catch here, as they’ll be replaced long-term. The only tip I would give you is to talk to the lady in the exit building of the forest, as you’ll get a Level 10 Torchic if you do.

Pewter City Gym

Now that you’re in Pewter City, there are some little things that you can do before facing Brock.

Firstly, head to the PokeCenter and speak to the Lady In Green to get a Level 10 Mudkip, completing the Gen Three Starter set. Then also consider adding some new Pokemon to your Party as all Gym Leaders have 6x Pokemon in Pokemon Fire Red Omega.

Good options within Pewter City are Swablu, Slakoth, Sunkern, and Nosepass. But remember that Brock is a Rock Type Leader, so Grass, Water and Fighting types are going to be the best Pokemon that you’ll have access to at this point.

To take on Brock, I would suggest that you have a team that is leveled to thirteen across the board, with a leading Pokemon at around fifteen. Brock has a pretty decent team and serves as your first real test. Here is the team he’s rocking:

  • Lv.10 Geodude
  • Lv.12 Kabuto
  • Lv.12 Omanyte
  • Lv.14 Onix
  • Lv.12 Rhyhorn
  • Lv.12 Vulpix

For the most part, you can get through most of this fight with a strong water-type Pokemon like Mudkip or Staryu, but Kabuto and Omanyte are the stumbling blocks here, as they are part water type.

So you’ll need to have a Grass, Fighting, or Electric type on hand to swap in and handle them. Also, watch out for Vulpix at the end, who may slowly break you down with Hypnosis, Confuse Ray, and Burn Status.

Mt. Moon & Fossil Collector

After winning this fight, you’ll get your first badge, the TM Rock Tomb, and you’ll be able to move on to Mt Moon. On the way, you can pick up an Arcanine or a Vulpix if you’re short a fire-type, but the route there isn’t going to challenge you at all.

Once inside Mt. Moon, you’ll find some trainers with slightly enhanced teams with Beedrills instead of Weedles, and so on, but honestly, it’s the wild Pokemon that are more taxing here.

Inside, you’ll find an average level of Lv.14 Pokemon, with wild Pokemon like Bagon, Lunatone, Solrock, Chimecho, and more. So if you ever feel like a battle is turning, don’t be afraid to run.

The only battle that will be a true challenge in this area will be the Mad Fossil Researcher. To face him, you’ll want a team at around Level fifteen. Here is the team he is running:

  • Lv.16 Grimer
  • Lv.16 Koffing
  • Lv.16 Electrike

This can be a real pain, especially if you’re unlucky with Poison Status effects. If you have a Pokemon with a Psychic type move, they will come in handy here. Otherwise, you’ll need to tank your way through the first two Pokemon.

Then you can just use a ground-type Pokemon to take down Electrike. The best course of action is to have a few Potions and Antidotes on hand for this fight.

Cerulean City Gym

There’s not a lot to do outside of the usual in Cerulean, so you can head straight to the Gym and take on Misty. Just a warning, you’ll need to fight a Lv.22 Corsola before you can take her on, so plan accordingly for that one. After that, you’re free to take her on. Here is the Water-based team that Misty will take you on with:

  • Lv.18 Staryu
  • Lv.19 Psyduck
  • Lv.20 Seadra
  • Lv.21 Luvdisc
  • Lv.23 Starmie
  • Lv.20 Togetic

This is a battle that ramps up in difficulty, and provided you have an Electric Type, which is Lv.20 or above, you should be able to tank the first four members of her team. The toughest test is Starmie, as this one won’t go down in one hit, has a Stirus Berry, and can use Water Pulse to hit hard and inflict confusion.

The best way through this is consistently dealing with Electric damage and having a potion handy in case you get unlucky with confusion.

After defeating Misty, you’ll want to take on the Nugget Bridge gauntlet run and go see Bill in his house. Of course, you’ll need to take on Gary before you can do that, so here is the team that your rival will be running on this occasion:

  • Lv.18 Golbat
  • Lv.21 Smoochum
  • Lv.19 Abra
  • Lv.19 Snubbull

The most annoying member of their team is Smoochum, but all in all, it’s not a tough fight. If you have a decent Rock-type, bring it along to deal with Smoochum and Golbat, and then as for Snubbull, you’ll just need to tank them unless you have a Poison or Steel move. Don’t sweat, Abra; they only know how to use Teleport.

Nugget Bridge isn’t hard at all, in truth, as there are no teams at a high enough level to test you at this point, so quickly work your way through and get to Bill’s House. Along the way, you’ll want to speak to the old man just ahead of Nugget Bridge, and he’ll gift you a Lv.15 Cyndaquil.

Boarding The S.S. Anne

Bill will then give you the ticket to the S.S. Anne, and you’ll then want to make your way back to Cerulean City, and out through the ransacked house in the top right of the city. Head south, and you’ll be on your way to Vermillion.

You’ll need to fight the Team Rocket Grunt that has a Lv.21 Houndour and Drowzee, but outside of that, the path to Vermillion is pretty smooth.

You can grab a Lv.15 Totodile from the man just south of the Team Rocket Grunt, and then on the other side of the Underground Path, speak to the scientist, and you’ll get a Lv.15 Chikorita to complete the Gen II Starter set.

Other than that, it’s all very straightforward, so get to Vermillion and flash your ticket to get on the S.S. Anne. Just to check in, we would recommend that all Pokemon are at least Lv.20 before heading aboard.

Aside from a few Lv.24 Pokemon at the business end of the boat, there’s nothing that will shake you here, so head to the captain’s quarters, and you’ll find Gary one step ahead as usual. Which naturally means it’s time to fight his new and improved team:

  • Lv.23 Golbat
  • Lv.24 Granbull
  • Lv.24 Kadabra
  • Lv.26 Jynx

The strategy doesn’t change much from the fight in Vermillion here. The two key differences are that he now has a Jynx, so his Ice/Psychic Type can take a hit now, and Kadabra is now a more active fighter, so you’ll need a Psychic counter. A Pokemon that knows Bite works pretty well here if you don’t have a Bug, Ghost, or Dark type on hand.

Vermillion City Gym

Once you beat him, head upstairs, get the HM Cut, and then head to Lt. Surge’s Gym to cut down the tree standing in your way. Also, you’ll get a Lv.20 Squirtle from the lady outside.

After solving Lt. Surge’s stupid RNG trash can puzzle, you’ll face off against his Electric-Type team, meaning you’ll need more about you than an Electrabuzz leading the charge this time around. Here is the team that he’s going to try and shock you with:

  • Lv.24 Flaaffy
  • Lv.25 Chinchou
  • Lv.26 Manectric
  • Lv.27 Raichu
  • Lv.25 Jolteon
  • Lv.26 Magneton

There are some considerations to be made here, but it’s mainly one note. Firstly, you’ll want a ground type to take out Flaaffy, Raichu, Magneton, Manectric, and Jolteon. The red herring here is Chinchou, which is a water type that absorbs electric attacks. So you’ll want a grass-type to take them out easily.

It’s also worth mentioning that Manectric knows Flamethrower, which might catch some off-guard; Raichu’s Focus Punch can be an issue if they get it off consistently. Oh, and Raichu knows Surf, so don’t get too attached to that Ground type either!

Rock Tunnel 

Upon defeating Lt. Surge, you’ll now be free to head back to Vermillion, and then take the path right of the ransacked house toward Rock Tunnel, but just a word to the wise.

You’ll want to have caught 10 Pokemon by this point and have spoken to the Aide in the house near the entrance to Viridian Forest, as this is where you’ll get Flash, and you’ll want that to navigate Rock Tunnel. Take the shortcut through Digglett’s Cave to save some time.

Along the way to Rock Tunnel, you’ll be able to continue collecting your Kanto Starter set by nabbing a Lv.20 Bulbasaur from the lady in the tall grass. Then when inside Rock Tunnel, you’ll get a Lv.20 Charmander from the brown-haired man north of a Super Nerd trainer.

The trainers in this cave won’t give you too much bother, but one thing of note is that there is a new Ice Cavern added to Rock Tunnel in this ROM, and this allows you to catch Pokemon like Swinub, meaning the only type you’ll have not encountered in the wild will be Ghost Types, but Lavender Town is just up ahead.

Celadon City Gym

Amerge from Rock Tunnel and head into Lavender Town, but seeing as you have no Silph Scope, you’ll only be passing through. Head west and out toward Celadon, where you’ll be taking on your next Gym leader. Here are the mossy monsters that Erika will be using to take you on:

  • Lv.32 Victreebel
  • Lv.31 Ludicolo
  • Lv.33 Jumpluff
  • Lv.34 Blissey
  • Lv.35 Bellossom 
  • Lv.35 Vileplume 

This is the point where the Gym Battles really start to ramp up in difficulty. As you might have guessed, you’ll need one, maybe two strong fire-type Pokemon to lead the charge here, and they can take care of Victreebel and Vileplume, Jumpluff, and Bellossom.

Then you’ll also need a Flying, or Poison type to get rid of Ludicolo. It’s super-important to try and take them out in one hit if possible because if they get a Rain Dance off, it makes the rest of the right a lot longer and tougher. 

Then you have Blissey with Leftovers, which is about as tanky as it gets. They’ll constantly heal, eat damage, and chip away at you with Ice Beams. The best way to tackle this is with a fighting type.

But if you don’t have one, it’s all about chipping away at them, having a Pokemon that’s resistant to Ice-type moves, and using status effects to your benefit. Also, if you have an attack that also lowers their defense or raises your attack, that can be a great way to break through. 

Rocket Underground Hideout

After this, you can do all your usual Celadon essentials, like hitting the shops, grabbing an Eevee, getting the Tea, and gambling to get enough coins to buy yourself a Dratini. However, when you’ve done all that, you’ll need to go to the Game Corner, and battle the Team Rocket Grunt to access the Secret Hideout below the Game Corner. 

The Hideout is largely unchanged, with a few Gen Three additions here and there, but navigating the arrow maze will be more trouble than the trainers you’ll face, to be honest. Get the Lift Key, get up to Giovanni, and take on the Team Rocket Boss for the first time. Here is the team he’ll have at his disposal: 

  • Lv.29 Rhyhorn
  • Lv.32 Khangashan
  • Lv.31 Vibrava
  • Lv.30 Mightyena
  • Lv.35 Persian 
  • Lv.32 Kingler

Giovanni’s team is mainly made up of normal types with a handful of little curveballs. The best way to get through this will be to bring a decent water type with you to make short work of Rhyhorn, and if they know an Ice move to take down Vibrava, even better.

Then you’ll want to bring along a fighting type which will pick off Khangaskhan, Mightyena and Persian.

Then bring along an electric-type or grass-type to handle Kingler. This one’s pretty straightforward, to be honest. Some annoying things like Vibrava using Dig constantly, but all in all, a very manageable fight. 

Pokemon Tower

Now that you have what you need to become a Ghostbuster in training, you’ll want to make your way back to Lavender Town.

You can investigate Saffron City if you want, but we would say wait until the Ghosts are dealt with. But before we can clamber up Pokemon Tower, we will need to take on Gary on the 2nd Floor. Here is the team he has this time: 

  • Lv.34 Golbat
  • Lv.36 Houndoom
  • Lv.38 Jynx
  • Lv.36 Kadabra
  • Lv.36 Flaaffy

Compared to the last fight, there isn’t much difference in terms of strategy. The main difference here is that you now have a Houndoom to deal with in there and a Flaaffy replaces Granbull.

So you’ll want a Rock-Type with ground-type moves in there to deal with Golbat and Houndoom in quick succession, as well as Flaaffy at the end. Then you’ll want a fire-type to handle Jynx. 

The biggest challenge here is Kadabra, as you’ll want a strong Dark or Ghost-type to take them on, but they haven’t been in great supply to this point. So if you have Ghost or Dark-type moves, use them, and do not let them get a series of Calm Minds out, or the battle could easily turn in their favor. 

After this, make it up the tower and take out the Channellers as you go. Also, a quick hit. The Shedinja is weak to fire to save you some time.

We would also urge players to catch and train a ghost type now, because you’ll be battling a Psychic Gym Leader pretty soon. Beat up the Rocket Grunts, save Mr Fuji, and you’ll be ready to head off toward Saffron City. 

Silph Co.

When you get to the City, you can take on the Fighting Dojo if you choose, but Sabrina won’t be immediately available to you, as you’ll need to deal with Team Rocket in Silph Co. first. By the way, if you do choose to take on the Dojo, you’ll be up against a Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hitmontop, and Tyrouge, all at Lv.39. 

Time for a little level check-in again; by this point, you should have a team that is around Lv.40. If you don’t, try to do some grinding to get those levels up. Then head to Silph Co. and work through the Grunts inside. 

Provided you have leveled up, you’ll be on par with most Pokemon in this area, making this less of a challenge. In fact, you won’t really be tested all that much until you run into Gary again before the fight with Giovanni. Here is the improved team he’s bringing to the table this time: 

  • Lv.46 Crobat
  • Lv.47 Ampharos
  • Lv.47 Houndoom
  • Lv.49 Jynx
  • Lv.48 Alakazam 

As usual, minor tweaks are needed to take down Gary on this occasion. Ampharos is the biggest change this time, but the tactic remains the same. Lead with a Rock-type with ground-type moves and beat the first three with ease, then a fire-type for Jynx, and a Dark or Ghost-type for Alakazam.

Minor notes to consider would be that Crobat knows Toxic now, and Alakazam isn’t as much of a threat this time because the AI will tend to use Trick instead of offensive moves. 

After this, you’ll want to heal up, collect a Lv.45 Castform from an NPC, and then immediately move forward to take on Giovanni for the second time. Only this time, he will be running this slightly altered team: 

  • Lv.49 Houndoom
  • Lv.49 Nidoking
  • Lv.51 Cloyster
  • Lv.53 Persian
  • Lv.51 Flygon
  • Lv.49 Rhydon

When it comes to type-coverage, high-levels, and hard-hitting Pokemon, this is probably the first fight that ticks all boxes and will truly make you work for the win.

The battle begins with Houndoom, and you’ll want to take them out quickly with a ground or water type and try to avoid letting them perform ‘Sunny Day’ as this will keep them active for longer and make it tougher to deal with Cloyster. 

Nidoking can be dealt with by continuing the Ground-type strategy, or switching to a water of psychic type. Then you’ll want a fighting-type Pokemon to deal with Cloyster and Persian back-to-back. Just watch out; Persian does know Shadow Ball. 

Flygon is easily the biggest pain in the ass here. If you have an Ice-type or a water-type with ice moves, this works well, and then this will allow you to keep them out to finish off Rhydon and win the fight. 

Saffron City Gym

After finishing this fight, Sabrina will now be available in the nearby Gym, so make sure your team is now floating somewhere between Lv.45 and Lv.50, and then head toward her. This is the team that Sabrina will use to take you on: 

  • Lv.50 Mr Mime
  • Lv.51 Gardevoir
  • Lv.53 Alakazam
  • Lv.50 Gengar
  • Lv.51 Jynx
  • Lv.49 Espeon

First, if you do not have a Ghost Type or a Steel Type to call upon here, get one. Otherwise, this fight will be so hard, especially if you came straight here from Silph Co.

Mr. Mime is pretty straightforward, to begin with, but after that comes Gardevoir, and Gardevoir is the MVP of this fight by a long way. With a Light Screen to up their Sp. Defense, Wish to recover HP, and Psychic to land big hits, they are a tough one to take down. 

The anguish doesn’t end there, though, as you’ll need to take out an Alakazam, who is pretty tanky, and Jynx with Leftovers. Steel and Ghost types will carry you through here.

Then, when Gengar comes, you’ll want to either be faster with your ghost or use a ground type, dark type, or Psychic type. Of these, Psychic works best. Then Espeon will end the fight, and quite frankly, if you’ve beaten the rest, you’ll beat Espeon. 

Fuchsia City Gym

It’s probably worth saying that this moment as you wipe the sweat off your brow after beating Sabrina, in terms of natural progression, Fuchsia City would be next after Celadon, but hey, it means that it’ll be a breeze now by comparison. 

So you’ll want to head south toward Fuchsia, waking the sleeping Snorlax with the Poke Flute, and then travel along Cycling Road. You’ll need a bike, so if you didn’t get one back in Cerulean by getting a ticket from the man in Vermillion, then you’ll need to take a long way. 

Once you arrive, feel free to hit the Safari Zone and catch some exotic Pokemon for your team, and then when you’re done, you’ll want to take on the Poison Gym leader, Koga, and his team of Pokemon that looks like this: 

  • Lv.45 Weezing
  • Lv.48 Venomoth
  • Lv.46 Tentacruel
  • Lv.50 Crobat
  • Lv.47 Electrode
  • Lv.48 Forretress

By comparison to Sabrina, this is a walk in the park. In fact, if you have a couple of strong Psychic-type Pokemon to hand, you can blast through this Gym in record time. The only Pokemon that require a different approach are Electrode which will be best to take on with a Ground Type, and then bring along a fire-type to take out Forretress. 

Also, as this is the Poison-type Gym, naturally, I would suggest bringing along antidotes, Full Heals, and having your team hold Pecha Berries if possible. 

Cinnabar Island Gym

After this, provided you have gone into the Safari Zone and got Surf, you can then make your way toward Cinnabar Island.

The one detour I would suggest as we get ever closer to the Elite Four is a search to find Articuno in the Seafoam Islands, as a Legendary Pokemon is always a good thing to have in your back pocket. 

Articuno won’t be much good in the next fight, though, as we are up against Blaine, the Fire-Type Leader. But first, you’ll need to clear out the Pokemon Mansion to convince Blaine to actually return to his Gym and let you fight them. After you do this, you’ll be free to take him on, and his team is as follows: 

  • Lv.54 Arcanine
  • Lv.56 Blaziken
  • Lv.54 Typhlosion
  • Lv.58 Magmar
  • Lv.56 Solrock
  • Lv.55 Ninetales

The means of success here is teaching Surf to any Pokemon that can learn it, because HMs are removable in this ROM (Huzzah!).

Water Types will carry you through here, but there are some things to take into account so you don’t get caught off guard. First of all, Blaziken knows Thunderpunch, so be wary of that, and maybe bring a Rock/Ground type for coverage. 

Then secondly, you’ll probably get burned a lot, so you’ll want to bring some Burn Heals, as Blaine suggested when beginning the fight, and some Rawst Berries would come in handy too. 

Viridian City Gym

After Blaine is dealt with, you’ll want to either Fly to Viridian, or surf on down and head up via Pallet Town. This is because Giovanni is back in his Gym, and it’s now time to get your final badge before taking on Victory Road and the Elite Four.

Just before you take them on, try to make sure that your team is somewhere around Lv.55 to avoid getting blown away here. Here is the team that Giovanni will take you on for the final time with: 

  • Lv.58 Flygon
  • Lv.59 Rhydon
  • Lv.59 Persian 
  • Lv.63 Tyranitar 
  • Lv.61 Cacturne
  • Lv.61 Swampert

The first half of this battle is nothing we haven’t seen before. Articuno is a great option to lead this fight due to the Ice and Water moves on offer, and then you’ll want a fighting type on hand to deal with Persian. 

After that, we have Tyranitar, which you can take out with the Fighting Pokemon you brought along, before switching to a Fire-Type to deal with the Cacturne that comes after. 

The only Pokemon that may cause some stress is Swampert, as it knows Rest and has Leftovers as a held item. You’ll want to bring along a Grass type for this one specifically if you want to avoid endless cycles of them using rest. 

Victory Road

After this win, you’ll have all of your badges, and that means you can head to Victory Road and, by extension, the Pokemon League. Just before you do that, make sure you have the HM Strength found in Fuchsia.

Also, consider getting Zapdos from the Power Plant if you are willing to train it or give it some Rare Candies, but if you’ve been using your starter, there isn’t much need. 

Before you even get there though, Gary will come at you for one more pop at the potential new champ. So here is a sneak peak at his line-up before you enter Victory Road: 

  • Lv.56 Crobat
  • Lv.59 Venusaur
  • Lv.58 Houndoom
  • Lv.58 Ampharos 
  • Lv.61 Jynx
  • Lv.59 Alakazam 

For the sake of brevity, the only tactical change needed from the last fight here is bringing along a Fire-Type to take on Venusaur. Otherwise, this fight is more or less the same as when you last met Gary. 

After putting him in his place, get yourself through Victory Road, and try to battle as many Trainers as you can along the way, because if your Pokemon aren’t in and around Lv.65 by the time you get to the Elite Four, you’ll probably have to do some grinding. 

The Pokemon League

Get to the Pokemon League, stock up on Revives, Full Restores, and whatever else you need, finalize your team, and then get going. 

Oh, and speaking of finalizing your team, I don’t know what your party looks like at this point, but I can suggest a very rough Ideal line-up to help you make some tough choices. Here is a proposed team outline before you take on your first opponent: 

  • One electric type
  • One water type with ice moves
  • One psychic type
  • One fire type
  • One rock/ground type
  • Wildcard (maybe Ghost/Dark/Steel or Dragon)

Up first, we have Lorelai, the Ice-type Elite Four Member, who will be coming at you with the following team: 

  • Lv.61 Dewgong
  • Lv.60 Slowbro
  • Lv.61 Milotic
  • Lv.61 Wailren
  • Lv.61 Wigglytuff
  • Lv.63 Lapras

For this fight, you will want to make use of Electric Pokemon more so than fire-types. Dewgong, Slowbro, Milotic, and Wailren can be dealt with if you have a strong Electric Pokemon, preferably with the move Thunder.

Then Wigglytuff can either be taken out with a Steel or Poison move or tanked if you don’t have these to hand, as they aren’t that much of a threat. Then you can switch back to the Electric Type to beat Lapras and end the battle. 

After this, you’ll have Bruno to contend with, who runs a team mainly comprised of Steel Pokemon. Here is the team you’ll face in your second Elite Four bout: 

  • Lv.61 Steelix 
  • Lv.62 Donphan
  • Lv.63 Armaldo
  • Lv.63 Machamp
  • Lv.63 Poliwrath
  • Lv.63 Hitmontop

To begin this fight, if you have a Pokemon that knows Surf or a water-type move, lead with that and take out the first three Pokemon in quick succession. After this, you’ll want to switch tactics and go with a Pokemon that has Psychic moves on offer and take down the remaining three. Again, a very easy fight. 

This then takes you up to Agatha, the Ghost Type trainer of the Elite Four. Here is the team that this spooky lady will be keeping you on your toes with: 

  • Lv.63 Shedinja
  • Lv.64 Crobat
  • Lv.66 Gengar
  • Lv.64 Misdreavus 
  • Lv.65 Hypno
  • Lv.65 Sableye

Okay, so before we get started, Sheninja is weak to fire, so get that out of the way quickly. After this, you’ll want to bring in a Rock/Ground type, and they can make short work of both Crobat and Gengar.

Misdreavus is sadly immune to Ground, so unless you have a Dark or Ghost-type move to call upon, you’ll probably have to tank her with non-super-effective moves, and the same also goes for Hypno with Leftovers.

But after you get through this rough portion, you can take out Sableye with Psychic moves to end the fight. A little bit tougher, but still a very manageable fight. 

Then comes the last member of the Elite Four, Lance the Dragon Tamer, who, surprise surprise, has a team of Dragons. This is the team that Lance will be using: 

  • Lv.64 Salamance 
  • Lv.69 Dragonite 
  • Lv.66 Gyarados
  • Lv.67 Aerodacytl 
  • Lv.66 Charizard
  • Lv.66 Dragonite 

If anyone is familiar with the default Lance fight, you’ll know that aside from level changes, there isn’t much difference here at all.

That being said, it was always pretty tricky to begin with. You’ll want an Ice-Type, or even better, a water-type with Ice moves to avoid getting destroyed by their Flamethrower. 

The only time you’ll need to switch your tactics will be for Gyarados, where an Electric-Type will be a better choice. Oh, and do not let them get multiple Dragon Dances off, or you’ll be in for a bad time. 

Then comes the final battle against the new Champion, Gary. It’s time to wipe that smug little grin off of his face. Here is the team that stands between you and the title of Grand Champion: 

  • Lv.67 Heracross
  • Lv.72 Jynx
  • Lv.70 Ampharos 
  • Lv.70 Houndoom
  • Lv.68 Venasaur
  • Lv.69 Metagross

It is a little anticlimactic, as we have seen half of this team before, but there are some final curveballs to watch out for. That being said, if you have a fire-type with you, that will deal with the new additions in the form of Heracross and Metagross very easily.

Jynx now uses Calm Mind, so you’ll need to prevent them from building their stats if possible. Other than that, it’s more of the same as you cross the finish line and become the Pokemon Champion of Fire Red Omega! 

Alpha and Omega, The Beginning And The End

So there you have it, guys, a start-to-finish guide that will take you through the bulk of Fire Red Omega; there is some optional end-game content that you can explore and some cool legendaries to collect, but we will leave that in your capable hands.

We hope that this guide was helpful to you, and as always, thanks for reading POK Universe! 

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