Pokemon Parallax Guide – James Bond Meets Pokémon

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The Pokémon world is vast, and the people who live there are interesting.

From little kids with strong bonds to Pokémon with the potential to be the best trainers alive, to guys rejected by society trying to look for a space in society, Pokémon shows us that, besides beasts with wings and monsters with gigantic fangs and claws, their world isn’t much different from the real one.

This is good, as it lets the fans think of new ways to explore and create stories about the franchise while leaving the 10-year-old-trainer concept behind.

Thanks to this big world full of lovely characters, LuxDiablo (who also created the excellent Pokémon Bushido) created Pokémon Parallax, a game that explores a bit of Looker’s past and how he got to be part of the Pokémon International Police, which I’ll be calling Interpol from now. Yes, exactly like the band!

Story Synopsis

You might remember Looker, a recurring character who debuted on Gen 4. Looker is a reputed detective of Interpol, and he’s always there when a bad guy creates a team to do some wacky terrorist acts or when some Ultra Beasts start destroying the world.

Well, Pokémon Parallax tells us the story of Looker when he was just a rookie in the Interpol and when he was just named 100kr. 100kr’s first mission is to travel to Kimlik Island, where an evil team of masked guys named Team Masque constantly attacks Kimlik Island’s main cities and towns.

As 100kr is a rookie, he’ll have to travel with a teammate, who’s none other than Nanu, a character who debuted on Pokémon Sun and Moon as the Kahuna of Ula’ula Island in Alola.

homely pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

In this game, 100kr will have to go on an undercover mission, working both as an agent for Interpol and as a grunt for Team Masque to discover what’s happening at the team, who’s really in charge, and why they are destroying Kimlik Island.

What’s New?

  • New Island to explore, named Kimlik Island
  • A great story about Interpol, Looker, and Nanu
  • Battle mechanics up to Gen 8
  • Some Pokémon got their typing changed
  • Mega Evolutions and three new Megas to enjoy: Mega Arcanine, Mega Mismagius, and Mega Scraggy
  • New and improved Menu, HUD, etc.
  • Cool music composed by LuxDiablo, the game’s creator
  • Stealth Missions, where you must try not to get caught by guards

Walkthrough: Prologue

The game starts with a radio. Through the radio, a voice from a guy named Homely tries to reach 100kr, first to congratulate him for being accepted into the Interpol, and then to assign him his first mission.

After that, Homely hangs up the call, and the screen changes to a guy waiting in a lobby. This guy is 100kr, and he’s at the Interpol office. 

intro pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

Head to the door in front of you. Here, you’ll meet Homely in person. He’s the leader of the Interpol and, therefore, your boss. Homely tells you that your first mission will be on Kimlik Island, which has suffered a spike in crimes in the last few weeks.

As you might have seen, a sad-looking guy is also in the room. This lad is Agent 000, also known as Nanu, and he’ll be your handler, as it’s a requirement for rookies in their first few missions. They just want to make sure you don’t make any mistakes!

nanu-pokemon parallax
You should be in Alola! Image by Jesús Cruz

Homely officially sends you to Eruni City to meet with the council and see what’s happening at Kimlik Island, so that’s where you’ll head!

The Masked Men Raid The Ferry

After a cool-looking title screen, you’ll see yourself on a ferry. You are on your way to Eruni City. You are free to explore the ferry here, but there’s not much to see, so you must head to your room to continue.

Nanu’s here. He’ll tell you a bit about him and what’s happening at Kimlik Island, then ask you to take a nap.

Rested detectives are effective detectives! But sadly, your power nap gets interrupted by some Romantic pirates, who raid the ferry in search of some pocket money. What a great plan!

pirates-on-our-ship-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

Nanu orders you to check on the table; here, you’ll meet your Growlithe! This will be your main Pokémon during the adventure, with Heat Rush as its signature move. It’s a Fire-type physical move that works like a Fire-type Quick Attack, hits very hard, and can burn the target. 

growlithe-pokemon parallax
Who’s a good boy? Image by Jesús Cruz

Leave the room and start kicking some masked guys out of the Ferry! The first you’ll have on this game is against a bald man with this team:

  • Elgyem (Psychic), Lvl. 7
  • Skrelp (Poison/Water), Lvl. 7

Defeat the Elgyem with Heat Rush, and use Quick Attack to get rid of Skrelp. Then, continue.

You’ll see a lot of masked grunts on the Ferry, but as you only have Growlithe, my tip is to spam Heat Rush to all of their Pokémon and use Quick Attack in case you face a Water-type Pokémon. You can get back to your room to heal Growlithe.

Defeat all the grunts and head upstairs. But first, pick the item next to the staircase. It contains Thunder Fang, which works to deal with Water-types. Teach it to Growlithe.

There are many more masked grunts on the second floor; defeat them and go back to take a nap whenever Growlithe is about to get defeated. The bad guys can wait!

You can get inside the pilothouse after defeating every masked grunt. Here, you’ll see Nanu and a masked lady, who is in charge of the raid.

masked-woman-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

Nanu asks you to find the captain, who got kidnapped. He’s behind this door:

captains-door-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

But you need a key to free the captain. The masked basketball player near the cargo room has it. Go and free the captain with the key. As you do it, a trapped Croagunk wants to help, so it’ll join your team. That’s your second Pokémon!

I recommend you stick with Croagunk. It’s sometimes hard to use as it evolves at Level 38, which happens to be late in the game, but until then, it can learn Revenge, a Fighting-type move that is very effective to deal with Dark-types, and Venoshock, an excellent move to deal with Fairy-types. Now that the captain is free, get back to the pilothouse.

Masked Woman

The masked lady defeated Nanu with ease, and she’ll try to leave, but you’ll get in her way, resulting in a battle.

masked-woman-pokemon parallax
Thug pose! Image by Jesús Cruz

This is the lady’s team:

  • Mankey (Fighting), Lvl. 18
  • Poochyena (Dark), Lvl. 18

To defeat Mankey, use Growlithe’s Heat Rush. Then, switch to Croagunk to get rid of Poochyena. You can beat the whole battle with Growlithe, so this is a very easy battle. Why did Nanu lose to her?

Anyway, as you win, the masked lady reveals herself as Esnek, a reputed admin of Team Masque, the team who raided the Ferry and is in charge of slowly destroying Kimlik Island.

She raided the Ferry just to stop you and Nanu from reaching Eruni City in time, as they knew some cops were traveling to meet with the council. In the meantime, Team Masque unleashed some chaos on Eruni City. Esnek leaves, and Nanu asks the captain to rush there. 

Eruni City

eruni-city-pokemon parallax
I think you’ll need more than a couple of Squirtles for that. Image by Jesús Cruz

Welcome to Eruni City! Or at least what remains of it, as Team Masque is setting it on fire! I hope Growlithe and Croagunk are ready, as both will see a lot of action here!

A Team Masque Grunt with a Swablu

There are a lot of battles in this part of the game, but there’s a battle that stands out from the rest, as it was the only one that made me lose during the adventure, and it’s against a woman Grunt with a very chunky Swablu. 

the-swablu-pokemon parallax
What a battle… Image by Jesús Cruz

This Swablu has a move named Cotton Guard, which heavily increases their Defenses, making it impossible to take down. The thing is that it’s speedy and can handle a Growlithe’s Heat Rush, so if it lands a Cotton Guard, you’ll struggle to take it down.

Your best bet is to spam Heat Rush to try to burn it. There’s no other way to avoid getting Cotton Guard’d, so it’s more of a luck-based battle.

After getting rid of the Grunts, you can head to the north, where you’ll find Eruni City’s downtown. Here, you’ll see Esnek heading to the Pokémon Center. As you enter, you’ll see a big box there.

Thankfully, the box doesn’t have a bomb; it has a note for you and a mask. Esnek says she’ll be hiding in the building next to the Pokémon Center, so you must look for her there.

the-box-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

Here, Esnek left another package for you. In this package, she asks you to head to the Pokémart. Now, in the Pokémart, a delivery guy will give you yet another package, but then, he’ll reveal to be Esnek in disguise, and will run away.

This last package contains an invitation to a ball that will take place in Baz City, which is your next destination. Remember to bring your new mask!

Nanu is outside the Pokémart, waiting for you. The havoc on Eruni City finally ended, so it’s time to meet with the council.

Here, you’ll meet two guys. One is Hile, Eruni City’s mayor, and the other is Sulluck, Kimlik Island’s president. There’s also a lady here named Peri. She’s important, too. 

hile-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

It wasn’t a good moment to enter the room, as the three members are arguing about the arson incident and how to stop it.

As Sulluck sees two Interpol members entering the room, and after some extra convincement from Peri, he gets tired of the situation and dismisses Hile, giving the free spot to Peri.

Peri’s first move in command is to send you and Nanu back to Interpol, but as Peri can’t be more suspicious (come on, look at her clothes), you’ll obviously stick around a bit more. Also, you must head to a ball in Baz City!

To reach Baz City, you must head north and then through Route 301. There are plenty of Pokémon here up for grabs, so I recommend you to bolster your team. I personally recommend Lillipup!

Baz City

baz-city-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

Welcome to Baz City! Explore the place, heal your Pokémon, and head to the hotel. Nanu is waiting for you there, as you must get disguised as a Team Masque grunt and head to the ballroom on the other side of the city.

The Grunt guarding the entrance challenges you to a battle, and after that, he asks you to look for three Grunts playing a good ol’ hide-and-seek match (why?). 

The Grunts are easy to find as they aren’t hidden at all. One is behind the Pokémart, another is at the Pokémon Center, and the last is at the hotel. After that, you’ll finally get inside the Ballroom.

The first people you see inside are Peri and a weird-looking guy. Yes, Peri has something to do with Team Masque; what a surprise!

peri-at-the-ball-pokemon parallax
I knew it! Image by Jesús Cruz

She sees you, and as this is your first Team Masque ball, you must go through a ritual for new Grunts, where she invites you to choose the best dress for her to attend the ball. 

If you choose an incorrect dress, you’ll battle against a Grunt, so if you want to avoid battling, pick the second dress from right to left. 

peri-dress-choosing-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

Then, you’ll have a brief dance with Peri, and then, she’ll leave, as she will do a speech where she unveils Team Masque’s plan to rule Kimlik Island, also confessing she played Hile to take the spot as Eruni City’s mayor.

The Ball ended, but your mission is still on. Some Grunts will appear, gearing you with some Masque Balls (which work to catch Fairy and Dark-type Pokémon), the Exp. Share, and some Potions.

The Grunt tells you that the team will meet in the Secret Village. To get there, you must go through a Secret Tunnel. 

The “Secret Tunnel,” which everyone can see at first sight, is on Route 302, east of Baz City.

Route 302 and the Secret Tunnel

Route 302 is a small zone; the entrance to the tunnel is next to the Route’s entrance, and some workers block the rest of it. I recommend doing some Level Grinding here; take your Pokémon to Levels 23-24 and continue. 

Also, you can find Flaaffy here, which evolves into Ampharos, a top-tier Pokémon to beat this game. I strongly recommend you to use it on this adventure. It is cool because a man inside the cave gives you the Ampharosite to Mega Evolve it if you help him find his glasses.

Lastly, you can find Totodile in this Route. In this game, Feraligatr is a Water/Dark-type Pokémon, and it has Ice Fang, which is extremely useful from now on, as you’ll be facing a lot of Dragon-type Pokémon.

The Grunts are waiting for you in the cave, as well as Sabit, another Team Masque Admin. Sabit will take the group through the Secret Tunnel, which leads you to Turnuva Village.

secret-tunnels-entrance-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

Turnuva Village

Welcome to Turnuva Village! There’s not much to do in this place besides visiting the big menacing castle, where Sabit is waiting for you. 

turnuva-village-pokemon parallax
One of the best features of this game is the 3D models. Image by Jesús Cruz

Sabit wants to keep all the Grunts fit, so he organizes a tournament. You’ll find some exciting battles here; some of them are hard to beat, so stick with me!

The Tournament

First Battle

the-tournament-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

The first battle is against Grunt Duke, who likes trash-talking before battling, so it’s time to give him a lesson! This is his team:

  • Sandygast (Ground/Ghost), Lvl. 25
  • Misdreavus (Ghost), Lvl. 26

Both of Duke’s Pokémon are weak to Dark-type moves. Croagunk has Dark-type moves, so he’s a good option. Totodile and Lillipup also learn Bite and can be good in this battle.

Second Battle

Next up is Isaac, who tells you he won’t go “super serious” against you. This is his team:

  • Centiskorch (Fire/Bug), Lvl. 26
  • Litwick (Fire/Ghost), Lvl. 26
  • Musharna (Psychic), Lvl. 27

Centiskorch is hard to take down, as you don’t have many Water-type options out there. Use your strongest Pokémon against it. Growlithe can do an OK job against it with Thunder Fang. Then, use a Dark-type move to get rid of Litwick.

Musharna is absurdly tanky, so you must decrease its Defenses before attacking. You can do that if you still have Leer on Growlithe. After that, hit it with Dark-type moves, and you’ll take it down. It has Moonblast and Psybeam as its offensive moves.

Third Battle

The next battle is against Isabel. This is her team:

  • Brionne (Water/Fairy), Lvl. 27
  • Swoobat (Psychic/Flying), Lvl. 28

To beat Brionne, you should use the Flaaffy I recommend you to capture back then in Route 302.

Flaaffy can handle at least two Bubble Beams from Brionne. Flaaffy is also good against Swoobat, but it might be seriously hurt at this point of the battle, so alternatively, you can defeat Swoobat with Dark-type moves.


sabit-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

Here’s when things get fun, as the last battle is against Sabit. This is his team:

  • Pidgeot (Normal/Flying), Lvl. 28
  • Kricketune (Bug), Lvl. 28
  • Mega Gallade (Psychic/Fighting), Lvl. 30

Sabit’s first Pokémon is Pidgeot, which you can take down easily with Flaaffy. Pidgeot’s strategy is to decrease your Pokémon’s Attack with Feather Dance and then attack you.

For a reason I don’t understand, Kricketune hits absurdly hard; it can take Growlithe down with a single hit! So, to defeat it, use Growlithe’s Heat Rush in the first turn.

Then, it’ll defeat Growlithe with Leech Life (it shouldn’t hit that hard! This guy goes to the gym!), and that’s when you should use a Flying-type or any strong enough Pokémon to do the rest.

Mega Gallade is weak to Flying and Fairy-type moves. You should have an entire team at this point of the game, so go fully offensive against it with all your Pokémon. Gallade usually attacks with Slash, so it’s a bit pointless to decrease its Attack, as it’ll be landing Critical Hits constantly.

As you win, Sabit will give you the Mega Ring, which will let you evolve your Pokémon, and a Fire Stone to evolve Growlithe.

Then, we’ll do a small jump in time; 100kr spent the next few weeks with Team Masque, getting used to them and gaining their trust.

Now that Sabit fully trusts you, he’ll let you be part of a hit on one of the most important Gyms of Kimlik Island, located in Zafer City.

Zafer City

You’ll appear in a messed up room in a hotel in Zafer City when Sabit and Esnek call all the Grunts for an attack on Zafer City’s Gym.

You must choose who you want to be with on this attack, but to be fair, there’s not much difference; in both cases, you’ll take some trainers down to then face Zafer City’s Gym Leader.

zafer-city-pokemon parallax
Even evil teams have their own coworking apps nowadays. Image by Jesús Cruz

Esnek and her crew destroyed the whole Gym, and after a while, Peri appears, naming the building as an official Team Masque building.

You must go through the Gym, defeating all the people still there, until you reach the end, where you’ll see the Gym Leader, a woman pilot named Zehra.

zafer-gym-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz


Zehra is obviously angry; her Gym got destroyed, and now a Team Masque Grunt wants to challenge her to a battle. I get you, girl!

zehra-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

This is Zehra’s team:

  • Tyrantrum (Rock/Dragon), Lvl. 32
  • Dracozolt (Electric/Dragon), Lvl. 32
  • Flygon (Dragon/Ground), Lvl. 33
  • Dragapult (Dragon/Ghost), Lvl. 33
  • Mega Altaria (Dragon/Fairy), Lvl. 34

At this point, if you caught a Totodile in Route 302, it should be a Feraligatr. It’ll come in handy for this battle.

Tyrantrum is weak to Fighting-types, so using Croagunk as a lead is a good idea. It’s also weak to Ice-type moves. It has Bite, Dragon Tail, and Charm, which harshly decreases your Pokémon’s Attack.

Dracozolt is not a big menace as it doesn’t have Dragon-type moves. It has Pluck and Charge. Go for an Ice Fang, and do the same against Flygon, which is 4x weak to it.

I recommend attacking Dragapult with Dark-type moves instead of Ice. It can’t resist a Crunch from a very powerful Pokémon!

The battle is easy until Mega Altaria shows up. It’ll use Cotton Guard on its first turn, precisely like the annoying Swablu back in Eruni City. Then, it’ll use Dragon Dance to buff its Attack and Speed, so now, it’ll be a tanky sweeper. 

To attack, it’ll only use Take Down, which is good, as it’ll seriously damage itself whenever it attacks you. Growlithe, which should be an Arcanine at this point, can resist a couple of Take Down.

Don’t stop damaging Mega Altaria with all your Pokémon, even if your moves aren’t effective against it. Eventually, it’ll take itself down with Take Down, letting you win the battle.

As you win, Zehra will run away. Peri will order all Team Masque to enclose the city; no one can escape or enter it.

After that, you’ll be free to explore Zafer City, which means, Welcome to Zafer City! There’s not much to do here, so as you finish, head north, where you’ll find Route 303.

Route 303

Route 303 is very short; there’s not much to do here, but I wanted to stop here for a moment, as you can find the Move Maniac here, who can reteach some moves to your Pokémon at no cost.

Also, you can find the TM81, which contains Bulldoze, a strong Ground-type move, next to a football player near the entrance to the next zone. 

Chasing The Bad Guys

Welcome to the place with the most descriptive name ever, the Masque Base! As you get here, you’ll find the admins and Peri talking about the latest hit on Zafer City and what they found while cleaning the place. 

masque-base-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

As it seems, Zehra discovered Uxie’s cave, and she had a flight plan and the exact location written on paper alongside a weird pic of a deformed Uxie.

Peri knows what this means, so she finally reveals Team Masque’s plan: They want to take over the Pokémon League and rule Kimlik Island. 

league-flights-plan-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

But before explaining to Sabit and Esnek what that weird-looking Uxie means, they kick you out of the room.

Thankfully, you can peep into the room for some extra info: Uxie is a Legendary Pokémon that can delete memories, so she wants to get Uxie and use it against Kimlik Island’s people. 

Their mission is to find Uxie; to do it, the admins and Peri will head to Zafer City to get some traveling goodies. Go and chase them!

Zafer City’s Department Store

As you reach Zafer City and get inside the Department Store, you’ll see a Delivery Man who will give you an Arcanitite sent by Nanu, meaning you can now Mega Evolve Arcanine.

the-arcaninite-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

Peri and the admins are on the upper floor, buying coats. After that, they’ll move again, this time to Eruni City. Peri will go to the Eruni Tower to get some broadcasting equipment while the admins will wait in a nearby hotel. 

Eruni City

First, go to the Eruni Tower. You only need to see Peri getting inside; that’s it. Now, go to the hotel next to the Pokémon Center and talk with the Receptionist.

Pro tip: Don’t interact with her from behind; you can soft-lock the game, which happened to me! It wasn’t fun at all!

The receptionist will receive a call from Sabit asking for Champagne, so she’ll get to the kitchen. Follow her.

You’ll see a box near the door; interact with it. You’ll find Sabit’s Champagne and a waiter disguise. It’ll help you enter Sabit’s room, leading you to the game’s first Stealth Mission!

the-disguise-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

Stealth Mission 1: The Flight Plan

The Stealth Missions are harder than they seem, as the objective is to avoid getting caught while reaching an object, which this time is a notebook on the bedside table. 

stealth-mission-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

The thing is that Esnek and Sabit’s moves are sometimes erratic. Also, Esnek is faster than Sabit.

The best way to beat this is by reaching the main table and turning to the right, hiding behind the bed so Sabit doesn’t see you. Wait until you have a chance to reach the notebook.

The notebook contains Zehra’s research about Uxie, so now, you have the upper hand; you must fly to the place and catch Uxie before they do!

The game will instantly take you to Zafer’s Airport so you can get a plane to reach Uxie’s lair.

The Airport

airport-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

You need a small airplane to reach Uxie’s Lair. Talking with check-in ladies is useless, so go through the door at the back of the building to trigger your second Stealth Mission!

Stealth Mission 2: Avoiding Guards

stealth-mission-2-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

The zone is filled with guards you must avoid. The good thing is that you can jump over the line dividers, so the best way to beat this Stealth Mission is by sticking to the wall at the right and waiting for the guards to turn back to continue.

Second Battle vs Zehra

After that, you’ll get to the airstrip, where you can finally find an airplane. Suddenly, Zehra appears, and as it seems, you are about to steal her airplane!

Zehra recognized you from earlier when you obliterated her Gym, so she’ll challenge you to a second battle.

second-battle-vs-zehra-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

This is her team: 

  • Tyrantrum (Rock/Dragon), Lvl. 33
  • Flygon (Ground/Dragon), Lvl. 34
  • Garchomp (Ground/Dragon), Lvl. 34
  • Dragapult (Ghost/Dragon), Lvl. 35
  • Dracozolt (Electric/Dragon), Lvl. 33
  • Altaria (Dragon/Fairy), Lvl. 36

Her team remains the same as the one you beat at her Gym, but with some slight changes. Zehra now has a Garchomp, which you can defeat with Ice or Fairy-type moves or Mega Ampharos with Dragon Pulse.

Her Altaria now has Dragon Breath instead of Take Down. It’ll be offensive this time; it’ll not use Cotton Guard, so attack with Fairy-type moves. I used a Stoutland with Take Down to defeat it; that’s a good option!

After winning, you’ll get on the plane and fly to the barren rock where Uxie lives.

Uxie’s Lair

Welcome to Uxie’s Lair! You can heal at the campfire and manage your Pokémon from the PC through your backpack. It’s time to continue. First, head east and climb the first wall; it’ll lead to a cave.

uxies-lair-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

The Cave

You’ll find Wild Pokémon here. The thing is that they are at Levels 39-41, which is a lot considering your Pokémon should be at 36-38. So, before continuing, you should do some Level grinding.

the-cave-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

The cave isn’t hard to explore; it’s more of a straight path. So, climb to the top, where you’ll find Uxie.


Uxie will be at Level 45. It’s uncatchable, so you must defeat it. It isn’t hard to defeat as it only knows Psychic-type attacks; if you have a Dark-type Pokémon, switch to it, and you’ll win. 

uxie-pokemon parallax
It looks menacing. Image by Jesús Cruz

After that, the “friends” you have made during your adventure in Team Masque will appear. Nanu, Homely, Zehra, and the Ferry’s Captain will be straight up accusing you of working against them.

allucinations-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

But it all was a hallucination provoked by Peri’s Mismagius. She found you and knew you were a double agent all this time (She gave you the mask, it was obvious), and only used you to reach Uxie and catch it easily now that it has fainted.

With some extra work of convincement, she’ll force you to stick with Team Masque. You are still a precious asset to her as a strong trainer.

Both will leave the place on the airplane and then the POV will change. You are now Nanu, waiting in Route 304 to receive some extra info about Team Masque, as there are reports of them attacking the Pokémon League. Nanu’s task is to look for and rescue 100kr and stop Team Masque.

super-nerd-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz


The game’s difficulty will skyrocket from now on, as Nanu’s team is a bit weak. It’s filled with Dark-types, and the only good variable is Salazzle.

You’ll be missing your team for a long while. At least you are still keeping 100kr’s items (why?), so if you bought many healing items, this is an excellent time to use them.

Nanu has the following Pokémon on his team:

  • Honchkrow (Dark/Flying)
  • Salazzle (Fire/Poison)
  • Toxapex (Water/Poison)
  • Absol (Dark)
  • Krookodile (Dark/Ground)
  • Alolan Persian (Dark)

The thing here is that Toxapex doesn’t have any Water-type move, making its presence on this team unnecessary. Alolan Persian is also useless, as Absol is good and has Psychic and Fairy-type moves to cover the whole team’s weaknesses. You’ll use Krookodile and Salazzle often, while Honchkrow and Absol will help you.

Let’s get back to the game. You are on Route 304, filled with several Team Masque Grunts. Some are easy to take down, but some are hard to defeat.

Cross the bridge, where you can find a Swamperite (pick it up; remember you are still sharing 100kr’s items), and then, you’ll face a Dragon Tamer. Bear with me, as it’s hard to take this guy down.

Route 304’s Dragon Tamer

The Dragon Tamer has the following team:

  • Kingdra (Water/Dragon), Lvl. 41
  • Druddigon (Dragon), Lvl. 41

I don’t recommend defeating Kingdra with Absol, as you’ll need it against Druddigon, which is hard to take down. Kingdra will use Agility to boost its Speed and then attack with Bubble Beam. It’s not the strongest move, but we are talking about a Kingdra, so it hits hard. Use Honchkrow or Toxapex to tank its damage while attacking.

Then, you can freely use Absol’s Play Rough to defeat Druddigon. Be aware of its Rough Skin, which will damage your Pokémon after you hit it with Physical moves. Druddigon attacks with Revenge and Dragon Claw.

After that, heal your Pokémon with your items and continue. You’ll see a food truck; you’ll find a Revive if you go to the left of it. 

There’s a last Team Masque Grunt near the door. She has a Carnivine (Grass, Lvl. 42), which will be spamming Stockpile to buff its Defenses. Take it down with Salazzle.

Nihai Town

Welcome to Nihai Town! Here, you’ll find a Pokémon Center, which means you can access a PC to change Nanu’s Pokémon. Nonetheless, I didn’t find any good options that can fit as a replacement for the obnoxious Alolan Persian or the Toxapex, so I recommend keeping them. You won’t use them, so it doesn’t matter!

nihai-town-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

Also, talk with the lad next to the Pokémon Center. He’ll give you the Mega Stones you had but lost when you shifted to Nanu, as well as the Exp. Share, the TR10 (Earthquake), 20 Full Restores, 10 Max Revives, 10 Rare Candies, and 50 Lum Berries.  

Keep the healing items, as you’ll need them later in the game, and teach Earthquake to Krookodile. Now, let’s move on. Go north, where you’ll find the entrance to the Victory Road. There’s an Aggronite next to the entrance; pick it up if you have an Aggron.

Victory Road

victory-road-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

First Floor

Kimlik Island’s Victory Road is short yet packed with Team Masque Grunts. Some of them are easy to take down, others are a bit annoying.

The first one you find has only a Glaceon (Ice, Lvl. 42), so defeat it with Salazzle. Then, you’ll see a long hallway. Go down first, as there you’ll see an Escape Rope, and then go up, where you see a lady Grunt and a bifurcation. 

victory-road-bifurcation-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

The lady Grunt has:

  • Helioptile (Electric/Normal), Lvl. 42
  • Heatmor (Fire/Steel), Lvl. 42
  • Dedenne (Electric/Fairy), Lvl. 42

All can be taken down with Krookodile.

After that, there’s a bifurcation. There’s a hidden Grunt at the left, so don’t go there and move to the right. The Grunt at the right, guarding the ladder, has a Leafeon (Grass, Lvl. 43). Get up the ladder to get to the second floor.

Second Floor

The first thing you’ll see here is a Ninja Boy with a Golbat and a Ninjask. Then, you’ll see a long hallway with small zones with many objects. 

Then, you’ll see the door that leads to the Pokémon League. A Black Belt guards it. This guy has a good team:

  • Hitmontop (Fighting), Lvl. 44
  • Grapploct (Fighting), Lvl. 44
  • Throh (Fighting), Lvl. 44
victory-road-black-belt-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

First, set Honchkrow as your lead. Honchkrow has Wing Attack, a poor Flying-type move, but it’s enough to take Hitmontop down.

Do as much damage as possible to Grapploct, as it’ll take Honchkrow down through Reversal. If it does, attack it with Salazzle, which is fast and robust enough to win against it. Do the same with Throh.

Pokémon League

Welcome to the Pokémon League! Sadly, we won’t be facing a proper Elite Four and a Champion here, as it’s undoubtedly a menacing building, but trust me, the battles here won’t disappoint you.

The first thing you see here is a small open area with a Pokémon Center and a Pokémart. Do some shopping if you need to, heal, and then get to the building. The first thing you see here is 100kr, who’s getting inside the first Elite Four room.


100kr is angry. He feels Nanu hasn’t listened to him when he went to rescue Uxie. The tables have turned, and 100kr is one of the bad guys. With 100kr feeling betrayed and Nanu knowing Team Masque convinced him to join the team, both will have a battle.

100kr-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

It’s you controlling Nanu against your former Pokémon. This battle feels a bit scripted, as your Pokémon still have the same Levels they had when you ended the event on Uxie’s Lair, while Nanu’s Pokémon are way over-leveled. 

To defeat 100kr with your Pokémon, you must remember their weaknesses to exploit them. Just remember Arcanine and Toxicroak (if you managed to evolve Croagunk) are weak to Ground-type moves, so Krookodile can sweep them up.

After winning, Nanu apologizes with 100kr for not caring about him as much as he needed. At the end of the day, 100kr was only a rookie who needed help, and most of the time, we could see Nanu straight up ignoring 100kr just to take a nap, which isn’t cool at all.

nanu-apologises-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

100kr changes his mind; he’s no longer with Team Masque, and this is when you retake control of 100kr. Your team is back! But there’s a little problem; your Pokémon are severely under-leveled!

Remember those Rare Candies you received in Nihai Town? Well, it’s time to use them! Try to balance your team so they get to Levels 38-40 and then continue through the next door.


Team Masque took control over the League; the Elite Four got kidnapped, the Champion is yet to be seen here, and everything is a mess.

On the other side of the door, Homely is patiently waiting for Team Masque to make a move through the front door that won’t happen anytime soon. They got tricked!

The only “bad guy” Homely sees entering through the main door is 100kr. He doesn’t know you aren’t a Team Masque member anymore, so he’ll challenge you to a battle.

homely-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

This is Homely’s team:

  • Pangoro (Dark/Fighting), Lvl. 44
  • Mega Scizor (Steel/Bug), Lvl. 45
  • Roserade (Grass/Poison), Lvl. 44
  • Aggron (Rock/Steel), Lvl. 44
  • Liepard (Dark), Lvl. 44
  • Honchkrow (Dark/Flying), Lvl. 44

Start the battle with a Flying-type so you can take Pangoro down easily. It hits hard with Crunch and Body Slam, considering your Pokémon are at a level disadvantage. 

It is time to switch to Arcanine; Mega Evolve it to take Mega Scizor down. You will likely have your Arcanine at Level 40-42, so you might need a couple of turns to take it down. Arcanine can also take Roserade down with a single hit because it’s defensively weak. 

Next up is Aggron. Again, you can try with Arcanine, but Aggron has Earthquake, which can easily defeat Arcanine. If that’s the case, go for a Ground-type move, as Aggron is 4x weak to it. However, you might need a few turns to take it down; Aggron is chunky. 

Liepard is extremely fast. That’s good for you as Toxicroak can learn Revenge. Liepard will hit you first, which will proc Revenge’s extra damage, resulting in a sweet one hit-KO!

Lastly, Honchkrow, which is also tanky and can resist damage, but it’s not a big deal if you still have Ampharos or any other Electric-type on your team. Fairy-types work as well!

As you win, Homely accepts his defeat and starts trusting you again. That’s nice! But there’s no time to waste celebrating. First, heal yourself up, then move to the next room.


Esnek is in the next room. As the original plan (convince you to join them) didn’t result as expected, Esnek activates Plan B: defeat you in a battle. Thank God these guys haven’t discovered you can beat people down by fists. 

esnek-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

Anyway, this is Esnek’s team:

  • Incineroar (Fire/Dark), Lvl. 45
  • Honchkrow (Flying/Dark), Lvl. 45
  • Accelgor (Bug), Lvl. 45
  • Mega Scrafty (Fighting/Dark), Lvl. 46
  • Fearow (Normal/Flying), Lvl. 45
  • Exploud (Normal), Lvl. 45

The battle starts with a beast, Incineroar. Go with a Fairy-type as your lead, and you’ll take it down. Alternatively, you can opt for Toxicroak; it’ll handle an Incineroar’s Thrash and then will hit very hard with Revenge. Ground-types work too.

Yes, yet another Honchkrow. Again, Electric-types such as Ampharos have no issues defeating it. Ampharos is also great against Fearow; nonetheless, be aware of Fearow’s high Speed, which can be even worse if it uses Agility.

Accelgor is fast, but Arcanine’s Heat Rush is a move with priority, so you’ll hit it first. Burn that red-masked thing down; it’s creeping everyone! Rock-type moves also work, and it’ll be using Bug Buzz to attack.

It’s time to meet a new Pokémon, Mega Scrafty. It keeps its base typing, but it gets Defensively strong.

It has Moxie as its ability, so if it defeats one of your Pokémon, it’ll see its Attack increased by a stage. It’ll use Facade and High Jump Kick to attack. To defeat it, go for Fairy-type moves. 

mega-scrafty-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

The last Pokémon is Exploud, which is weak to Fighting-types. Toxicroak is a great way to take it down, but to be honest, Exploud isn’t a significant threat at this point of the battle, so just go with the strongest move you have available. 

Esnek leaves as you win, claiming your victory useless, as Peri already set everything up. Continue through the next door. Also, you don’t have to heal your Pokémon this time, as they’ll get healed after the battle.


Sabit sees your double betrayal as a surprise, considering you as a guy with great potential to do good things.

I’m not sure what good things he is talking about, as the lads were constantly using Kimlik Island as their playground all this time. After a quick talk, Sabit will challenge you to a battle.

sabit-in-the-league-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

This is his team:

  • Primarina (Water/Fairy), Lvl. 46
  • Mega Gallade (Psychic/Fighting), Lvl. 47
  • Escavalier (Bug/Steel), Lvl. 46
  • Kricketune (Bug), Lvl. 46
  • Bisharp (Steel/Dark), Lvl. 46
  • Pidgeot (Normal/Flying), Lvl. 46

An Electric-type move here is your best bet, as Primarina has Moonblast, and Toxicroak can’t handle more than two Moonblasts without fainting. 

To defeat Mega Gallade, you must use Flying and Fairy-type moves. If you switch to a Flying-type move, it’ll be spamming Psycho Cut and Feint, which are mostly useless.

After getting rid of Mega Gallade and Primarina, the rest of the battle is straightforward. Sabit will use Escavalier, Kricketune, and Bisharp, who are very weak to Arcanine’s Heat Rush. What a fest!

Lastly, Pidgeot, which you can defeat via Electric-type moves. This one is undoubtedly the easiest battle of this part of the game!

After winning, you’ll hear Champion Altan talking; he got kidnapped inside the building! You can’t save him, so there’s nothing to do besides continuing to the last room. But first, heal your Pokémon.

The next room is filled with a lot of cameras. This is because Peri is about to start broadcasting via Emergency Broadcast. The plan this whole time was to force every Kimlikian to forget there’s a Pokémon League and make them believe Peri is the only ruler of the place.

Classic forget-the-established-society evil plan if you ask me; simple yet effective!

100kr-alerts-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

Peri starts broadcasting, and you can see how a fake Peri created by Mismagius grabs Uxie and opens its eyelids to reveal a beast that can control every single person’s memory. It’s an unquestionably dangerous weapon.

uxie-opened-his-eyes-pokemon parallax
That’s scary, I’m not going to lie. Image by Jesús Cruz


Uxie’s out of control; this new form is named Abstract Forme. Peri then proceeds to jumpscare every Kimlikian with Uxie’s new form, German-coffee-ad style, to force the people to trust her.

She’s officially now the leader. She uses Uxie to wipe the Champion, Sulluck, and Hile’s memory out of existence. That’s not cool.

uxie-on-the-tv-pokemon parallax
Thank God that kid will forget this. Image by Jesús Cruz

You get inside the room, but it’s too late. There’s not much to do here. Nanu got his memory wiped, which means most of the Interpol got brainwashed too, so it’s only you against the whole world. But Peri doesn’t want to leave any loose ends, so she’ll try to eliminate you.

This is the last battle, and this is Peri’s team:

peri-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz
  • Hatterene (Psychic/Fairy), Lvl. 47
  • Chandelure (Fire/Ghost), Lvl. 47
  • Corviknight (Flying/Steel), Lvl. 47
  • Slowking (Water/Psychic), Lvl. 47
  • Abstract Uxie (Psychic/Dark), Lvl. 47
  • Mega Mismagius (Ghost/Fairy), Lvl. 49

Peri leads her team with Hatterene, which is weak to Steel, Poison, and Ghost-type moves. Sending Toxicroak in as your lead might seem like a good idea, yet Hatterene can sweep it out with Psychic.

It also has Dazzling Gleam; if you give it a chance, it’ll buff itself with Calm Mind. The best way to take it down is by either using a Steel-type Pokémon or just sending Arcanine in and hitting it with Heat Rush.

Next up is Chandelure, which is always a threat. Dark-type moves work wonders against it, as it doesn’t have a good Physical Defense. Go for it!

Corviknight is not problematic; you can sweep it via Arcanine’s Heat Rush or with an Electric-type. The same goes for Slowking; it won’t handle a well-landed Discharge from Ampharos.

Peri has two Pokémon left, and they can sweep your entire team if you don’t battle them properly.

The next one is Abstract Uxie, which has Extrasensory, a Psychic-type move that also can make your Pokémon flinch. Uxie hits very hard, so you might want to use Swagger to confuse it,  or you can poison it to decrease its Special Attack to half. 

abstract-uxie-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

Then, switch to a Bug-type user. Bug-types are 4x effective against Abstract Uxie, so you’ll take it down with two or three turns, as Uxie’s Defenses are high.

Lastly, Mega Mismagius. Thanks to its typing, which is similar to Mimikyu’s, Mega Mismagius is only weak to Ghost and Steel-types.

If you don’t have any of these types, do the same as you did with Uxie: poison or confuse it to avoid getting hit, and then go with your strongest move. Mega Evolve Arcanine and hit it with Heat Rush if you can. 

mega-mismagius-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

As you win, Peri says that the battle was more of a fun thing to do with you than a real deal, as Peri set the new rules and now says that Champions can’t lose no matter what. 

Then, suddenly, Zehra and Homely appear. Surprise! 100kr managed to warn Homely about the broadcast, so they didn’t see a thing, and as Peri forced Uxie to battle and stole it from you back then in Uxie’s Lair, she broke the law, so she’s under arrest.

peri-got-trapped-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

But Peri refuses, and she jumps out of a window. That’s not a good thing to do if you are an older woman, by the way. You jump out too, and Peri surrenders, but first, she uses Uxie a last time to erase all her memories related to Team Masque and Kimlik Island. 

peri-wiping-her-memories-pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz

It’s better to live as an ignorant than to suffer as a smart guy, as it seems. Uxie is free, Peri is stumbling and confused, and Uxie lets you choose Peri’s fate.

You have two options: restoring Peri’s memories and making her pay for her sins or letting her be free.

It all depends on how much you got to love Peri during the game. But spoiler alert: the decision doesn’t affect the ending at all. Interpol will take her out of the building no matter what you choose.

pokemon parallax
Image by Jesús Cruz


Question: Which is the Best Pokémon to Beat Pokémon Parallax?

Answer: Aside from Arcanine, it has to be Ampharos and Azumarill. Ampharos is excellent as there are a lot of Pokémon weak to Electric-type moves, while Azumarill is the best Fairy-type option in the game.

Question: Which is the Hardest Battle of Pokémon Parallax?

Answer: The last battle against Peri is complicated, primarily because of Abstract Uxie. Zehra’s battles are also challenging if you don’t have any Ice-type user.

Question: Is Pokémon Parallax a Hard Game?

Answer: No, it isn’t. It’s pretty balanced, which is a surprise regarding fangames that focus on the story rather than battles.

There’s a good range of options if we talk about wild Pokémon to catch, and the trainers have good Pokémon and an intelligent AI that doesn’t spam moves randomly.


And that’s it! Pokémon Parallax might not be the most challenging game ever, but it’s enjoyable and balanced, and you can finish it in a couple of sessions. I hope you liked the story as much as I did.

I feel Looker and all of the Pokémon Police is an exciting concept the official games should exploit; there are a lot of stories you can create from it!

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