Best Pokemon Backpack Ideas

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The best Pokémon backpack ideas are something that excites me to no end. Pokémon merch is so versatile and bridges more gaps than any other franchise, in my opinion. If you’re buying a gift, you may not know what size of clothing to buy or if they like standard memorabilia. But everyone can use a backpack, which is why they are such great gifts.

Best Pokémon Backpack Ideas – My Top Pick

While I will offer a few of my favorites, later on, let me say that my very favorite backpack all-around is the Black and Yellow Target Pikachu Backpack. While I may prefer other styles more, this fits every need. The mini backpacks are adorable but more difficult to utilize.

Then, the odd-shaped ones have the same problem. They’re an accessory. But this backpack is subtle without compromising personality.

What Is Considered the Best Pokémon Backpack

Backpacks will have their own set of qualities to take a look at when rating them. Each aspect will take a different spot on the priority list for each shopper. This is what I use to rate Pokémon backpacks specifically.



By accuracy, I mean, how legit does it look? Is Pikachu’s coloring right? Does the Pokeball have the right ratio and angle? If the backpack isn’t bought at the Pokémon Center, that’s not a problem. But if it is a Pokémon backpack that looks like it comes from an alternate universe, that’s not ideal. Knockoffs aren’t always a bad thing, but they must be high quality and feature Pokémon accurately.


Cost is important to me. While others may be willing to spend $200 on a bag to carry their stuff in, I am not. However, I may be skeptical of a $4.99 bag that isn’t on sale – especially if it’s a Pokémon bag. So I have a price range of about $10 to $75, depending on the occasion and if the bag is on sale or not. Your price range may be different, but having one can help narrow down your search.


Pokémon backpack style

The style of the bag matters to me. I highly prefer a unique design with larger print – perhaps a Pokémon sticking his head out the top. I don’t typically choose all-over prints. That said, I understand everyone is different, so I didn’t include my personal style when choosing these bags. Instead, I chose the trending styles that most people shop for.


Capacity matters a lot if you’re going to use the bag and not just accessorize with it. Take a look at the dimensions as true capacity isn’t generally shared. Make sure you take an inch or two out of each side when measuring for your gear.


Material matters to me. I love leather backpacks! However, canvas and almost any type of cotton are appreciated by everyone. I categorize the quality of materials by how durable they are, as appeal is subjective.


While some may like a backpack with a single large compartment, I like something a little more tactical. This may be subjective, but it’s also considered a perk to have extra compartments.

Best Pokémon Backpack Features – A Breakdown

There are hundreds – if not thousands – of Pokémon backpacks out there. Not all of them are licensed, but that rarely matters to me. I’ve taken a look at as many as I could and listed my favorites right here.

#01 Destination Pokémon Backpack 

Destination Pokémon Backpack 

I had to start with a licensed Pokémon Center option. Some people will only use licensed gear, and that’s okay. This backpack is a travel bag with Kanto, Alola, and everything in-between stamped on it. The backpack can fit up to a 15-inch laptop easily, as it is 19.5 inches tall. The entire front unzips rather than just the top. Customers are saying that it is extremely durable and has an exquisite “vibe.”

#02 Loungefly Mini Backpack 

Loungefly Mini Backpack 

I love Loungefly’s mini-backpacks. This one, in particular, is adorable as it features some of the most popular first-generation Pokémon. The white background and extra pouch only add to its appeal. I already mentioned I’m a sucker for Loungefly, so I am a little biased. The single con to this one is the size. The company’s mini backpacks are ten inches tall, so you can fit as much in them as you could in a purse.

#03 Loungefly Eevee Backpack

Loungefly Eevee Backpack

While the other Loungefly option is amazing, this one is less generic, and I have already fallen in love with it. Eevee is always a safe choice because who doesn’t love Eevee? The aesthetics of this gorgeous backpack are stunning.

Please don’t hate me for adding another Loungefly mini. I find the other option to be more versatile, but my love for this ten-inch Eevee bag knows no bounds. The interior doesn’t have a pattern, but it comes with an adorable cardholder.

#04 Black and Yellow Japanese Pikachu Backpack 

Black and Yellow Japanese Pikachu Backpack 

Black and yellow, black and yellow. This combination is dynamite and is the most versatile option on the list. Everyone loves Pikachu! The Japanese characters and the number 25 are both wins in my book. The backpack is 17-inches tall, which is very average for a backpack – great for kids and adults. I think that if you don’t know which backpack to get, this one will check all of the boxes.

#05 Egg Incubator Backpack

Egg Incubator Backpack

This is the most unique Pokémon backpack I’ve seen. It looks exactly like an egg incubator from Pokémon GO! Whoever created this concept is a genius. The price is fantastic, and the design is even better. Honestly, I don’t think the Pokémon fan has to be a Pokémon GO! fan. After all, you hatch eggs in most of the games. So imagining what that looks like is a lot easier now with this backpack.

#06 Snorlax Backpack

Snorlax Backpack

This Snorlax Backpack is not the backpack to choose if you want something that won’t get dirty. I’d keep this one indoors because it is a plush backpack. That said, it is as adorable as can be. The backpack is about 14-inches tall, making it a medium-sized backpack. But it does open in the back rather than the top, and it is a little awkward otherwise. I love this Snorlax backpack, but it isn’t exactly practical.

#07 Pikachu Backpack Cooler

Pikachu Backpack Cooler

It seems like I always need a new cooler. This Pikachu backpack works as a cooler and is now on my to-buy list. It is so spacious, easy to tote around, and is subtle, so you can take it anywhere. If you don’t need a cooler for any reason, the backpack may be a little expensive for just a backpack. But keep in mind that electronics do not do well in hot weather. I love using a cooler for my electronics in the summer.

#08 Pokeball Backpack

Pokeball Backpack

Pokeball gear is always a good bet. It is just the right amount of generic and unique. This bag is simple and cute, complete with a large opening and seemingly sturdy straps, considering this is a plush bag. The Pokeball backpack is small, but I love it. It isn’t the most durable choice, but it is iconic in every way. Some “players” have even taken stuffing out to make more room, and it didn’t affect the overall look.

#09 Charmander Backpack

Charmander Backpack

Another mini backpack with a lot of personality is this Charmander pick. I love Charmander – my favorite starter – but you don’t have to choose fire as your starter to love this backpack too. The front is amazing, but inside, a printed fabric with Charmanders all over it takes the cake. And of course, the number four lets you know who is on the front before you even look.

#10 Metallic Bulbasaur

Metallic Bulbasaur

Metallic isn’t for everyone, but it’s hard not to love this metallic Bulbasaur backpack. Another mini from Lougefly with the Pokémon’s number on the back – in this case, number 001. I just love the interior of this one with sweet flowers and various Bulbasaur. But my favorite part is the way Bulbasaur’s feet stick out in the front.

#11 Charizard Pikachu Backpack

Charizard Pikachu Backpack

I’m not usually a fan of made-to-order print-on bags like this, but this one is special. I can never get enough of Pikachu dressed as other Pokémon and I don’t think that I am alone in that. The backpack here is large and seems well-made. The bag may not be unique without the Pokémon print, but when you add that Pikachu, no one will know you didn’t buy an original.

#12 Pokémon Explorer Bag

Pokémon Explorer Bag

The Pokémon Explorer backpack is one of my favorites because it is so large and versatile. The bardic vibe it gives is everything, but of course, the rare appearance of the Gen VIII starter is the number one feature here. Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble light up this backpack on the outside while a muted print of gingham Pikachu light up the inside. Did I mention I love the adventurer vibe with this one?

#13 Piplup Backpack

Piplup Backpack

Is Piplup your favorite starter? This penguin looks better than ever on this backpack. While the tiny Piplup in the back and the metal card on the front are amazing, they aren’t my favorite feature. My favorite feature on the Piplup backpack is the small water droplet that resides on the front zipper. I’d wear that as a necklace – or at least get a matching necklace with another water drop.

#14 Pokeball Pet Carrier Backpack

Pokeball Pet Carrier Backpack

This backpack looks like a Pokeball and is also a pet carrier. While it can be used for anything, it was made to carry your small pet. Because your cat Meowth and dog Arcanine deserve to go on errands with you. What I like about this carrier is that the window makes it easy for pets to see without them being able to reach anything outside. Keeps them safe while making them feel part of your world.

#15 Dark Pikachu Bag

Dark Pikachu Bag

Yes, another plus backpack, but this one is special. Dark Pikachu is a unique concept that I haven’t seen before. Sure, Dark Link may have started it, but Pikachu hopped on this time. This may not be licensed, but the creators did a great job with it. This may be what Mimikyu – Pikachu’s fan that loves to hate Pikachu – sees himself.

#16 Sepia Pikachu Backpack

Sepia Pikachu Backpack

When I was a teenager, I was obsessed with sepia. This backpack brings back those memories and promises more are to come. It’s a mini at just ten-inches tall, but it’s one of my favorites. The setting of Pikachu sitting in a field of flowers is perfect. But the hidden Pikachu on the back paired with the uplifting phrases on the front make this a dynamic choice.

Bonus: Pokémon Playset Backpack

Pokémon Playset Backpack

This isn’t exactly a storage backpack, but it’s popular enough that I thought I’d mention it in case this is what you were looking for. This playset is so cute. It’s like Polly Pocket meets Pokémon. This is honestly my top Pokémon gift for kids. If the kid likes Pokémon and plays with toys, you can’t go wrong with this toy. I would love one – and not just for nostalgic reasons – so that says something.

DIY Pokémon Backpack Ideas

If you’re like me, having something unique that no one else has feels amazing – as if it’s an extension of yourself. I recommend making something with your own pattern if you can. But if you can’t, work with one of these.

I Choose You Backpack

This tutorial is amazing as it takes you through the steps of customizing your own backpack. The video features Jigglypuff, Gengar, and Charmander (my favorite), but you can do it with any Pokémon. All you have to do is find the right color and then cut out foam (and accessories) and glue them on. That’s the gist of it. The video explains the steps quite well, so I would take a look.

Pikachu Backpack

Pikachu Backpack

I definitely had to add Pikachu in here somewhere. This one is so simple that with the pattern, a child could do it. But if you haven’t done many crafts, don’t feel bad if yours doesn’t turn out perfect. You could make your own pattern, but if you take a look at this, you can easily recreate it to scale for the size of your backpack. Or you can use the printable that is on the site.

Create Your Own With Iron-Ons

creating own pokemon backpack

This video will show you how to use iron-ons to make your own backpack. You can also use fabric paint so you can make it look exactly how you want. I love good fabric paint, but you have to be careful. A precise hand and good quality paint are necessary unless you want an egg-shaped Pokeball or a Pikachu from the underworld gracing your back. I recommend practicing on something else first.

Bulbasaur DIY Bulb

Bulbasaur DIY Bulb
Image from DeviantArt

This Bulbasaur bulb is surprisingly easy to make if you know your way around the sewing machine. A pattern can help a lot, but if you can’t find one, then consider testing it on scrap fabric.

Squirtle DIY Shell

Squirtle DIY Shell

The Squirtle Shell is perfect for that Water-type fanatic. It takes some practice to get the angles right, but the seamstress is often open to pattern requests. So you never know until you ask!

Magikarp Backpack

I’ve seen a few different Magikarp backpacks, but most of them don’t have tutorials as easy to follow as this one. The free pattern makes you feel like a pro with a needle and thread. You can even use different materials if you’re not a fan of felt. I know I prefer something else. Maybe I’ll try to recreate this with leather. Imagine that!

Pokemon GO! Backpack

There may be quite a few backpack options in Pokémon GO! now, but a few years ago, there was just one style. This tutorial shows you how to create this subtle yet adorable choice.

Even if you don’t play, GO! I think that this backpack is easy to appreciate. It’s just subtle enough. If you’re cosplaying like the original poster, then you can use it for a generic Pokémon trainer.

Ash’s Backpack 

Ash's Backpack 
Image from Pinterest

No list would be complete without Ash’s backpack. You can make this however you want, but all you really need is a green backpack (think Jansport) and then a few scraps of material.

This is honestly the easiest one to make on the list and yet the most recognizable. Even if you’re not an Ash cosplayer, this can complete any outfit in the most lowkey Pokémon way possible.


Questions: How Big Should a Backpack Be?

Answers: Standard backpack size is around 15 inches tall for kids and around 19-inches for adults. However, this is all about preference and what you need. Capacity is even more important (30-50 L is normal).

Questions: Where Do I Buy Pokémon Backpacks?

Answers: You can buy Pokémon backpacks at most family department stores online. But if you have trouble finding one, take a look at the Pokémon Center, Box Lunch, and Hot Topic.

Questions: Do Violet and Scarlet Have Backpacks?

Answers: Each generation typically has plenty of gear to choose from – in real life, that is. So I assume that in time the newest generation will also have a few amazing backpacks – licensed and not.

Best Pokemon Backpack Ideas: Final Thoughts

The best Pokémon backpack for someone else may not suit you. I love the Loungefly Minis whenever I don’t need to store much stuff. But when traveling, I prefer something like the Black and Yellow Pikachu backpack. I wouldn’t get stuck on one list unless you find something you fall in love with. Please get to know whoever the backpack is for and cater your list to their preferences. Just remember the Pokémon motto.

If you can’t find the ideal option, then catch them all! You can never have too many Pokémon collectibles. The great thing about the franchise is that everything related to it is collectible.

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