Best Pokemon Cake Ideas for Pros and Home Bakers

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The best Pokémon cake ideas make me want to start decorating cakes again. For now, I may hire someone and use these ideas as references for my next birthday, whether the design is an immaculate three-tier Kanto cake or a simple Pokeball.

A few years ago, I got really into decorating cakes. I made dozens of cakes over a year’s time. While my favorites included Naruto, Minecraft, and a questionable Master Chief for our first fondant trial, one of the best was a Pokeball.

Best Pokémon Cake Ideas – Top Pick in a Flash

I have two favorite Pokémon cakes that you may fall in love with too. The first is a 3D Pikachu cake that made my jaw drop. It would take a master baker and decorator to recreate it. If you want to create your own cake, then I suggest Pokémon cupcakes. They are highly customizable. Plus, if you get one wrong, you can start over on that one without ruining the entire cake as you would normally. 

If you’re down for more suggestions, keep scrolling. Otherwise, one of these two options should “take the cake” and make anyone’s day special with the thought you put into doing so. 

How I Chose the Best Pokémon Cake Ideas

When I choose a list of the best of something, the criteria aren’t always the same. When it comes to cakes, it’s important that it tastes good. But what we are talking about here is decorating. 


Creativity is so important to me. I believe the most successful bakers and cake decorators are artists that ooze creativity. If the Pokémon Cake is outside the box, then I am more impressed.


When it comes to Pokémon, you have your fair share of gatekeepers. But even the general population of fans notice improper details. Pikachu’s tail must be set right, and the Ultra Ball colors must be the right shade.

Cake Piece


Delivery is the most important part of a good Pokémon cake. Because you can have a good idea and you can have an accurate cake. But if you don’t execute it well, nothing else matters. The concept of someone being able to sing the phonebook and keep people intrigued applies to decorating cakes too.


A great caterer knows how to leave options open. They aren’t strict on their ideas and can be flexible, catering to the wants of the client. If everything is left concrete, then it feels as if the decorator only knows how to make one kind of cake.

Best Pokémon Cakes For the Pros

Let’s face it. As amazing as some cakes are, they should be left for those with experienced hands. If you’re hiring a professional, these cakes will wow any party they appear at. If you can’t find anyone to make the cake you have in mind – and you have enough time – branch out. Sometimes, caterers will deliver an hour away. So make sure you keep increasing the radius of your search. 

3D Pikachu by yes_its_cake

pikachu cake
Photo from Instagram: yes_its_cake

This 3D Pikachu cake is my favorite Pokémon cake I’ve ever seen. Although a Pikachu cake can be basic, this cake checks all of the boxes of awesomeness and defies the laws of cake-making physics. The baker and decorator was called everything in the book because no one believed that this cake was real — but it is real. It wasn’t photoshopped, and it isn’t flat. Check out all of the pictures for a better look.

Pokéball by Rick Zavala

rick zavala
Photo from Instagram: Rick Zavala

Rick Zavala is a well-known cake decorator from Brazil that never ceases to amaze me. The Pokéball cake that he made is so smooth that it’s hard to imagine that he handcrafted it. If you think it’s too good to be true, take a look at everything else he has made. The man’s designs are so flawless that they belong in a museum.

Clefairy Cake by Celebrate with Cake

Clefairy Cake by Celebrate with Cake
Image from Facebook

When I was younger, Clefairy was one of my favorite Pokémon, so I may be a bit biased on this one. However, it’s hard to deny that this cake is a masterpiece. From the fondant to tiny pinpoint details, it rocks.

The entire theme of the cake is genius, too, because the shades of pink go so well together. Not to mention it was created in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month!

LEGO Pokémon Cake by Magia Na Festa

lego pokemon cake
Photo from Instagram: magia_na_festa

I can’t get enough of this LEGO creation. LEGOs are something that brings children – and adults – of all ages together. It reminds me of Pokémon GO and how for a few months, life seemed simpler.

Even if it didn’t feature Pokémon, it would still be a bomb cake. The way that the LEGOs peek out and the top rolls back are insanely clever and well-executed.

Trainer Pokémon Cake

trainer pokemon cake
Photo from Instagram: juliaboggio

Who wouldn’t love to see themself on a cake with their favorite Pokémon? This is one of the coolest concepts I’ve seen, especially for children. In this case, it was a sweet kid with some cool classes with her Eevee. The designer is so talented that her friend has to share her designs twice a year on Instagram. I know I’ll be waiting for the next cake to appear on my feed.

Starter Pokéball Cake

Starter Pokéball Cake
Image from Facebook

This is by far the best Pokémon cake I’ve seen made in this much detail. Normally, the cake is either extremely creative or extremely well-executed, but rarely both. This cake checks both boxes. I’ve never seen a Pokémon cake that was this smooth nor one with details quite this immaculate. The English company makes me want to visit Lancashire for my next birthday so that they can make me a cake.

Classic Tower Cake by Mamaye Cake Design

classic tower cake
Photo from Instagram: mamaye_cakedesign

While I love single-layer cakes with superb attention to detail, I love a great tower cake. This tower cake is simpler than it looks, but it takes an expert hand to ensure that everything comes together.

Mamaye Cake Design from Italy really overdid themselves with the perfect Pokéball topper and the clarity of the Pokémon stick-ons. This proves that you don’t need to use fondant for every detail to make a cake look professional.

Simple Fondant Masterpiece

Simple Fondant Masterpiece Pokemon Cake
Image from Deviantart

Something I have noticed is that most professional cake decorates can’t make accurate and well-delivered Pokémon. Maybe because they’re not Pokémon fans and maybe because they don’t focus on the details. Regardless, this is one of the best fondant Pokémon cakes I’ve ever seen. Each of these four Pokémon is so well done that I can’t stop staring. Snorlax is my favorite, but it was hard to choose. 

Secret Pokéball Cake

The top of this cake looks like a well-done 2D route from the Pokémon games. The toys on top are excellent for gifts and party favors. But it’s the inside that counts as far as I’m concerned. The inside is made from the perfect Pokéball colors, and now I want to make my next cake exactly like this. All you need to do is make three layers, with each cake being a different color.

Best DIY Pokémon Cakes

Not everyone is a master baker. However, anyone can make a Pokémon cake. Here are a few cakes that are simple enough that someone who knows their way around a residential kitchen can impress their families.

Togepi Cake Pops by osunscakepops

Photo from Instagram: osunscakepops

These Togepi cake pops are so sweet and relatively easy to make. As long as you know how to make solid cake pops, the rest shouldn’t be a problem. Pay attention to details and learn to use chocolate with ease. Togepi is another one of my childhood favorites, so these pops hit right in the nostalgia. I am in love with them and put them on the list to try next.

Charmander by konditorei_graupner

Photo from Instagram: konditorei_graupner

My personal tip for this cake is to put the candle on Charmanders tail. Just be careful doing this with Pokémon fans because they know that when Charmander’s tail goes out, that’s it for Charchar.

So that part is up to you. The base for this cake isn’t all that difficult, but it does take some practice to carve out the cakes. I suggest cooling the cakes well before carving for best results.

Diglett Cake by Daniel Toro

This Diglett cake is simple enough that anyone can make it. Because Diglett has a ground-like texture, you can use buttercream – or something similar – instead of fondant. Don’t forget the crushed Oreos or cake to go around him. If you want to make a “three-tier” cake, then you can make three of these of different sizes for a Dugtrio cake.

Pokémon Cupcakes

Photo from Instagram: by thecakescape

If you want something easy and highly-customizable, you can’t go wrong with Pokémon cupcakes. This set is extremely adorable and high-end, but if you’re making them for a kids party, don’t aim for perfection.

I once made a set of cupcakes – each one unique – for a party with everything from Pokémon to Halo to ducks on them. Instead of Pokémon-exclusive, I think that birthday boy/girl-exclusive is more special.

Surprise Toy Cake

This is a surprisingly easy route that will get a lot of laughs and wide eyes of admiration. The cake decorating doesn’t matter as much as what is on the inside. My only advice is not to put the toys in before you cook the cake.

Instead, make a hole in the center by keeping the top cake intact and the rest of the cakes with stakes and a hole in the center.

Biome Diverse Pokémon Cake

Biome Diverse Pokémon Cake
Photo from Instagram: by ambervv85

This cake is exquisite, but it doesn’t take an expert to make a similar cake. First, create the base. Divide the cake in half with something like fake rocks or grass. Then, use this as inspiration for the rest.

Use as many toys as you want to avoid using food to decorate. I love biome diversity, and this cake does such a good job of featuring each biome with the appropriate starter evolution.

Psyduck Cake by Nicole Living Sweets


There’s something about this cake that is so sweet, simple, and alluring. Psyduck doesn’t get enough love – to my dismay – but he should. This cake helps give him the love he deserves. To make it, all you have to do is stack plenty of layers, cover it with buttercream, and then finish up with a bit of fondant or molding chocolate.


Question: What is the Easiest Pokémon Cake to Make?

Answer: The easiest concept for a Pokémon cake is the Pokéball. Although if you add toys and stickers, anything is easy, a Pokéball doesn’t take much skill to make if given the right tools. 

Question: Where Can I Get a Pokémon Cake?

Answer: If you are buying a Pokémon cake, I suggest checking your local bakery or home-based cake decorating business. If you can’t find any, then Walmart or your local grocer can likely oblige. 

Question: What Age Likes Pokémon Cake?

Answer: Making a cake for a kid you don’t know well? They probably like Pokémon. Making a cake for an adult, you don’t know well? You’re going to have to dig before making them a Pokémon cake. 

Question: Are Crossover Pokémon Cakes Cool?

Answer: Yes! My husband loves Deadpool Pikachu – which was made even cooler by Ryan Reynolds playing them both. I think crossovers are cooler than pure franchise-themed parties. 

The Best Pokémon Cake For You

What it all comes down to is choosing the best Pokémon cake for your occasion. If you’re short on time, grab something already made from the bakery. But if you have time, money, and resources, go all out. I recommend straying from adding generic Pokémon. While Snorlax, Eevee, and Pikachu are great for most people, if you know the person well, get more personal.

Find out their favorite generation, their favorite Pokémon, and their favorite colors. From there, you can hire someone to make the perfect Pokémon cake or make one yourself to make it the most memorable birthday they’ve ever had.

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