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*Spoiler Alert for Pokémon Expansion Pack, The Crown Tundra ahead. 

When the switch was first released, I was still in high school and begged my mother to get me one. They are on the expensive side, so I never got one. However, in my first year of college, I won a scholarship, and my university had refunded me 400 dollars since I overpaid. I was checking the mail daily, and when it came, I ran (I did not have a car at the time) to the bank, then ran even faster to the GameStop across the street.

I had always been a huge Pokémon fan, and when Nintendo announced Sword and Shield, I pre-ordered them the minute I could. I loved the scenery, the Pokémon, and the expansion packs!

When it came to the new golem duo introduced, I spent days trying to decide if I wanted to go with Regidrago or Regieleki, and I went with Regieleki purely because of its name. It is one of those names that sounds funny and fake when you say it repeatedly.

Bottom Line Up Front

Regieleki is a pure electric type introduced in generation eight and is considered a legendary Pokémon. Regieleki is only available in the Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pack, and you obtain it by going to Split-Decision Ruins with Regirock, steel, and ice in your party.

Regieleki’s only weakness is ground, can not be bred with any other Pokémon, and only has one ability, transistor.

If you want to use Regieleki in competitive play, I suggest using it as a special attacker with high speed. See movesets, natures, and items below in the “Competitive Movesets” section.

Pokédex Summaries/Inspiration/Lore


To understand Regieleki, we need to look at its Pokédex entries in Pokémon Sword and Shield. 

Pokémon Sword – “This Pokémon is a cluster of electrical energy. It’s said that removing the rings on Regieleki’s body will unleash the Pokémon’s latent power.”

Pokémon Shield – “its entire body is made up of a single organ that generates electrical energy. Regieleki is capable of creating all Galar’s electricity.”

With those Pokédex entries and Regieleki being the Electron Pokémon, it is easy to see Regieleki is inspired by pure electricity. In fact, some of the NPCs and books in the game mention that Regieleki was created by Regigigas using electric energy. As with Machoke’s belt, the rings on Regieleki help regulate its energy or power.

I can only imagine Regigigas made the new duo sometime after it made the original three (since the two were missing from all other games the original three and Regigigas appear in).


While Legendary Pokémon who evolve or have pre-evolutions have been emerging since Pokémon Sun and Moon, Regieleki has no evolutions or pre-evolutions. 

Breeding (Egg Moves)

Like many other legendary and mythical Pokémon, Regieleki is in the “No Eggs Discovered” egg group. This means that this Pokémon is not capable of producing a Pokémon egg. 

Furthermore, since this Pokémon can not breed with any Pokémon, Regieleki does not have a list of moves it can learn through breeding. 


As a pure electric type, the only weakness Regieleki has is ground-type attacks. Since it only has one weakness, I would use it as my lead in most battles. 

Regieleki resists flying, steel, and electric type moves and takes normal damage from everything else. 


Regieleki Locations

Before going any further, it is essential to note that Regieleki is only obtainable in The Crown Tundra Expansion Pack. So before you can get Regieleki, you will need to pay for the expansion pack in stores or through the e-store. 

In Pokémon Sword and Shield, there is a series of events you need to complete in order to obtain Regieleki. 

When arriving at The Crown Tundra, you will meet a man named Peony. He acts as your guide through the expansion pack storyline. There are three main quests/story sections you will play through, and the second quest is related to the Regi-family, Legendary Clue 2/The Terrible Titans … Lurking Locked Away.  

Regieleki is located in the Split-Decision Ruins. However, before the player can go in to potentially catch Regieleki, they need to have captured and have Regice, Registeel, and Regirock in their parties. 

Where Do You Get Them?

Regice is located in the Iceberg Ruins, and in order to get into the ruins, you will need to have a Cryogonal in your first party slot and have it follow you. If you don’t already have one, you can catch Cryogonal at the Old Cemetery, Three-Point Pass, or by surfing on the Frigid Sea. 

Regirock can be found at the Rock Peak Ruins, and to get inside, your lead Pokémon / the one following you will need to be holding an Everstone. If you do not have a spare Everstone in your bag, you can find one in Turffield, or wild Roggenrola (and its evolutions) have a fifty percent chance of holding one when encountered in the wild. 

You can encounter Registeel in the Iron Ruins. Luckily, obtaining a Registeel is not as complicated as capturing the other two. All you have to do is walk up to the door, and whistle … if only everything in life was that easy. 

Once you obtain all three golems, head to Split-Decision Ruins to catch Regieleki or Regidrago. 

*IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only catch one of the two in each game.*

When entering the ruins, you will see some dots on the floor that light up when you walk on them. To lock into Regieleki, follow the pattern on Regieleki’s face and light up the dots accordingly. Then, you can walk up to the statue at the back of the room and encounter Regieleki. 

Now, these four Pokémon are tough to catch, and Regirock and Registeel resist False Swipe, a normal-type move many players use to make catching Pokémon easier. Be sure to save your game, stock up on dusk and ultra balls, and bring a Pokémon that can paralyze or put your opponent to sleep.



Regieleki only has one ability, and it is transistor. 

Transistor increases the power of electric-typed attack (physical and special) by half. Think of it as a built-in damage multiplier. Any electric attack will increase in power just because of this ability, and think of the damage you could do when you give Regieleki a stat-boosting item or more.

Transistor is also a signature ability, so Regieleki is the only Pokémon in the game to have that ability. 

Moves by Level Up

In the following section, you can see a list of moves Regieleki can learn by leveling up. 

  • 1 – Thundershock 
  • 1 – Rapid Spin
  • 6 – Electroweb
  • 12 – Ancient Power
  • 18 – Shock Wave
  • 24 – Thunder Wave
  • 30 – Extreme Speed 
  • 36 – Thunder Cage 
  • 42 – Thunderbolt 
  • 48 – Magnet Rise
  • 54 – Thrash 
  • 60 – Lock-On
  • 66 – Zap Cannon
  • 72 – Hyper Beam 
  • 78 – Explosion 

Moves by TM/HM/TR

In the following section, you can find a list of moves Regieleki can learn through TM, HM, and TRs.

  • TM08 – Hyper Beam
  • TM09 – Giga Impact
  • TM14 – Thunder Wave
  • TM16 – Screech
  • TM17 – Light Screen
  • TM18 – Reflect 
  • TM20 – Self-Destruct 
  • TM21 – Rest 
  • TM24 – Snore
  • TM25 – Protect
  • TM33 – Rain Dance 
  • TM39 – Facade 
  • TM40 – Swift 
  • TM52 – Bounce 
  • TM58 – Assurance
  • TM76 – Round
  • TM78 – Acrobatics
  • TM80 – Volt Switch 
  • TM82 – Electroweb 
  • TM90 – Electric Terrain 
  • TM93 – Eerie Impulse 
  • TR01 – Body Slam 
  • TR08 – Thunderbolt
  • TR09 – Thunder
  • TR12 – Agility 
  • TR20 – Substitute 
  • TR26 – Endure
  • TR27 – Sleep Talk 
  • TR80 – Electro Ball 
  • TR86 – Wild Charge 

Move Tutors

In the expansion pack, there is only one move Regieleki can learn through tutoring, and it is Rising Voltage. The tutor is located in the Isle of Armor at the home dojo. In order to have the tutor teach the move, you must give up five pieces of Armorite Ore. 



Regieleki’s stats are as follows: 

  • HP: 80
  • Attack: 100
  • Special Attack: 100
  • Defense: 50
  • Special Defense: 50 
  • Speed: 200
  • Total: 580

Competitive Movesets

Before I can talk about movesets, I need to point out Regieleki’s biggest flaw, its defense, and special defense. Both are tied for Regieleki’s lowest stats at a disappointing 50. To put this in perspective, Clamperl, Bronzor, and Swadloon all have higher defense than Regieleki, and Phione, Spoink, and Ledyba have a higher special defense.

With all that said, Regieleki does have an impressive speed stat, and its attack and special attack are also very high. Think of Regieleki as a glass cannon, extremely powerful but fragile.

Here’s my thinking: 

  • I would try and get a nature that helps with my speed, hasty or naive. 
  • Regieleki has more access to special type moves, so I would max IVs (individual values) on speed and special attack and use the remaining for HP. 
  • I would give it a choice specs to hold (for the extra boost in special attack). 
  • Moveset: I would give it Zap Cannon, Thunder, Ancient Power, and Hyper Beam. Thunder for my main attack, Ancient Power as an alternate move, and pray I get an all-stat boost, Zap Cannon to gamble to get a powerful attack in and paralyze my opponent, and Hyper Beam as a last resort. 

Anime/Movie Appearances

Regieleki and Regidrago made their anime debuts in episode 1,198th, The Last Mission! Catch Regieleki and Regidrago!! 

During the episode, Goh and Gary travel to Split-Decision Ruins to complete a mission for Professor Cerise. While Goh and Gary are at the gate, Quillon translates the text on the door and opens it for Gary and Goh. 

The two walk in, dig around and figure out how to summon Regieleki and Regidrago. However, they get attacked by a pair of Project Mew Challengers. After the two defeat the challengers in a tag battle, they proceed to encounter the two Regis. 

The two break out of their statues, and Goh sends Flygon to battle against Regieleki while Gary uses Hatterene to fight Regidrago. The two Regis realize their opponents have the type advantage, so Regieleki attacks Hatterene, and Regidrago attacks Flygon. The two are defeated, so Goh sends out Cinderace, and Gary sends out Blastoise. 

With some teamwork, Goh catches Regieleki, and Gary captures Regidrago. 

TCG Appearances

Regieleki Guide: TCG Appearances

Since Regieleki came out in the latest installments, it only has two cards in the trading card game. The first one comes from the Evolving Skies Expansion Pack. Regieleki is shown as an electric type in this card, has the moves Static Shock and Teraspark, and is a rare holo card.

The second card comes from the Astral Radiance Expansion Pack. Regieleki has the electric typing, has the moves Electromagnetic Sonar and Targeted Bolt, and is a rare card. I can not pick a favorite from the two! They both have impressive artwork. However, the card on the Evolving Skies Expansion Pack has a lot more color on it and looks a tiny bit better, in my opinion.


Question: What does shiny Regieleki look like?

Answer: In the expansion pack, you can soft reset to get a shiny Regieleki. The most significant change between the two forms is that shiny Regieleki has white bands around its arms versus blue bands. 

Question: Will Regieleki be in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

Answer: At the current moment, Regieleki, or any of the Regi-Pokémon, have not made any appearances in any of the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailers. So, (as of now) it is unknown if the Regi family will make appearances in the new games. 

Question: Does Regieleki have a signature move?

Answer: Regieleki does have a signature move, and it is called Thunder Cage. Thunder Cage is an electric-type attack, and on top of doing damage to the opponent (this attack has a base power of 80), it also takes an eighth of damage away from the opponent for four to five turns. Thunder Cage also prevents opponents from switching out. 

Regieleki Guide: Conclusion

All in all, Regieleki, in my opinion, is a fantastic addition to the game.

It’s always nice to bring a modern twist or addition to something old. The Regi family may have dotted faces to make them similar, but the new duo reinvented the family look, made it more diverse, and added to its lore. Why do you need Regice, Regirock, and Registeel to obtain Regieleki? If the five golems were to compete, who would win the fight? What kind of energy did Regigigas encounter/harvest to create the two? We can only hope storyboard writers can give us a closer look into the new and improved Regi family.

With the highest speed stat in the game so far, an interesting design, and fun yet difficult mission to obtain it, Regieleki turned out to be a phenomenal addition to the game. I hope to see more of it in the anime, spin-offs, future releases, and the trading card game.

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