Lego Pokemon Ideas: Gotta Build ‘Em All

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LEGO Pokémon ideas can help you decide what kind of Pokémon creation you want to build next. You can create a simple Pokeball or an entire Pokémon Center with your original plans. Whatever you do, make sure that there is more joy than frustration. The last thing a project should be is frustrating. That’s why I always plan ahead of time when I do a LEGO build.

If I don’t have the pieces or am confused about any step, I set it aside and focus on one I know I can execute well. Remember, it should always be fun, and with LEGOS, there is no age limit.

An Overview of LEGO Pokémon Ideas

If you want to buy LEGO Pokémon, then there are two of my top favorites that you may want to check out. I recommend Butterfree’s Pokémon Ultimate Jungle and Jumbo Eevee. Both from MEGA Construx. However, if you want to create your own with base LEGO sets, then I suggest either the Pokeball or the 8-bit Pikachu for beginners. Even they are difficult to make without a tutorial.

If you want to follow a tutorial, I haven’t found anyone better than Captain Hobby on YouTube. Their LEGO Pokémon tutorials are amazing and straightforward. You won’t regret following along.

MEGA Construx vs LEGO Pokémon

Now, I know that Mega Construx are not LEGOS, but the Pokémon company has a deal with Mega Blocks, not LEGO. So, any licensed or actual “Pokémon” building sets won’t be LEGO brand. That said, they are generally compatible with each other. So you can pair them with other LEGO sets. LEGO did try to get the property rights to produce a LEGO Pokémon Center at one point.

However, that deal fell through, and LEGO seemed to be respectful about it. You can still see the Center and what it would have looked like – complete with the entire first gen gang.

Best Pokémon LEGOS

There are dozens or more LEGO Pokémon to choose from. So, it’s easy to assume that I had a hard time narrowing it down – because it’s true. If I left out your favorite, it’s not because I don’t love it too. I love nearly every Pokémon LEGO and MEGA Construx that I’ve seen. I love some of them more than others. This wasn’t an easy decision, but somebody had to do it.

Butterfree’s MEGA Pokémon Ultimate Jungle

MEGA Pokémon Ultimate Jungle Expedition

This set gets me quite excited. Most Pokémon building sets just come with the Pokémon, and you have to find your own way to play with them. But this playset is complete and could still keep me entertained for days.

The waterfall is marbled just perfectly, the Pokémon can actually hang onto the vine, and there are mechanical pieces. Everything about this is perfect, and I’m here for it all. 

Kanto Partners

target pokemon build set

The four starters from the first generation have gathered for this set. As you can see, the style of “LEGOS” isn’t what you may be accustomed to. The building part is half the fun. Facial expressions and usability afterward take precedence. That is completely fine with me. I really enjoy having easy characters to set up in a custom terrain or battlefield that I create. 

Jumbo Eevee

Mega Construx Pokémon Jumbo Eevee Construction Set

This Eevee is almost life-size, which is a huge plus. Eevee is one foot tall in the anime – which is what he’d be in real life – and this toy is 11-inches tall when built. So he really is life-size.

Because not all Eevees will be the same size, some Eevees may be 11-inches. When I was a kid, finding something that was the actual size it would be in real life was delightful. That has not changed.

Charizard – Everyone’s Favorite Fire-Type

Mega Construx Pokémon Charizard Construction Set

The only reason Charizard isn’t my favorite is that he’s everyone’s favorite. He’s what I call the Kakashi of Pokémon. He’s absolutely stunning in every way, and this LEGO set is stunning as well.

He is definitely not life-size, but he has a lot of spirit. My favorite part is the translucent flames. This is a common LEGO and MEGA Blocks trend that I have always been fascinated with. 

Nanoblock Squirtle

nanoblock squirtle

Nanoblocks are probably the best way to get small, classic Pokémon LEGOS. While I do like all of the Nanoblock Pokémon, Squirtle is my favorite as I believe it’s the most aesthetically pleasing. Just pay attention to the details of the Nanoblocks before you buy because some of them are a bit too blocky, ironically. I love Sylveon, but I am torn when it comes to the Nanoblock version. 

Pikachu Trio – No Thunder Stone Included

Mega Construx Pokémon Build and Show Pikachu Evolution Trio Construction Set

These three Electric-type Pokémon are the mascots of the Pokémon franchise, especially Pikachu. This set features all three of them adorably. They aren’t tiny, but they’re no Jumbo Eevee. Each stands over four inches tall and is unique. I don’t believe the size relativity is entirely accurate, but I do think that overall, the company did a good job of creating the trio in block form.

My Favorite Pikachu

Mega Pokemon Kinetic Pikachu Construction Set

This Pikachu is one of my favorite LEGO-esque sets and is definitely my favorite Pikachu building set. Not only is it well-made, and the Pikachu is gorgeous, but the terrain adds to it all. This set is fully mechanized and kinetic. There are over 1000 pieces, so this isn’t for children. In fact, the ideal age is 12 and older. When complete, the Pikachus stands almost ten inches tall.

Bulbasaur with Vines

Mega Construx Pokémon Bulbasaur

This Bulbasaur is the best Mega Construx Bulbsaur that I’ve seen, There have been a few, but the vines on this one are top-notch. He’s posable and comes with a Premier Ball pin.

None of the other Bulbasaur are bad, per se, but I do think more thought went into the functionality of this one. Choose your favorite in the end based on any tiny detail you please. 

Original Pokémon LEGO Builds Without a Kit

If you consider yourself a LEGO master, then you may be interested in some of these builds. Take a look at the pictures and see if you can replicate them. Only a true LEGO and Pokémon master can.

That said, I do believe that anyone can follow a tutorial. If you succeed with any of these builds, consider making a tutorial. Just don’t forget to credit the original artist for their design. 

The Pokeball

The Pokeball

 This Pokeball is probably the easiest yet most beautiful original build I’ve seen. If you look closely, you can see how it was built from the back to the front rather than bottom to the top.

If you’re a beginner or feel that this build is too complicated, all you have to do is create a 2D version instead. When you create 2D versions of LEGO builds, you can draw pictures and replicate them. 



Another great choice executed with micro excellence. This Tentacruel is no joke. The moveable tentacles, the fierce Tentacruel eyes, and the mantle flow ensure that this Pokémon comes together perfectly.

Pikachu – 8-bit Style

Pikachu - 8-bit Style

These bloggers did an amazing job creating Pikachu like you’d see him in-game. The clean edges and signature smile get me with this creation. But the passion the creators obviously have shines through the brightest.

They also made a Squirtle and a Pokeball that are worth looking at. But I think that their Pikachu is the best creation. If you look closely, you can definitely recreate this with minimal effort. 



This is one of the best 1st generation Grass-type Pokémon done so well. This doesn’t look like amateur work to me. A few of these LEGO artists deserve to get paid for their work, and this artist is included.

Though they have created multiple Pokémon, the Victreebell is my favorite because they make it look so effortless. Each and every detail is spot-on. This build is not for beginners. 



This is genius. Stakataka is a Gen VII Pokémon who is just as strange and ambiguous as Unown or Porygon. Stakataka is an Ultra Beast with the code name UB Assembly. He’s the heaviest Rock-type Pokémon ringing it at nearly one ton.

I didn’t recognize this Pokémon – the Pokémon, not the creation. After I saw the real deal, I knew I had to add it to the list. 



Brock would flip over this one. I would buy this Onix just like this – glued together or not. I’ve looked at this one for a while, and I’m still mesmerized by the flow and character given to the Rock-type.

I actually gave an Onix fidget toy as a gift last year for Christmas, and this is similar. Perhaps Onix is just asking to be made into LEGOS, fidget toys, and other sensory toys.



Paras isn’t a favorite of mine, but this may win me over. The coloring is a bit off, but that makes me love it even more. It’s not always easy to find the right colors, so when you can improvise, I respect it.

Filip Johannes Felberg – The LEGO Pokémon Legend

If you don’t need a tutorial to create a masterpiece and can use a photo for reference, this guy can help you. Filip Felberg has a Flickr page dedicated to his LEGO Pokémon creations.

Each creation is a masterpiece. He hasn’t been active in about a decade, but his LEGO Pokémon will go down in history. I tried to pick a few favorites but to no avail. You’ll have to check him out yourself.

When I say I tried to pick favorites, I am serious. He has nearly 150 Pokémon LEGO creations on his page – all original. I narrowed it down to around 50, which is far too many to share.

LEGO Pokémon Tutorials

If you want to follow along with a step-by-step tutorial, there isn’t a better tutorial maker than Captain Hobby. Their LEGO Pokémon tutorials are top-notch, and I cannot recommend them enough.

While I love all of their tutorials, the Legendaries impress me most. For some reason, few people create Legendary LEGO Pokémon. Maybe because Captain Hobby does such a fantastic job!


Question: Are There Pokémon LEGOS?

Answer: No. The Pokémon Company and LEGO tried to work things out, but The Pokémon Company already partnered with MEGA Construx, so they couldn’t legally be bound to both.

Question: How Do You Make LEGO Pokémon?

Answer: There are many ways to make LEGO Pokémon. If you are creating your plans, then draw them out. Decide if you should build from the bottom, back, or sporadically, and always use a reference photo.

Question: Are MEGA Construx Good for Pokémon?

Answer: Yes. MEGA Construx makes the only licensed building blocks for Pokémon. You can buy generic sets t either MEGA Construx or LEGOs to pair with them and create killer terrain.

Question: Where Can I Share My LEGO Pokémon?

Answer: My favorite place to share LEGO Pokémon is Reddit. However, Flickr and Imgur are both good choices. I believe that Reddit gets the most traffic and has the broadest demographic at this time. 

Question: What is the Best LEGO Pokémon?

Answer: The best Pokémon building set is subjective, and the best LEGO Pokémon ever built probably hasn’t even been shared. Build what makes you happy, and that will be what is the Best LEGO Pokémon.

Your LEGO Pokémon

If you want to buy a kit, then do it. If you want to wing it, then do it. There are no strict rules in the Pokémon world. You can buy a kit made for kids three years and older. Or you can create something. If you’re on a budget, buy a basic set or shop on eBay. You can find some amazing deals on eBay on the LEGO Pokémon – or rather MEGA the Pokémon – that are out of stock everywhere else. 

Whether it’s a 10/10 difficulty or creating a Pokeball with five pieces, the passion you put into it and the joy you get out of it matters most. That’s what Pokémon is all about. Joy and inclusivity.

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