Shiny Alolan Vulpix Guide: An Ice Cold Shiny To Add To Your Roster

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Pokemon come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, at the time of writing, they come in about 980 different varieties depending on if we are counting mega-evolutions. So it’s safe to say that no matter what type of Pokemon you are looking for, the series has you covered.

Do you want a specific type? The series has loads to offer. Do you want something cute and cuddly? Pokemon has cuddly creatures in abundance. Or perhaps you want something a little out of the ordinary. Well, the series has something to fill that criterion too. These unique and special Pokemon are called shiny Pokemon.

Each Pokemon has a unique variant that offers something that the regular version just simply can’t. Does it mean it’s better? It really depends on your perception, but they certainly are more rare and desirable. So we thought we would run through each and every Pokemon and tell you everything that you could possibly ever need to know about their shiny variant.

In this Shiny Alolan Vulpix guide, we take a look at a shiny Alolan Vulpix. An ice-type variant of the fire-type fox from the original one hundred and fifty-one Pokemon. So without further delay, here is our essential handbook on shiny Alolan Vulpix

What is An Alolan Vulpix?

Shiny Alolan Vulpix Guide

Firstly, we need to establish exactly what this Pokemon is before we dive into the shiny variation. An Alolan Vulpix is an ice-type Pokemon that was introduced in the seventh generation of the Pokemon series. However, you may be wondering why this Pokemon is familiar.

Well, this Pokemon was technically introduced in the first Pokemon generation. However, thanks to Pokemon Sun and Moon offering Alolan forms of Pokemon, Vulpix got given a new typing and Alolan Vulpix was born.

In terms of appearance, this Pokemon is very similar to the original in terms of appearance. Alolan Vulpix has the same body composition of a real-world fox, beady eyes, a curled, puffy tail that resembles a cloud, and a tuft fur on their head that looks very much the same.

Then in terms of the color palette used, this Pokemon has a snowy white pelt, blue paws, blue eyes dark blue inner ears. It is also worth noting that features such as the snout of this Pokemon are more pointed and pronounced than that of the original design.

In terms of behaviour, this Pokemon is the polar opposite of its fiery counterpart. This Pokemon has adapted to the snowy mountain conditions of Aloha. It fled to the mountains to avoid other Pokemon who could not handle the harsh conditions.

These Pokemon live in packs and their leader is usually the fully evolved version of this Pokemon, Ninetales. This Pokemon also has the ability to freeze anything it chooses with its breath or tail and can even lower the temperature of the surrounding area, much like Vanillite. This Pokemon only has one natural predator and that is the Pokemon, Weavile.

Here is a video of Alolan Vulpix in action so you can see exactly what this Pokemon has to offer:

What is a Shiny Pokemon?

Now, you may still be wondering what a shiny Pokemon actually is. Well, this is a version of the same Pokemon that has a slightly different color pattern to the original. These are found via random encounters, breeding, and gifted Pokemon but the chances of a Pokemon being shiny are very rare.

The natural odds of a Pokemon being shiny are about one in four thousand and ninety-six. However, this can be lowered through various methods depending on the game you are playing, but more on that later.

It’s important to state that these Pokemon are completely the same in terms of stats, move sets, and any other attribute belonging to the original. In short, shiny Pokemon are aesthetically pleasing novelties but they are very much in demand.

What is a Shiny Alolan Vulpix?

Now that you are clued in, let’s break down what a shiny Alolan Vulpix is. This shiny is a very subtle but welcome change for anyone that is a fan of pastel colors.

This Pokemon maintains its icy blue paws. However, aside from that, the rest of the Pokemon swaps its pale white fur for some lovely pale pink fur instead. This design definitely appeals to those that enjoy a more cute and cuddly design but even if you aren’t in the market for such a thing, we promise that this design is too cool to disappoint.

How Rare is a Shiny Alolan Vulpix?

Shiny Alolan Vulpix Guide

As we mentioned, if the Pokemon is able to be caught via a natural encounter, the chances of getting a shiny encounter are about 4096/1 and you can encounter an Alolan Vulpix in both Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

However, you have to take into account that Alolan variants can only be caught in these games. Now granted, you also have Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, but considering Vulpix has been in every game since the beginning of the series, this makes finding a Shiny Alolan Vulpix pretty difficult unless you have one of these games.

Now, failing that there is the option to get this Pokemon via a trade, but few gamers will give you a shiny version. So you’ll have to take the normal Alolan Vulpix and breed it until you get a shiny.

The chances of making this happen are also 4096/1 but because you have to wait for the Pokemon to conceive and also wait for the egg to hatch, this can be a long-winded process. So overall, we would say that Alolan Vulpix is a rare shiny Pokemon when compared with most others.

How to Catch a Shiny Alolan Vulpix

We explained which games give you the chance to capture this Pokemon. Plus, we gave you the methods by which you can go about it. However, what you might not know, is that there are several ways that you can bring down your shiny encounter odds. So with that in mind, let us run you through some of the easiest ways to get your hands on an Alolan Vulpix:

Masuda Method: Then to expand on the point above, if the player acquires two Pokemon that are from two different real-world regions. Such as Europe and North America for example. The chances of hatching a shiny version of this Pokemon drop to 600/1.

Shiny Charm: This applies to those that have access to the Alola region and can encounter an Alolan Vulpix. You can make use of the shiny charm, a held item that cuts the odds of receiving a shiny Pokemon encounter by 66%. Dropping the odds to about 1/2732. This item can be stacked with other components in this list to brings odds down even further.

Is a Shiny Alolan Vulpix or Shiny Vulpix Better?


This question can be approached on two fronts, one is in terms of aesthetic and the other in terms of battling potential. The first of these are subjective but we will do our best to be impartial. The Alolan version is a beautiful pastel pink design as we have already mentioned.

Whereas the standard shiny Vulpix changes its burnt orange color for a stunning cold pelt, keeping the fiery tail and tuft of hair on its head. While we are a sucker for a golden shiny like the golden Magikarp for example. We can’t help but feel the gold and burnt orange don’t marry together that well. So we believe that the Alolan shiny is the better looking of the two.

However, in terms of battling performance, we have to give it to the original Vulpix. Alolan Vulpix can be used as a decent setup sweeper thanks to its Aurora Veil move and Snow Warning ability. However, its offensive stats are very underwhelming.

Whereas the original Vulpix is an excellent wallbreaker Pokemon with a much more versatile moveset which allows it to compete with the big boys. So really, the better shiny is purely down to what you intend to use it for, as a flex or as a battle companion.

Does This Pokemon Evolve?

Yes, this Pokemon evolves into an Alolan Ninetales, this Pokemon will also be the shiny version of this Pokemon provided you evolved a shiny Alolan Vulpix. This Pokemon is also a very striking shiny design with red, piercing eyes and a pelt that is no longer pale blue, but a steely grey color. To evolve your Alolan Vulpix into an Alolan Ninetales, all you have to do is expose this Pokemon to an Ice Stone and the evolution will take place.

The Vul-Pick of the Bunch

As you can see from the information above, Alolan Vulpix is an incredible Pokemon to own, a rare shiny to collect and one of the finest looking shiny Pokemon in the entire game. Sure it might not be the Pokemon that will see you through in any sort of competitive battling competition but in terms of aesthetic pleasure and bragging rights, Alolan Vulpix has so much to offer. So get out there and get hunting for this ice-cool creature.

Shiny Alolan Vulpix Guide: FAQs

Question: What is The Best Moveset for Alolan Vulpix?

Answer: This Pokemon has access to moves that the original Vulpix couldn’t dream of using and plenty of them at that. You may be wondering which of these moves you should teach your Pokemon. Well, wonder no more as we have come up with the optimal moveset for this Pokemon that will offer you the best chance of winning in battle against any foe. Here is the best Alolan Vulpix moveset below:
• Aurora Veil
• Freeze-dry
• Hypnosis
• Hail

Question: Does Alolan Vulpix Feature in the Anime?

Answer: Yes, Alohan Vulpix has also had its time in the spotlight in terms of the anime series. This Pokemon debuted in Racing to a Big Event! In this episode, an Alolan Vulpix hatches from an egg that Lillie was responsible for and she gives this Pokemon the nickname snowy. Snowy went on to have a handful of other appearances and was known to walk around outside of its Pokeball much like Ash’s Pilachu.
This Pokemon also had several more minor appearances within the anime. Here is a list of all the other episodes that this Pokemon featured in:
• Getting a Jump on the Competition!
• Mimikyu Unmasked!
This Pokemon also had success in the manga series and debuted in the episode Trembling!! The Father in the Pendant! in the Pokemon Adventures series. A large group of Alolan Vulpix could be seen wandering through the mountains.

Question: What Games Does Vulpix Appear in?

Answer: Vulpix has been around for a long time. Since before the beginning of the new millennium which makes this Pokemon older than some of the fan base out there. So with that in mind, you may be wondering just how many games that this Pokemon has popped up in throughout the series. Whether they be main titles or spin-off games. Well, allow us to enlighten you, here is every Pokemon game that has featured Vulpix in any form:
• Pokemon Red and Blue
• Pokemon Yellow
• Pokemon Stadium
• Pokemon Gold and Silver
• Pokemon Crystal
• Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire
• Pokemon Emerald
• Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
• Pokemon Platinum
• Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver
• Pokemon Black and White
• Pokemon Black-2 and White-2
• Pokemon X and Y
•Pokemon Colosseum
• Pokemon XD
• Pokemon Pal Park
• Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
• Pokemon Sun and Moon
• Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Lets Go Eevee
• Pokemon Sword and Shield
• Pokemon Snap
• Pokemon Channel
• Pokémon Trozei!
• Pokemon Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team
• Pokemon GO
• Pokemon Pinball
• Pokemon Ranger

So that is our essential handbook giving you all the information you could possibly need about the Pokemon, Shiny Alohan Vulpix. What did you make of this guide? Was this helpful and informative for you? What other shiny Pokemon would you like to see us cover next? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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