Pokemon Emerald Rogue Guide: The Addicting Pokemon Rogue-Like Game

Pokemon Emerald Rogue is a fan-made ROM hack of Pokemon Emerald. It’s the most unique fan-made Pokemon game I’ve ever played. The game is designed to play as a Rogue-like game which is straight up my alley.

intro cutscene
Pokemon Emerald Rogue Title Screen – image by Alex Maksymiw

I’ve played many roguelikes over the years Darkest Dungeon, Vampire Survivors, Pixel Piracy, and the underwater diving gem, Dave the Diver. So when I heard that a Pokemon Rogue game had been spliced together, I had to check it out! And WOW! This game is super fun and heartbreaking.

Pokemon Emerald Rogue Features

Pokemon Emerald Rogue Title Screen – image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Gen 1-3 Pokemon for your first run. Then up to Gen 8 for post-game runs.
  • Rogue-Like runs that are different every time, meaning no adventure is the same, giving you endless replayability.
  • The Config Lab allows you to customize your runs with a vast array of parameters to increase the difficulty, such as enabling Mega Evolution and Z moves.
  • Lots of quests to complete that unlock new areas of the Hub (your base where you’ll prepare your supplies and Partner Pokemon for a run.
  • Elite Four, Champion, and dozens of other mighty trainers featured in the anime and across Pokemon games to battle.
  • The shiny encounter rate has been increased.

Pokemon Emerald Rogue Gameplay Synopsis

adventure map
Pokemon Emerald Rogue: Adventure Map – image by Alex Maksymiw

Before I start Pokemon, Emerald Rogue is unlike the general fan-made Pokemon games.

There is no story, and there are no fake mons. Emerald Rogue focuses on giving the player a competitive experience. You’re essentially playing a tuned-up Battle Factory from Pokemon Emerald.

However, in Emerald Rogue, your runs have grave consequences for mistakes and the choices you make prior to Gym Battles and higher.

If you’re unfamiliar with roguelikes, let me briefly explain what you can expect.

  • You start an adventure with one Partner Pokemon everything you take into the adventure will be reset at the end, regardless of whether you lose or win. Anything you pick up or any Pokemon you evolve or capture on your adventure will be removed from your party at the end of the adventure.
  • As you travel on routes, you can build your team and pick up items to prepare for the Gym Leader at the end of the routes.
  • To beat an adventure, you must defeat the Elite Four and Champion.

Jumping into Your First Adventure

starting your adventure
Pokemon Emerald Rogue: Adventure Map – image by Alex Maksymiw

In Pokemon Emerald Rogue, you will set out on the run, where your experience will change from the last. Routes and trainers will all be different.

Finishing an adventure (run) will bring you back to the Hub, where your bag and Pokemon stats will be reset to their original stats.

So if you evolve your Pokemon on the run and return to the Hub, it will be unevolved. You will be given money as a reward for completing an adventure that you can use to purchase anything you like within the hub.

Whatever you buy in the hub will be permanent, so if you purchase and use a Potion during an adventure, it will be reset in your bag for the next run.

picking up a partner pokemon
Pokemon Emerald Rogue: Adventure Map – image by Alex Maksymiw

Before you set out on your adventure, I recommend withdrawing the Potion from your PC and inspecting your Partner Pokemon’s stats, IVs, and EVs.

When you first boot up Emerald Rogue, Professor Birch will give you a choice between three random Pokemon. The game selects three randomly each time you create a new game, so it’s a good idea to reset your game if you’re not happy with the three Pokemon.

Once you pick up your starter, head back to the Adventure building where Scott was standing on your arrival. Inside, Scott will give you a Quest Log.

The Quest Log is a Key Item that is incredibly important for keeping track of quests that you find on Adventures.

Each time you complete a quest, you will be rewarded with valuable items and new Hub services. Some quests even unlock new quests, so it’s a good idea to plan a goal before setting out on an adventure.

So once you’re ready for your first adventure, talk to the nurse.

Once you start your adventure, you will be taken to a place that looks like this…

adventure map beginning
Pokemon Emerald Rogue: Adventure Map – image by Alex Maksymiw

The Adventure Map will show sprawling paths and icons but more on that later. Let’s breakdown the traditional routes. There are three kinds of routes  that you can embark on in Pokemon Emerald Rogue:

  • Calm Routes – feature six different types of Pokemon with a few trainers and items and is marked by a Cut tree.
  • Average Routes – feature four different types of Pokemon and more trainers than Calm Routes and is marked by a Rock Smash rock.
  • Tough Routes – Only feature two different types of Pokemon per route but are filled with items and trainers. A Strength boulder marks tough Routes.

In the route name, you’ll be given a hint to the type of Pokemon you can find along the route. They are fairly self-explanatory; however, here is a list for quick reference:

  • Warm – Fire
  • Wet – Water
  • Energetic – Electric
  • Verdant – Grass
  • Typical – Normal
  • Rugged – Rock
  • Glooming – Dark
  • Sharp – Steel
  • Magical – Fairy
  • Swarming – Bug
  • Confusing – Psychic
  • Breezy – Flying
  • Coarse – Ground
  • Mighty – Fighting
  • Chilly – Ice.
  • Fierce – Dragon

Generally, you’ll want to aim for Tough Routes as these provide the most opportunity to improve your team, capture strong Pokemon, earn money from battling trainers, and acquire valuable items such as evolution stones, battle items, and healing items.

Remember that the number of Gym badges you hold greatly impacts the difficulty, type of Pokemon, and items you can acquire.

gym leader norman battle
Pokemon Emerald Rogue: Adventure Map – image by Alex Maksymiw

While on a Route, you’ll have to maintain your party’s health with healing items because if a Pokemon faints, that’s it.. you can kiss it goodbye for the Adventure.

You’ll also want to inspect the next line of routes that are shown underneath the ledge. Some routes will lead to a few choices, while others will be limited.

Once you’ve reached the end of the Adventure Map, you will face a random Gym Leader and team.

If you defeat the Gym Leader, you’ll earn prize money, a badge, and an HM. Before you face off against the trainer, you’ll be given the opportunity to heal or increase the levels of your Pokemon.

  • Note that the Amulet Coin does not affect Gym Leaders or Elite Four.

If you are defeated on your run, you will return to the Hub Nurse and Scott, where you will be rewarded for your performance on an adventure.

Make sure to talk to Scott whenever you return from an adventure and cash in any quests you’ve completed. You’ll earn Rare Candies, Money, and new facilities in the Hub for completing quests.

Training Your Team in Pokemon Emerald Rogue

Building a team that synergizes is one of the key factors in beating an adventure in Emerald Rogue.

To ensure that each of your Pokemon is optimized in move sets and stats, I recommend using Smogon as a resource to learn the best Natures and abilities for each Pokemon.

You can improve your Partner Pokemon’s IVs using the Bakery in the hub. However, each time you enter an Adventure, your Pokemon’s EVs will be reset.

You can only earn EVs for your Pokemon by battling trainers. Wild Pokemon do not grant you EVs. In Emerald Rogue, the mechanics have been tweaked to make the process faster to keep up with the fast gameplay. All Pokemon on your team will receive EVs even if they did not fight in battle.

Pokemon receive four EVs for their neutral stats while gaining six and zero depending on their natures. Therefore, swapping your Pokemon’s Nature as soon as possible is incredibly important.

A Pokemon can have 510 EVs in total and a maximum of 252 in a stat. This means you should focus on maxing out the Pokemon’s two best stats and then apply the remaining six in a stat for your Pokemon’s build. Since 4 EVs equate to 1 stat point, it won’t make much of a difference. This is the most basic form of EV training.

However, some trainers like to max one stat with 252 EVs and then split the remaining EVs into two other stats.

So if I were to EV train my Heracross, I’d max its  Atk stat since it’s a physical attacker. Then I’d either max out Speed or HP. Speed allows it to strike first, or HP gives it more sustainability in battle, allowing me to capitalize off Moxie for longer.

You won’t always have the right Mints to change your team’s natures, so you can use items like Feathers and Enhancement items like the Power Anklet to train specific EVs and avoid stats you don’t want.

If you check your Pokemon’s EVs and they’re a mess, don’t worry. You can pick up berries that lower specific EVs. It’s a timely process keeping your Pokemon’s EVs in check, but it gives you a significant advantage over Mighty Trainer battles.

Finally, the Pokemon’s IVs have a big impact on their stats, so search for Pokemon with strong IVs. Pokemon Emerald Rogue makes it easy to check your Pokemon’s IVs on the summary menu.

Hub Services

So now that you’ve got to grips with how EV training works in Pokemon Emerald Rogue let’s look at all the Hub Services that you can use to optimize your Partner Pokemon and get the best start to your adventure.

If your Hub looks a bit barren, don’t worry, I’ve included all the required quests to unlock each service.

Outdoor Mart

outdoor mart
Pokemon Emerald Rogue: Traveling Battle Shop – image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Completing the “To Adventure!” Quest will unlock the Outdoor Mart. (Start your first adventure).

The Outdoor Mart sells Medicine, TMs, and Pokeballs. I recommend that you stock up on it. Different kinds of potions as regular Potions, will be needed at the start of an adventure while Super Potions, Hyper Potions, and Max Potions will become relevant as your team levels up and the difficulty spikes.

You can never have too many Pokeballs, and you’ll find lots on routes. I suggest you stock up because you’ll want to catch Pokemon of the same species until you find one with good IVs. This is easy at the start of the game, where you have many party slots to juggle with.

If you purchase any TMs, I recommend that you only teach your Pokemon the move once you enter the adventure, as this will save you money in the future if you decide to swap out your Partner Pokemon or catch a Pokemon on the adventure that would make better use of it.

Safari Zone

safari zone
Pokemon Emerald Rogue: Traveling Battle Shop – image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Unlocked by Completing the “Collector” Quest. (Fill 15 Pokedex Entries)
  • You can unlock the generation filter option Safari Zone Upgrade by completing the (Collector+) Quest. (Fill 100 Pokedex Entries).
  • Completing the “Collector X” Quest will upgrade the Safari Zone to enable you to catch Legendary Pokemon! (Defeat the Elite Four with a Legendary Pokemon in your Party).

The Safari Zone is one of the most essential services available in the Hub. Every time you fill in a Pokedex Entry, you’ll add the Pokemon to the list of encounters in the Safari Zone.

Pokemon you catch in the Safari Zone are permanent members of your team. Unlike Adventures, you have a PC to store Pokemon, where you can only carry six Pokemon at a time and have to release any Pokemon you swap out of your team.

You can purchase 3, 6, or 9 Pokeballs for the Safari Zone, you’ll have unlimited steps, and Pokeballs will catch Pokemon without fail. The Safari is broken up into mini routes that focus on a couple of Pokemon types allowing you to hone in on the Pokemon you want.

As a result, you may want to consider what Pokedex Entries you fill in the early game to make it easier to catch powerful Pokemon in the Safari Zone without it being filled with all kinds of Pokemon. I got lucky with a shiny Ralts!

If you catch an evolved Pokemon, say a Charizard, during Adventure Mode, you won’t be able to catch it in the Safari Zone. Still, you will unlock its first stage of evolution to catch Charmander in the Safari instead.

Note that you can only enter an Adventure with one partner Pokemon. If you level your Pokemon over level 15 (the level cap of the first gym), Then you will be given the choice to skip Gym Badges up to your partner’s level.

The Shiny encounter rate is increased in Pokemon Emerald Rogue; however, if you catch a Shiny while on an adventure, the chances of catching the Shiny variant in the Safari are greatly increased!

There are hundreds of Pokemon to keep track of, but thankfully, you can read a poster in the Safari Zone reception that lists every Shiny Pokemon you’ve captured on adventures.

safari zone shiny
Pokemon Emerald Rogue_ Rayquaza in a Wild Den – image by Alex Maksymiw

So you’ve caught your dream Partner Pokemon; what should you do now? Well, there are several things you can do to improve your Partner Pokemon to prepare for your Adventures.

At a basic level, you will want to consider your Partner Pokemon’s Ability, Nature and Gender.

You can change your Partner’s Ability by purchasing an Ability Capsule or Ability Patch from the Traveling Battle Shop to switch the Pokemon’s ability to its second or hidden ability. Don’t ignore this, as the hidden ability tends to be very powerful!

I caught a Bagon and was super excited to get it set up for Adventures; now, even the most knowledgeable Pokemon experts won’t know all the best natures and abilities for every Pokemon.

So you can use resources like Smogon and Bulbapedia for some awesome in-depth knowledge on Pokemon. Seriously, it puts Professor Oak’s Pokedex to shame.

Note that some Pokemon go through radical changes in their stats, and their ability may change depending on the evolution line of the Pokemon.

So Sheer Force, the Hidden Ability of my Bagon, will change to Overcoat when it evolves into Shelgon, followed by Moxie evolving into Salamence.

Traveling Battle Shop Shop

traveling battle shop
Pokemon Emerald Rogue: Traveling Battle Shop
  • Unlocked by completing the “Shop Spree” Quest ( Spend 20,000 Pokedollars during a Rest Stop)

The Traveling Battle Shop is your one-stop shop for all your strategic battle items, hold items, and Evolution Stones. The Travel Shop is easily spotted by a truck and two salesmen. In Adventure Mode, there is a chance for mart stores to show up at the Travel Shop route.

If you plan on using Eevee in your team, remember that Pokemon Emerald Rogue does not have a day and night cycle.

Still, you can evolve your Eevee into either an Espeon with a Sun Stone or an Umbreon with a Moon Stone, which can be brought to the Travel Shop.

Move Tutors

move tutors
Pokemon Emerald Rogue_ Rayquaza in a Wild Den – image by Alex Maksymiw

The Move Tutors are unlocked by completing the “Care Tactics” Quest (Defeat four gym leaders without having any Pokemon faint).

  • Egg Move Tutor
  • Move Deleter
  • Lvl Move Tutor
  • Special Move tutor

The Egg Move Tutor is my favorite of the Move Tutors, as Egg Moves provide great move coverage.

Bike Shop

bike shop
Pokemon Emerald Rogue: Traveling Battle Shop – image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Unlocked by completing the “Can’t Stop!” Quest (Complete a Tough Route within two minutes).

Unlocks the Acro Bike and Mach Bik, allowing you to traverse narrow beams, hop over rocks, and pedal up mudslides to get to access items on the route. Once you complete the eighth Gym Leader, you can carry the Acro and Mach Bike.

Berry Patch

barry patch
Pokemon Emerald Rogue: Berry Patch – image by Alex Maksymiw
  • The Berry Patch is unlocked by completing the “Forager” Quest (Pick up ten different kinds of berries on an adventure)

Please don’t overlook the Berry Patch. It’s the most important feature in the Hub, first place stolen only by the Bakery. The Berry Patch will allow you to grow berries that are rewarded to you for completing quests and bought from the Berry Lady.

Berries can then be picked to take with you on adventures, sold, or baked into Cupcakes or Pies in the Bakery, their most useful function.


bakery cupcakes and pies
Pokemon Emerald Rogue: Bakery Cupcakes and Pies – image by Alex Maksymiw
  • The Bakery is unlocked by completing the “Wild Den” Quest. (Catch a Pokemon from a Wild Den).

Once you unlock the Bakery, you can feed your Partner Pokemon in between Adventures, Cupcakes or Pies made from Berries. Depending on what berries you use to cook the Cupcakes or Pies will determine what stats will be increased.

  • Cupcakes require three berries and 500 Pokedollars to cook and improve an IV stat by one point.
  • Pies require fifteen berries and cost 2,500 Pokedollars to cook. However, they are more potent in their stat-boosting effects, boosting an IV by five points.

There are an absolute ton of berries in Emerald Rogue, and unfortunately, you can’t keep the berries that you find on your adventure. But you can earn new types of berries by completing quests which can then be planted in the Berry Patches. You can harvest the berries once you return from an Adventure.

If you don’t know your Tamato from your Aspear, don’t worry. A girl in the Bakery will explain each berry’s effects once cooked into a Cupcake or Pie. But to save you time, here are all the major berries that improve your Pokemon’s IVs:



Quest Description


Tamato BerryStarf Berry“Won’t Stop!” Complete a Tough Route within two minutes.


Kelpsy Berry“Smart Tactics”Defeat eight Gym Leaders without losing a Pokemon.


Oran BerrySitrus Berry“Forager”Harvest 15 berries while on an Adventure.


Qualot Berry“Wild Den”Catch a Legendary Pokemon in a Wild Den.

Sp. Atk

Hondew Berry“Smart Tactics” 

Sp. Def

Grepa Berry“Wild Den”
  • Note that each IV stat cannot increase higher than 31. Besides boosting your Pokemon’s IVs, you’ll want to feed your Pokemon Cupcakes and Pies to increase their friendship value to increase the power of some moves like Return.

Bank: Funding Your Adventures

Pokemon Emerald Rogue: Adventure Map – image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Unlocked alongside the Amulet Coin by completing the “Big Saver” Quest. (Leave a Rest Stop with 50,000 Pokedollars in savings).

The bank allows you to deposit money which can be used on an adventure. Why would you want this?

Outside of healing items and Pokeballs, you can’t determine what items you may need on an adventure since no run will be the same. Having a pile of cash will greatly help you adapt to the struggles on your adventure.

This is why I tend to save my Rare Candies given to me by Scott to sell on adventures since they fetch a great price. Growing your team’s levels is trivial in Pokemon Emerald Rogue since EX is granted to all Pokemon and is generously increased. So using Rare Candies can be a waste.

On the other hand, you may want to level your partner Pokemon with Rare Candies to skip passed Gym Leader battles.

Pokemon Emerald Rogue: Understanding the Adventure Map

understanding routes rest stop
Pokemon Emerald: Understanding Routes Full Rest Stop – image by Alex Maksymiw

There are several different kinds of routes that you can explore in Emerald Rogue. I’ve already covered the type and difficulty of Routes that you can expect. However, there is more to Routes than just tall grass and trainers.

An icon marks every route, and throughout your Adventure, you will encounter Rest Stops with varying services, such as Marts, Traveling Shops, Nurse Joy healing, Random Man trades, and Move Tutors. Then Wild Dens contains powerful Pokemon and, if you’re lucky, a Legendary Pokemon.

There are Mighty Trainers to battle, rewarding you with one of their own powerful Pokemon, Curses, that add new positive effects at the trade of a negative effect for your runs. As you can see, there is a lot! So let’s break each of these areas down.

Rest Stops: Marts, Medicine, and Supplies

full rest stop
Pokemon Emerald Rogue: Full Rest Stop – image by Alex Maksymiw

There are three types of Rest Stops, but all have the chance to feature the Random Man, Name Rater, and Professor Birch.

You can talk to Professor Birch to discover how to evolve your Pokemon.

  • Mart Stop: Mart Stops contain merchants who sell TMs, Medicine, and Pokeballs.
  • Battle Prep Stop: Rest Stops that contain Move Tutors, Move Deleters, Held Items, and Enhancement Items.
  • Full Rest Stop: Feature everything above and a Nurse Joy who will heal your team free of charge!

The stock of these rest stops depends greatly on the number of badges you have obtained. Moreover, two rest stops of the same type can feature different items.

I highly recommend that you use these stops to sell any unwanted items that you may have picked up.

Strong Pokemon: Wild Dens

ninetails caught in a wild den
Pokemon Emerald Rogue – Ninetails caught in a Wild Den – image by Alex Maksymiw

You can catch a Powerful Pokemon on some routes in a Wild Den (a Hidden Grotto-like area).

This can be a Pokemon with perfect stats or a Legendary Pokemon. A grey Rhydon Pokemon Statue or patch of Tall Grass marks these short routes. On the route, you will have to fight a tough trainer battle before encountering the random Pokemon in the center of the route.

I highly recommend catching these Pokemon, as they can make a powerful addition to your team.

I once caught a Ninetails with incredible IVs with perfect Atk and Sp. Atk stats and high Sp. Def. Its moveset of Heat Wave, Solar Beam, and Nasty Plot combined with its Drought ability allowed me to fire Solar Beams without having to charge them up and gave it great coverage to counter water and rock types. So you should explore Wild Dens whenever you can!

Powerful Pokemon: Legendary Pokemon Encounters

rayquaza in a wild den
Pokemon Emerald Rogue_ Rayquaza in a Wild Den – image by Alex Maksymiw

A Rhyhorn statue marks powerful Pokemon routes and contains a strong trainer (not those found in Strong Trainer routes) and random Legendary Pokemon.

You can have a good guess at what the Legendary Pokemon might be from the environment of the route. For example, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel are found in caves, and a regi-like sprite will be present in the world.

Whereas Groudon and Kyogre can be found in their lairs featured in Pokemon Emerald. Some legendary Pokemon like Mew will roam the route.

Mew, for example, can be found in a jungle flying through tall grass. It will hide and avoid the player but can be spotted by its fluffy pink tail popping out of the grass.

It’s possible to obtain Master Balls on adventures, but this is rare. Quick Balls and Timer Balls are a surefire way of catching these legendary Pokemon. My strategy is to use a Quick Ball straight away, then if that fails, use moves like Double Team to raise my Pokemon’s evasiveness, then throw Timer Balls.

Strong Trainer: Mini-Boss Battles with Epic Rewards

strong trainer arena tycoon greta
Pokemon Emerald Rogue_ Rayquaza in a Wild Den – image by Alex Maksymiw

There are a multitude of Strong Trainers that you may fight. As a result, it’s impossible to prepare for these fights.

However, the risk has a huge payoff. If you are able to defeat the trainer, you will be given valuable items and be given the choice of a Pokemon from their team. Note that not all their Pokemon will appear in this choice.

Strong Trainers are prominent figures from the anime and games; you won’t know who the trainer is until you see their sprite and begin the battle. However, you can guess what their team consists of once you know who they are.

For example, you know Wally’s signature Pokemon was Gardevoir from Emerald, so expect Psychic-type Pokemon, or if you fight Archie, the Team Aqua leader, you can expect Water-types.

You can obtain some seriously powerful Pokemon from battling these trainers. However, you’re not always guaranteed a selection of their finest Pokemon.

From my experience playing Emerald Rogue, I obtained Archie’s Gyarados, a monster move set consisting of Power Whip, a high-power Grass-type move for coverage, and Earthquake, not to mention its stellar IVs.

In another adventure, I added Greta’s Machamp to my team, the Frontier Brain of the Arena Tycoon.

This Machamp served me well as, like Archie’s Gyarados, it had great move coverage and IVs. Strong Trainer battles are hard, though, and can end your run if you’re not careful. When I fought Greta, she used Life Orb for all her Pokemon and used the frustrating Toxic move.

Charms and Curses

charms and curses
Pokemon Emerald Rogue_ Rayquaza in a Wild Den – image by Alex Maksymiw

Charms can bestow powerful benefits for you on your run. However, the chances of receiving the top charms like Grace Charm (Increases the chance of extra effects of moves to trigger by 75%) or the Crit Charm (increases the Crit Chance by one stage) are low.

Then you’ll be given a curse that can have a dreadful impact on your adventure, like the Capacity Curse (removes one slot from your party) or the Everstone Curse (makes Pokemon unable to evolve without holding the Link Cable).

Pokemon Lab: Back from the Dead

pokemon lab
Pokemon Emerald Rogue: Pokemon Lab – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Recover a Pokemon that was knocked out during the adventure. The Pokemon Lab is rare and tends to appear in the mid-game onwards.

You will have a choice between three Pokemon; choose wisely, as there is a chance you’ll be given a curse, but this is not always the case.

Game Show Gamble: Leaving Your Adventure Up to Fate

game show
Pokemon Emerald Rogue – Game Show – image by Alex Maksymiw

Marked by Mr. Random on the Adventure Map, the Game Show presents two chests before you. One contains prizes and the other negative effects. You have four rounds to gamble prizes.

You can exit the Game Show by leaving the entrance; you can do this if there is a location you want to visit beyond the Game Show.

Why take part in the Game Show? Well, you can earn prize money, gain levels, and IVs for your Pokemon. However, it can also trade your Pokemon away, take your money, decrease your team’s levels, and weaken them.

Pokemon Emerald Rogue Gym Leader Battles

gym leader roxanne battle
Pokemon Emerald Rogue_ Rayquaza in a Wild Den – image by Alex Maksymiw

Once you’ve completed enough routes, you will be funneled down a path to face a Gym Leader; you can heal your team by talking to Nurse Joy.

However, she will offer you one free heal on an adventure, and all future heals will cost Pokedollars. You can also level up your Pokemon to the level cap. Finally, you can find out what Pokemon type the Gym Leader specializes in by interacting with the Pokemon statue and spending Pokedollars.

Since your first run only features Gym Leaders and the Elite Four from Pokemon Emerald, you can easily identify what Gym Leader you’ll fight. However, the Gym Leaders own random teams and differ in difficulty depending on the number of badges you own.

As you progress through an Adventure, the difficulty increases. Trainers found on Tough Routes will feature teams of Legendary Pokemon and can easily knock your Pokemon out. Therefore when you reach Elite Four and Gym 8, I suggest avoiding these routes.

At this point in the game, you cannot afford to lose Pokemon as routes become less frequent, and your resources will become scarce. You don’t want to be in the end game and spend resources on EV training and using Medicene while exploring routes.

end game routes
Pokemon Emerald Rogue: End game routes – image by Alex Maksymiw

The level cap increases every time you defeat a Gym Leader and Elite Four member:

  • Gym 1: 15
  • Gym 2: 25
  • Gym 3: 35
  • Gym 4: 45
  • Gym 5: 55
  • Gym 6: 65
  • Gym 7: 75
  • Gym 8: 85
  • Elite 1: 88
  • Elite 2: 91
  • Elite 3: 94
  • Elite 4: 97
  • Champion: 100
elite four glacia battle
Pokemon Emerald Rogue: Elite Four Glacia Elite Four Battle – image by Alex Maksymiw

The number of routes will increase while fighting Gym Leaders. However, once you begin the Elite Four, the number of routes drastically decreases, making it harder to strengthen your team after a battle.

Therefore you’ll want to stockpile as many healing items as possible before reaching the Elite Four, as the nurse services exponentially increase, while the level cap service is always free.

Gym Leaders start off easy and rapidly increase in difficulty. Eventually, you must fight gym leaders while under permanent weather conditions.

Once you defeat all eight gym leaders, you must face the Elite Four, the same Elite Four from Pokemon Emerald. However, their teams have had a major upgrade, and you’ll face them randomly.

Pokemon Emerald Rogue: Quests

quest log
Pokemon Emerald Rogue: Quest Log – image by Alex Maksymiw

Completing quests is extremely important for making progress since you can earn money, Rare Candies, berries to grow in the Berry Patch, and new hub services and gameplay challenges.

Just like other Roguelikes, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts on adventures. Some quests are repeatable, giving you bonus money and Rare Candies for your adventures. You should aim to complete these every time you embark on an adventure:

Repeatable Quests


Quest Description


Gym Challenge

Defeat the first four Gym Leaders2 Rare Candies, 2,500 Pokedollars

Gym Master

Defeat all eight Gym Leaders2 Rare Candies, 2,500 Pokedollars

Gym Elite

Beat the Elite Four2 Rare Candies, 5,000 Pokedollars

The Champion

Beat the Champion3 Rare Candies, 10,000 Pokedollars, Type Master Quest

You can view your current available quests in the Quest Log; note that to get the reward for completing quests, you must talk to Scott in the Adventure building.

  • Note that quests with “Full Run” mentioned require you to complete runs without skipping Gym Leaders. Therefore, selling your Rare Candies earned through quests or taking them with you on your adventure makes sense.

Why would you want Rare Candies on your adventure when there is a flood of XP in Emerald Rogue? You may need a Rare Candy to evolve Pokemon that require evolution items like Seadra and the Dragonscale or Onix and the Metal Coat.

evolving onix with metal coat
Pokemon Emerald Rogue_ Evolving Onix with Metal Coat – image by Alex Maksymiw

Completing quests is important for unlocking new services in the Hub and opening up routes blocked off by HMs.

Like regular Pokemon games, many items are locked behind small trees, rocks, and boulders. While HMs like Fly and Waterfall can’t be used in the world, HMs are necessary for stockpiling items for the adventure ahead.

QuestQuest DescriptionReward
Badge 1Beat Gym 1HM Cut, Rare Candies, Pecha Berries
Badge 2Beat Gym 2HM Flash, Rare Candies, Persim Berries
Badge 3Beat Gym 3HM Rock Smash, Rare Candies, Rawst Berries
Badge 4Beat Gym 4HM Strength, Rare Candies, Cheri Berries
Badge 5Beat Gym 5HM Dive, Rare Candies, Aspear Berries
Badge 6Beat Gym 6HM Fly, Rare Candies, Chest Berries
Badge 7Beat Gym 7HM Waterfall, Rare Candies, Leppa Berries
Badge 8Beat Gym 8HM Surf, Rare Candies, Sitrus Berries

Pokemon Emerald Rogue Post-Game: What’s Next?

adventure customization
Pokemon Emerald Rogue_ Adventure Customization – image by Alex Maksymiw

Pokemon Emerald Rogue may have the best post-game of any Pokemon game. Once you complete your first adventure, you’ll unlock many new game modes with new challenging and fun parameters.

You’ll also unlock Pokemon up to generation eight and many new quests. Pokemon Emerald Rogue is everything you could ever want from the Battle Frontier.

New gym leaders from generations one and two will be added to the roster of random Mighty Trainers you fight at the end of the Adventure Map. As a result, there is a ton of content to experience.

You can customize your game via the Config Lab in the secret room in the back or embark on adventures with set parameters by talking to the new nurses in the Adventure building’s new extension.


Question: How Do You Play Pokemon Emerald Rogue?

Answer: To play Pokemon Emerald Rogue, you must install a Gameboy Advanced Emulator and the base Emerald Rom. Next, you will need to patch Emerald with the Emerald Rogue files. But don’t worry; this is an easy process.

Pokecommunity and Relic Castle are the one-stop communities for Pokemon fan-made games, and they are the most trusted websites within the Pokemon fanmade community. Once you have downloaded Emerald Rogue and base Pokemon Emerald, it’s time to patch it.

To patch Emerald, you can use the simple online Rom Patcher, upload each file to the corresponding upload box, click “Apply Patch,” and download Emerald Rogue.

Now load up your emulator and open the Emerald Rogue ROM. You’ll know the patch has worked if you see the Pokemon Emerald introduction cutscene, red text displaying Emerald Rogue files, and a Wobbuffet on the main menu.

Question: Will Development For Pokemon Emerald Rogue Continue?

Answer: Yes, Pokabbie, the developer of Pokemon Emerald Rogue, has stated on Discord that she is happy to keep updating Emerald Rogue and is very active for any questions Pokemon trainers might have. You can download the update.

I highly recommend joining the Pokemon Emerald Rogue Community Discord Server. Here you can get the latest updates and patch notes for the game and learn some awesome strategies from some elite trainers in the community!

Question: How Does The Evolite Work In Pokemon Emerald Rogue?

Answer: The Evolite is an invaluable hold item to give your Pokemon that can evolve. The Evolite boosts the Def and Sp. Def the Pokemon by 50%.

This is invaluable if your Pokemon must wait for the next level cap or you get access to its evolution item, especially when facing Gym Leaders.

Pokemon Emerald Rogue Guide: Never-Ending Conclusion

Pokemon Emerald Rogue_ Conclusion – image by Alex Maksymiw

In conclusion, Pokemon Emerald Rogue is a fantastic fan-made game that captures Rogue-like games’ intensity and fun RNG. Every mighty trainer battle, every gym battle, and fork in the road will keep you on edge.

The threat of losing a Pokemon for the rest of the adventure constantly plays in the back of your mind and makes you really think about your actions.

The road to becoming the champion is a path that many trainers tread; however, in Pokemon Emerald, you must consider the factors that I brought up in the guide if you want to succeed.

Building your Partner’s and team’s EVs and stats should be at the forefront of your mind, and you must study your Pokemon’s IVs. These are the building blocks and biggest indicators of a star Pokemon.

From my experience, it is always a good idea to chase the Mighty Trainer and Powerful Pokemon Routes as although the battles are very challenging, you have the opportunity to strengthen your team with Legendary Pokemon and Pokemon with strong IVs and move sets from prominent figures in the Pokemon Anime like Lucy’s Serviper.

On a final note, Pokemon Emerald Rogue is a difficult game, but failure is a major aspect of the game, and in any Rogue-Like game, there is no story so if you’re looking for a fresh Pokemon game that tests your battle prowess, then Emerald Rogue is for you. Every Adventure you embark on, every team you build is different.

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