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Just so we’re clear, this “Pokemon Converse Guide” is about the shoe brand, not about having meaningful conversations with your Pokemon. But don’t worry, maybe not be as exciting as talking to an actual pokemon. The converse X Pokemon collaboration is pretty cool.

I love converse shoes; they have a timeless and enduring style, which makes sense because the Chuck Taylor All-Stars have changed very little since the 1920s. Originally they were basketball shoes, with their hightops meant to provide ankle support. Because basketball players were wearing them, the Chuck Taylor or Chucks style would eventually become iconic even though they aren’t worn during NBA games anymore.

Skip forward nearly 100 years, and Pokemon is introduced to the world. If you’re on this site, you don’t need much of an explanation behind what Pokemon is. We all know how like Chucks, Pokemon has become a timeless and enduring brand that is loved by millions.

So, from that perspective, a collaboration between the two was enviable. So if you’re a pokemon fan but not familiar with converse or a sneakerhead that is not familiar with PPokemon, things can be confusing. But rest easy. I love Pokemon, AND I use to run a high-end boutique, so I’ll be your guide.

Bottom Line Upfront

There are two reasons to buy these shoes: collecting or wearing them. If you plan to wear them but are not familiar with converse shoes, find a local shoe store to test out a few styles to see how they fit before you buy a pair. These are limited edition shoes, so not all of them are sold in traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

They can be found on the official converse site at www.converse.com if they’re in stock. However, if the Converse site is out of stock, you may have to turn to a third-party distributor such as journeys.com or eBay. Also, keep in mind that the Converse website removes the item from the site if it’s entirely out of stock. So if you can’t find them after searching the site, they’re gone.

This collaboration is to celebrate pokemon 25th anniversary. You can imagine it has been very popular, so popular it gained the attention of scalpers. Scalping is a predatory practice where individuals buy up a product before it can be purchased by consumers to be sold back to those consumers at a much higher price. It’s essential to avoid these scalpers if you can. They usually try to sell on websites like eBay and Facebook marketplace,

Hints on Spotting  Fake Converse Shoes

If you decide to go on a site like eBay, beware of counterfeit shoes. Though I can’t offer any guarantees, you won’t accidentally buy a pair of fake shoes.

I can give you a few tips to avoid being scammed. First, make sure whoever you’re buying posts pictures of their particular shoe and not photos from the internet. If you can’t see the shoe clearly, message them and ask for more photos.

  • A. Check the pipping on the side of the shoe. It should be straight and not uneven
  • B. The insole should be the same color as the lining of the shoe
  • C.The words “CONVERSE” should be printed on the shoe’s sole in all caps.
  • D. The eyelets or shoelace holes should be aligned and across from each other.

D.The rubber around the toe of the shoe has a specific pattern. It should have diagonal lines at the top, then a diamond pattern followed by a smaller diamond pattern.

E.The All-Star logo on the heel should be aligned and straight.

Pokemon x Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Easy-On

The first thing you’ll notice about these is that they’re adorable. These are for small kids, and because of that, they’re made to be fun and playful. In addition, they’re “easy-on” shoes which means they have velcro straps so kids can put them on easily.

There are two styles of these a Jigglypuff, which has a vibrant pink color with a white rubber tip (Which, as of this writing, is still in stock on converse’s website). And a Pikachu style which is a bright yellow and includes “ears” that extend from the face to the tip of the shoe. Unfortunately, the Pikachu style is out of stock on the converse website and is pretty hard to find anywhere else.

Original Price: $40

Converse x Pokémon First Partners Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes

Converse X Pokemon First Partners Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Black - Converse

These come in infant, child, and adult sizes. The only difference cosmetically is that the child sizes have a velcro strap at the top. The adult sizes are your typical Chuck Taylors. One side of the shoe has the gen one starters ( Yes, they included Pikachu in this), and the other side has Meowth or Jigglypuff, depending on if its the left or right shoe

I’m not the biggest fan of the design of the Pokemon. Something seems off about the way they drew Bulbasaur and Charmander. One thing I love about this shoe is the top eyelet ( the shoelace hole) is colored like a Pokeball.

Original Price: Adult $70, child $40

Converse x Pokémon Poké Ball Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes

Converse x Pokémon Poké Ball Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes

This style is very similar to the First Partner, but I like this design much more. It’s very simple, just the line art of gen 1 starters and Meowth again for some reason. (It’s not that I dislike Meowth; I’m just surprised they keep pairing him with the starters).

I also really like the Pokeball on the side of the shoe. It’s plastic and has a lovely sheen to it. The only downside to this shoe is that they didn’t include the Pokeball-colored eyelet from the “First Partners Shoe,” but that is a minor gripe on an otherwise amazing-looking shoe.

Original Price: $70

This all-back leather shoe is adorned with a Pikachu and accompanying lightning bolts. The black leather says, “I’m sophisticated,” while the Pikachu says… “I really like pokemon.” This is my second favorite shoe on this list—the black leather pairs well with so many outfits. The Pikachu adds to the overall aesthetic instead of distracting from it.

Converse Japan’s Pokemon X Chuck Taylor All-Star Light Collection

Converse Japan's Pokemon X Chuck Taylor All-Star Light Collection

These are my favorite shoe on the list based on how they look. They’re beautiful looking while also proving less is more. The colors are vibrant, but they don’t scream”Pokemon” right away. It’s not until you take a closer look do you realize these are pokemon Chucks. These four shoes showcase Pikachu, Charizard, Eevee, and Mewtwo.

The choice to use the original sprite versions of these Pokemon is nostalgic and aesthetically pleasing. On the side of the heel, you have the Pokemon’s stats that include its number, height, and weight. Because this is a Japanese shoe, Eevee and Charizard are referred to as Eievui, and Lizardon, respectively.

I have to say the writing completes this design without going over the top. And having the Pokemon’s stat details on the shoe makes them feel more “official” than the other shoes on the list. Almost like a Pokemon card but as a shoe

Each shoe comes with its own Pokeball hangtag. (The tag that hangs from the shoestring) Pikachu has a regular Pokeball, Eevee has a great ball, Charizard has an Ultra ball, and Mewtwo has a Master ball.

Everything ties together to make a shoe that is classy and subtle. As of this writing, these are a Japanese exclusive with no word on a Europe or North American release.

Original Price: ¥9,900, which is roughly $75.00


Question: Does Nike still own Converse?

Answer: Yes they have since 2002.

Answer. They’ve become iconic due to their classic design, history, and long they’ve been a part of the fashion scene. 

Question: Will these shoes be back in stock on the converse website?

Answer: Potentially, you can signup for email alerts to tell you if and when they are back in stock.

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