Pokemon Soulstones Guide: Exploring the Expanse of the Epoch Region


Pokemon Soulstones is a juggernaut of a fanmade Pokemon game, with over a hundred side quests and a long and mature narrative with a post-game packed with content that would make the original Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire blush. It’s got everything that an avid fan of Pokemon games would want.

You can wave goodbye to easy battles and light exposition; Pokemon Soulstones goes heavy into detail with its characters that bring the Epoch Region to life.

The region has a diverse range of towns and cities. I explored every house, cave, and landmark to learn all I could about the Epoch Region.

pokemon soulstones intro
Pokemon Soulstones: Introduction – Image by Alex Maksymiw

I’ve got over a dozen Pokemon fan-made games under my belt at this point, and Pokemon Soulstones is a standout its dark and complicated story gripped me throughout. It only made me feel more connected to my Pokemon team.

In this Pokemon Soulstones guide, I cover the main story and highlight important side quests and areas that I experienced in my playthrough. So without further ado, let’s become an agent and time travel back to the 21st century and uncover an evil plot!

Story Synopsis

You’re an agent working for the Republican Agency who was sent back in time from 3564 CE to the 21st century.

Your mission is to track down powerful trainers known as the Soul Keepers and recover their Sacred Pendants, which grant the ability to control mythical and legendary Pokemon.

During your mission, you realize that you are part of a much bigger, darker plot of two waring ancient factions where one seeks to unleash evil upon the world and the other aspires to protect the Epoch region.

Key Features

pokemon soulstones
Pokemon Soulstones_ Mega Typhlosion – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Pokemon from generations 1-7 are available.
  • The level cap has been increased to 175.
  • Over 125 quests to complete.
  • Over 200 regional Pokemon variants.
  • 65+ new Mega-evolutions.
  • Explore the Epoch Region in the past and future.
  • Day and Night cycle, hidden grottos, and events.
  • Generation 3 style but features mechanics and abilities up to generation 7.
  • Randomizer feature that makes wild Pokemon spawn random stats.
  • Major battles are randomized between set teams, making the game replayable.


Prologue – Lilypad Town

pokemon soulstones lilypad town
Pokemon Soulstones: First Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw

The game starts off with your typical Pokemon introduction, of naming your character and choosing your gender; only this time, the world will be explained to you by a field agent named Agent Roberts working for the Epoch Government rather than a Pokemon Professor.

As your consciousness is uploaded to an Epoch civilian in the 21st Century, you’ll wake up in your house, the poor kid you were downloaded into. You know the drill log on to your computer and withdraw a Potion.

  • Enter the house west of the Dragonite Pilot and talk to the residence to pick up a Potion and x 5 Poketreats.

Choosing Your Starter

You have a hard choice of 21 starters! From generation 1 through to 7. Moreover, each starter has a new unique Pokemon ability.

Enter the Agency HQ to meet your companions, Agent Rhea and Agent Cameron. After you pick your starter, you will have the traditional rival battles with Rhea and Cameron.

Your starter will determine your rival’s starter choice; I chose Totadile in my playthrough, causing Cameron to pick Turtwig and Rhea to choose Chimchar.

  • If you fight Cameron’s Turtwig, lower its defenses before attacking it. Its Stamina ability causes it to increase its defense every time a move strikes it. You can beat Cameron by using Leer and potions before going in for the kill.

Once the battles are over, Agent Roberts will instruct you to seek out Agent Spencer in Stonecrest Museum for your next mission.

Take the time to speak to the scientists in the Agency HQ, as you’ll be able to change your starter’s Natures and Abilities; you will also be given x 20 Pokeballs and x 5 Potions!

Onward to Stonecrest City

pokemon soulstones stonecrest city
Pokemon Soulstones Route 101 Old Rod Location – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Before you head south to Route 101A, visit Harmony Lake to the west. You’ll find tall grass here, a Rare Candy, and two trainers to level up your Pokemon, giving you a great headstart for the upcoming mission.

There are eight trainers to battle on Route 101A, and you can pick up an Epoch Ducklett if you give it a Poketreat.

Make sure to enter the Hidden Grotto north of the long tall grass and Pokemon Trainer. I found a shiny Litleo in the grotto, but note that the contents of Hidden Grottos are random.

At the end of Route 101A, you can either enter Stonecrest City to the north or Stonefall Cave to the east.

Optional: Stonefall Cave and Amity Coast

pokemon soulstones stonefall cave and amity coast
Pokemon Soulstones: Amity Cove – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Stonefall Cave is a short optional cave that leads to Amity Coast. The area has three low leveled trainers and features the Rampaging Drowzee Quest, which is well worth the reward for the Poketreats.

I suggest completing this area along with Amity Coast to prepare your team for Stonecrest City.

In Amity Coast, you can catch Water-type Pokemon and gain some levels from the many Tuber Trainers in the area.

You can also pick up the Lost Possessions Quest, rewarding you with x 5 Wacan Berries and x 5 Colbur Berries) from the Lady with a Poocheyena and the Like Taking Candy Quest  (Rare Candy) from the teacher in the preschool.

Meeting Agent Spencer at Stonecrest City Museum

pokemon soulstones stonecrest city museum
Pokemon Soulstones: Stonecrest City – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Pokemon Center Services

The Pokemon Centers in Pokemon Soulstones have a major upgrade over that of the centers in the main line games.

Most Pokemon Centers in major cities of the Epoch Region feature a second floor filled with services that can have a massive impact on the success of your Pokemon team.

Remember that each Pokemon Center features unique services that can only be found in certain towns. For example, the Relic Maniac will purchase Rare Bones and Bronze, Silver, and Gold Relics from you for a lucrative price.

You can also change your Pokemon’s Ability and Nature in Windvale City. Therefore you should always explore the Pokemon Center to see what services are available.

For example, here are the Pokemon Center services for Stonecrest City:

  • Pokemon Egg Man: The Pokemon Egg Man will give you an egg whenever you reach a new Pokemon Center. In addition, he will hatch an egg in exchange for 5,000 Pokedollars.
  • Pokemon Move Maniac: Teaches a powerful move to your Pokemon in exchange for a Heart Scale.
  • IV Master: Adjusts the IVs of your Pokemon to whatever you want.
  • Blissey Experience Trainer: The Blissey Experience Trainer allows you to either battle a Blissey or six to receive a major boost in experience.

To continue the story, enter the museum and speak with Agent Spencer on the first floor. He will give you your next mission to investigate the power surge in Stonecrest Woods.

You’ll also need to seek out Emil Liano, a Soul Keeper living in Stonecrest Woods. Agent Spencer will challenge you to a battle to test that you’re ready for the mission.

Agent Spencer Battle

pokemon soulstones agent spencer battle
Pokemon Soulstones: Agent Spencer Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Squirtle Lv.10
  • Pidgey Lv.10

Once you defeat Agent Spencer, talk to the scientists to receive the Zygarde Cube and Legendary Quest: Zygarde. Completing this quest will reward you with a Zygarde after obtaining all 50 Zygarde Cells and 10 Zygarde Cores.

Stonecrest Woods

pokemon soulstones stonecrest woods
Pokemon Soulstones: Emil Liano’s house – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Stonecrest Woods is filled with Grass and Bug-type trainers who will fight you in double battles. You can also pick up the Find Little Lost Sara Quest to earn the Quick Claw.

You can use the Mini-Donphan App to Headbutt trees to encounter Pokemon. I added a Heracross to my team before moving on with the story, who became a member of my team throughout the game.

Head north to find Emil’s house; upon entering the house, Emil will battle you, so make sure your team is prepared.

Soul Keeper Emil Battle

pokemon soulstones soul keeper emil battle
Pokemon Soulstones: Emil Liano Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • E. Ledyba (Bug/Steel) Lv.12
  • Heracross Lv.15
  • Dustox Lv.15
  • Swellow Lv.12
  • Hoppip Lv.14
  • Beautifly Lv.14

Emil knows his Bug-type Pokemon well and will do anything to weaken your super-effective attacks using X defense battle items and Occa berries to reduce the effectiveness of your attacks.

Emil’s Heracross and Swellow are the biggest threat in this battle. Swellow will use Pluck to deal damage and gain the effects of your Pokemon’s held berry.

After the fight is one Emil will reveal that a man stole his Soulstone and needs your help getting it back. Meanwhile, an explosion that triggered torrential rain can be heard in Stonecrest Woods, and Agent Spencer wants you to investigate.

You will now be able to explore west; throughout the woods, you will find hostile Heracross and Ariodos that, once defeated, will unlock new areas of the woods. Travel north to catch Malachai, the perpetrator who stole Emil’s Pokemon and Soulstone.

Stonecrest City Siege

pokemon soulstones stonecrest city siege
Pokemon Soulstones: Emil Liano Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Return to Stonecrest City to find it under siege by the Shadow Council. You can find Shadow Council members all over the city to battle, and you will be challenged by a member as soon as you enter the city.

You’ll need to fight your way to the Museum, where Watcher Zerus, the leader of the Shadow Council, will challenge you.

Watcher Zerus Battle

pokemon soulstones watcher zerus battle
Pokemon Soulstones: Zerus battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Thundurus Lv.20

With all legendary Pokemon considered, the battle against Zerus is trivial. He only has one Pokemon; don’t get blindsided by Brick Break.

Once you defeat Zerus, he will retreat, and you’ll be given the task of traveling to Amberforge City by Agent Spencer. To get there, travel east of Stonecrest City to Route 102A. Agent Rhea will stop you for a battle that you must win to enter the route.

Agent Rhea Battle

pokemon soulstones agent rhea battle
Pokemon Soulstones: Rhea Stonecrest City Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Monferno Lv.20
  • Budew Lv.20
  • Spheal Lv.20

Agent Rhea is typically easier to battle than Agent Cameron; she will use Lemonade and Battle Items to strengthen her team.

Budew may be weak, but its Extrasensory will decimate any Bug-types you may have previously caught. Monferno is the biggest threat knowing the stat-boosting Bulk Up and lightning-quick Mach Punch.

Route 102A and the Caves of Jenola

pokemon soulstones route 102a and the caves of jenola
Image by Alex Maksymiw

Caves of Jenola is your next destination and is located northeast of Route 102A, but before you enter the cave, know that Agent Cameron will challenge you to a battle. There are several Fighting and Psychic-type trainers in Route 102A.

You can find a Pokemon Nurse south of Route 102A by the stairs leading to the rocky path.

  • If you walk south, you can explore an optional area to collect an assortment of Shards and train your team against the Ruin Maniac trainers.

Agent Cameron Battle

pokemon soulstones agent cameron battle
Pokemon Soulstones Agent Cameron Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Grotle Lv.24 
  • Horsea Lv.24
  • Numel Lv.24

I chose Totodile as my starter, triggering Agent Cameron to choose Turtwig, so remember that your battle will likely differ from mine.

Cameron’s Grotle can pose big problems for your team as its ability increases its defense stat each time a move strikes it. You’ll want to prepare for this oversized turtle in combination with its high Crit-ratio of Razor Leaf.

To counter Grotle, I used Bulk Up on my Heracross to boost its defense and attack, allowing me to one-shot him with a Bug-type move. I used this strategy for Cameron’s Grotle and later Torterra for every battle to come.

Caves of Jenola

pokemon soulstones caves of jenola
Pokemon Soulstones_ Jenola Caves Fossils – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Take your time to explore Jenola Caves because you can pick up some valuable items and Pokemon. For completing the Curing Whismur Quest, you’ll be given the Lucky Egg, a powerful item that can be given to Pokemon to increase the amount of XP they receive in battle.

Head through the northern ladder to reach the end of the cave. Alternatively, if you follow the trail east, you’ll encounter a dead end with a trainer and guy who will give you a choice between a Larvitar, Dratini, or a Jangmo-o.

Eventually, you will be led to a trivial switch puzzle with two paths; you can either carry on the south or obtain the Sail Fossil or Jaw Fossil in the room to the east.

You can use the Breloom 9000 to heal and switch out your Pokemon. In addition, there is a nurse at the entrance to Route 102B. On this route, a couple of campers and a Hidden Grotto are located directly east of the nurse.

Amberforge City

pokemon soulstones amberforge city
Amberforge City Entrance – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Amberforge City has some unique services in the Pokemon Center, such as the archeologist who can revive your fossils and a Gem Maniac who trades gems for shards.

You can pick up a few quests in Amberforge City to earn some great rewards. The Teacher’s Medication Quest picked up in the school will reward you with either a Rotom or a Spinda.

Talk to Candace in the house south of the city to pick up the Biker Hooligans Quest. You’ll earn some extra XP from battling the Bikers southeast of the city and earn a Miracle Seed, an item that increases the power of Grass-type moves.

Your next destination is Route 103A to the north. On this route, you’ll find Emil in the northern part of the route, where he will discover the Shaymin Shrine.

Rendezvous with Emil on Route 103A

pokemon soulstones route 103a
Emil and Shaymin – Image by Alex Maksymiw

On Route 103A, you’ll find the Haunted Birdhouse directly east of the entrance. Defeat the Misdrevous to complete the Haunted Birdhouse Quest.

Double battles and a few trainers on the route head north to meet Emil and enter the Shaymin Shrine, where revelations are made to Emil and Shaymin that you are working for an organization called the Agency.

But before the trio can figure out their next steps Agent Spencer along with Agency operatives and capture Shaymin and Emil.

Your next objective is to meet Agent Cameron in Careleton Mine south of Amberforge City.

Carleton Mine

pokemon soulstones carleton mine
Carleton Mine Entrance – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Talk to the miner to receive the Mining Kit and x 5 Blast Powder which will allow you to mine for valuable goods such as Fossils and Heart Scales.

Agent Cameron Battle

pokemon soulstones carleton mine agent cameron battle
Carleton Mine Agent Cameron Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Grotle Lv.33
  • Kadabra Lv.33
  • Horsea Lv.33
  • Numel Lv.33

Not much has changed from the last battle with Agent Cameron; however, his team has been updated with a Kadabra this time. Since Croconaw evolves at level 30, I had an advantage over Cameron’s team. Crunch made short work of Kadabra, and Hydro Pump destroyed Numel.

Agent Cameron explains that the agency has been investigating more infrared spikes in the Epoch region and has tracked activity down to the Carleton mine and Mr. Pierre Carelton, the owner of the mine.

And that, once again, the Agency needs you to befriend Pierre Carleton so they can use him along with other Soul Keepers as bait for Zerus.

Cameron will give you the Mini-Excadrill App for your Pokegear (which allows you to teleport to the entrance of a cave).

Carleton Mine: Conveyor Belt Puzzle

To find Pierre Carleton, you must help the field scientist knock out all the generator Pokemon inside the three facilities. Once you speak to him, the engineer will give you access to the conveyor belt. Each facility has a tile puzzle.

  • I suggest you explore the floor below each of the generator facilities. They are filled with lots of items and Pokemon.

If you need to heal your Pokemon, talk to the scientist. But note that he will stop healing your Pokemon once you’ve completed his task. Next, you will be given access to the underground tunnels. You’ll meet Mr. Pierre Carleton inside these tunnels, who will give you a new app to destroy rocks.

You’ll find Pierre in the same underground mine as Agent Rhea, who will challenge you to another battle.

Agent Rhea Battle

pokemon soulstones carleton mine agent rhea battle
Carleton Mine Agent Rhea Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Monferno Lv.38
  • Kirlia Lv.38
  • Roselia Lv.38
  • Spheal Lv.38

Once you defeat Agent Rhea, you will have to face a couple of more Miner trainers and go down the ladder to Underground Mine L4 to reach Pierre Carleton. Or head east to find a secret cavern in the wall and a random shiny encounter.

Pierre Carleton Soul Keeper Battle

pokemon soulstones pierre carleton soul keeper battle
Pierre Carleton Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Klefki Lv.40
  • Tyrantrum Lv.40
  • Aerodactyl Lv.40
  • Lucario Lv.40
  • Hitmontop Lv.40
  • Hippowdon Lv.40

Pierre Carleton is a tough trainer and is the first major challenge in the game. His rascal of a Klefki can cause some serious problems for your team throughout the fight, no thanks to its Stealth Rock move. Pierre will use X Defense straight away before Stealth Rock into Light Screen.

To combat this, I used Herracross to destroy the Light Screen with Brick Break, but not before boosting its stats with Bulk Up. Pierre’s Tyrantum can catch you off guard with its move coverage of Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, and Poison Fang.

After defeating Pierre, the Shadow Council attack Pierre and steal the Soul Stone.  In the meantime, Pierre agrees, along with Rhea, to meet at the Pokemon Center in Amberforge City.

Agent Spencer arrives at the Pokemon Center and grants you Clearance level 2, increasing the Pokemon level cap to 55. In addition, it gives you the Oval Charm, a key item that boosts the chance of Pokemon Eggs at the Pokemon Center.

Pierre explains that you should visit his family in Windvale City to learn more about the Soulstone and pendant. There you’ll meet Soul Keeper Sienna, who also owns a pendant.

Route 104 te Epoch Region’s Crossroads

pokemon soulstones route 104
Route 104 south of Windvale City – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Route 104 is situated in the center of the Epoch Region. It connects to Diadem Mountain to the east, an optional area where you can catch many Fairy-type Pokemon, such as Sylveon and even an Espeon.

To the northeast of Route 104, you will find a small Berry Farm, where you can purchase Moomoo Milk and pick up a couple of quests. The Epoch weather laboratory can also be found on Route 104, which is worth visiting as you can pick up the Terrain Extender and a Castform.

You will have another flashback at the end of Route 104 to the north. We learn that your character, along with Rhea and another character called Cara, was part of a rebel force with the goal of taking down the agency. After the flashback, use the cable car to travel up the mountain to Route 105.

Cross the bridge to walk along the main path to Windvale City. You can speak to a monk to the north who will teach your Pokemon Icicle Crash.

To the west, you can pick up the Trial of the Mountain Quest to defeat a Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and Hitmontop on Route 105. You will be rewarded with a Riolu.

Windvale City

pokemon soulstones windvale city
Windvale City Entrance – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Your main objective in Windvale City is to visit the Windvale Monastery and seek out Soul Keeper Sienna.

The Windvale Pokemon Center is home to the Ability Guru and Pokemon Psychologist, who will give you the ability to change the nature and abilities of your Pokemon.

You can acquire the Good Rod and ten Lure Balls by talking to the fisherman and little boy in the eastern apartment building.

When ready, head north to the Windvale Monastery, where Agent Cameron will challenge you.

Agent Cameron

pokemon soulstones agent cameron
Windvale City Agent Cameron Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Torterra Lv.45
  • Alakazam Lv.45
  • Toxicroak Lv.45 
  • Kingdra Lv.45
  • Camerupt Lv.45

Torterra is Cameron’s wall; the more you strike it, the higher its defense becomes. But if you can get passed it, the rest should be cleaned up easily. You will want to watch out for Toxicroak’s Thunder Punch.

Windvale Monastery

pokemon soulstones windvale monastery
Windvale Monastery – Image by Alex Maksymiw

The Windvale Monastery is filled with Ghost-type Pokemon and trainers, and you can obtain a Spiritomb by talking to the old lady on the first floor, but you will need an Odd Keystone to complete the quest.

You’ll find Sienna on the top floor, she has been preparing for the Shadow Council’s arrival, and right on cue, they reveal themselves.

However, Sienna and her Marshadow eradicate one lackey from existence, but before Sienna can take the second out, Soul Keeper Aki appears, owner of the Lapis Soulstone, shouting at Sienna to stop as her rage will only awake the Fallen One and the evil trapped within the Soulstone.

After the ordeal, Sienna will challenge you to a battle and speak to Aki if you need to heal your Pokemon.

Soul Keeper Sienna Battle

pokemon soulstones soul keeper sienna battle
Soul Keeper Sienna Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Jellicent Lv.48
  • Gourgeist Lv.48 
  • E Stoutland (Dark/Ghost) Lv.48 
  • Aegislash Lv.48 
  • Bisharp Lv.48
  • Sableye Lv.48

My team was well prepared to fight Sienna as my Feraligator’s Crunch made short work of Jellicent, Gourgiest, and Sableye.

However, Jellicent’s Cursed Body made the battle a bit hair-raising since it inflicts a 30% chance to disable the opponent’s last move. Watch out for Aegislash’s Toxic, as this can snowball if not cured quickly.

After the battle, Sienna will reveal that each of the Soulstones contains a fragment of the Fallen One’s essence, an evil being locked away. If the Soulstones are brought together, the Fallen One can be resurrected. The Soul Keepers and their bonded mythical Pokemon became the Circle of Soul Keepers.

The followers of the Fallen One are known as the Watchers. It’s agreed that Sienna will track down Pierre while Aki will meet you at Kakui Islands to seek out a witch doctor.

As you leave the Windvale Monastery, you will be contacted by Agent Spencer, who wants to meet at the lighthouse on Route 106A on the way to the Kakui Islands.

Route 106A

pokemon soulstones route 106a
Route 106A Lighthouse -Image by Alex Maksymiw

Travel west to Route 106A and head to the lighthouse found by walking west on the beach.

You will have another flashback before you are sent back in time. Spencer will be found on the top floor of the lighthouse, but you will have to battle several sailor trainers before you can reach him.

Spencer will grant you Security Clearance level three, increasing the level cap of your Pokemon to level 65 if you can defeat Agent Rhea in a battle.

To get to Route 106B, you will want to surf along the eastern path and fight a double battle of swimmers before reaching Route 106B and the island.

Agent Rhea

pokemon soulstones agent rhea
Route 106 Lighthouse Agent Rhea Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Infernape Lv.48
  • Gardevoir Lv.48
  • Roserade Lv.48
  • Crobat Lv.48
  • Walrein Lv.48

Agent Rhea is an easy fight if you have covered your weaknesses, as you’ll already have an advantage over her starter. You will want to watch out for her Roserade’s Extrasensory and Gardevoir’s Dazzling Gleam.

Spencer will reveal after the battle that they have tracked down a location to a Watcher and need you and Agent Rhea to travel to Treetop Village in Kakui Islands across the sea and Route 106A and Route 106B. Spencer gives you the Mini-Lapras App, allowing you to swim over water.

At this point in the game, you can return to Amity Cove and ride the ferry to Oceanview City. However, this is optional. It’s a valuable stop-off before traveling to Kakui Beach and battling Soul Keeper Aki.

Oceanview City (Optional)

At this point in the game, you will have unlocked the ferry in Amity Cove that can take you to Oceanview City. Here you can browse the black market and play at the casino. Although optional, I highly recommend checking the city out as you can acquire an E Eevee.

To find the Black Market descend into the metro tunnel and talk to Bart, the shady-looking character standing in the corner of the reception. In the Black Market, you will be able to:

  • Take part in a Triple Triad Tournament to win a Crown Relic, which can be sold to the Ruin Maniac in Windvale City.
  • Trade Mega Stones at the Mega Stones vendor, where you can swap your unwanted Mega Stones for stones that you need. I obtained Heracrossite and Feralite here.
  • You can purchase an E. Eevee for $50,000; however, you could alternatively win one at the Casino for 2,500 coins.

Kakui Beach

pokemon soulstones kakui beach
Kakui Beach Pokemon Center – Image by Alex Maksymiw

You’ll encounter a few trainers on Kakui Beach, but thankfully you will find a Pokemon Center not far north, along with the Dragonite Pilot.

Kakui Beach Pokemon Center only has one floor, but there is still plenty to do on the first floor.  The Question Master’s quiz will reward you with the Gyaradosite. Talk to the bikini girl to be given a Copper Relic. The Archeologist will offer you one of two Pokemon Fossils.

Talk to Danny, the Tuber trainer on the beach, to pick up the Save the Baby Staryu Quest. (Heart Scale, TM56 Fling)

You’ll find Aki on the west side of the beach. Before you can travel forward to Treetop Village to seek out the Witch Doctor, he will challenge you to a battle.

Soul Keeper Aki Double Battle

pokemon soulstones soul keeper aki double battle
Soul Keeper Aki Double Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • A. Raichu Lv.55
  • Palossand Lv.55
  • Lapras Lv.55
  • E Dragalge (Water/Grass) Lv.55
  • Golisopod Lv.55
  • Mega Hippowdon Lv.55

Aki was one of the toughest battles for me at this point in the game. I had to rely on my E. Talonflame (Electric/Flying) to fight his water and grass types, but Aki’s diverse move coverage was equally threatening for my E Talonflame and team.

Aki will heal your Pokemon after the fight and give you Scald. Aki will also give you a Phione Egg.

Once the battle is over, you can head north into Treetop Village, but not before having a flashback of your mother being killed by Agency Enforcers.

Agent Rhea will meet you in Treetop Village and battle you before you proceed to the Witch Doctor.

Agent Rhea Battle

pokemon soulstones treetop village agent rhea
Treetop Village Agent Rhea – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Crobat Lv.57
  • Roserade Lv.57
  • E Xatu (Steel/Electric) Lv.57
  • Walrein Lv.57
  • Gardevoir Lv.57
  • Mega Infernape Lv.57

All of Agent Rhea’s Pokemon hold Leftovers, so keep that in mind. Rhea will lead with Crobat, a super fast Pokemon that loves to use Cross Poison.

Rhea will mega-evolve her Infernape this time, and boy, do you not want to be hit by its Close Combat. Besides her Roserade’s Sludge Bomb and Extrasensory, you won’t have many more issues fighting her.

Once the battle ends, Rhea reveals that she doesn’t trust Spencer or the Agency. She explains that you need to meet her at the Rainforest Cafe.

Treetop Village

pokemon soulstones treetop village
Treetop Village Cafe – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Treetop Village is a great atmospheric settlement situated next to the remote Umbaru Jungles. There are plenty of interesting quests to pick up in this area:

Answering all the Question Man’s questions correctly will reward you with the Shiftrinite. The answer to the mushroom question is 21, and no, I didn’t count them all; there is a helpful NPC that tells you roaming the village.

The Rainforest Cafe can be found in the eastern area of Treetop Village. You’ll meet Agent Cara inside, who explains that she has a lead on a Watcher.

We learn that Spencer wants to assassinate the Witch Doctor Ezreal. Still, Cara has the idea to download an agent’s consciousness into him so that the Agency can infiltrate the Shadow Council.

After the meeting, head north into the Umbaru Jungles.

Umbaru Jungles

Mushrooms can be traded for items in the Pokemon Center, so pick any mushrooms you come across.

To get to the Witch Doctor’s house, you must take the eastern exit leading you deeper into the jungle. Once you reach the hut, you’ll meet Ezreal and Aki. Prompting a battle to ensue with Ezreal.

Watcher Ezreal Battle

pokemon soulstones watcher ezreal battle
Watcher Ezreal Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • E Slurpuff (Normal/Flying) Lv.60
  • Emboar Lv.60
  • E Magmortar (Water/Ice) Lv.60
  • E Infernape (Electric/Fighting) Lv.60
  • E Machamp (Fighting/Ground) Lv.60
  • Serviper Lv.60

Ezreal is a tough battle since his E. variant Pokemon have few weaknesses and great move coverage. Be careful using Water-types against Emboar as it knows Wild Charge.

Once you’ve defeated Ezreal, he will reveal that he is, in fact, the leader of the Argent Revolution, the group that opposes the Republican Agency.

He reveals that Cara, Rhea, and you were his top agents but were captured during a mission to destroy the Agency from the inside out. Ezreal will lead you and the other agents into his underground base. Here you can gather information on the past and obtain your next objective.

You are tasked with seeking out the next Soul Keeper, Christina, the Mayor of Sirius City. With the plan coming together, Cara gives you Clearance Level 4, increasing the level cap to Level eighty; Ezreal will give you the Mega Ring before you leave.

If you speak to Cara after the meeting, she will teleport you back to Treetop Village.

Sirius City

pokemon soulstones sirius city
Route 107 Beedrillite Location – Image by Alex Maksymiw

To get to Sirius City, travel back to Windvale City and travel east to Route 107.

Spencer will ambush you and give you the Mini-Mudsdale App allowing you to push boulders blocking your path. Travel north to get to Sirius City; you’ll find Tranquility Lake to the east, where you can pick up the Super Rod.

Route 107 connects to the desert of Route 115 to the east, which leads to Marronville City. It’s a good idea to stop off in these areas to unlock Marronville City and participate in the World Safari, if not to catch Pokemon but to acquire valuable items within the Safari.

As soon as you enter Sirius City, you will be challenged to a battle by Agent Cameron.

Agent Cameron Battle

agent cameron battle pokemon soulstones
Sirius City Agent Cameron Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Alakazam Lv.64
  • Toxicroak Lv.64
  • Mega Torterra Lv.64
  • Kingdra Lv.64
  • Camerupt Lv.64
  • Excadrill Lv.64

After picking up the Mega Ring, this fight was quite easy; I used my Mega Typhlosion to trigger Sunny Day to inflict extra damage to Cameron’s Dry Skin Toxicroak. This countered Toxicroak’s healing from Toxic Orb.

Sirius City is home to the Epoch Region’s biggest shopping Mall. You can purchase evolution stones and items from the mall that evolve E. Eevee into its new forms.

Alternatively, you can recover evolution stones by mining rocks; however, this could be a long process when considering the number of items that can be mined.

The shopping mall has some amazing battle items. I purchased the Battle Armor for my E. Talonflame as it prevents recoil damage from moves like Brave Bird and Volt Tackle.

pokemon soulstones sirius city shopping
Sirius City Shopping Mall – Image by Alex Maksymiw

To continue the story, head to the Grand Archives, the building located in the middle of Sirius City. 

You’ll meet Pierre and Sienna inside, who will ask you to search the library in the Grand Archives for information on the Mayor’s whereabouts, talk to Detective Dent, and return to Sienna and Pierre.

Visit the Pokemon Center and talk to the drug dealer to acquire the Crescent Powder. Return to Detective Dent and give him the powder to receive x 3 Heart Scales.

Now you can meet Christiana, who will explain that she needs you to help her return her Mythical Pokemon from Alexis Thorne, who has a hideout in the sewers.

Before heading to the sewers, meet Detective Dent in the Grand Archives to unlock the sewers.

Sirius City Sewers

pokemon soulstones sirius city sewers
Sirius City Sewers Tyranitarite Location – Image by Alex Maksymiw

In the sewers, you will need to activate a number of bridges to make your way through the tunnels. There are several Homeless Man trainers in this area, Black Persian Grunts, and Young Scrafty Grunts to battle. In the northeast of the sewers, you can heal your Pokemon at the Breloom 9000.

Eventually, you will reach Detective Dent, where you will be given a choice of either the Black Persians or the Young Scrafties. Whoever you choose, you’ll battle first, which has consequences later in the game.

I chose to fight the Black Persians, leading me to fight Tyrone.

Tyrone Battle

pokemon soulstones tyrone battle
Tyrone Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Persian Lv.68
  • Electrivire Lv.68
  • Pangoro Lv.68
  • Mega Blastoise Lv.68
  • Gothitelle Lv.68
  • Conkeldurr Lv.68

You must watch out if you use a Ground or Rock-type against Electrivire, as its Ice Punch can catch you off guard. Tyrone’s Flame Orb Conkeldurr is also dangerous as it will use the Flame Orb to power up its Facade attack power.

Once you defeat either Tyrone or Markus, Detective Dent will reward you with a choice of Mega Stones. Your next objective is to find Alexis Thorne and defeat her. You’ll find Alexis in the south area of the sewers.

Kingpin Alexis

pokemon soulstones kingpin alexis
Kingpin Alexis Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Weezing Lv.70
  • E Gliscor (Rock/Dragon) Lv.70
  • E Espeon (Poison) Lv.70
  • Mega Garbodor Lv.70
  • E Aggron (Bug/Rock) Lv.70
  • E Scolipede (Steel Psychic Lv.70

Alexis is a tough battle; she will enter the battle with Weezing and immediately lay Toxic Spikes down. Be careful of Weezing’s Destiny Bond. It’s a surefire way to lose a Pokemon.

Once you defeat Kingpin Alexis, you will learn that Christina has tricked you into helping the Shadow Council find Alexis Thorne.

Christina appears and, in her betrayal, kills Detective Dent. But just as Alexis is about to be captured, Magearna freezes time and teleports you and Alexis from the sewer to the Sirius City Train Station.

Now that Sirius City has fallen to the Shadow Council, you will board the train along with Alexis to Vega City. On the train journey, we learn that the Shadow Council now owns four Soulstones along with each Mythical Pokemon, meaning that your employer Agent Spencer must be working with the Shadow Council.

The train will stop off on Route 108, but Vega City is only a short walk north.

Vega City

pokemon soulstones vega city
Vega City – Image by Alex Maksymiw

You’ll find Rhea and Ezreal in the middle of Vega City; talk to them before entering Selene and Leo’s house across the bridge north of the town.

But first, head to Serenity Lake for a secret Agency meeting. You’ll be granted Clearance level 5, increasing the level cap to level 95. Rhea will give you the XP All item granting all Pokemon in your party XP in battle.

Now you will be able to enter Selene’s home located across the bridge in Vega City.

Arcturus breaks free from the Soulstones as Selene readies a portal for you to travel to the Fear Realm and save her brother. Now you must save everyone that was dragged into the realm.

You can finish up any other tasks in Vega City before entering the portal.

Durance of Fear

pokemon soulstones durance of fear
Durance of Fear Portal – Image by Alex Maksymiw

The Durance of Fear is a small area where you must navigate by ghostly trainers and spirits. You’ll find lots of Ghost-type Pokemon in this area. Take the time to explore the alternative routes; you can find Mega Stones amongst the ghosts and Pokeballs.

Soul Keepers Leo & Selene

pokemon soulstones soul keepers leo & selene
Soul Keepers Leo and Selene – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Kecleon Lv.78
  • Dusclops Lv.78
  • E Reuniclus (Water/Psychic) Lv.78
  • Mega Musharna Lv.78
  • E Aurorus (Dragon Fairy) Lv.78
  • Beheeyem Lv.78

Once you defeat Leo and Selene, you will free their Mythical Pokemon Solgaleo and Lunala. It’s revealed that the only way to save Leo is to destroy the Fear Realm. So Solgaleo and Lunala open a portal back to the Epoch Region, where everyone discovers that the Shadow Council has stolen two more Soulstones.

The group hears a massive explosion from Mt. Fhenzhu and leaves to investigate. To get there, head north through Route 109. In Mt. Fhenzhu, you fight several Pyromaniac Trainers until you meet up with the others.

We discover that Agent Spencer has been working with Zerus and Arcturus; however, they have no more use for him and betray Spencer. He is captured or killed, but Cameron survives the event and is filled in on all the events up to now in Ashfoam Cove.

Cara shares that she has found the next Soul Keeper, Dr. Wesley Linklater, who is the Soul Keeper of the Crimson Soulstone and has been living in Ashfoam Cove.

After the discussion, you can have an optional practice battle with Rhea and Cameron.

Ashfoam Cove

pokemon soulstones ashfoam cove
Ashfoam Cove Mini-Wailord App – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Ashfoam Cove features several quests and the Dancing Theatre building. Here you can pick up the Dancing Master Quest, where you’ll have to fight each of the Kimono Girls in a double battle against each Eevee evolution and their Epoch counterparts.

Defeating all of the Kimono girls will reward you with a selection of the Hoen starter Mega Stones.

To continue the story, you must enter Caitlin Linklater’s house, then explore the east of Route 110 and defeat the trainers before returning to Caitlin on the beach. This will trigger Aki to spawn and give you the Mini-Wailord App allowing you to dive in deep water.

With the Mini-Wailord App, dive on Route 110 and travel north to the top of the route. There are a few quests, but you’ll want to dive near the scientist to find Agency Base Delta. You’ll be greeted by Aki and Caitlin, who will point to Dr. Linklater’s submarine, prompting you to head deeper into the base.

Once you free Dr. Wesley and Victini, Victor, an Agency commander, will challenge you to a battle.

Victor Battle

pokemon soulstones victor battle
Agency Base Delta Victor Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Mega Empoleon Lv.90
  • Nidoking Lv.90
  • Pyroar Lv.90 Moxie 
  • Tyrantrum Lv.90 
  • Serperior Lv.90
  • Mr. Mime Lv.90

We learn that Agent Spencer was working with the Argent Revolution group while undercover with the Republican Agency, a splinter group working with the Shadow Council; Roberts will grant you Clearance Level 6, increasing the level cap of your Pokemon to 115.

He will also give you the Shiny Charm, a Key Item that increases the chance of encountering Shiny Pokemon.

Agent Roberts will task you with tracking down the final Soul Keeper Natalia Vukovic who resides in Frostgrad Town.

Victor will pilot the submarine and take you to Route 111A south of Frostgrad Town.

Frostgrad Town

pokemon soulstones frostgrad town
Frostgrad Town – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Entering the Vukovic residence, we learn from Natalia’s grandfather Olaf that Natalia is out training at Frostgrad Glacier.

Before heading off to Frostgrad Glacier, explore the town to pick up a few quests that take place in that area. There are also a bunch of items to collect.

You will find Natalia in the northeast part of the glacier. Unfortunately, by the time you arrive with Victor, Arcturus steals Natalia’s Soulstone and soulbound Articuno using shadow magic.

pokemon soulstones soul keeper natalia and articuno
Soul Keeper Natalia and Articuno – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Return to Frostgrad Town to speak with Victor and Natalia to get new objectives to travel to Icemist Village, located north of Route 112; you’ll find many Ice-type trainers along this route.

Route 112 is broken up by the Frostgrad Tunnels and the small Ursa Cave to the west. There are a few quests on this route, but all things considered, it’s a very short route.

Icemist Village

pokemon soulstones icemist village
Frostgrad Tunnel – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Meet Victor on the northern beach in Icemist Village, and he will instruct you to dive down to the Fallen One’s tomb.

To reach the end of the tomb, you will need to battle a series of Tomb Guardians and read the tomb walls to unlock areas, heal your Pokemon, and learn about the Great Fracture and the evil that has been locked within the Soulstones and Fallen One tomb.

You’ll meet Victor, the agents, and Soul Keepers to discuss the new plan. You’ll be tasked with helping Emil break out Sienna and Pierre from the Shadow Council base in the slums of Sirius City.

pokemon soulstones fallen one's tomb
Fallen One’s Tomb – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Victor will teleport you back to Frostgrad Town, where he will give you the Mini-Pidgeot App, allowing you to fly to previously discovered towns and cities.

In the Sirius City Slums, you’ll have to fight several trainers; you can heal your party at the Breloom 9000. When you meet Emil Selene and Leo, Markus, or Tyrone, depending on which gang leader you previously fought in the Sirius City Sewers.

In the Shadow Council Base, you will team up with Emil and battle a series of ghost trainers before fighting the evil Watchers that were released from the Soulstones. Emil will heal your Pokemon after every fight and fight alongside you.

Watcher Mordred

pokemon soulstones watcher mordred
Watcher Mordred Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • E Golbat (Dark/Flying) Lv.107 Wide Guard Night Shade Toxic Taunt
  • Crobat Lv.107 Poison Jab
  • Gorebyss Lv.107 Ice Beam
  • Noivern Lv.107 Air Slash
  • E Swoobat (Poison/Flying) Lv.107
  • Mega Victreebel Lv.107 Sludge Bomb

Watcher Mordred is a tough battle. She will freely poison your Pokemon after using Golbat’s defensive Wide Guard and Taunt moves. If you cannot knock out E Golbat, you can have some problems with this battle.

Mega Victreebel is an absolute beast of a Pokemon. Its Sludge Bomb will inflict serious damage, and Gorebyss’s Ice Beam can catch your Ground-types off guard.

Watcher Dahlia

pokemon soulstones watcher dahlia
Watcher Dahlia Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • E Delcatty (Ghost/Normal) Lv.109 Sludge Bomb
  • Klefki Lv.109 Spikes Play Rough Toxic
  • Zoroark Lv.109
  • Mega Absol Lv.109 X-scissor Sucker Punch
  • Torterra Lv.109 Crunch
  • Ambipom Lv.109 Dual Chop

Dahlia’s Mega Absol is a Psychic Killing terror that will use Sucker Punch to inflict attacks before you every time. Its X-scissor covers Dark, Psychic, and Grass while your team succumbs to Klefki’s annoying Spikes and Toxic. Dahlia will lead the battle with Klefki and Zoroark, hidden as E Delcatty.

Watcher Cain

pokemon soulstones watcher cain
Watcher Cain Battle -Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • E. Heracross (Bug/Ground) Lv.110
  • Xatu Lv.110
  • Krookodile Lv.110
  • Cofagrigus Lv.110
  • Mega Lucario Lv.110
  • Espeon Lv.110

Cain has a sneaky but powerful team. His Krookodile’s Aqua Tail could catch you off guard, and Cofagrigus’s Rocky Helmet can finish your Pokemon off and chip away damage at you. It also makes it difficult to use recoil moves as the extra damage infliction quickly stacks up. Cain’s E.

Heracross is the monster of his team, as it has a high base attack, which is only increased through the Toxic Orb and Guts ability combination.

Watcher Lilith

pokemon soulstones watcher lilith
Watcher Lilith Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Ninetales Lv.111
  • Whimsicott Lv.111
  • E Slurpuff (Normal/Flying)Lv.111
  • E Infernape (Electric/Fighting) Lv.111
  • Mega Salamence Lv.111
  • Primarina Lv.111

Although you will have help from Emil, Watcher Lilith is a challenging battle. Her E Slurpuff can use Heatwave and her Whimsicott, can you use Dazzling Gleam to attack Emil and your Pokemon simultaneously.

Watcher Arcturus

pokemon soulstones watcher arcturus
Arcturus Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • E Sableye Lv.112 (Fire/Dark)
  • E Froslass Lv.112 (Ghost/Flying)
  • Chandelure Lv.112
  • E Duskinor (Fire/Ghost) Lv.112
  • Mega Houndoom Lv.112
  • Spiritomb Lv.112

Arcturus is an easy fight if you have Fire-type counters; my team consisted of four Water and Water dual types allowing me to breeze through his team.

However, if you don’t have access to Water types, lean heavily into your Pokemon with Ghost and Dark-type moves. Unlike previous Watcher Battles, Arcturus and Zerus are solo battles, so you won’t have to worry about Emil’s Meganium getting destroyed by Arcturus’s Fire-types.

Watcher Zerus

pokemon soulstones watcher zerus
Watcher Zerus Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Ariados Lv.112
  • E Cinccino Lv.112 (Fairy/Ghost)
  • Mega Gengar Lv.112
  • A. Raticate Lv.112
  • Roserade Lv.112
  • Gothitelle Lv.112

Zerus is a much harder fight than Arcturus, as he will lay down Toxic Spikes with Ariados in round one. His E Cinccino and Mega Gengar will use Sludge Bomb to inflict massive damage.

His A Raticate is nothing to scoff at either, as its nimble U-turn can inflict heavy blows on your already poisoned Psychic and Dark-types that you may use to counter his team.

After defeating Watcher Zerus, he will free the Soul Keepers after coming to a deal. Return to Icemist Village and meet Victor and Agent Roberts in the northern hut. They will explain that General Elliots is on his way.

You’ll then meet Zerus on the beach of Icemist Village. With the plan to fool Zerus and the Watchers underway Victor will teleport you to the Fallen One’s Tomb, where Christina will overhear you talk to Victor and Agent Roberts about the plan triggering a battle.

Christina Battle

pokemon soulstones christina battle
Fallen One’s Tomb Christina Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Klefki Lv.115
  • E Beedrill (Steel/Bug) Lv.115
  • E Ledian (Steel/Bug) Lv.115
  • Mega E Sharpedo(Steel/Flying) Lv.115
  • E Breloom (Steel/Fighting) Lv.115
  • E Xatu (Steel/Electric) Lv.115

Christina is the final battle before completing the main story; you would think it would be difficult. However, her team is not well-balanced. All her Pokemon are weak to Fire-type moves. Needless to say, my Mega Typhlosion had some fun in this battle. You will need to watch out for E Breloom’s Bulldoze.

Once you defeat Christina, you will watch the story’s conclusion unfold. The Fallen One is released and rampages around Icemist Village, killing any Argent Revolution soldier it sees.

Half of the Soul Keepers, Aki, Pierre, and Dr. Wesley Sienna, are killed before Victor captures the beast. After this, your team will display in the Hall of Fame, and the credits will roll.

pokemon soulstones game
Pokemon Soulstones: Conclusion – Image by Alex Maksymiw

What Next?

pokemon soulstones post-game content
Pokemon Soulstones: Post-Game Content – Image by Alex Maksymiw

You probably think that the ending was a bit abrupt and dark; well, it only gets darker in the post-game.

With the fallen one captured by Viktor, Agent Roberts calls you to return to the Lilypad Agency HQ, where he will set you free from the Agency along with Rhea, Cara, and Cameron, giving you another starter Pokemon of your choice and allowing you to return to the future.

You can return to the future by meeting Viktor in Sirius City. However, you don’t have to leave straight away. You can complete any quests that you have left in the past. Your Pokemon level cap will be increased to level 135. So there is still much more left for you to do in Pokemon Soulstones.


Question: How Do You Install Pokemon Soulstones?

Answer: To install Pokemon Soulstones, you will need archiving software such as 7zip or Winrar, and download Pokemon Soulstones Part 1 and Part 2 from either Relic Castle or Pokecommunity.

Select the downloaded files and click “Extract All” for both Part 1 and Part 2.

You should see the Part 1 and Part 2 folders in your Documents folder or whatever the extracted destination was.
Now open Part 2 and drag the Audio Folder into Part 1.

Open up the “Fonts” Folder, copy all the files within the folder, and right-click and select the “Install for all users” option. If you don’t see the “Install for all users” option, click the more options button at the bottom of the window.

Finally, rename the Part 1 folder to Pokemon Soulstones and open the “Game” file to start playing.

Question: What Can I Get from Hidden Grottos in Pokemon Soulstones?

Answer: Hidden Grottos are hidden areas found on some routes; a shadowy entrance in a tree line or cave marks them.

Exploring a Hidden Grotto gives you a chance to either recover items or shiny Pokemon with perfect EVs and their Hidden Ability. Hidden Grottos reset every 24 hours.

Question: How Can I Make Money Fast in Pokemon Soulstones?

Answer: Making money becomes easier as you progress through the main story and approach the end game.

You can acquire two Amulet Coins to double the prize money for beating trainers.

However, the best way to make money in Pokemon Soulstones is to sell Fossils and Relics acquired by using the Mining Gear on rocks.
Fossils have a high spawn rate in rocks; the best place to mine rocks in Pokemon Soulstones is the Carleton Mine and Diadem Mountain.

Pokemon Soulstones Guide: Conclusion

In conclusion, Pokemon Soulstones is a juggernaut of a fan-made Pokemon game. If you’re looking for a Pokemon game to sink your teeth into, you can easily get fifty hours out of the game from playing the main story, post-game, and completing the abundance of quests in the game.

I had a lot of fun playing Pokemon Soulstones, and the increased level cap makes your Pokemon feel extremely powerful.

There are hundreds of interesting Epoch Pokemon variants, but the new Mega Evolutions for Epoch variants and traditional Pokemon take the cake. The Epoch region has diverse biomes, towns, and cities complete with music making exploring the region a blast.

The story is dark, and if you made it to the end of the story, I highly recommend checking out the post-game as the story continues back in the future, making for an interesting replay of the Epoch region.

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