Gardevoir Weaknesses Explored

Gardevoir is a Psychic/Fairy type Pokemon and is the evolved form of Kirlia and Ralts. Initially introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Gardevoir would gain the Fairy-typing with the release of Pokemon X and Y. I remember helping Wally catch a Ralts in gen 3 as a kid and thinking how cool it would be to have a Psychic Pokemon at the start of the game.

So I immediately went to catch one myself; since then, Gardevoir has become one of my all-time favorite Pokemon. Its powerful special attacks are something to behold. I mistook Gardevoir for a Ghost-type Pokemon when I first saw its design with its pale white ghostly features.

Game Freak took influence from Japanese paper dolls. Its dress-like features are resemblant to a wedding dress, making Gardevoir look like a ghostly bride or angel. Gardevoir is an iconic Pokemon that has been updated throughout the Pokemon games.

Diamond and Pearl introduced Gallade as an alternative evolution for Kirlia and was given a Mega Evolution in gen 6. However, Gardevoir’s mega evolution is banned in competitive matches.

Bottom Line-Up Front

  • Gardevoir can OHKO Dragon-types with ease due to its high Sp. Atk and Moonblast stab move.
  • Gardevoir is easily countered by super effective physical attacks.
  • Gardevoir has good utility in the field, allowing you to fully heal a team member with the Healing Wish move. As well as counter Weather Effect teams with the Trace ability.
  • Psyshock is one of its best stab moves allowing you to get passed Pokemon with high Sp. Def and low physical defense stats.
  • Gardevoir running Trick allows you to cause havoc to bulky wall Pokemon such as Snorlax and Blissey.
  • Beware of heavy-hitting Dark-types that have high physical damage, such as Honchkrow as a Sucker Punch, and Pursuit can be fatal to a Gardevoir attacking or withdrawing from battle.

Polarising Stats

Unfortunately, Gardevoir’s weak HP, Atk, and Def stats are rarely used in competitive play. However, what Gardevoir lacks in health and physical defense and attacks, it makes up for with strong Sp. Atk and Sp. Def, making it deadly with Psychic special attacks.

However, Gardevoir falls behind in its somewhat low-Speed stat, making it tricky to land moves before your opponent. Although this makes Gardevoir tricky to master, I recommend that you don’t give up on it; with the right build and strategy, Gardevoir is a powerful Pokemon to include on your team. 

Gardevoir’s Strong Dual Typing

Gardevoir's Strong Dual Typing

Gardevoir takes double damage from GhostSteel, and, Poison-type moves due to its Psychic and Fairy dual typing. Gardevoir may struggle even more with a Steel-type Pokemon as there are more physical moves than special moves in the Steel-type move pool.

However, Gardevoir’s dual typing makes it robust against Fighting, Dark, Dragon, and Poison. Fairy-type Pokemon are some of the most potent offensive types in the game and are immune to Dragon-type attacks. 

Gardevoir’s new typings added in Pokemon X and Y would be a great update to the Pokemon, giving it new utility and purpose in battle. This would solidify Gardevoir once again into my party; its new Moon blast stab move proved to be fatal to Dragon-types, making Gardevoir fun to play.

Key Strengths and Weaknesses

The arrival of gen 6 gave this Pokemon a much-needed facelift. The new Fairy typing allowed you to quickly burn down Dragon-types with a Moonblast as well as the Mega Evolution finally gave a reason to pick Gardevoir over other Psychic types.

Mega Gardevoir increased its Sp. Atk, Atk Sp. Def and Spd. Improving its speed allowed Gardevoir to make the most of its high Sp. Atk and dodge its feeble defense stats. 

Special Attack Sweeper

Although Gardevoir is a rare pick in competitive, it’s still a viable pick. It has excellent move coverage allowing you to catch your opponent off guard. Moves such as Thunderbolt and Signal Beam allowed you to sweep a Water-type or Grass-type quickly. Furthermore, if you can secure a Calm Mind, you’ll be able to increase your Sp. Atk and Sp. Def.

Mega Gardevoir

Mega Gardevoir

Mega Gardevoir is an insanely powerful Pokemon that significantly boosts its speed and unique attack stats. Mega Gardevoir additionally gains the Pixelate ability raising the power of Fairy-type moves by 30% and turning all Normal-type moves into Fairy-type moves.

As a result, Mega Gardevoir would be able to destroy many Dragon, Fighting, and Dark types and inflict some severe damage from attacks with Hyper Voice. However, Gardevoir no longer can be mega-evolved in competitive battles.

Gardevoir Counters

Although Gardevoir would be in the best position it’s ever been, its low physical defense is its Achilles heel. As a result, Steel-types are Gardevoirs bane being weak to Pokemon like Scizor due to its fast speed typing and attack stats. As well, Metagross and Excardrill can quickly knock Gardevoir out of battle.

Due to them being able to check Gardevoir. Gardevoir’s low speed, and defense is a problem for faster opponents such as Toxticity, whose powerful Poison stab moves can OHKO Gardevoir. SneaselWeavile, Honchkrow, and Gengar threaten Gardevoir due to their fast speed and high attack stats.

  • Note that even with a Choice Scarf, Gardevoir won’t be able to outspeed Sneasel and Weavile. However, a Choice Scarf significantly improves Gardevoir’s survivability in the field, allowing you to pivot around its shoddy defense.

Tyranitar effectively counters Gardevoir due to its highly high stats and powerful Crunch. However, I find myself rolling the dice in this fight as a Focus Blast can ruin a Tyranitar. I often run Toxicroak on my team due to its excellent typing and fun battle strategies. As a result, I suggest you switch out Gardevoir to avoid a powerful Sucker Punch.

Gardevoir’s Abilities

Gardevoir's Abilities

Trace is an ability that allows Gardevoir to copy abilities from Pokemon that are switched in or random Pokemon in the field. This is by far the best ability to run your Gardevoir with supporting Gardevoir with a Flygon or other Pokemon with Levitate granting you immunity to Ground-type moves and Arena Traps such as Toxic Spikes and Spikes.

The Traceability further allows Gardevoir to take advantage of the Water Absorb ability rendering Water-type moves ineffective and granting health recovery whenever they are used. As well as, the Sand Rush ability gives Gardevoir much needed boost to its speed while in sandstorms. Making Gardevoir a strong pick for countering weather-based teams.

  • Synchronize is an ability that inflicts status effects such as Poison, Burn, and Paralyzes to Pokemon that have inflicted them onto Gardevoir. This is an excellent ability for countering teams that focus on inflicting status ailments.
  • Telepathy is a Hidden Ability that allows Gardevoir to avoid teammates’ attacks. As a result, this is only useful in double battles and should be avoided in single battles. Although Telepathy can be helpful in double battles, Trace is a superior ability to use as it has more synergy with your team, and you can strategize around it.

Wall Breaking

Gardevoir is a fantastic wall breaker due to its high special attack and its power-up potential with Calm Mind. Its wide move variety allows it to take out bulky walls such as Venusaur with Psyshock as this move deals physical damage determined by the targets defense stat and despite being a special move.

Gardevoir can also take out Blissey and Ferrathorn with a Focus Blast. Or startle your enemy with a Thunderbolt to destroy Toxapex and Corviknight.

Bad Switcher

Gardevoir’s slow speed and low defense and health stats make it very vulnerable to physical attacks. As a result, it’s a terrible switcher. I’ve learned that to switch Gardevoir safely; you need as much information on your opponents’ team as possible.

The last thing you want to do is switch into a heavy-hitting physical attacker that knows Dark-type moves. More often or not, Gardevoir is either knocked out in one hit or two hits. I discovered that including Pokemon with the U-Turn move makes it easier to switch Gardevoir into battle. 

Best Pokemon to Fight Against

Gardevoir’s diverse move coverage and high Sp. Atk stats allow it to go against many different kinds of Pokemon. Gardevoir’s low physical attack and defense mean it should be built for special attacks. You need to quickly identify whether Gardevoir’s opponent is a physical or special hitter.



Gardevoir is a great wall breaker if it can land Focus Blast or Moonblast. Venusaur and Mega Venusaur can be a problematic Pokemon to go up against in competition due to their ability to sustain themselves with a powered-up Giga Drain from Growth.

However, Gardevoir’s high Sp. Def, Sp. Atk and super effective Psychic attacks allow it to do easy work of Venusaur. Psyshock rolls Venusaur due to it having a lower defense than Sp. Def. Furthermore, Venusaur’s ability will change to Thick Fat once it has mega evolved to Mega Venusaur.

Thick Fat is an ability that halves the attacking power of incoming Fire and Ice-type moves—allowing Gardevoir to still deal severe damage to Venusaur.

In a competitive battle, Venusaur may be running the Chlorophyll ability, an ability that doubles the speed of the Pokemon if Sunny Day is active. Gardevoir will struggle to keep up with Venusaur’s speed; however, its Sp. Def allows Gardevoir to take a hit from Venusaur.



Vaporeon is a bulky Water-type Pokemon with a lot of sustainability in competitive battles. Its extremely high HP stat is often paired with moves such as WishHeal Bell, and Toxic with the plan to wall their opponents out and chip damage away with ever-worsening poison damage from Toxic.

Vaporeon is often run with Leftovers for extra health recovery. Vaporeon also has the Water Absorb ability allowing trainers to take advantage of even more health recovery when hit by Water-type moves. The Hydration ability also helps with health recovery if the rain weather effect is active.

As a result, Vaporeon can be a tough fight it’s strong health recovery allows Vaporeon to KO its opponents with Surf or Ice Beam with ease. However, Vaporeon is no match for a Choice Spec Gardevoir running Thunderbolt.

Gardevoir’s high Sp. Atk makes it very versatile at taking out a myriad of Pokemon types. Gardevoir benefits from Vaporeon’s Water Absorb ability giving it health recovery and water immunity making Vaporeon’s attacks ineffective.



Jolteon is another Eevee evolution that Gardevoir can counter. While you most likely will not be able to strike Jolteon before it attacks due to its fast speed stats.

A Jolteon that runs the Volt Absorb ability will be ineffective to Gardevoir and instead heal Gardevoir a small portion of health. Even though Gardevoir will not inflict a super-effective attack, it will be able to easily KO Jolteon due to its weak health and defense stats with a Psyshock.



Flygon is not only a good partner for Gardevoir, but it is also an easy opponent! Gardevoir can copy Flygon’s Levitate ability and avoid all Ground-type moves such as Flygon’s signature Earthquake. Gardevoir can easily KO Flygon with a Moonblast or deal severe damage with Icy Wind.

While Icy Wind lowers the target’s speed, the move has relatively poor attack power. However, a Choice Spec Gardervoir will be able to get away with the base power of Icy Wind. Gardevoir can also learn Ice Punch; however, this is not recommended for a physical attack.



Claydoll is a Pokemon that Gardevoir can outperform. It’s high Sp. Def and physical defense make it seem like a challenging target. However, Claydoll won’t be able to do much when Gardevoir’s Trace ability comes into play.

Copying the Levitate ability Claydoll loses its offensive Ground-type moves, leaving it with Psychic-type moves that Gardevoir can easily defend from. Claydoll competitively is used as a bulky wall for setting arena traps such as Stealth Rock and Toxic. Toxic can be worrisome for Gardevoir lacking status recovery. However, a Shadow Ball quickly does short work of Claydoll due to its relatively high attack power combined with Gardevoir’s high Sp. Atk.



Gardevoir’s mighty Thunderbolt capable of wiping out Gyarados due to its Water/Flying dual typing. However, do not underestimate Gyarados’s high physical attack and slightly faster speed as it can very quickly KO Gardevoir due to its low physical defense. However, a Choice Scarf Gardevoir will be able to outspeed Gyarados, allowing you to OHKO with Thunderbolt.



Florges is a scary Fairy-type that has powerful Sp. Def, as well as great Sp. Atk is making it deadly to Dragon, Fighting, and Dark types. Florges can be a great support, usually featuring healing moves such as Synthesis and Wish.

While its special defense is very high, it has dreadful defense making it an easy target for Gardevoir using the Psyshock move. Furthermore, Gardevoir is faster than Florges, allowing you to take it out before it can even move!

Competitive Setup

mega gardevoir stats

Gardevoir can excel as a scary special attack damage dealer specializing in punishing your opponent’s wall Pokemon despite its polarising stats. Gardevoir has the potential to be built as support in double battles thanks to its great move defensive move coverage.

Partnered with the right team, Gardevoir can cause havoc for your opponent as its powerful Moonblast allows it to protect Dragon-types on your team, fully heal a member of your team with Healing Wish, and switch it in immediately, allowing you to retake control over the field. Both builds are fun to play. However, I prefer an offensive build that incorporates Healing Wish in the build.

Choice Scarf

  • Psychic/Psyshock
  • Healing Wish/Trick
  • Moonblast
  • Mystical Fire/Focus Blast/Thunderbolt

This build allows you to be hyper-aggressive and reckless with your sweepers, as you’ll be able to restore them to total health using Healing Wish. As a result, this build is designed to finish off worn-down opponents from your sweeper before setting them up again to deal damage.

The Choice Scarf makes this build as it allows you to resolve Gardevoir’s sub-par speed stat. A Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk) Gardevoir is best used for this build to further grant a boost to its speed. Note that the Choice Scarf will lock you into a move making it difficult to get out a Healing Wish, so plan in advance to use it.

Trick can be used in this build to trap your opponents’ walls and hinder Pokemon that need a few moves to setup. However, I prefer to run with Healing Wish instead, as this allows me to get more output for my Flygon or Hydreigon.

Choice Specs

  • Psyshock/Psychic
  • Moonblast
  • Shadow Ball/Hidden Power
  • Healing Wish/Trick

This build works a lot like the Choice Scarf build but instead focuses on Gardevoir’s high Sp. Atk stats. The Choice Spec item multiplies Gardevoir’s Sp. Atk by 1.5, making it a formidable Pokemon to go up against.

Hidden power allows you to get off a high damaging fire attack on Steel-types to relieve threats such as Metagross and Registeel; however, this is not a sure-fire way of countering them. Once again, I would pick Healing Wish over Trick, as Trick is more situational.

Wall Support

  • Memento/Healing Wish
  • Reflect
  • Light Screen
  • Moonblast

This build specializes in Gardevoir as a support for your other Pokemon in double battles. This is a very situational build but can be incredibly effective. The Trace ability gives Gardevoir further supporting powers, especially against weather effect teams.

Note that this build is not viable in single battles. Gardevoir’s with the Bold Nature (+Def -Atk) is best used for this build. You can use the Light Clay item to increase the number of rounds the effects of Light Screen and Reflect last for.

Allowing you to keep both Gardevoir’s and its partner’s physical and special defenses up in battle. Alternatively, I’ve run this build with a Focus Sash, an item that will leave Gardevoir surviving on one HP from attacks that would usually knock it out. This will allow you one more turn to heal switch and heal an injured party member with Healing Wish or harshly lower your opponent’s attack or special attack with Memento.

Wall Breaker

  • Substitute
  • Calm Mind
  • Moonblast
  • Focus Blast

This building strategy gives Gardevoir enough room to power up its Sp. Atk and Sp. Def to initiate a powerful attack to sweep bulky wall Pokemon. Substitute is essential for this build as it allows Gardevoir to bypass its low defense and health to set up.

Leftovers further will enable it to heal from previous attacks while hiding behind its substitute. I’d consider using a Life Orb to enhance Gardevoir’s damage output further. However, this will come at a high cost to its survivability in battle.

Moonblast is Gardevoir’s most potent stab move and will deal monstrous damage; however, it is weak against Steel-types. However, a charged-up Focus Blast will decimate Steel-types. This build is best suited for Gardevoir’s with the Timid Nature (+Spd -Atk), allowing Gardevoir to get in before its opponent. Gardevoir can dodge a Sucker Punch using Substitute.

Therefore, I always open up with this move. Although this build turns Gardevoir into a killing machine, its offensive moves are more predictable and limited in coverage.

Assault Vest Attacker

  • Moonblast
  • Psychic/Psyshock
  • Energy Ball
  • Mystical Fire
  • Thunderbolt
  • Shadow Ball
  • Icy Wind

This build relies on Gardevoir’s Sp. Def to protect it from your opponent and therefore can leave Gardevoir in the open to be wiped out by physical attacks. However, do not underestimate this build, as its type coverage and potential move combinations make it unpredictable to your opponent.

The Assault Vest raises Gardevoirs Sp. Def by 50%, making it very capable of fending off special attacks and fixing its poor health stat. While you are relying on your opponent using special attacks, this allows Gardevoir to implement a wide range of attacks such as Thunderbolt to rid the board of unsuspecting water types and Icy Wind for Ground and also to lower the speed stat of the target.

There are many combinations of offensive moves that you can use for this build, as you could include Mystical Fire to help combat the threat of a Metagross. Use Psychic to take advantage of Gardevoir’s high Sp. Atk, or utilize Psyshock to bypass your opponent’s Sp. Def and hit its low defense. This build best suits a Gardevoir with a Modest Nature (+Sp. Atk, -Atk)

Best Team for Weakness Coverage



Haxorus is a deadly and strong Pokemon to initiate at the beginning of a battle. Gardevoir effectively doubles Haxorus’s ability in battle by healing it to full HP and allows it to get out in combat immediately by using Healing Wish. Haxorus can then clean up with a power-up from Dragon Dance.



Hydreigon is another possible Dragon-type, thanks to its great stats and powerful Dark Pulse and Draco Meteor moves. It works well to counter fast Steel-types with Fire Blast that would otherwise threaten Gardevoir.

You can also make the most out of Gardevoir’s Healing Wish by using the U-Turn move to instantly switch out Hyreigon and deal damage before it is knocked out. Allowing you to fully heal it later. You can use a Choice Scarf to ensure your attacks land before your opponents; however, Hydreigon has excellent stats.

Therefore, you could sacrifice its speed for a 30% increase in the power of your moves with the Life Orb. This option is made viable with the U-Turn and Healing Wish move.



Flygon is another great Dragon-type to include on your team to support Gardevoir. As Gardevoir can copy Flygon’s Levitate ability and quickly be switched out thanks to the U-Turn move. Flygon, allowing you to keep up the momentum with your attacks.

U-Turn works very well with Gardevoir as it is poor at switching into battle due to it being unable to stand up against physical attacks.



Arcanine synergizes well with Gardevoir as it is very good at taking out Steel-types that threaten Gardevoir. It has high attack stats and can be built for increased attack power using a Life Orb. While Arcanine will burn itself out quickly from taking damage Fire Blitz and Life Orb recoil.

It’s faster than Metagross, allowing you to easily KO it. Arcanine is one of my all-time favorite Pokemon. Its high attack and speed make it formidable; my shiny Arcanine has seen many rounds of battle and has helped me get out of some sticky situations.

Arcanine’s role isn’t to out survive your opponents but to outpace them with fast and powerful fire attacks. Gardevoir helps get more value out of Arcanine with a Healing Wish and can easily counter any threatening Water-types using a deadly Thunderbolt.



A fantastic Sp. Def Dragon-type Pokemon for Gardevoir to support. Gragalge is incredibly slow but has incredible defense stats. It’s capable of laying down Toxic Spikes to inflict chip damage to your opponent’s team. Its Adaptability ability grants it extra power for its stab moves to make Sludge Bomb and Draco Meteor very deadly.



Corviknight is a fantastic physical defender that would make a tremendous partner to the wall support Gardevoir build. Gardevoir’s high Sp. Atk balances Corviknight’s low Sp. Atk helps Corviknight buff up its defense and special defense even more for it to strike with a powerful Body Press.

As this move deals damage determined by the user’s defense stat. Corviknight can keep itself in the battle for longer by healing itself using Roost. Allowing you to save Healing Wish for another Pokemon. Gardevoir’s Light Screen helps Corviknight get significant value from the Rocky Helmet, an item that inflicts damage whenever a physical attack hits the holder.

Corviknight can also learn U-turn, allowing you to quickly switch into Flygon to take out a threatening Electric-type Pokemon or Gardevoir to bypass Gardevoir’s low speed.

Corviknight is one of my favorites to add to my team for double battles as both Gardevoir and Corviknight synergies well. They both supplement each other’s shortcomings and make each other stronger the longer the two are in battle.


Question: Does Pokemon: Legends of Arceus have Multiplayer Battles?

Answer:  There are no competitive PVP Pokemon battles in Pokemon: Legends of Arceus. The game is designed as a single-player experience. Pokemon trading is the only form of a cooperative and multiplayer feature in the game. As a result, Pokemon Sword and Shield will continue to host competitive PVP battles until the next mainline games, Pokemon: Scarlet and Pokemon: Violet, come out in late 2022.

Question: Is Gardevoir or Gallade Better?

Answer: Gallade is a Psychic/Fighting-type Pokemon with superior health and physical attack stats, trading off for poor physical defense and special attack. Gardevoir is the opposite bolstering incredible special attack and unique defense stats. In the end, Gardevoir is a much more versatile Pokemon. Its dual typing of Psychic and Fairy-type gives it an edge as Fairy-type is very powerful. Gardevoir also has better abilities and mega evolution.

Question: Is Gardevoir in Pokemon: Legends of Arceus?

Answer: Yes, Gardevoir is included in the Hisui Pokedex. Furthermore, Alpha Gardevoir can be found during the daytime in Heart’s Crag in the Alabaster Icelands at level 70.


In conclusion, Gardevoir is one of my favorite Pokemon due to its dual typing and exciting stats. I find its polarising stats fun to play with, and although it has weak health and defense, it’s strong Sp. Atk and Sp. Def is fun to play with. Unleashing a powerful special attack makes you feel unstoppable.

Gardevoir’s low physical defense, health, and sub-par speed makes it challenging to use on the battlefield. It can often be overtaken by faster Pokemon resulting in its defeat if it takes a super effective physical blow. Healing Wish is one of my favorite moves to use on Gardevoir as it grants me space in battle to get my powerful sweeper back in battle.  Healing Wish allows you to switch a Pokemon into battle immediately.

This is a very powerful utility and will allow you to quickly set up Pokemon that have previously entered the battle. Gardevoir can simultaneously support a wall Pokemon in double battles and regain control over the field from weather effects using its powerful Traceability.  

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