Best Pokemon Funko Pop Merch: Everything You Need to Know

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Whether you are an anime aficionado, a game geek, a movie buff or simply like to decorate with style. Having a collection of items that allows you to express your love for your favorite pieces of popular culture is nearly essential in this modern age.

Most fans of TV shows, games, and other intellectual properties wear their adoration on their sleeve, and often the best way to do this subtly and tastefully is by having a stylish figurine to sit upon your desk. One of the most popular brands that offer this type of merchandise is Funko. A company that has produced thousands of detailed figures depicting characters from a variety of different types of media.

If you think of a character from any form of media that pops into your head, chances are there is a cute Funko adaption that you can purchase and put pride and place in your collection, and with more and more of us building our ideal gaming, home cinema or home office spaces, bringing the space to life is more important than ever before.

Seeing as it is one of the most recognized franchises in the world, it is hardly surprising that Pokemon has had the Funko Pop treatment more than a few times. Allowing fans to own a unique rendering of some of their favorite Pokemon. With that in mind, we thought we would help you find the Funko Pop of your dreams as we run through all of the best Funko Pop Pokemon merchandise on offer, allowing you to add to your collection in style.

What is a Funko Pop?

A funko pop is a vinyl figurine that can sometimes come in a bobblehead format. These figures depict a litany of characters from various forms of popular culture. These figurines range in size and shape but typically, these figures are around 4 inches tall.

There are often limited-edition variants of figures released as promotional merchandise and these are often metallic silver versions of the same figure, flocked or supersized figures. These larger models tend to be somewhere between ten to eighteen inches tall.

Who are Funko?

Who are Funko?

Funko is an American company founded by Mike Becker in 1998. The company is based in Washington, D.C and the company is believed to have been valued at approximately $516 million in 2017. The company is best known for its line of bobbleheads and vinyl figures. However, the company also makes lamps, USB drives, plush toys, and several other types of collectible merchandise.

How Much Does a Funko Pop Figure Cost on Average?

This is really dependent on the type of figure that you intend to buy. If the figure is a rare edition like a metallic version or a flocked version, the price will rise. If it is a larger figure, the price will rise.

Plus, if it is a bundle of figures or the figure has attachments, then this will raise the price tag. In general, the price of a standard funko pop will range anywhere from $15-$25 depending on the popularity of the figure and how new the figure is.

Then if you purchase a figure with add-ons or as part of a bundle package, you will probably pay anywhere between $30-$40. Then with regards to the rare versions, you will likely pay the same as the standard price if bought from a retail outlet. However, on the secondhand market, these figures can soar to astronomical prices.

A Complete List of All Pokemon Funko Pops?

cubone funko pop

As we mentioned, Pokemon may have taken their time joining the Funko Pop roster, but since then, there has been quite a several Pokemon converted into vinyl form. Here is a complete list of all the Pokemon Funko pop figures that are currently available:

01 Pikachu 18″
353 Pikachu – Target
353 Flocked Pikachu – GameStop
353 Pikachu 10″ – Target
353 Pikachu Metallic
353 Pikachu Metallic 10″ – Target
453 Bulbasaur
453 Bulbasaur Flocked – 2020 ECCC
453 Bulbasaur Silver
454 Bulbasaur 10″ – Target
454 Bulbasaur Silver 10″ – Target
455 Charmander
455 Charmander Flocked – 2020 ECCC
455 Charmander Diamond – 2021 ECCC
455 Charmander 10″ – Target
504 Squirtle
504 Flocked Squirtle – GameStop
505 Squirtle 10″ – Target
540 Eevee 10″ Super-Sized – Target
553 Pikachu Waving
553 Pikachu Waving Diamond – GameStop
577 Eevee
577 Eevee Flocked – 2020 WonderCon
579 Pichu
579 Pichu Flocked – 2020 WonderCon
580 Vulpix
580 Vulpix Flocked – 2020 SDCC
580 Vulpix 10″ Super-Sized – Target
581 Mewtwo
581 Mewtwo Flocked – 2020 SDCC
582 Mr Mime
583 Mewtwo 10″ Super-Sized – Target
595 Rattata
596 Cubone
597 Growlithe
597 Growlithe Flocked – 2020 NYCC
598 Pikachu Grumpy
598 Pikachu Flocked – 2020 NYCC
619 Cubone 10″ Super-Sized – Target
626 Eevee
627 Vaporeon
627 Vaporeon Diamond – 2021 ECCC
628 Jolteon
628 Jolteon Diamond – 2021 WonderCon
629 Flareon
629 Flareon Diamond – 2021 WonderCon
643 Mew
644 Ponyta
645 Raichu
779 Pikachu
780 Meowth
781 Psyduck

What was the First Pokemon Funko Pop?

353 pikachu

The first Pokemon Funko Pop ever released was, rather unsurprisingly, a Pikachu. This figure was exclusively sold at Target and hit the shelves on the 19th of July 2018.

This figure came in the standard four-inch size as well as a supersized eighteen-inch version, a flocked eighteen-inch version, a supersized ten-inch version, and a silver metallic ten-inch version. This figure shows Pikachu in a forward stance with their arms down and in front of their body with an open-mouthed smile and their tail hanging to the left.

Which Pokemon Funko Pop Is the Rarest?

In terms of rarity, we believe that it is a toss-up between two Pokemon Funko figures. The first is a flocked version of the Mewtwo figure which was available in limited numbers and only available to those who attended San Diego Comic-Con 2021. Since then these figures have been rather hard to come across, mostly due to fans wanting to hold on to their rare and rather striking Mewtwo figure. So when one does surface on the market, it tends to be at a lofty price.

Then the second figure would be the Blooming Curiosity figure from the ‘A Day With Pikachu’ collection. This figure was released in small numbers, a limited edition figure, a Pokemon Center Exclusive and it’s an aesthetically pleasing figure. Which all culminates to make this one of the rarest and most expensive Pokemon figures on the secondhand market.

How Many Different Pokemon Funko Pops are There?

At the moment, if you include all versions of the Pokemon that have been added to the Funko roster. Then there are a total of 52 different Pokemon Funko Pops out there for fans to collect.

However, if you simply want one of each Pokemon, then that number drops significantly. To own one of every Pokemon available, you would only need to own nineteen figures. However, there is a new batch of Pokemon set to join the Funko roster so this number is subject to change.

What is the Largest Pokemon Funko Pop?

Pokemon Funko Pop

This is an easy one as there is only one eighteen-inch Pokemon Funko Pop in existence at the time of writing and that was the very first Pikachu Funko. This figure as mentioned above did come in metallic and flocked versions which were also this size.

However, aside from this figure, there are no other Pokemon Funko variants that can match this one for size.

Which Pokemon Funko Pop is the Most Expensive?

As you would expect, it is one of the aforementioned rarest Pokemon Funko Pops that happens to be the most expensive. While many would believe that the Blooming Curiosity Pikachu would have the edge here.

It is actually the Flocked Mewtwo that has a slightly higher market value. The Blooming Curiosity Pikachu is valued currently at around $120 whereas the Flocked Mewtwo is valued at around $160. Making this figure the most expensive Pokemon Funko in existence.

Are There any Pokemon Funko Pops Soon to Release?

Yes, there are a number of Pokemon Funko Pops that are soon to hit the shelves, begging for you to add them to your collection. Here is a list of the figures set to release between now and September 2021:

  • Charizard – 23rd September 2021
  • Charmander (Silver Metallic) – 23rd September
  • Horsea – 23rd September
  • Pikachu (Sitting) – 23rd September

While it is always nice to see new variants of existing Pokemon Funkos, the additions that really spark excitement are Horsea and the fan-favorite, Charizard.

Quite frankly, it is rather surprising that we have not been treated to one of the 3rd evolutions of the original starter Pokemon and we can only hope that this means that Venusaur and Blastoise are in the pipeline. We suppose only time will tell.

Is There an Ash Ketchum Funko Pop?

Well, yes and no. In terms of these being an official Ash Ketchum that has been released by Funko themselves, that hasn’t happened. However, there are some savvy creative types out there that have managed to create custom Funko Pops which look just like the beloved character from the Pokemon anime.

By using a more basic-looking Funko design and adapting the design, these homemade Funko designers have been able to fill a gap in the market. These figures include the usual attire that Ash has on in the Indigo Plateau series of the anime. Complete with the green fingerless gloves, the iconic trainer hat, and the Pokeball just resting in hand in case a Pokemon comes into view.

This is a great opportunity to add Ash to your collection but if we could make a suggestion. We would wait until Funko makes an official figure. We reckon that it’s only a matter of time.

Which Pokemon Funko Pop Looks The Best?

mew pokemon

While this one is pretty subjective, we do love to voice our opinion and in this case, we are tied for three options. So here is our top three most aesthetically pleasing Pokemon Funko Pops:

Mew: One of our favorites is the Mew funko Pop depicting the first-ever Pokemon if the original movie is to be believed. This Funko shows Mew in a cute floating stance as the Pokemon is known to do.

The color palette is pastel perfection and the clear stand allows this figure to stand freely without intruding upon the overall design. As far as legendary Pokemon go, this design lives up to this Pokemon’s reputation.

Cubone: Next up, we have Cubone, the lovable orphan Pokemon who has a backstory so sad that we can’t help but fall in love with them. We love the way this Funko is still very recognizable as a Funko figure even with the large bone helmet that is synonymous with Cubone.

The design is done excellently right down to the bone club that they hold in their hand and this makes Cubone one of our top picks.

Mewtwo: Then lastly, we have the Mewtwo figure. This figure shows the intellectual powerhouse in his iconic stance with one arm raised and no doubt channeling some psychic powers before unleashing them on all those that oppose him.

We love how this design is equal parts cute and brooding and for this reason, Mewtwo earns a space in our Pokemon Funko Pop top three.

What is A Day With Pikachu/ An Afternoon With Eevee?

A Day with Pikachu and An Afternoon with Eevee were a specific set of Pokemon Center exclusive Funko figures. The Pikachu figures are based on different seasons, holidays, and times of the year.

Whereas the Eevee figures showcase each of the different Eeveelutions in a different scene which is typical of their typing. Here is a list of the various figures that one can collect from each collection:

A Day with Pikachu:

  • One Lucky Day
  • Rainy Day
  • Blooming Curiosity
  • Sweet days are here
  • Sparking up a celebration
  • Splashing away Summer
  • Charged up for the game day
  • Surprises to fall for
  • Completely Thank-full
  • A cool new friend
  • Ringing in the fun
  • Surprising weather ahead

An Afternoon With Eevee:

  • Eevee
  • Vaporeon
  • Sylveon
  • Umbreon
  • Flareon
  • Leafeon
  • Glaceon
  • Espeon
  • Jolteon

What Pokemon Need The Funko Pop Treatment?

456 charmander funko pop

While we are aware that having every single Pokemon being included in Funko’s illustrious roster would be unthinkable. We do believe that there are several Pokemon that have been left out that absolutely deserve an opportunity to shine in vinyl form.

Based on their significance within the manga, anime, video games, and the TCG, we believe that these Pokemon deserve the Funko Pop treatment.

  • Jigglypuff: A Pokemon that was comical within the anime and is one of the cutest and most adored Pokemon of the original series.
  • Gengar: Perhaps one of the most unsettling Pokemon of the first generation and certainly one of the most powerful. This Pokemon is a fan favorite and would sell like hot cakes as a Funko.
  • Butterfree: While not the most fearsome of Pokemon, it was a member of Ash’s original entourage and for that reason alone deserves a spot here.
  • Diglett/Dugtrio: We can’t even begin to imagine how Funko would go about designing this Pokemon and morbid curiosity has led us to place it on this list
  • Cyndiquil/Tododile/Chikorita: While the Funko pops haven’t exactly covered the first-gen extensively yet, we would argue that the second-gen starters would be a great place to go afterward.

Is it Possible to Subscribe to a Funko Pop Service?

Yes, there are several services out there that allow you to receive a random Funko Pop every month for as little as $15 a month. This adds a certain level of intrigue and surprise when you receive your Funko package. There are many services to choose from but the best known and most reputable option is most likely Pop in a Box. They pick a Vinyl figure that suits your tastes after you complete a short survey and then like clockwork each month, you get a new figure.

So if you don’t want the stress of shopping for your own figure, this is a great option for you, and who knows, you might get a Pokemon Funko if you’re lucky.

Best Pokemon Funko Pop Merch: Final Thoughts

So that is our guide giving you all the info you could possibly need about Pokemon Funko Pops. What do you make of this guide? Was this helpful and informational to you? Which of these funko pops would you love to add to your collection? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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