Pokemon Crystal Game Guide: Gen II’s Definitive Edition

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Pokémon Gold and Silver got released shortly after Pokémon Red, Blue, and Green got on the market. The first Gen 2 games were a success, but there were many things to fix, and that’s why Pokémon Crystal (With Suicune as its mascot) got into the market a year after Gold and Silver.

Pokémon Crystal introduces us to an adventure through Johto, a brand new region (in its time, obviously) filled with mysteries, new trainers, Pokémon, and the bad boys’ comeback time being even eviler than before. You all know the story around Gen 2 games, so let’s hop into this battle guide because we have 8 Gyms, a Pokémon League, and another 8 Gyms to take a look at. Our final objective is to defeat Red.

Prologue, Getting Your Starter

Pokemon Crystal Game Guide

After choosing if you are a boy or a girl, and your name, you’ll be in your room, you have to talk with your mother and go to Professor Elm’s laboratory where he will give you your starter.

If you pick Totodile, you’ll get basically one of the best Pokémon in the game aside from the legendaries, Feraligatr. It can learn many moves and a bunch of water-type solid attacks; it will help you cover the most weaknesses your team can have by having Dark, Water, Fighting-type moves, and a lot more. Thus, picking Totodile leads us to an easy game.

If you pick Cyndaquil, you’ll get Typhlosion, a good Fire-type attacker, but it can’t learn many neat Fire-type moves since it’s a rather physical Pokémon, but its move set is pretty limited. Nonetheless, it is pretty helpful in the first instances of the game; later on in the game, you can catch a better Fire-type user. Finally, picking Cyndaquil leads us to a normal game.

If you pick Chikorita, you’ll get Meganium, which is a lame successor of Venusaur. Meganium is a Special virtuoso, but the moves it can learn are mostly useless to the adventure. You’ll have to get some TM to learn some good moves to it. The last bad thing about Chikorita, it has a terrible early game because it is weak to the first gym. Picking Chikorita means that we will be lugging it until we find some cool moves to teach it. A pretty hard game.

Route 29

Now you have to cross Route 29, where you can find Rattata, Pidgey, Hoppip, and many Pokémon like that, which are helpful if you want a Flying-type Pokémon in the early game. But as well as Chikorita, you’ll have to be lugging them.

Your Rival: Silver

After going to the Mr. Pokémon house and going all the way back to New Bark Town, you’ll get into a battle against your rival, you can name him, but we are gonna call him Silver. This first combat will be easy, but the rest will be really hard, so be prepared. He will have a starter which is good against yours.

Now you have to get to Violet City; to that, you have to get across Route 30 and 31.

First Badge: Falkner, Violet City’s Gym Leader

Falkner, Violet City’s Gym Leader

Before facing the Gym, we have to do a lot of things in the city. First, we have to go to the Pokémon School, and then to the Sprout Tower. Getting a Bellsprout here will let you trade it with a kid who will give you an Onix, a beneficial piece against Falkner. You can find this kid in the house near the Pokémon Center. Sadly we can’t capture a Mareep in this game; Ampharos is a great Pokémon, and the Electric-type is useful throughout the game.

Now, you should be ready to face Falkner. This is his team:

Pidgey, Lv. 7Normal/FlyingTackle, Mud-Slap
Pidgeotto, Lv. 9Normal/FlyingTackle, Mud-Slap, Gust

As we said, it would be helpful if you have a Mareep, but you can’t, so this isn’t an option. So the best you can do is go with the best of your starter, and if you have Chikorita, go for the Onix and use it here. You’ll get the Zephyr Badge and the privilege of teaching Mud-Slap to one of your Pokémon. After this Gym, Elm will give you an egg that contains Togepi. Togetic is cool, but it isn’t the best Pokémon ever. Take it if you want it.

Your next harbor is Azalea Town, but we have to do many things before getting the second badge.

Route 32, Union Cave and the Slowpoke Well

First thing: Crossing Route 32 and the Union Cave. Here you can find Lapras, but after getting Surf and Strength but only on Fridays. After this, you have to go across Route 33, which is a short passage. Welcome to Azalea Town.

Before getting into the Gym, you will meet Kurt. He’s the Apicorn Craftsman, but right now is busy and choleric because Team Rocket messes around the Slowpoke Well. After getting rid of all these Rocket Grunts, now you can face the Gym.

Second Badge: Bugsy, Azalea Gym’s Leader

Bugsy, Azalea Gym’s Leader

Bugsy has a Bug-type based team, let’s get a look at it:

Metapod, Lv. 14BugTackle, String Shot, Harden
Kakuna, Lv. 14Bug/PoisonPoison Sting, String Shot, Harden
Scyther, Lv. 16Bug/FlyingFury Cutter, Quick Attack, Leer

The first two Bugsy’s Pokémon are easy to get rid of; basically, they will do Harden until they can’t no more. So if you have one of those Flying-types that are perfect for the early game, or you picked Cyndaquil as your starter, you have it.

Fire-types can also work with Scyther, but Totodile can do the work perfectly by using your best shot if you don’t have it. Chikorita is useless here, too, sadly. We recommend catching good Pokémon to help Chikorita through these challenging times.

After beating Bugsy you can use Cut and also Fury Cutter.

Second battle against Silver: Before Ilex Forest

Go and heal your Pokémon, because Silver is waiting for you.

Gastly, Lv. 12Ghost/PoisonHypnosis, Lick, Spite
Zubat, Lv. 14Poison/FlyingLeech Life, Supersonic, Bite
Quilava / Croconaw / Bayleef, Lv. 16Fire / Water / GrassTackle, Leer, SmokeScreen, Ember / Scratch, Leer, Rage, Water Gun / Growl, Razor Leaf, Reflect, PoisonPowder.

Bite will work against Gastly; Croconaw can learn it at level 21 and Totodile at 20. Zubat isn’t a problem either; go with your best attack. You should now have a Pokémon to counter your rival’s starter. But the level is still low, so you can still get down these foes with your strong neutral attack from your own starter or your strongest Pokémon.

Now, do the Ilex Forest event, get the HM Cut, and continue with your travel. By the way, you can get Headbutt in here from a guy near the center of the Forest. Route 34 is in your way, and then Goldenrod City.

Third Badge: Whitney, Goldenrod Gym’s Leader

Whitney, Goldenrod Gym’s Leader

Well, this is a hard one. Whitney is such a hard battle because there are not many options besides a Machop you can get by trading an Abra. Catching Abra is a problem, though, but we recommend doing this trade. Otherwise, you’ll have a bad time here.

This is Whitney’s team:

Clefairy, Lv. 18NormalEncore, DoubleSlap, Mimic, Metronome.
Miltank, Lv. 20NormalStomp, Attract, Milk Drink, Rollout.

Clefairy is easy; Machop can do the job or any other Pokémon with a strong attack. But we have to focus on Miltank. Stomp is such a hard attack in these instances of the game, Attract is a big problem if you have male Pokémon, but you can get out of the effect by switching Pokémon. Milk Drink can heal Miltank, and it isn’t just a bit of HP, sadly. Rollout is its main argument since it is effective against Fire and Flying-types and its nocive effect: An attack that is getting stronger in every turn.

Machop can help you here since it can resist Rock-type attacks like Rollout and can have Karate Chop and Seismic Toss. Lastly, good luck, you’ll need it.

After winning, Whitney will do some sobbing, ignoring you. But, don’t worry, one of the trainers in the Gym will talk with Whitney, and she will give you the Plain Badge. Now, you can use Strength.

Route 35, National Park, Route 36 and 37

This is now the most beautiful part of the game since we have to get across Route 35, 36, and 37 and the National Park, with its wonderful song. On Route 35, you can get a Growlithe, do it if you don’t pick Cyndaquil. In the National Park, you can find Dig, a very useful TM. Here, you can also do the Bug-Catching Contest. Try to get a Scyther here; it can be pretty handy later on, as well as Pinsir.

On route 36, you’ll have the Sudowoodo event. Catch it if you want a strong but slow Rock-type Pokémon, but it isn’t essential. It has Low Kick, and that can be helpful later on. Nothing is interesting on Route 37.

Ecruteak City

We are now in Ecruteak City, where we have to do a lot of things. First of all, we have to talk with Bill, the technician who did the Pokémon Storage System. He will be in the Pokémon Center. After talking with him, you can now transfer Pokémon from Gen 1 games to Pokémon Crystal.

Getting the Itemfinder here is helpful too; an old man will give it to you in the house at the right of the Gym.

Next Stop, the Ecruteak Dance Theater, where you have to battle against the Kimono Girls. They have all the Eeveelutions available. Use Fighting-types against Umbreon, Dark against Espeon, Ground against Jolteon and Flareon, and Electric or Grass against Vaporeon.

After winning, you’ll get Surf; now you can get that Lapras which is caught in the Union Cave!

Now, visit the Burned Tower since you have to look for Morty to have your battle versus him for the fourth badge.

Third battle against Silver: Burned Tower

burned tower
Haunter, Lv. 20Ghost/PoisonMean Look, Lick, Spite, Curse
Zubat, Lv. 20Poison/FlyingLeech Life, Supersonic, Bite, Confuse Ray
Magnemite, Lv. 18Steel/ElectricTackle, ThunderShock, Supersonic, SonicBoom
Quilava / Croconaw / Bayleef, Lv. 22Fire / Water / GrassQuick Attack, Leer, SmokeScreen, Ember / Bite, Leer, Rage, Water Gun / Growl, Razor Leaf, Reflect, PoisonPowder.

After the battle, you’ll meet Eusine too. He’s looking for Suicune. Now, the rest in Ecruteak City is the Tin Tower, but we can’t access it yet. We have now to face Morty.

Fourth Badge: Morty, Ecruteak Gym’s Leader

Morty, Ecruteak Gym’s Leader

Morty offers a tenacious fight, full of Ghost and Poison-type Pokémon.

Warning: going across this Gym can get annoying. Also, be prepared with numerous Potions and Awakenings, you’ll need them.

Meet Morty’s team:

Gastly, Lv. 21Ghost/PoisonLick, Spite, Mean Look, Curse.
Haunter, Lv. 21Ghost/PoisonHypnosis, Curse, Mimic, Night Shade
Haunter, Lv. 23Ghost/PoisonSpite, Mean Look, Mimic, Night Shade
Gengar, Lv. 25Ghost/PoisonHypnosis, Mean Look, Shadow Ball, Dream Eater

Bring here your Dark and Ghost-types since you’ll need them. Preferably, Dark-type attackers like Croconaw. If you have a Pokémon with Bite, use it here. Mud-Slap can be helpful here too. We recommended the Potions here since Curse will drain your life. You can also switch, but Gastly has Mean Look, so you have no options against it.

The big headache in this Gym is that purple guy named Gengar; it has Hypnosis and Dream Eater, and we would recommend using a Dark-type Pokémon against it to avoid this problem, but it’s kinda hard to have one at this point. Instead, use the Awakenings and prevent getting hit by a Dream Eater since that will hurt. Use someone with Bite; that’s your best bet here.

After winning, you can now use Surf. That Lapras in the Union Cave could be convenient even if you took Totodile as your starter. We will also receive Shadow Ball; teach it to any Pokémon that can learn it since it is a great move!

Route 38 and 39

Route 38 and 39 works as a union between Ecruteak City, Moomoo Farm, and Olivine City. You can find Miltank and Tauros if you want one in the Moomoo Farm. Tauros can be a great addition to your party, think about it, you’ll not regret that decision.

First Visit to Olivine City, and the Glitter Lighthouse

You should be entering Olivine City, where we have to do a bunch of things. First, go and search for the Good Rod in a house at the south of the Gym. You can also get a Voltorb by trading it with a Krabby; you can find one near the areas around Olivine City. Now, go to the Olivine Café, where a Sailor will give you the HM04, Strength.

You have to look for Jasmine, the Gym Leader of this city since she isn’t there. Go to the Glitter Lighthouse and cross it. Don’t miss any battle since you’ll need the experience points later in the game. Also, there’s a lot of items lost in the building; remember to use the Itemfinder.

You’ll find Jasmine at the top of the Lighthouse, taking care of Amphy, the Ampharos that enlightens the way of the sailors in the high seas. It is sick, and Jasmine is taking care of it. To have a battle against her, you have to look for the medicine to Amphy, and you’ll find it in Cianwood City. Time to go across the seas with Surf!

Route 40, Route 41 and the first sight into Whirl Islands

Route 40 is a maritime route. It links Route 41 and Olivine City; there’s nothing important here. Route 41, on the other hand, is the nearest area to the Whirl Islands. You are going to do important things here, but later on in the game. For now, we have to get to Cianwood City.

Cianwood City

Welcome to Cianwood City. Your first mission is to get the medicine for that poor Amphy. Then, at the North of the Farmacy, you’ll find a house where a kid will give us a Shuckle; This Pokémon can be pretty valuable if you know how to use it, but for the adventure is rather useless unless you are completing the Pokédex.

Battle against Eusine

In the north of the city, you can find Suicune chilling in the place. As soon as it sees you, it will run away. Eusine saw all of this show, and he doesn’t understand why Suicune is so interested in you. That’s why he challenges you into a battle.

This is Eusine’s team:

Drowzee, Lv. 23PsychicHypnosis, Dream Eater, Confusion, Disable
Haunter, Lv. 23Ghost/PoisonHypnosis, Curse, Lick, Mean Look
Electrode, Lv. 25ElectricThunder, Rollout, SonicBoom, Screech

After defeating him, you don’t have much to do, but fight against Chuck, for the fifth badge.

Fifth Badge: Chuck, Cianwood Gym’s Leader

Chuck, Cianwood Gym’s Leader

This can be an accessible Gym if we have some Psychic or Flying-type Pokémon. However, ice, Rock, Dark, and Steel-types will have a bad time here.

After getting rid of the trainers in the Gym, it is time to battle against Chuck; this is his team:

Primeape, Lv. 28FightingLeer, Rage, Karate Chop, Fury Swipes
Poliwrath, Lv. 30Water/FightingHypnosis, Mind Reader, Surf, Dynamic Punch

Primeape isn’t much of a problem, it can’t tap strongly enough to be a menace, and an excellent Flying-type attack will dump it. The major threat here is the Poliwrath since it has a strategy: confuse your Pokémon with Dynamic Punch or send your Pokémon to sleep with Hypnosis. Use a lot of Awakenings here, and try to get the benefit of its Water-type to get it down with an Electric-type attack, if you have one. That’s why we recommended the Voltorb back then in Olivine City.

After winning, we will get the Storm Badge. Then, talk to the lady in front of the Gym, who is none other than Chuck’s wife, and she will give the HM02, Fly. Now, we can skip the trip back to Olivine City by flying there.

Sixth Badge: Jasmine, Olivine Gym’s Leader

Jasmine, Olivine Gym’s Leader

You probably feel like you are rushing the game, but don’t worry about that; the game is longer than you think because we have another 8 Gyms to explore.

Now, get back to the Glitter Lighthouse and give the Secret Potion to Jasmine; she will heal Amphy, and now you can battle her. But, first, prepare your Fire-type Pokémon, like the Growlithe we recommended to catch.

Go to the gym; there are no trainers here, just Jasmine and you. This is her team:

Magnemite, Lv. 30Electric/SteelThunderbolt, Supersonic, SonicBoom, Thunder Wave
Magnemite, Lv. 30Electric/SteelThunderbolt, Supersonic, SonicBoom, Thunder Wave
Steelix, Lv. 35Steel/GroundScreech, Sunny Day, Rock Throw, Iron Tail

Both Magnemites aren’t an issue; just get them down with a Ground or a Fire-type attack. The problem here is Steelix, which is pretty strong.

Steelix has Screech which will decrease your Defense, and Rock Throw and Iron Tail to do a ton of damage. We don’t know why it has Sunny Day, but we don’t think it is to buff your Fire-type attacks. As soon as your Fire-type attacker gets into the field, it will get hit by Rock Throw. Our recommendation is to use a Fighting-type Pokémon (Like the Machop you used against Whitney) to eliminate Steelix.

Congrats on getting to this point in the game. Now, you don’t have any more options, but if you explored Ecruteak City, you surely noticed that Route 42, which connects Ecruteak City with Mahogany Town, was inaccessible. Now, it’s time to get across it.

By the way, you can find here the entrance to Mt. Mortar, which is skippable, but we don’t recommend doing it since you can find many alluring items and a trainer named Kiyo, which will give you a Tyrogue. You can evolve it into Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan. It will be helpful (if you don’t pick the Machop back in the Goldenrod Mall) in the rest of the game.

Mahogany Town, Route 43, Lake of Rage and the Rocket Hideout

You get into Mahogany Town. The right entrance is blocked by a man selling candies; he will not let you pass. The upper part of the town will connect you with Route 43 and the Lake of Rage, and that’s all. You can’t visit the Gym yet; it is blocked, so we have to stop by the Lake of Rage.

Route 43 is filled with trainers and Rocket Grunts asking for some tariff to let you pass. You can pass through the trainers or by paying the fee.

You should be now in the Lake of Rage, which has a cool habitant inside of it: a red-colored Gyarados. Catch it if you need a Water-type attacker who can learn Dark and Dragon-type moves, or just catch it to make it a part of your collection.

After the battle, you can get a Red Scale which can be traded for an Exp. Share, in Route 30. After this event, you’ll meet Lance, the Dragon Tamer, investigating some unusual behavior on the Magikarps of the zone; help him explore this.

You will be back in Mahogany Town, precisely in the shop. Lance will use an excessive force known as Hyper Beam to make the dependent cooperate with him. You should be now in the Rocket Hideout.

The maze here isn’t challenging, and after some battles with Lance’s assistant, you will defeat Team Rocket for this time. Finally, they run away, and now the Gym is available.

Seventh Badge: Pryce, Mahogany’s Gym Leader

Pryce, Mahogany’s Gym Leader

Pryce is the winter master, which means he will use Ice-type Pokémon. His team isn’t bad at all but as we said, the levels are low because Johto is short. Now, this is Pryce’s team:

Seel, Lv. 27WaterHeadbutt, Icy Wind, Aurora Beam, Rest
Dewgong, Lv. 29Water/IceHeadbutt, Icy Wind, Aurora Beam, Rest
Piloswine, Lv. 31Water/GroundIcy Wind, Fury Attack, Mist, Blizzard

For an unknown reason, Pryce’s Pokémon are weaker than Jasmine’s, but they have strong attacks, so be careful. Seel doesn’t have the Ice-type yet, so don’t attack it that way. It can’t resist a Grass or Electric-type attack. Dewgong has the Ice-type, so you can use Ground, Electric, or Fighting-type attacks against it.

Piloswine is chunky, but there’s nothing brute force can’t do against it: Your strongest Fighting-type attack like Karate Chop will do the work for you.

You’ll get the Glacier Badge and Icy Wind, an excellent attack for, as an example, a Lapras. After getting out of the Gym, Professor Elm will call you telling you that some guys are saying that Team Rocket is now in charge. Our next destination is to revisit Goldenrod City.

Third visit to Goldenrod City, The Radio Tower, and Team Rocket’s final

As soon as you get into Goldenrod City, you’ll notice a lot of Rocket Grunts invading the place. Go to the Radio Tower, get across all the grunts and the building, and rescue the director of the Radio. On the last floor, you’ll see him in his office, but that’s just a dirty trick of a Rocket Executive. This is his team:

Koffing, Lv. 30 x4PoisonSmokeScreen, Tackle, Sludge, Selfdestruct
Weezing, Lv. 32PoisonSmokeScreen, Tackle, Sludge, Explosion
Koffing, Lv. 30PoisonSmokeScreen, Tackle, Sludge, Smog

After beating the impostor, he will tell us the real location of the kidnapped director, which is in the Underground Warehouse. He also gives us the Basement Key. Heal your Pokémon after getting out of the tower because you’ll have a fight against Silver.

Four battle against Silver: Underground Warehouse

This is Silver’s team:

Golbat, Lv. 30Poison/FlyingWing Attack, Confuse Ray, Bite
Magnemite, Lv. 28Electric/SteelSonicBoom, Thunder Wave, Supersonic
Haunter, Lv. 30Ghost/PoisonShadow Ball, Curse, Mean Look
Sneasel, Lv. 32Dark/IceFeint Attack, Leer, Quick Attack, Screech
Quilava / Feraligatr / Meganium, Lv. 32Fire / Water / GrassEmber, SmokeScreen, Quick Attack, Flame Wheel / Bite, Scary Face, Rage, Water Gun / Poison Powder, Razor Leaf, Body Slam, Reflect

We hope you didn’t pick Cyndaquil because that Feraligatr is menacing. But don’t be afraid because it can be destroyed with a good Grass or Electric-type attacker and some level higher than it. Quilava isn’t an issue; use Lapras or the red Gyarados to take it down; there’s plenty of options. Meganium isn’t an issue either, since a good Arcanine can take it down without hesitating.

Sneasel has an x4 weakness against Fighting-type and a terrible Defense, so go with the Karate Chop. Haunter can’t handle a Bite; no mercy against it. Burndown that Magnemite and shock the Golbat with an Electric-type attack, and you will be done.

After beating him, you can access the Warehouse. Then, after some puzzles and Rocket Grunts, you’ll find the Director, get him free, and he will give you the Card Key to access the last part of the Radio Tower, where you will find the previous executives waiting for you.

The executives are hiding on the fifth floor. The first one has this team:

Arbok, Lv. 32PoisonGlare, Bite, Wrap, Poison Sting
Vileplume, Lv. 32Grass/PoisonSweet Scent, Absorb, Acid, Sleep Powder
Murkrow, Lv. 32Dark/FlyingPeck, Haze, Pursuit, Night Shade

Against Arbok, your best option is to use your best Pokémon and a good Ground-type attack if you have it. Also, Vileplume can’t handle a Fire-type attack, and Murkrow will fall after an Electric-type attack.

The second executive has the following team:

Houndour, Lv. 33Dark/FireFeint Attack, Ember, Bite, Roar
Koffing, Lv. 33PoisonSludge, SmokeScreen, Tackle, Haze
Houndoom, Lv. 35Dark/FireFeint Attack, Ember, Bite, Smog

Both Houndour and Houndoom can’t handle a Fighting or Water-type attack, and the Koffing can be an issue since it counters its Ground-type weakness with Haze but don’t be scared, give it your best shot, and that’s all.

Suicune, in the Tin Tower

You have defeated Team Rocket, finally. They will not annoy you or anyone else anymore. The director gives you a Clear Bell, which works to evoke Suicune; That means that your next destination is to face Suicune in the Tin Tower, in Ecruteak City. Catch it but save the game before battling against it; you don’t want to lose the chance to have a legendary Pokémon.

After catching it, Suicune’s storyline is done, so your last appointment is to claim the last badge and then challenge the Pokémon League. Next destination: Route 44 and the Ice Path.

Ice Path and Blackthorn City

The Ice Path isn’t hard; you can realize the first floor quickly; it works the same as Bryce’s Gym, do some ice sliding, and you’ll get to the next floor. The whole puzzle is about throwing rocks into holes to make a sliding ice path. After completing it, you’ll get to Blackthorn City!

Our only mission here is to get the last Johto badge.

Eighth Badge: Clair, Blackthorn Gym’s Leader

Clair, Blackthorn Gym’s Leader

The puzzle in the Gym is pretty straightforward. Battle against the trainers to collect all the Exp. Points you can and then go against Clair. She has a Dragon-type team, so a good option is to have Ice-types in your team.

Clair’s Team:

Dragonair, Lv. 37DragonThunder Wave, Slam, Dragon Breath, Surf
Dragonair, Lv. 37DragonThunder Wave, Slam, Dragon Breath, Thunderbolt
Dragonair, Lv. 37DragonThunder Wave, Slam, Dragon Breath, Ice Beam
Kingdra, Lv. 40Water/DragonDragon Breath, Surf Hyper Beam, SmokeScreen

None of the three Dragonairs have something good against Ice-type. But the problem is that Thunder Wave and Paralyze you, as well as Dragon Breath. Gyarados and Lapras can learn Icy Wind, that Bryce’s gift when you win vs. him. Gyarados has a problem, if it gets hit by an Electric-type attack, it will probably faint, but Lapras can handle those attacks. Go full mode with those two, with no fears. This gym is easier than it looks.

Kingdra can be a problem, but do your best with your strongest Pokémon. Remember: Dragon-types resist Grass, Fire, Water, and Electric-type attacks. You can use any other thing to hurt it.

After defeating her, she doesn’t accept the defeat and runs away to the Dragon’s Lair. You need Whirlpool and Surf to get into there. Enter the cabin and talk with the elder. He will do an interview with you; avoid the wrong answers, and that’s all. After this, the elder will gift you a Dratini as a reward for being such a good trainer.

Clair gets angry once again. Finally, the elder asks Clair to give you the last Johto badge. Now you can go to the Pokémon League.

After this long arguing, Professor Elm asks you to go to his lab. You can take Route 45 way, which leads us to the Dark Cave and Route 46, or directly Fly to there.

First Time in Kanto, Victory Road

Elm will give us the Master Ball as a reward for helping him with the Pokédex. Now, you have to advance using Surf through Route 27, a short route. After crossing, you are currently in Kanto! Welcome to Route 26!

Route 26 is pretty long and full of trainers; get the Exp. Points since you’ll need them. At the top of the Route, you’ll be in the reception of the League. They will check out if you have all the badges, and now you have to cross Victory Road. Look for TM26, which contains Earthquake. It can be found on the second floor; use the Itemfinder in the northwest ledge.

This Victory Road is the same as the Kanto one, which is pretty intuitive. Fight all the battles, get all the Exp. Points. At the end of it, you’ll have a fight against Silver.

Fifth Battle against Silver: Victory Road

Heal your guys, because it’s time for a hard battle.

Silver’s team:

Sneasel, Lv. 34Dark/IceQuick Attack, Screech, Faint Attack, Fury Cutter
Golbat, Lv. 36Poison/FlyingWing Attack, Confuse Ray, Bite, Leech Life
Magneton, Lv. 35Electric/SteelSonicBoom, Thunder Wave, Supersonic, ThunderShock
Haunter, Lv. 35Ghost/PoisonShadow Ball, Curse, Mean Look, Confuse Ray
Kadabra, Lv. 35PsychicRecover, Future Sight, Disable, Psybeam
Typhlosion / Feraligatr / Meganium, Lv. 38Fire / Water / GrassEmber, SmokeScreen, Quick Attack, Flame Wheel / Bite, Scary Face, Rage, Water Gun / PoisonPowder, Razor Leaf, Body Slam, Reflect

Go with Fighting-type with Sneasel, Golbat can’t handle an Electric-type attack, Magneton can get burned, and Haunter gets in problems with a Dark-type attack, like Bite.

The problem here is Kadabra with the Recover, and the starter. If you have a Dark-type Pokémon, use it. Like that, Kadabra will not hit you. If you don’t, then use a Pokémon with Bite and be patient, since it will use Disable to block your Dark-type attack; if that happens, go with your most potent attack. It will heal itself with Recover, and that’s irritating.

Meganium is weak; a single Fire-type attack will get it down. Typhlosion is good but doesn’t have good attacks, so you can do whatever you want to get it down. Go with a Water-type, like Gyarados or Lapras. Lastly, Feraligatr. It doesn’t have how to defend itself against an Electric-type attack, so go for it.

Welcome to the Pokémon League.

The biggest challenge: Pokémon League

You are in the famous Indigo Plateau. Do some shopping, you need a lot of heals. Full Restores are essential here.

Elite Four Will

Our first obstacle is to face Will, a Psychic-type trainer. Let’s see his team:

Xatu, Lv. 40Psychic/FlyingQuick Attack, Future Sight, Psychic, Confuse Ray
Exeggutor, Lv. 41Grass/PsychicReflect, Egg Bomb, Psychic, Leech Seed
Slowbro, Lv. 41Water/PsychicAmnesia, Curse, Psychic, Body Slam
Jynx, Lv. 41Ice/PsychicIce Punch, DoubleSlap, Psychic, Lovely Kiss
Xatu, Lv 42Psychic/FlyingQuick Attack, Future Sight, Psychic, Confuse Ray

Well, Both Xatus and Slowbro are easy; you just need a Thunderbolt. If they confuse your Pokémon, just switch, hit with the Pokémon that got out in the field, and change again to your Electric-type user. Jynx’s Lovely Kiss works the same way as Confuse Ray. This time you need a Fire-type attacker. Arcanine is perfect for this. Use the same strategy with Exeggutor.

Now, heal your Pokémon and prepare your Psychic-type Pokémon, since the next is Koga.

Elite Four Koga

Koga’s team:

Ariados, Lv. 40Bug/PoisonSpider Web, Double Team, Baton Pass, Giga Drain
Forretress, Lv. 43Bug/SteelSpikes, Swift, Protect, Explosion
Muk, Lv. 42PoisonSludge Bomb, Minimize, Toxic, Acid Armor
Venomoth, Lv. 40Bug/PoisonGust, Supersonic, Toxic, Psychic
Crobat, Lv 44Poison/FlyingWing Attack, Double Team, Quick Attack, Toxic

Muk, Venomoth and Crobat will intoxicate your Pokémon. We recommend healing the Pokémon you are using in the field and then wait for the combat to end to heal your Pokémon from the intoxication.

Ariados can be burned with a Fire-type attack, as well as Forretress. However, you have the upper hand against it because it is really slow. So try to get it down with just one hit. Otherwise, it probably will use Explosion and drag your Pokémon with it.

Muk has nothing to do with a Ground-type attack. Use Earthquake here; it will be beneficial. Psychic-types can help you too.

Give Venomoth the same treatment you gave to Ariados; a Fire-type attack, and heal your Pokémon from the Toxic after defeating Koga.

Crobat can’t handle an Electric-type attack, do that and have some patience since it will spam Double Team after using Toxic on your Pokémon.

After defeating Koga, it’s time to heal your Psychic and Flying-types since Bruno is our next objective.

Elite Four Bruno

This is Bruno’s team. He has Fighting-types (and an Onix, since he needs to counter its Flying-type weakness, but you have a balanced team too).

Hitmontop, Lv. 42FightingQuick Attack, Dig, Detect, Pursuit
Hitmonchan, Lv. 42FightingIce Punch, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Mach Punch
Hitmonlee, Lv. 42FightingDouble Kick, Foresight, High Jump Kick, Swagger
Onix, Lv. 43Ground/RockRock Slide, Sandstorm, Earthquake, Bind
Machamp, Lv 46FightingRock Slide, Foresight, Cross Chop, Vital Throw

Onix and Machamp are the only big threads here. They have Rock Slide and some perfect attacks, so be careful. Onix can be defeated with a Water-type attack, like Surf; that should be enough. However, Machamp is prepared to mess around with its Flying-type weakness with Rock Slide. Try to get it down with a Psychic-type instead, and if you don’t have it, then use your bulkiest Pokémon and hit it with your best.

Hitmontop is not a problem with a Flying-type, but Hitmonchan has Thunder and Ice Punch, so use your Psychic-type user or hit it with your best, but don’t let your bird step on the field against it.

Hitmonlee can be annoying, but you have the upper hand if it misses the High Jump Kick. Go for it with your Flying-type, and you’ll be done.

Last Elite Four: Karen.

Elite Four Karen

Karen will use the brand new Dark-types in your battle, so be prepared with your Fighting-type Pokémon since this will be interesting.

Karen’s team:

Umbreon, Lv. 42DarkFeint Attack, Confuse Ray, Mean Look, Sand Attack
Vileplume, Lv. 42Grass/PoisonStun Spore, Acid, Petal Dance, Moonlight
Murkrow, Lv. 42Dark/FlyingFeint Attack, Whirlwind, Pursuit, Quick Attack
Gengar, Lv. 43Ghost/PoisonLick, Spite, Curse, Destiny Bond
Houndoom, Lv 46Dark/FireCrunch, Flamethrower, Roar, Pursuit

Umbreon is the dilemma here. It has an outstanding Defense and will be using Sand Attack, Confuse Ray and Mean Look to be annoying the whole battle. On the other hand, it is slow, so you can use a strategy to take it down: If you have a move that decreases defenses, use it, it will use Mean Look, locking your Pokémon in the field, so if you have to sacrifice your Pokémon, do it. With the decreased defenses, it’s now time to use your Fighting-type and deflate it.

After you got down her Umbreon, the rest is easy: Vileplume can’t handle Fire-types, Murkrow can get down by an Electric-type attack, Gengar’s weakness is Dark-types, but you can also use Earthquake, as well as with Houndoom. Water-types can also faint it.

Battle against Lance

Lance is the Champion. This isn’t a surprise, probably. Well, to win this battle you’ll need an Electric-type user, as well as some Ice-type attackers.

Let’s see his team:

Gyarados, Lv. 44Water/FlyingRain Dance, Surf, Hyper Beam, Flail
Dragonite, Lv. 47Dragon/FlyingTwister, Thunder Wave, Blizzard, Hyper Beam
Charizard, Lv. 46Fire/FlyingFlamethrower, Slash, Wing Attack, Hyper Beam
Aerodactyl, Lv. 46Rock/FlyingRock Slide, Ancient Power, Wing Attack, Hyper Beam
Dragonite, Lv. 47Dragon/FlyingTwister, Thunder Wave, Thunder, Hyper Beam
Dragonite, Lv. 50Dragon/FlyingSafeguard, Outrage, Fire Blast, Hyper Beam

Gyarados will fall with only a single Thunderbolt, and Charizard has an x4 weakness against Rock-types. If you have a Rock-type attack, use it; no mercy. Aerodactyl will kiss the floor if it gets hit by a Water or Ice-type attack. Electric-types can work too.

Now, with the big ones. Two of the three Dragonites can’t handle an Ice-type attack, so using that Lapras we recommended catching (or Gyarados) with Icy Wind will be helpful. Remember that you can use the dead turn they have after Hyper Beam to heal your Pokémon. The last Dragonite has Outrage and Fire Blast, so be careful. Lapras can do the work perfectly since it counters its Fire-type weakness by being a Water/Ice-type. So, it’s basically the perfect Pokémon for this battle!

You have won; congrats, you are the brand new champion. It has been a challenging path, but you finally did it.

Adventures in Kanto: Searching for Red

Remember that our objective is to win against Red and be proclaimed the strongest trainer of all times. For this, we have to cross Kanto, and your opportunity against Red will be in the end. We are letting you do the run through Kanto, but we will show you the gym leaders’ teams because some of them will be really hard. Let’s go!

Ninth Badge: Lt. Surge, Vermillion Gym’s Leader

Lt. Surge, Vermillion Gym’s Leader
Raichu, Lv. 44ElectricThunderbolt, Thunder, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack
Electrode, Lv. 47ElectricScreech, Double Team, Swift, Explosion
Electrode, Lv. 46ElectricScreech, Double Team, Swift, Explosion
Magneton, Lv. 46Electric/SteelZap Cannon, Lock-On, Double Team, Swift
Electabuzz, Lv. 47ElectricThunder Punch, Thunder, Light Screen, Quick Attack

Ground-types, like Onix, will be really useful here, since it will be immune to their attacks. Both Electrodes will use Explosion; remember it. Go with Earthquake with all of them and that’s all.

Tenth Badge: Sabrina, Saffron Gym’s Leader

Espeon, Lv. 44PsychicSand Attack, Quick Attack, Swift, Psychic
Mr. Mime, Lv. 47PsychicBarrier, Reflect, Baton Pass, Psychic
Alakazam, Lv. 46PsychicRecover, Future Sight, Psychic, Reflect

This Gym is pretty hard only if you don’t have a Dark-type attack, like Crunch or Bite. Use the same strategy we recommended with Silver’s Kadabra back then in the Victory Road against Sabrina’s Alakazam, too; some patience and potent hits. Mr. Mime can be annoying too. But this Gym will not be a problem because it is pretty probable your Pokémon are at higher levels than her. Rush it!

Remember to take Psychic in Mr. Psychic’s house (located in the northwest part of the city) and teach it to your Psychic-type user. It will be helpful later.

Eleventh Badge: Misty, Cerulean Gym’s Leader

Misty, Cerulean Gym’s Leader

You have to do a bunch of quests before facing Misty. Things like restoring the Power Plant energy by taking it back from a Rocket Grunt. Also, going to Lavender Town to get the EXPN Pass to wake up Snorlax or looking for a Poké Doll in the Pokémon Fan Club and take it to the Copycat to get the Pass to use the Magnet Train, and, of course, ruining Misty’s date.

After ruining Misty’s date, you can battle against her. This is her team:

Golduck, Lv. 42WaterSurf, Disable, Psych Up, Psychic
Quagsire, Lv. 42Water/GroundSurf, Amnesia, Earthquake, Rain Dance
Lapras, Lv. 44Water/IceSurf, Perish Song, Blizzard, Rain Dance
Starmie, Lv. 47Water/PsychicSurf, Confuse Ray, Recover, Ice Beam

Misty has a cool team but with insufficient levels. Golduck can get down with an Electric-type attack, as well as Starmie. But if you are struggling against Starmie, Dark-types can become handy too. Retrieve your Electric-types as soon as you see Quagsire, which is pretty dangerous. Use a Grass-type instead; it has an x4 weakness against it.

Lastly, Lapras. This one can fall easily with a Fighting-type attack. Do your best and switch your Pokémon in case Lapras uses Perish Song.

Twelfth Badge: Erika, Celadon’s Gym Leader

Erika, Celadon’s Gym Leader

Erika has a really good team, let’s check it out:

Tangela, Lv. 42GrassVine Whip, Bind, Giga Drain, Sleep Powder
Victreebel, Lv. 42Grass/PoisonSunny Day, Synthesis, Acid, Razor Leaf
Jumpluff, Lv. 44Grass/FlyingMega Drain, Leech Seed, Cotton Spore, Giga Drain
Bellossom, Lv. 47GrassSunny Day, Synthesis, Petal Dance, Solar Beam

This Gym can be easily defeated with a Fire-type Pokémon. They will constantly use Sunny Day; take that as an advantage. Tangela’s Sleep Powder can be an issue. You can try to reserve your Fire-type to the last three Pokémon and try to get Tangela down with anything else, like a Flying-type. Tangela is really slow, so anything can work. If you have a Poison-type attack, use it too.

Bellossom’s Solar Beam will not be annoying if you have a Fire-type pokémon with plenty of HPs, like Arcanine or Typhlosion. On the other hand, Victreebel and Jumpluff aren’t hard at all.

Thirteenth Badge: Janine, Fuchsia Gym’s Leader


Once again, like with Bryce, Janine’s team is harshly under-leveled, and this is really sad since she has an exciting team. Koga’s daughter’s team is the following:

Crobat, Lv. 36Poison/FlyingWing Attack, Confuse Ray, Supersonic, Screech
Weezing, Lv. 36PoisonSludge Bomb, Smog, Toxic, Explosion
Weezing, Lv. 36PoisonSludge Bomb, Smog, Toxic, Explosion
Ariados, Lv. 33Bug/PoisonString Shot, Night Shade, Giga Drain, Scary Face
Venomoth, Lv. 39Bug/PoisonToxic, Psychic, Foresight, Supersonic

Crobat will fall with a Thunderbolt, the only problem is its Confuse Ray, and it will hit first since it is fast. After that, both Weezings will use Explosion. If they don’t, go for the Ground-type attack and try to get them down before their Explosion.

Ariados and Venomoth aren’t a problem either; burn them down.

After a lot of walking, a fight against Snorlax, and a girl trading her Aerodactyl for a Chansey (which we will recommend you take since Aerodactyl is such a helpful Pokémon) ’s time to fight against Brock.

Fourteenth Badge: Brock, Pewter’s Gym Leader


Finally, another good battle. This is Brock’s team:

Graveler, Lv. 41Rock/GroundDefense Curl, Rock Slide, Rollout, Earthquake
Rhyhorn, Lv. 41Ground/RockFury Attack, Scary Face, Earthquake, Horn Drill
Omastar, Lv. 42Rock/WaterBite, Surf, Protect, Spike Cannon
Kabutops, Lv. 42Rock/WaterSlash, Surf, Endure, Giga Drain
Onix, Lv. 44Rock/GroundBind, Rock Slide, Bide, Sandstorm

Prepare your warriors since Fighting-types will do the work here. You probably have Machamp or at least Machoke in your team; that can be enough. Breakthrough those Rock-types with Karate Chop and you’ll be fine; they don’t have how to faint your Fighting-type.

Before the following badge, we have to get across Mt. Moon. There, we will find Silver waiting for us.

Sixth Battle against Silver: Mt. Moon

Silver’s Team:

Golbat, Lv. 42Poison/FlyingWing Attack, Confuse Ray, Bite, Leech Life
Magneton, Lv. 41Electric/SteelSonicBoom, Thunder Wave, ThunderShock, Swift
Gengar, Lv. 43Ghost/PoisonShadow Ball, Curse, Mean Look, Confuse Ray
Sneasel, Lv. 41Dark/IceQuick Attack, Screech, Faint Attack, Fury Cutter
Alakazam, Lv. 43PsychicRecover, Future Sight, Disable, Psybeam
Typhlosion / Feraligatr / Meganium, Lv. 45Fire / Water / GrassSwift, SmokeScreen, Quick Attack, Flame Wheel / Slash, Scary Face, Rage, Water Gun / Poison Powder, Razor Leaf, Body Slam, Light Screen

Silver hasn’t changed his team since the last time you faced him, so you know how to make it angry by winning:

Golbat will fall with a Thunderbolt, Magneton will not resist a Fire-type attack, Gengar can’t handle a Dark-type attack or a Shadow ball, and remember to switch whenever it uses Curse if it used Mean Look before you have no options.

Sneasel can’t handle a single Fighting-type attack, and Alakazam will fall without attacking you with a Dark-type Pokémon.

The starters aren’t an issue anymore since they don’t have moves to defend themselves from the types they can’t resist.

After winning against Silver, you can continue with your quest. Knowing where you have to go is pretty straightforward. After doing all you have to do in Mt. Moon, it’s time to get back to Pewter City and visit Oak’s Lab in Pallet Town. From there, you have to go to Route 21 and visit Cinnabar Island. Viridian’s Gym is closed because we have to see Blue who is on Cinnabar Island, and then face Blaine.

Fifteenth Badge: Blaine, Cinnabar’s Gym Leader

Blaine, Cinnabar’s Gym Leader

There’s no puzzle in this Gym; just Blaine and you. This is his team:

Magcargo, Lv. 45Fire/RockCurse, Smog, Flamethrower, Rock Slide
Magmar, Lv. 45FireThunder Punch, Fire Punch, Sunny Day, Confuse Ray
Rapidash, Lv. 50FireQuick Attack, Fire Spin, Fury Attack, Fire Blast

Well, Magcargo is really vulnerable to Ground and Water-types, so go for it. Your Water-type is probably faster than Magcargo, so it will not touch you. Magmar has Thunder Punch so forget about using a Water-type. Instead, go for the Earthquake with your Ground-type and switch Pokémon if it uses Confuse Ray (or test your luck). Rapidash doesn’t have a way to defend itself from Water or Ground-types, so go for it.

The traded Aerodactyl can be useful here since it can learn many Rock-type attacks, which can also hurt Fire-types a lot.

Viridian Gym is now open, so it’s time to challenge Blue. We are near the end!

Don’t expect a certain type Gym, since Blue will use all your force versus you!

Last Badge: Blue, Viridian Gym’s Leader

This is Blue’s Team:

Pidgeot, Lv. 56Normal/FlyingQuick Attack, Whirlwind, Wing Attack, Mirror Move
Rhydon, Lv. 56Ground/RockFury Attack, Sandstorm, Rock Slide, Earthquake
Alakazam, Lv. 54PsychicDisable, Recover, Psychic, Reflect
Gyarados, Lv. 58Water/FlyingTwister, Hydro Pump, Rain Dance, Hyper Beam
Exeggutor, Lv. 58Grass/PsychicSunny Day, Leech Seed, Egg Bomb, Solar Beam
Arcanine, Lv. 58FireRoar, Swift, Flamethrower, ExtremeSpeed

Let’s go.

Pidgeot will fall with a Thunderbolt; it isn’t hard at all. Gyarados can’t handle it either. Don’t let your Electric-type against Rhydon. Instead, use Lapras or any other Water-type against it, but Lapras should be careful with the Earthquake. Grass-type is helpful too.

Alakazam has nothing to do with a Dark-type Pokémon, but it will set Reflect, so the battle will take longer than it should. Burn Exeggutor down with your strongest Fire-type attack; use the Sunny Day for your advantage. Your Fire-type can handle Solar Beam, so don’t worry about that.

Lastly, Arcanine. A powerful Earthquake can be enough, as well as Surf. It isn’t a menace. After defeating Blue, it’s time to talk with Oak in Pallet Town, who will encourage you to go to Mt. Silver, where the strongest trainers improve their teams. You can get there through Viridian City.

Battle against Red, Mt. Silver

Train well your Pokémon since this battle is the hardest one of the official games. Spend some time training your Pokes in Mt. Silver. Level 80 or higher will work for this challenge.

This is Red’s team:

Pikachu, Lv. 81ElectricCharm, Quick Attack, Thunderbolt, Thunder
Espeon, Lv. 73PsychicMud-Slap, Swift, Reflect, Psychic
Snorlax, Lv. 75NormalAmnesia, Snore, Rest, Body Slam
Venusaur, Lv. 77Grass/PoisonSunny Day, Giga Drain, Synthesis, Solar Beam
Charizard, Lv. 77Fire/FlyingFlamethrower, Wing Attack, Slash, Fire Spin
Blastoise, Lv. 77WaterRain Dance, Blizzard, Surf, Whirlpool

Pikachu is his strongest Pokémon, be careful with it. Instead, start the battle with your Earthquake user and go with brute force against it; it will eventually fall.

The next one is Espeon. If you use your Dark-type against it, it can’t hit you with its strongest attack but will set the Reflect, which is surely an annoying thing. On the other hand, Espeon isn’t hard to get down with a Dark-type attack, like Crunch.

Snorlax, the big one. It will use Amnesia to defend itself and will use Rest if it gets hurt. To use those dead turns, it will use Snore to continue damaging your Pokémon. After it wakes up, it will use Body Slam. To counter its damage, go with a Rock-type Pokémon because they can handle the Normal-type damage. Aerodactyl and some Rock Slides can be enough to get it down. If you can’t, then go with your Fighting-type and hit it with your best move; it will heal itself constantly by sleeping with Rest.

Vennusaur isn’t a problem. Use the Sunny Day in your favor with a Fire-type Pokémon; they can inflict a lot of damage to Venusaur while handling the Solar Beams.

Charizard will fall with a Rock Slide. Again, Aerodactyl comes in handy in this part of the battle. Charizard isn’t the best defender ever; that, combined with an excellent Rock-type attack, should be enough to say bye-bye to the fire dragon.

Lastly, Blastoise. Thunderbolt will do the work for you. Don’t let your Grass-type in the field unless you want it to take a harmful Blizzard. For example, if you have Thunder, wait for the Blastoise to use Rain Dance and hit it with Thunder, it will fall with that.

Red Battle in a video

The End

After winning, Red will be stunned for a moment, and in a blink, he will just disappear. Maybe you do not realize it, but you are now the strongest Pokémon trainer of all time. The credits will roll, and you’ll appear in New Bark Town. There’s not much left; go and catch the legendaries, and the game will officially end.


Question: Is Pokémon Crystal the longest game?

Answer: Well, Pokémon games’ length always depends on what does the player in the game is, but Gen 2 is the Pokémon game where you can do the most mainly because of the two regions, and the sixteen Gyms.

Question: Which is the best Gen 2 starter?

Answer: Feraligatr. There’s no doubt about that. Totodile is the best Pokémon in the early game, while it can learn a lot of good moves to confront the late game perfectly.

Question: What do you need to win against Red?

Answer: You mainly need Ground, Electric, Fire, Fighting, and Dark-type moves or Pokémon. If your team is higher than Level 80, the battle will be way easier. Good luck!


Gen 2 is the best generation of the game, and Pokémon Crystal threw us into a great adventure, filled with solid trainers, great characters, and the comeback and end of the Team Rocket. Pokémon Crystal is a must if you haven’t played it yet because it is a memorable game. Those kids who played when it got released were fortunate back then.

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