Pokemon Oreos: Everything You Need to Know

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Nowadays, you can get Pokémon x OREO Limited Edition Cookies from Amazon if they’re in stock, but when OREO released their Pokémon x OREO on September 18th, 2021, they flew off shelves and quickly took the fandom by storm. Pokemon Oreos are imprinted with a Pokémon—and much like cards, there are Pokémon rarer than others.

Soon enough, they could be found on eBay, Facebook, and other shopping sites for thousands of dollars each. These are the most successful Oreos to date in the US, allegedly making Oreo hundreds of millions of dollars with this collab. But how did we get here? How can one OREO make someone rich, pay for their college, and buy a whole new game console?

It makes sense: two powerhouses combined forces to create a unique, edible collectible. But no one really expected the amount of success the Pokémon x OREO Limited Edition Cookies had.

Bottom Line Up Front

If you don’t know about reselling culture, it happens with everything under the sun. In real life, people sit for days at a time to get in line and buy as much of a collab, limited-time stock, or expensive item that can only be bought at certain times in certain places.

They buy as much as possible, then resell it at a premium price. Fact is, for the first batch of Pokémon x OREO Limited Edition Cookies, there were not enough for everyone—and combined with the rarity of certain Pokémon imprinted on the cookies, it made for the most collectible Oreos yet.

It definitely helped that the packaging was unique, adding to the aesthetic that helped make these so popular. A slightly chaotic packaging design reflected the slightly chaotic nature of the release of Pokémon x OREO Limited Edition Cookies.

Why The Hype Around Collectible Pokémon x OREO Limited Edition Cookies?

Pokémon Oreos: Everything You Need to Know

With the surge in prices came the people who didn’t know how popular they would be. Buyer’s remorse or something similar set in. People who ate them without looking were left wondering, “did I consume $10k+ in Oreos? Could I have changed my whole life with one cookie?” I certainly felt the same when I ate Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Oreos.

Those Oreos, after release, were selling for a few hundred dollars. Prices only went up from there, soon rising to thousands, where most would stay. Some even rose to $100,000.

Previously, the biggest release had been the aforementioned Chromatica Oreos by Lady Gaga. Those Oreos could be played on an Oreo record player. Yes, those really exist, and most Oreos have a unique song.

With the sales of these Pokémon x Oreos going crazy, Pokémon cards were also selling faster. The need for Pokémon content in the pandemic was clear, as people spent unheard amounts in 2021 on Pokémon merchandise. Some of you may remember the great Nintendo Switch shortage of 2020-2021. Well, a similar thing happened with Pokémon x Oreos: shortages with high prices, which eventually went down. Most nerds know the cycle; it happens with anything collectible.

What Pokémon Are on the Oreos?

pokemons that appear on oreo

The collectible Oreos have 16 extremely popular Pokémon on them. A pack can include:

  • Squirtle
  • Pikachu
  • Bulbasaur
  • Cyndaquil
  • Dratini
  • Charmander
  • Grookey
  • Jigglypuff
  • Lapras
  • Pancham
  • Piplup
  • Rowlett
  • Sableye
  • Sandshrew
  • Snivy
  • …and the coveted Mew

That coveted Mew is already known as the rarest Pokémon, so of course, they’re the rarest in Oreos, as well. You’re never guaranteed a certain Pokémon Oreo, so it’s all up to luck. And with 16 potential Pokémon on the cookies, you’re going to get repeats, which make it a little easier to eat one if you have four other Charmanders.

Why the Frenzy?

We’re all Pokémon fans here, that is clear. But some people are more casual about it than others, and it seems like the Pokémon x OREO brought fans from all walks of life together. At the release, they were easily accessible; it was just a cool, affordable idea to add to your Pokémon collection or enjoyment.

Add in resellers, and you’ve got a perfect storm of collectible and money-making.


oreo pokemon

Almost anyone could buy these Oreos, unlike a lot of other collectibles. People who knew they would sell for more got their hands on many, while casual people excited for the release got maybe one or two packages.

Many people ate them, many people saved them. While people who ate them might have felt immense regret, it should be celebrated that you got to participate in such a strange, wild ride that was a part of history in a little way (or massive, depending on the Oreo).

My Favorite

Well, it’s no secret to anyone who knows me that Mew is my favorite Pokémon of all time, but I also love the look of Squirtle on a chocolate cookie. I also know I’m a person that wouldn’t have the heart to eat a little Pokémon, even if it’s just a cookie.


Question: How much do Pokémon x OREO cost now?

Answer: Prices vastly differ, since they’re sold mainly by people who got them when they were first released. You can buy them for $10-$100 on average, sometimes less, sometimes more. It all depends on the condition (it’s a shame when they come broken), where it ships from, and other factors—much like vinyl grading, it’s a careful process.

Question: Do they taste any different from regular Oreos?

Answer: Nope! Plain old Oreo taste that we all love so much. The only thing that changed was the design imprint on the cookies.

Question: How many cookies are in each pack of Oreos?

Answer: There are 30 cookies in each pack. The availability of any particular Pokémon in a package is completely random.

Question: Where can I buy them now?

Answer: Places like eBay, Amazon, Poshmark, Mercari, and other online seller sites have many options for getting your hands on a pack! It might take a while to find one that’s within your price range, by a reputable seller, or find the exact Oreo with the exact Pokémon you want, but it’s not impossible.

Answer: Yes! While it’s a lot less than when they first came out, you can still make a pretty penny off a Mew. Some people still sell them for thousands of dollars, but you’re more likely to get a few hundred, if lucky. Note that the cookies have probably already expired, so you’re selling for the collectible aspect, not to eat and enjoy.

Question: Will there be more?

Answer: It doesn’t seem like Oreo plans to release another round of Pokémon x OREO Limited Edition Cookies, but anything is possible. Since the first rendition was so popular, I wouldn’t completely pass on the idea of a 2.0 with different Pokémon completely.

I Choose…Mew, Hopefully!

Oreos and Pokémon are a great match.

Pokémon fans come from all walks of life, and there are many avenues to love in the Pokémon universe—games, tv shows, movies, cards, etc.. It can be hard to be a fan and have other friends that are fans of the same aspect of Pokémon that you love. These Oreos are something that has nothing to do with any of those, and are just simple, pure Pokémon.

Pokémon x OREO Limited Edition Cookies are the perfect addition for both the casual Pokémon fan and the avid Pokémon collector. If you love Oreos and you love Pokémon, you should try these cookies…that’s if you can get your hands on them.

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