Every Spider Pokemon Guide: Strangely Bug-Type Arachnids

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Every spider Pokémon guide has something to offer. Although I’ve never been a fan of spider Pokémon, I can appreciate them. I’m sure even those with arachnophobia can as well. Positive exposure is a great thing. For example, Lucas the Spider has helped many cope with arachnophobia, and I know that cute spider arachnophobia can do the same thing.

Whenever I see a little spider like Joltik, I can’t help but smile. Although many consider him a spider, it feels impossible not to like him. I’d be more afraid of something with a dark past, like Mimikyu.

Spider Pokémon – At A Glance

PokemonGenerationTypeNumberSimilar Spider
Spinarak2Bug, Poison167Hawaiian Happy Face
Ariados2Bug, Poison168Marbled Orb-Weaver
Joltik5Bug, Electric595Eight-Spotted Crab Spider 
Galvantula5Bug, Electric596Eight-Spotted Crab Spider 
Dewpider7Water, Bug751Diving Bell Spider
Araquanid7Water, Bug752Diving Bell Spider
Snake Pokémon Ariados
Image from Fandom

This is a quick reference to every spider Pokémon that has been released thus far. As you can see, there are only six Pokémon and only three evolution families. Over half of the generations didn’t even have any spider Pokémon.

I hope to see more spider Pokémon in future generations. If the new spiders also have six legs, then we’ll know that this is 100% intentional. If not, then maybe we’ll finally get to see the first real spider Pokémon. For now, we work with what we have.

I will go over each of these six Pokémon in detail. But this quick reference will take care of the simple questions you may have about your favorite – or least favorite – spider Pokémon.

Gen 1 Spider Pokémon – Red, Blue, and Yellow

There are no spider Pokémon in the first generation of Pokémon. I have seen Paras called a spider, but he is definitely not a spider. Paras is a fungus Pokémon. If he is an animal, he is a cicada nymph or something similar.

Gen 2 Spider Pokémon – Gold, Silver, and Crystal

When I imagine spider Pokémon, I think of the Pokémon from Generation II. In fact, it would take me a minute to think of anything else because my mind would be full of these two spiders.

I remember a Spinarak card I had in the early 2000s that mentioned Spinarak waiting in his web for unsuspecting Pokémon. The Ariados card spoke of Ariados spinning that web.


Spider Pokémon Joltik
Image from Fandom
  • Number – 167
  • Type – Bug/Poison
  • Real-Life Spider – Hawaiian Happy Face
  • Abilities – Swarm, Insomnia, Sniper

Spinarak may not have eight legs, but he’s definitely supposed to be a spider. He is the first spider Pokémon introduced, and I believe he is based on the Hawaiian Happy Face Spider.

The Hawaiian Happy Face spider is scientifically called the Theridion grallator. It is native to the Hawaiian islands. So, maybe Spinarak should have been an Alolan Pokémon!

Spinarak in Combat

Spider Pokémon Spinarak
Image from Fandom
  • HP – 40
  • Attack – 60
  • Defense – 40
  • Sp. Atk – 40
  • Sp. Def – 40
  • Speed – 30
  • Total – 250

Spinarak evolves at level 22 unless you stop the evolution. Ariados is a stronger Pokémon overall, so if you want to go competitive, let Spinarak evolve. Spinarak’s strongest naturally learned move is Psychic. However, if you take STAB into account – which amplifies his Bug and Poison moves – Poison Jab and Leech Life become much stronger.


Spider Pokémon Ariados
Image from Fandom
  • Number – 168
  • Type – Bug/Poison
  • Real-Life Spider – Marbled Orb-Weaver
  • Abilities – Swarm, Insomnia, Sniper

Again, Ariados doesn’t exactly have eight legs, but he is considered a “spider” Pokémon. He makes a few major appearances in the anime, and all of his characteristics are extremely spider-like. There are a couple of spiders that Ariados looks like, but none of them are as similar to Ariados as the marbled-orb weaver. This red and yellow spider is bright and yet harmless.

Ariados in Combat

Spider Pokémon Ariados
Image from Fandom
  • HP – 70
  • Attack – 90
  • Defense – 70
  • Sp. Atk – 60
  • Sp. Def – 70
  • Speed – 40
  • Total – 400

Prior to Generation VII, Ariados had 60 Sp. Defense. But in Gen 7, he received a small buff. His learned aboilites are the same as Spinarak, but you may want to focus on TMs.

Ariados can learn Normal moves like Hyper Beam and Giga Impact. When playing Pokémon GO, Infestation and Megahorn have the highest DPS for competitive play.

Gen 3 Spider Pokémon – Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald

Generation III does not have any Pokémon I would consider spider-based. We have cicadas and extinct arthropods but no spiders. Surskit and Nincada are definitely not spiders.

Gen 4 Spider Pokémon – Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

No spiders to see here. The closest thing we have to a spider is Kricketune, which is obviously a cricket. There aren’t even many classic insects in Generation 4, so there are no arguments here.

Gen 5 Spider Pokémon – Black and White

Finally, we have a couple of “spiders” in Gen V. These spiders are highly debatable as to whether they are spiders or an insect. But since we don’t have much to work with, let’s go over them.


Spider Pokémon Joltik
Image from Fandom
  • Number – 595
  • Type – Bug/Electric
  • Real-Life Spider – Eight-Spotted Crab Spider
  • Abilities – Compound Eyes, Unnerve, Swarm

Although he does have “tik” in his name, the body type of Joltik is similar to a baby spider. I think he looks eerily similar to the Eight-Spotted Crab Spider. This may be a coincidence, but I don’t think so. The confusion for me is in the eyes. Joltik is often considered a “spider” Pokémon even though he has an ability called “Compound Eyes.” Despite this ability, Joltik has simple eyes, not compound eyes.

Joltik In Combat

Spider Pokémon Joltik
Image from Fandom
  • HP – 50
  • Attack – 47
  • Defense – 50
  • Sp. Atk – 57
  • Sp. Def – 50
  • Speed – 65
  • Total – 319

Bug Buzz and Discharge are top notch moves for Joltik. As far as TMs go, Thunderbolt and Leech Life may be great picks. As Joltik evolves at level 36, you will most likely be competing with his evolved form.


Spider Pokémon Galvantula
Image from Fandom
  • Number – 596
  • Type – Bug/Electric
  • Real-Life Spider – Eight-Spotted Crab Spider
  • Abilities – Compound Eyes, Unnerve, Swarm

Aside from the lack of the extra two legs, Galvantula looks like a spider. While Joltik could be considered a tick, Galvantula looks like a spider with six legs more than he looks like a tick. Most believe that Galvantula is a tarantula because of its shape, and that is perfectly valid. After all, it is likely that his name is a merging of galvanism and tarantula. This would explain why he feeds on electricity. 

Galvantula in Combat

Spider Pokémon Galvantula
Image from Fandom
  • HP – 70
  • Attack – 77
  • Defense – 60
  • Sp. Atk – 97
  • Sp. Def – 60
  • Speed – 108
  • Total

Galvantula is a strong spider Pokémon. I would stick with Bug Buzz, Discharge, and Thunder, and one more TM for his moves. In Pokémon GO, Fury Cutter and Bug Buzz is the best moveset. 

When speaking about stats relative to others of similar strength, Galvantula has one huge strength. This spider is fast. The chances of him going first in combat is great. So lead with something that can end it quck or get you through the battle with ease.

Gen 6 Spider Pokémon – X and Y

You won’t find any spiders in Generation VI. This is the main generation that I don’t see anything that even almost resembles a spider, and there are no known claims that say otherwise. 

Gen 7 Spider Pokémon – Sun and Moon

Two of the most obvious spiders are Pokémon from Generation VII. The names of these Pokémon alone let us know what the creators thought when they invented them and placed them in Sun and Moon.


Spider Pokémon Dewpider
Image from Fandom
  • Number – 751
  • Type – Water/Bug
  • Real-Life Spider – Diving Bell Spider
  • Abilities – Water Bubble, Water Absorb

This little spider is adorable. He appears to be a small spider with a bubble over its head, holding the bubble up with two of its legs. The spinneret on its head can produce silk and water bubbles.

The Diving Bell Spider is similar to this Pokémon, which can only breathe oxygen dissolved in water. The bubble allows it to breathe on land and water. In the anime, if two Dewpiders meet, the one with the smaller bubble must move.

Dewpider in Combat

Spider Pokémon Dewpider
Image from Fandom
  • HP – 38
  • Attack – 40
  • Defense – 52
  • Sp. Atk – 40
  • Sp. Def – 72
  • Speed – 27
  • Total – 269

Dewpider is not a Pokémon you should use in combat. He’d get taken down quit easily. However, you can teach him Liquidation, Lunge, and Leech Life as he does level up if you don’t evolve him.


Spider Pokémon Araquanid
Image from Fandom
  • Number – 752
  • Type – Water/Bug
  • Real-Life Spider – Diving Bell Spider
  • Abilities – Water Bubble, Water Absorb

You didn’t think Nintendo would make a Pokémon spider with eight legs, did you? Araquanid is a spider Pokémon that reminds me of the Diving Bell Spider, just like Dewpider. Something frightening about Araquanid is that whenever he meets a small enemy, he may suck it into his bubble and drown it. That’s intense for Pokémon, making this one of the coolest spiders in the series.

Araquanid in Combat

Spider Pokémon Araquanid
Image from Fandom
  • HP – 68
  • Attack – 70
  • Defense – 92
  • Sp. Atk – 50
  • Sp. Def – 132
  • Speed – 42
  • Total – 454

Araquanid is a good Pokémon for battling with others who are at the same level. Liquidation, Lunge, and Leech Life are still its best moves. Though if you get to the TM store, you can branch out.

Hydro Pump and Surf are both strong abilities. As far as Bug moves go, Bug Buzz is hard to beat. All around, Araquanid is a defensive Pokémon so if you ensure he packs a punch too, he will stand his own well.

Gen 8 Spider Pokémon – Sword and Shield

None of the Generation VIII Pokémon resemble spiders. Hopefully, the lack of spider Pokémon will end here, and we will see more spiders in Generation 9 and beyond. After all, some people love spiders. So here’s to hoping we see legit spider Pokémon that no one can deny are spiders in future generations. My vote is for a Jumping Spider or a Peacock Tarantula, as these are respectively, adorable and gorgeous.

My Favorite Fake Spider Pokémon

Sometimes, fan-made stuff is better than the real thing. I’ve found a few spider Pokémon that the series should pick up and buy the rights to because I would love to have a team of these. 

If you have your own spider Pokémon art, then maybe it is better than any of these. But from what I’ve seen, these fan-made masterpieces are the ones that I would make a party with.


Fake Spider Pokémon Arachzart

A fan-made Pokémon called Arachzart deserves to be seen. This Violin Spider Pokémon is a Bug-type Pokémon that resembles the Violin Spider. It plays songs on its violin strings to lure in prey.


neonid virusilk

I love this duo that has glowing silk that is extremely venomous. It is also Bug-type. My favorite part about this duo is that it evolves only while poisoned, which is a genius method.

Unknown Clown Spider

spider pokemon

This fake Pokémon was inspired by Pennywise, the clown. While the Pokémon creators couldn’t exactly make a Pennywise Pokémon, they could make a clown-like Pokémon like this amazing creation.


Fake Spider Pokémon Crystanid

The Ice and Bug Pokémon is adorable. Their webs are like snowflakes that can freeze their opponents. There’s something special about this ice bug that makes me want to know what it evolves into.



Spidorb looks so canon that I was sure that it was a teaser for Violet and Scarlet. Not only does this Pokémon spin a ball of silk above it ahead, but it can also erase memories of enemies caught in the web.



The Bug and Dark Pokémon is quite frightening though beautiful, just like the Black Widow. It mummified its enemies as large as a small plane, making it terrifying to any other Pokémon.

What’s Your Favorite Spider Pokémon?

What kind of Pokémon are you? The song has been stuck in my head all week, and now I’m singing it regarding spider Pokémon. Is your favorite spider Pokémon Spinarak, Joltik, or perhaps a fan-made spider?

Spinarak, Ariados, Joltik, Galvantula, Dewpider, and Araquanid are the only spider Pokémon I added to the list. Other “spiders” may classify for others, but for me, it’s only these six, and they are pushing it with their lack of eight legs.

Maybe your favorite spider hasn’t been invented yet. Since there are only six spider Pokémon in the series thus far, that’s safe to say. We still have many generations of Pokémon in the future and many more spiders to see.

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