Pokemon Tectonic Guide: Becoming the Makya Champion and Saving the World Along the Way

Pokemon Tectonic is another juggernaut fan-made game that takes you to the expansive Makya Region, home to its own Makyan Pokemon variants.

Becoming the champion is no easy task battles are tough, and many of the rules of Pokemon gameplay have been mixed up, providing a fresh and fun experience.

I’ve lost count of how many fan-made Pokemon games I’ve played, but Pokemon Tectonic will be one of the standouts.

Its unique take on Pokemon gameplay by issuing strict level caps, no items in battle bar hold items, and extensive new Pokemon abilities make Pokemon Tectonic a must-play.

Well, let’s start the Pokemon Tectonic guide, and see what this game offers…

Story Synopsis

Part of a wealthy family, your mother is sick of you and your brother “leaching” from the family wealth. In a bid to prove her wrong, your brother Zain leaves for the Makya Region to become the Champion.

You follow in your rival and brother’s footsteps although he has a headstart, you’ll prove who is the strongest Pokemon trainer in your family.

Professor Tamarind, the Pokemon Professor of the Makya Region, owes your family and, in good faith, gets your Pokemon Adventure started with two starter Pokemon and the MasterDex.

In Pokemon Tectonic, the region’s evil team, Team Chasm, has already been dismantled by a hero. A cool premise that makes for an interesting play.

You get to see how the people of Makya have moved on after the world-ending crisis of Team Chasm meddling with the power of the Regis. You must piece together past events, confront old heroes, and find a way to stop the Avatar Pokemon.

Key Features

  • The MasterDex – The MasterDex is the best Pokedex a trainer could ask for. This device will display everything you need to know about a Pokemon. From where you can catch it, how it evolves, its EXP growth rate, the moves it can learn, and the MasterDex can be used in battle, allowing you to pause and strategize your next move when facing a new foe.
  • New Pokemon Abilities – Think you’re a Pokemon professor? Well, you’ll have to throw away your old Pokemon encyclopedia as Pokemon Tectonic takes the rule book and throws it in the can. Every single Pokemon from gen 1 – 8 has had an ability makeover. These abilities have a monumental impact in battle. Take Pidgey, for example. Its Wind Buffer ability grants it a Sp. Def and Def stat increase each time it uses a wind-like move!
  • No EV or IVs – EVs and IVs have been thrown out the window and have been replaced with “Style,” a feature where you can manually edit or select from a pool or styles to tune your Pokemon to specialize as physical tanks, fast attacks, and special defense walls.
  • Performance Analyzer – The Performance Analyzer prints battle reports every time you battle a Gym Leader, which can be read to increase your level cap.
  • Aid Kit – Pokemon Tectonic’s version of the Estus Flask. This Key Item will store healing charges to heal your Pokemon while away from Pokemon Centers. Trainers in Pokemon Tectonic respawn after you use a Pokemon Center if you don’t perfect the battle leading to some Dark Souls-like gameplay where you can get caught out on a route if you’ve battled poorly and ran out of Aid Kit charges.
  • EXP-EZ Dispenser – EXP can only be earned by battling trainers, and the EXP-EZ Dispenser store EXP can later be turned into EXP Candies. This is great for when your Pokemon are at the level cap.

Pokemon Tectonic Walkthrough: Prologue

pokemon tectonic
Pokemon Tectonic: Professor Tamarind Prologue – Image by Alex Maksymiw

The Prologue is very short, cutting straight to the chase; you’ve traveled to the Makya Region with dreams of becoming the region Champion. However, your brother has already started his Pokemon journey.

Professor Tamarind, the Makya Region, greets you on your arrival and presents you with the MasterDex, the best Pokedex you’ve ever had your Pokemon trainer hands on. This beast of an encyclopedia has everything you need to know about Pokemon’s move sets and abilities.

Choosing Your Starter

pokemon tectonic professor tamarind
Pokemon Tectonic: Professor Tamarind Prologue – image by Alex Maksymiw

Once you pick up your MasterDex, Professor Tamarind will allow you to choose between the typical Grass, Water, and Fire-type starter Pokemon:

  • Krabby – Water
  • Numel – Fire
  • Applin – Grass

These may seem odd, but the Makya Region has new evolutions and regional Pokemon.

You’ll be given a selection of Normal-type Pokemon along with your starter. You can see hints of the third stage evolution by looking at your MasterDex, which will tell you how to evolve your Pokemon!

  • Zigzagoon
  • Skwovert
  • Patrat

I Picked Krabby and Zigzagoon for my team. When you collect your Pokemon, your MasterDex will reveal their ability.

Abilities in Pokemon Tectonic have had a mix-up. Krabby’s Shell Armor from the mainline games has been changed to Steely Armor, an ability that increases the power of Steel-type moves and protects Krabby from Critical-Hits. So make sure to check your Pokemon’s abilities!

Professor Tamarind will explain that Lambert Casaba Villa’s Gym Leader left for Bluepoint Beach to the west.

However, it seems as though Lambert blocked off the route to Bluepoint Beach, requiring you to travel north through a tunnel to find an explosive to blow the rock up.

pokemon tectonic casaba villa
Pokemon Tectonic: Casaba Villa – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Finding Lambert

Since you can’t travel west, head northeast to enter Scenic Path. Here you will battle your first trainers. The battle screen has had a major upgrade. In Pokemon Tectonic, you’ll have various options and information during battle.

However, you won’t be able to use items during a battle. In addition, wild Pokemon do not grant your team EXP, but you can run away without fail.

Only trainers grant EXP for your Pokemon and perfect the battle by winning without losing a Pokemon, and the trainer will drop EXP items that can be used to increase your Pokemon’s EXP. (The level cap for the first Gym is level 15.)

Their nearby Pokemon can spot trainers in the Makya Region; the trainer will lead this Pokemon in battle. Healing your party at a Pokemon Center will trigger all trainers that are still on routes to reset their team and prime them for battle.

pokemon tectonic trainers of makya
Pokemon Tectonic: Trainers of Makya – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Speak to Jovan, a Researcher at Sweetrock Candy Company, to receive the EXP-EZ-Dispenser. ( A Key Item that lets you store excess EXP into candies). Pokemon Tectonic features a strict level cap to control the difficulty; the EXP-EZ Dispenser stops all the excess EXP from going to waste.

Next, enter Wind Way to meet Xander, a powerful trainer who will give you an Eevee if you can defeat him. I recommend ignoring him for now, as you’ll need to grow your team before you can beat him.

Enter the Foreclosed Tunnel to find an Ability Capsule and the Dynamite Stick to clear the rock blocking your way to Bluepoint Beach.

Once you’ve defeated all the trainers on Bluepoint Beach, enter Bluepoint Grotto to find Lambert, who will ask you to battle a Vigoroth Avatar. This boss battle will set two of your Pokemon against the Avatar.

pokemon tectonic lambert
Pokemon tectonic: Lambert – image by Alex Maksymiw

The Avatar of Vigoroth Battle

Vigorath will attack a Pokemon with both Bite and Scratch in a single turn. The crosshair will highlight what Pokemon the Avatar will attack.

Vigoroth has a lot of HP, so it’s a good idea to lower its Defence and Attack stat. I used Zigzagoon’s Stand Together to raise my Pokemon’s Defences.

Once you deplete an Avatar’s bar of HP, the Avatar will enter phase 2 of battle, where all status changes will be reset, its stats will be boosted, and it will use more moves in battle and change its Pokemon type.

pokemon tectonic the avatar of vigoroth battle
Pokemon tectonic: Vigoroth Avatar – Image by Alex Maksymiw

In phase two, Vigoroth changes to Dragon-type and uses Clash, a potent physical attacking move.

You can obtain an Alohan Sandshrew from the old lady in the Casaba Villa Mart and a Spheal by trading a Fire-type in the rest stop between Casaba Villa and Bluepoint Beach. Their Ice-types attacks would come in handy in this fight.

pokemon tectonic obtaining a sandshrew
Pokemon Tectonic: Obtaining A. Sandshrew – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Once you defeat Vigoroth, Lambert will explain that the Avatar Pokemon have recently appeared all over the Makya Region. He will heal your team and restore your Aid Kit.

Your next objective is to return to Casaba Villa, where your brother will phone you. You’ll have a few dialogue options, but none will impact the story. We do learn, however, that Zain is a bit of Diglett and needs to be pushed down a peg.

When you’re ready, head over to the Casaba Villa Pokemon Gym, where you’ll meet Vanya, a budding Pokemon trainer who you’ll meet throughout the game outside Pokemon Gyms.

Gym Leader Lambert Battle

pokemon tectonic gym leader lambert battle
Pokemon Tectonic: Fighting Lambert – Image by Alex Maksymiw

All gyms in the Makya Region focus on two Pokemon types, Fighting/Dark-type in Lambert’s case. In addition, you will be given the option of either fighting their basic or full team; in this playthrough, I challenged all gym leaders with their full team.

  • Lv. 15 Pancham
  • Lv. 15 Riolu
  • Lv. 15 Zarua 
  • Lv. 15 G Zigzagoon
  • Lv. 15 Croagunk 
  • Lv. 15 Machop 

Pidgey was a fantastic pick as its Wind Buffer ability increased its Def and Sp. Def each time a wind move is used (Gust). In addition, Gust has a 10% chance to inflict Frostbite on the opponent dealing 1/8 damage at the end of the round and reducing the Sp. Atk of the Pokemon by 33%, I got lucky and landed Frostbite to G Zigzagoon and Zarua.

Although Onix was not a good match-up in this fight, it was great for baiting out Zarua’s Grass Knot, allowing me to switch into Pidgey, resulting in my team taking minor damage.

Once you defeat Lambert, you will receive a Battle Report increasing your level cap to 20. Lambert will ask you to defeat the Avatar Pokemon in the locked chamber in his house (hmm, strange).

Legendary Zeraora Avatar Battle

pokemon tectonic legendary zeraora avatar battle
Pokemon Tectonic: Zeraora Avatar – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Unlike the previous Avatar battle, you’ll fight Zeraora with three Pokemon. In phase two, Zeraora will reset its stats, transform into a Fighting-type and use Primeval Bulk Up! Zeraora’s ability will change to Volt Absorb, so don’t use Electric-type moves, as this will heal it.
  • In phase three, Zeraora will transform into a Flying-type and use Primeaval Tailwind.

This is a very hard battle; however, if you can keep your Rock-types safe, Zeraora’s Flying-type form will deal minuscule damage to them. Once you defeat Zeraora, you will be rewarded with a Star Piece.

  • You can interact with Avatar Totems to teleport to other discovered totems in the Makya Region.

Sailing to the Mainland

pokemon tectonic sailing to the mainland
Pokemon Tectonic: Feebas’ Fin Psychic Gem Location – Image by Alex Maksymiw

All that’s left to do is set sail for the mainland; before you board the boat, Professor Tamarind will state that she could use your battling skills and mentions Team Chasm; however, she reveals little information about why she might need you.

The boat will dock at Febas’ Fin, a humble settlement. You’ll find a Pokemon Center here, but if you want to pick up supplies, you’ll have to talk to the vendor surrounded by Timburr and Gurdurr.

Pick up the Dynamite Stick in the northeast corner of Feebas Fin. You can use this to clear a rock and obtain an Origin Stone in the next route. (A stone that can be traded in Grouz for Hisuin Region Pokemon).

pokemon tectonic fire token
Pokemon Tectonic: Fire Token – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Next, head north through the Shipping Lane; while on this route, talk to Jovan again to receive the Abraporter, a Key Item that grants you the ability to teleport to the last safe location.

  • Don’t miss out on the Kit Expansion item south of the Origin Stone. This will permanently increase your Aid Kit charges.

Novo Town

pokemon tectonic novo town
Pokemon Tectonic: Novo Town Fossil Reviver – Image by Alex Maksymiw

There is a ton to do in Novo Town. Your main objective is to head to the gym, but you should make sure to stop off at the Starters Store to trade your Fire Token for a Fire-type starter. Nearby in the park, talk to the man on the bench to trade a Normal-type Pokemon for an Eevee.

There are two Avatar Pokemon battles in Novo Town:

  • A Graveler – Is found in the house east of the park. The scientist will give you an A. Geodude in return. A. Graveler will transform into a Bug-type and summon a Combee to use Helping Hand in phase two.
  • Mega Absol – Is found on the top floor of the Novo Apartments; you’ll fight alongside an Absol that you can catch after the battle. Mega Absol will transform into a Fire-type in phase two and use Incinerate to burn your hold items and deal damage to all Pokemon in battle.

Eko Gym Leader Battle

pokemon tectonic eko gym leader battle
Pokemon Tectonic: Eko battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Eko’s specialty is Poison and Fire-type Pokemon. As a result, Ground and Psychic-types are very effective here. To get through the gym, you’re better off perfecting the trainer battles as this will clear access to teleporters and save you time having to repeat the battles.

You must fight Eko in a double battle:

  • Lv. 20 Tentacool
  • Lv. 20 Salandit 
  • Lv. 20 Fletchinder
  • Lv. 20 Vulpix 
  • Lv. 20 Camerupt
  • Lv. 20 Tynamo

I beat Eko in a perfect battle with this team:

M. Sentret worked a charm in the early stages of the battle. It’s Heart Stamp one-hit-KO Tentacool and finished off Salandit. I swapped up my team, adding a Horsea with the Whirler ability granting me chip damage whenever I swapped it in.

Horsea was pivotal for my Perfect victory as I could swap in Onix to take Tynamo’s ineffective attacks. You will want to watch out for Vulpix’s Cursed Tail ability (if a Pokemon strikes Vulpix twice, it becomes cursed).

Vulpix will also use Fire Spin to trap your Pokemon for a turn. Ground-type moves won’t work on Salandit until its Air Balloon has been popped.

Once you defeat Eko, he will present you with the Perseverance Badge. You will receive a battle report increasing your level cap to level 25. In addition, Eko will ask you to defeat the Avatar locked in the abandoned building found on Shipping Lane.

Meloetta Avatar Battle

pokemon tectonic meloetta avatar battle
Pokemon Tectonic: Meloetta Avatar – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Meloetta’s Relic Song attack will strike all three of your Pokemon and trigger her to change to her Fighting-type form.
  • In phase two of the battle, Meloetta will use Yawn. I used Toxtricity’s Clamor to cause an Uproar to stop my team from sleeping.
  • In phase three, Meloetta will use Endure to protect her from being knocked out for three rounds.

Your next objective is to find the third Gym Leader at LuxTech Campus found by traveling east through Kilna Turf to Grouz, then traveling north through East Tunnel to Lingering Delta until finally traveling west to LuxTech Campus.

On the way, stop off at the Pokemon Ranger Center in Grouz. You can purchase some powerful weather moves and battle a Pro Trainer to receive Starter Tokens. Pro Trainer Jade has the same battling ability as Xander.

pokemon tectonic grouz life orb
Pokemon Tectonic: Grouz Life Orb – image by Alex Maksymiw

LuxTech Campus: Finding Helenas Package

You’ll meet Helena, the Luxtech Campus Gym Leader, in the foyer of the LuxTech Campus main building. Helena will explain that Zain has already beaten her and gym challenges have stopped; however, if you retrieve her lost package from Gigalith’s Gut, a cave tunnel inside Mt. Kilna, she will challenge you.

pokemon tectonic luxtech campus
Pokemon Tectonic: meeting Helena in LuxTech campus – Image by Alex Maksymiw

To get to Gigalith’s Guts, travel west to the Country Park, then travel south. While in the Country Park, explore the tall grass patches amongst the trees north of the Country Park entrance to find the Medical Upgrade, an item that upgrades the potency of your Aid Kit heals.

In Gigalith’s Guts, you must fight a couple of Avatars, Pikachu, Marshtomp, and Boldore; if you’re struggling to beat them, use the Bar move, which disables the opponent’s off-type moves.

Take the time to explore the area. There are some characters that you can talk to after defeating the Avatars. You can purchase an Origin Stone from a lady and meet a new friendly trainer called Eifion, who will ask you to heal his Phione.

To find Helena’s lost package enter the eastern cave on the railway tracks; you’ll have to fight the mysterious trainer that you previously encountered with the Togekiss. However, it’s an easy battle.

After the battle, you’ll team up to explore the cave. You can talk to the trainer, but she reveals little information about herself.

pokemon tectonic fighting with yezera
Pokemon Tectonic: fighting with Yezera – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Up ahead, you must fight a Scarodon Avatar (Mega Sharpedo), Watchdog, and Linoone Avatar, but you’ll have help from the mysterious trainer.

  • Scarodon’s health can quickly be taken down with Fairy-type attacks. However, once it reaches phase two, it will transform into a Poison-type and use Primeval Poison Gas to poison your Pokemon.
  • The watchdog will transform to an Electric-type and use Primeaval Numb on your Pokemon.
  • Linoone will transform into a Water-type in phase two and use Primeval Rain to boost water-type moves and weaken the power of others.

Once you defeat Linoone, the mysterious trainer will reveal that she’s called Yezera before leaving. Pick up Helena’s package nearby and either take the exit back to Team Chasm HQ or go up the ladder to get to the Eastern Tunnel and return to Helena, who will open her gym.

Gym Leader Helena Battle

pokemon tectonic gym leader helena battle
Pokemon Tectonic: battling Helena – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Helena specializes in Water and Electric-type Pokemon. There are no trainers in the gym.

  • Lv. 25 Lanturn
  • Lv. 25 Wailmer
  • Lv. 25 Toxtricity
  • Lv. 25 Kingler
  • Lv. 25 Prinplup
  • Lv. 25 Luxio

This was the easiest gym battle so far. I used this team to perfect the battle:

I lead with Swadloon, which triggered Helena to swap into Wailmer, a Water/Flying-type Pokemon, allowing me to swap to Toxtricity on round one and use Shock Wave to one-hit-KO it.

Although Helena’s team is part, Water-type Onix was a great pic to swap into Poison-type and Flying-type attacks from Toxtricity and Prinplup. Then I could swap into my Grass-types to negate the damage from incoming Water-type moves.

Once you defeat Helena, she will present you with the Patience Badge. You will begin another Battle Report to increase your level cap by five levels. (You could return to Novo Town to face Nurse Joy in the Battle Club now). Otherwise, your primary objective is to travel to Velenz to challenge the fourth Gym Leader.

Alternatively, you could help Helena destroy the Avatar north of Team Chasm HQ using unlocking the area with Chamber Key 3 given by Helena.

The chamber is found directly north of the Pokemon Ranger Center and contains both Shaymin and Shaymin Sky Form.

Legendary Shaymin Avatar Battle

pokemon tectonic legendary shaymin avatar battle
Pokemon Tectonic: fighting Shaymin Avatar – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • In phase one, Shaymin will use Mega Drain and Angel Kiss to inflict Dizzy on your Pokemon, while Sky Shaymin will use Air Dart and Heat Wave to damage all three of your Pokemon.
  • In phase two, Shaymin will use Moonglow increasing both Shaymin’s Sp. Def and Def stats and transform to a Fairy-type. In the following turns, Shaymin will use Dazzling Gleam and Seed Flare.
  • In phase two, Sky Shaymin will transform into a Dark-type Pokemon and use Embargo blocking your Pokemon from using items in battle.

Here is the team I used to defeat the Avatar battle:

Once you’ve defeated the Shaymins, you will receive a Medical Upgrade.

You can travel to Velenz by walking south from Svait or through The Shelf, a forest west of Novo Town. I recommend the latter as the trainers north in the Svait area are high-level.

pokemon tectonic the shelf deino egg location
Pokemon Tectonic: The Shelf Deino Egg location – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Eventually, you will get to Repora Forest; the trainers here are high-level, but luckily, Velenz is a quick walk west. If you want to rescue the Growlithe, you must face a few trainers north.

Searching For Rafael’s Password In Velenz

Velenz is a ghost town and dangerous due to the area being overrun by Avatars. Upon arrival, a ranger will explain that Rafael (the Velenz Gym Leader) is a holdout in an underground base, and the only way to get to him is to find the four Digit Slips to form a code that unlocks the underground base.

The Digitslips are scattered all around Velenz but are guarded by Avatar Pokemon. Before you do anything, travel south and ignore the Pokemon Center to the north. This is actually a Zoroark Avatar trap. The Pokemon Rangers have set up a crude base to the south opposite a ladder.

You must fight a Magmar Avatar to get the first Digitslip found by climbing down the ladder opposite the Ranger HQ. Magmar will transform into a Ghost-type Pokemon in Phase-two and use Destiny Bond.

The second Digitslip is found by walking west of the Ranger HQ and climbing down the ladder. You’ll find a ruined house containing the Digitslip and a Gourgiest Avatar here. In phase two, Gourgiest will transform into a Psychic-type Pokemon.

pokemon tectonic gourgiest avatar
Pokemon Tectonic: Gourgiest Avatar – Image by Alex Maksymiw

The third Digitslip is picked up by defeating a Sawsbuck Avatar found in the nearby cave.

Throughout the battle, Sawsbuck will transform into all its forms from Fairy, Grass, Ground, and Ice. You’ll be given another Digitslip for defeating a trainer found in the house to the north.

The fifth Digitslip can be found by entering the cave to the northwest. In this cave, you must fight a Tangrowth Avatar. In phase two, it will transform into a Fairy-type.

You can find the sixth Digitslip by entering the house to the northwest and talking to the meditating NPC. You will have to fight a Gengar Avatar; however, if you lost, the NPC will give you the Digitslip on your return.

The seventh Digitslip is found in the north, passing the Camper trainer with an Oricorio, and the final eighth Digitslip is found by climbing down the ladder in the center of Velenz and passing the trainer with a Grotle.

Once you have all eight Digitslips talk to the ranger in the building that connects to Velenz Menagerie, and he will give you a Choice Scarf.

Gym Leader Rafael

pokemon tectonic gym leader rafael
Pokemon Tectonic: Rafael battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Rafael specializes in Grass and Ghost-type Pokemon. There is only one Pokemon Trainer in the gym, and you’ll find a crude gym by climbing down the ladder just north of the Ranger HQ.

  • Lv. 30 Dhelmise
  • Lv. 30 Thwackey
  • Lv. 30 A. Marowak
  • Lv. 30 Misdreavus
  • Lv. 30 Bellossom
  • Lv. 30 Oricorio

I perfected the battle with Rafael using this team:

I had to be careful in this battle as A. Marowak could one-hit-KO my Dark-type Pokemon. However, Dark-type moves were super effective against the majority of his team. Salazzle was the MVP of this battle. Its dual Poison/Fire-type gave me resistance to his Grass-types, and its Poison-type moves heavily countered Bellossom.

Once you defeat Rafael, he will present you with the Reverance Badge, and you’ll earn another Battle Report raising your level cap by five levels.

After the fight, we learn that a man named Andris gave each of the Gym Leaders a Chamber Key to the prisons that have locked away powerful Avatar Pokemon.

The Makya Region Championship serves as a way to find powerful trainers to defeat the Avatar Pokemon that have emerged all over Makya.

Rafael will give you the fourth Chamber Key that opens the door at the back of the room. You’ll find a Yveltal Avatar in the chamber. Leaving the gym will trigger Professor Tamarind to call you, asking you to take down a Steelix Avatar in the Grouz Mine.

Yveltal Avatar Battle

pokemon tectonic yveltal avatar battle
Pokemon Tectonic: Yveltal Avatar – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Yveltal will use Oblivion Wing and Lash Out in phase one of battle. In phase two, Yveltal will use Primeval Cursed Oath, cursing all your Pokemon in battle and transforming into a Ghost-type.

Yveltal will use Drain Punch and Dead End attacks in phase two. In phase three,, Yveltal will use Primeval Calm Mind, transform into a Psychic-type, and use Tempest and Extrasensory.

The Avatar of Yveltal will drop a Life Orb.

Steelix Avatar Battle

pokemon tectonic steelix avatar battle
Pokemon Tectonic: Steelix Avatar in Grouz – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • In phase one, Steelix will use the Slag and Earthquake move. At the start of phase two, Steelix will use Primeval Amnesia and transform to Psychic-type. Steelix will then begin to use Psychic Overload, a move that will strike both your Pokemon in battle. Once Steelix stores enough power, it will unleash a powerful 150-power attack.

After you defeat the Steelix Avatar, Professor Tamarind will ask to meet you in Helena’s House in the Country Park.

You won’t find Professor Tamarind in Helena’s house, but you will meet Yezera again, who will challenge you to a battle.

pokemon tectonic helena's house in country park
Pokemon Tectonic: Helena’s House in Country Park – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Helena’s House Yezera Battle

pokemon tectonic helena's house yezera battle
Pokemon Tectonic: Yezera Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Lv. 35 Rhydon
  • Lv. 35 Flaffy
  • Lv. 35 Malamar
  • Lv. 35 Ilumise
  • Lv. 35 Skiploom

Once you defeat Yezera, your Performance Analyzer will print another Battle Report increasing your level cap. Professor Tamarind will appear and reveal that Yezera is the former champion and disbanded Team Chasm.

Interestingly she introduces you to Yezera as the future champion. Yezera, overflowing with anxiety, runs out of the house, leaving you with Tamarind, who gives you a Surfboard, allowing you to surf over water.

Your next objective is to travel north of the Country Park and surf across the Eleig River to Prizca, the capital of the Makya Region and home to the fifth and sixth Pokemon Gyms.

If you surf west along the Eleig River, you will reach Frostflow Farms, where you can obtain a Medical Upgrade by beating Scientist Zofia in the house next to the Combee hives.

Moreover, you can pick up a Dynamite Stick by walking in between the hives to reach the back of the house.

pokemon tectonic medical upgrade on eleig stretch river
Pokemon Tectonic: Medical Upgrade on Eleig Stretch River – Image by Alex Maksymiw

You can use this Dynamite Stick to clear the rock near the bridge with a Terrakion Avatar on Eleig River Crossing to pick up three Starter Tokens. You can head straight over the bridge to get to Prizca West.

However, I recommend dipping your toes into the Eleig Stretch as you can capture some Makya regional Pokemon and obtain a Fossilized Fish, which can be revived at the Team Chasm HQ for free.

Moreover, you meet Blaire, another Pro Trainer. If you beat her, you can pick up a Kit Expansion.

Legendary Terrakion Avatar Battle

pokemon tectonic legendary terrakion avatar battle
Pokemon Tectonic: Terrakion Avatar Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw

To get to Prizca West, you must defeat the Terrakion Avatar. Terrakion has three phases of battle:

  • In phase one, Terrakion will use Bedrock Breaker and Trample, and you won’t be able to use Knock Off to disable Terrakion’s Held Item.
  • In phase two, Terrakion will transform into a Flying-type and use Primeval Tailwind, granting it a boost to speed and extra attack. Terrakion will use Icecalibur and Empowered Brick Break. There I recommend that you use Bar to disable its off-type moves.
  • Terrakion will transform into a Ghost-type Pokemon in phase three and use Hammer Arm, Destiny Bond, and Soul Rip.

Once you defeat Terrakion, you’ll be free to venture forth north. Beware, though; a couple of trainers are blocking passage to Prizca West.

When you enter Prizca West, you’ll bump into Jovan, who will give you the Universal Formalizer. A wicked Key Item that allows you to transform your Pokemon between its regional forms.

The next Pokemon Gym is found just south of the Pokemon Center, and you can challenge the gym immediately. Otherwise, you can enter the Battle Plaza to the east to find the Pokemon Evolution Stone Store.

Here you can purchase every kind of evolution stone in the game. However, you must face several trainers in this area, all level forty and above.

If you beat the double battle to the west of the Evolution Stone Store, you can pick up the Medical Upgrade.

pokemon tectonic battle plaza evolution store
Pokemon Tectonic: Battle Plaza Evolution Store – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Bence and Zoe Gym Battle#

pokemon tectonic bence and zoe
Pokemon Tectonic: Bence and Zoe – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Bence and Zoe specialize in Rock and Flying-type Pokemon. You can take two paths in this gym, but I recommend beating all the trainers to sap up some EXP for your EXP-EZ-Dispenser. You’ll either have the option to fight Bence, Zoe, or both of them in a double battle.

  • Lv. 40 Staraptor
  • Lv. 40 Cradily
  • Lv. 40 Petroflyte (Mega Aerodactyl)
  • Lv. 40 Mantine
  • Lv. 40 Stonjourner
  • Lv. 40 Jumpluff

Once you defeat Bence and Zoe, they will present you with the Solidarity Badge, and your Performance Analyzer will produce a Battle Report increasing the level cap.

If you perfect the battle, Zoe and Bence will give you the fifth Chamber Key unlocking the Zamazenta and Zacain Avatars found in the Worn Shed south of Prizeca West.

Outside, you will be challenged by Zain, your brother, the first rival battle of the game.

Rival Zain Battle

pokemon tectonic rival zain battle
Pokemon Tectonic: Zain Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Lv. 42 Liepard
  • Lv. 43 Hairyama
  • Lv. 43 Donphan
  • Lv. 44 Frostmoth
  • Lv. 43 Serperior

Legendary Zamazenta and Zacain Avatar Battle

pokemon tectonic legendary zamazenta and zacain avatar battle
Pokemon Tectonic: Zamazenta and Zacain Avatars – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Zacain will use Sacred Sword and Play Rough in phase one. At the same time, Zamazenta will use Close Combat and Iron Head.
  • In phase two, Zamazenta will use Spikes to transform into a Ground-type, while Zacain will use String Shot to transform into a Bug-type.
  • Zacain will use Fury Cutter, and Zamazenta will use Stomping Tantrum in phase two.

Once you defeat the Zamazenta and Zacain Avatars, you will be given the Assault Vest and Striker Vest as a reward.

Battle Plaza and Prizca East

pokemon tectonic battle plaza and prizca east
Pokemon Tectonic: Alessa Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw

The Battle Plaza is full of trainers; if you walk south, you’ll meet Pro Trainer Emir. If you can beat him, you’ll be rewarded with a Relic Band, an item that can be sold for 80,000 Poke.

In Prizca East, you’ll meet Alessa next to the Makyan Capitol Building. You can challenge her to a double battle.

  • Lv. 44 Meganium
  • Lv. 44 Walrein
  • Lv. 45 Incineroar
  • Lv. 46 Altaria
  • Lv. 45 Mega Beedrill

Prizca East has many services available to you. If you’re an Eevee fanatic like me, enter the Skeevy Eevee Pub and trade your Eevee Tickets for Eevees. You can purchase additional Eevee Tickets for 20,000 Poke.

You can purchase powerful TMs and upgrade your Dexnav, allowing you to search for wild Pokemon with unique moves.

In the center of Prizca East to the west of the Pokemon Center, you will find the sixth Pokemon Gym. Noel is the sixth Pokemon Gym Leader and specializes in Ice and Psychic-type Pokemon, making Rock, Bug, and Dark-types your best bet for this battle.

To challenge Noel, you’ll need to beat every trainer in the Pokemon Gym first. However, there are only three trainers.

Gym Leader Noel Battle

pokemon tectonic gym leader noel battle
Pokemon Tectonic: Noel Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Lv. 45 Mr. Rime
  • Lv. 45 Crabominable
  • Lv. 45 Glalie
  • Lv. 45 Lunatone
  • Lv. 45 Metagross
  • Lv. 45 Girafarig

Once you defeat Noel, he will present you with the Clarity Badge, and your Performance Analyzer will print another Battle Report.

If you perfect the battle, Noel will give you the sixth Chamber Key and tell you to go to his northeast of Prizca East and look behind the display cabinet to find a Xerneas Avatar.

Once you leave the gym, Professor Tamarind will call you, asking you to join her in the underground catacombs of Prizca.

pokemon tectonic noel's house
Pokemon Tectonic: Noel’s House – Image by Alex Maksymiw
pokemon tectonic professor tamarind in the sewers
Pokemon Tectonic: Professor Tamarind in the sewers – image by Alex Maksymiw

When you are ready to enter the Prizca West Sewers and defeat the Spiritomb blocking access to the Catacombs staircase, Professor Tamarind will inform you that someone has broken into the Regidrago tomb.

We quickly learn that Yezera is stealing Regidrago to free it. A battle unlike any other will ensue.

Yezera Battle

pokemon tectonic yezera battle
Pokemon Tectonic: surviving the Yezera Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw

In this battle, all of Yezera’s Pokemon will vastly out-level your own. However, to win this battle, you must survive nine rounds. If you are defeated, you can respawn at the nearby Avatar Totem.

  • Lv. 65 Togekiss
  • Lv. 65 Gyarados
  • Lv. 65 Mega Lopunny
  • Lv. 65 Magnezone

After nine rounds, Yezera will stop the battle and leave. Your Performance Analyzer will print a Battle Report, increasing the level cap to level 55.

Professor Tamarind will offer to heal your Pokemon and reveal that Team Chasm sought to control the Regis, but Yezera opposed this, leading to confusion about why Yezera stole Regidrago.

Enter the door north of the catacombs, defeat the trainer to trigger Professor Tamarind to appear, and give you the Climbing Boots, a Key Item that allows you to Rock Climb up rocky ledges.

Your next objective is to find the seventh Gym Leader in Sweetrock Harbor. You can reach Sweetrock Harbor by traveling east of Prizca East to Split Peaks. However, take the time to explore the Catacombs.

You can find a Dreepy Egg on the second floor behind a hidden wall in the northern part of the map, where a Dragopult can be found patrolling the corridor. An additional Goomy Egg can be found on the third floor behind the hidden wall near the Dragon Tamer Trainer.

pokemon tectonic catacombs dreepy egg
Pokemon Tectonic: Catacombs Dreepy Egg – Image by Alex Maksymiw

When you’re ready to travel east to Split Peaks, you must climb the nearby wall. There is also an Avatar of Virizion on the footpath.

To get to Sweetrock Harbor, you climb to the top of the mountain and then descend down the north side of the mountain, then travel east. You must fight an Excadrill and Slurpuff Avatar in a double battle before entering Sweetrock Harbor.

pokemon tectonic sweetharbor avatars
Pokemon Tectonic: Sweetharbor Avatars – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Heal your Pokemon as soon as you enter Sweetrock Harbor, as you’ll be challenged by a mysterious masked trainer who owns a Regirock.

Masked Villian Crimson Battle

pokemon tectonic masked villian crimson battle
Pokemon Tectonic: Masked Villain battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Lv. 55 Regirock
  • Lv. 55 Arcanine
  • Lv. 55 Golurk
  • Lv. 55 Gallade
  • Lv. 55 G. Rapidash
  • Lv. 55 Staraptor

The Sweetrock Harbor Pokemon Gym is found to the north. In this gym, you must sign a waiver, tour the candy factory, and battle the trainers along the way.

Once you defeat all the workers, Brenda, the tour guide, will challenge you. Once you defeat her, you will be given the Factory Pass to access the door to the north and battle Victoire. Victoire specializes in Fairy and Steel-type Pokemon.

Gym Leader Victoire Battle

pokemon tectonic gym leader victoire battle
Pokemon Tectonic: Sweetrock Harbor Gym – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Lv. 55 Blastoise
  • Lv. 55 Mismaguas
  • Lv. 55 Aggron 
  • Lv. 55 Mega Altaria
  • Lv. 55 Mega Mawile
  • Lv. 55 Togedemaru

I had a lot of fun fighting Victoire; I brought some old veterans back to my party to optimize my team. I perfected the battle with the following team:

Victoire is a tricky battle; first off, she will trick you by starting the battle with Blastoise instead of Mega Mawile. I used my Leavanny to one-hit-Ko Blastoise with Leaf Blade after a round of Swords Dance. I then switched M. Ninetails into Aggron and used Vanguard since Ninetails could take a few hits from Bedrock Breaker.

This increased its Sp. Atk and Def, allowing me to one-hit-KO Aggron with Soul Drain in the following round, regaining Ninetails health in the process. ( Bear in mind that Aggron will hold a Focus Sash, but Bedrock Breaker’s recoil should invalidate it.

Togedemaru is a little tough cookie if you don’t pop its Air Balloon this item allows Togedemaru to float, negating all Ground-type attacks. However, my Pidgeot made short work of Togedemaru using Air Slash into Sand Assault.

You must watch out for Alataria’s Earthquake, as this destroyed my Salazzle in the first battle. In the perfect battle, I used A. Sandshrew to Meteor Mash and Leach Life Altaria into oblivion.

Once you defeat Victoire, she will present you with the Generosity Badge, and you’ll gain another Battle Report.

Victoire will give you the seventh Chamber Key if you perfect the battle. She’ll explain that she wants you to destroy the Regiggas Avatar found on Crescent Island.

Before you leave Sweetrock Harbor, explore east of the lighthouse to find a small cavern containing a Jangmo-o Egg.

pokemon tectonic sweetrock harbor jangmo-o egg location
Pokemon Tectonic: Sweetrock Harbor Jangmo-o Egg location – Image by Alex Maksymiw

When you’re ready, travel to Team Chasm HQ to the final Pokemon Gym. You can use the Totem Avatar in the cave south of Sweetrock Harbor to travel fast, close to Team Chasm HQ.

However, you will have to beat a Deoxys Avatar. However, my Leavanny shredded Deoxys with two rounds of Swords Dance, followed X-Scisor.

Team Chasm HQ: Zain and Samorn

pokemon tectonic team chasm hq zain and samorn
Pokemon Tectonic: Zain at Team Chasm HQ – Image by Alex Maksymiw

You’ll meet Zain at the front door of the Team Chasm HQ Pokemon Gym. He will reveal that he placed a closed sign on the gym’s door when you visited Team Chasm HQ before asking for your help to take down a trainer causing chaos in the Team Chasm HQ dig site.

Samorn, an old lady and the Team Chasm HQ Gym Leader, is injured in the process, and Zain states that you should take out the crazed trainer while he gets Samorn to safety.

At the dig site you’ll discover that the trainer is Sang, who you previously battled in the Prizco Catacombs. However, this time his team has had a major upgrade:

Sang Team Chasm HQ Battle

pokemon tectonic sang team chasm hq battle
Pokemon Tectonic: Sang Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Lv. 60 Exploud
  • Lv. 60 Registeel
  • Lv. 60 Chatot
  • Lv. 60 Seismatoad
  • Lv. 60 Wigglytuff

Once you defeat Sang, he will flee and drop the Mini Totem, a Key Item that allows you to teleport to any Avatar Totem in the Makya Region.

Zain will appear and unexpectedly declare that he no longer wants to challenge the Pokemon Championship after coming to the conclusion that Mavis, your mother, has pitted you and Zain together.

With that bombshell over, it’s time to face Samorn, the final Gym Leader; Samorn uses a Sandstorm team specializing in Dragon and Bug-type Pokemon.

Gym Leader Samorn Double Battle

pokemon tectonic gym leader samorn double battle
Pokemon Tectonic: Samorn battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Lv. 60 Flygon
  • Lv. 60 Towerpoda
  • Lv. 60 Volcarona
  • Lv. 60 Reavor (Mega Scizor)
  • Lv. 60 Garchomp
  • Lv. 60 Saurenaid (Mega M Lapras)

You’ll earn the Mercy Badge for beating Samorn and be given a new Battle Report increasing your level cap to level 65. You’ll also gain the eighth Chamber Key if you perfect the battle. I used the Battle Report to get an edge over Samorn’s team and swapped out my Tyrantum for my Kingdra to perfect the battle.

With all eight Gym Badges pinned on your jacket, it’s almost time to challenge the Elite Four in Prizca. However, before the tournament can start, you must visit Yezera in Whitebloom Town, located west of the Eleig River.

pokemon tectonic cave of hatching entrance
Pokemon Tectonic: Cave of Hatching Entrance – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Using the Surfboard, surf west to reach Highland Lake and enter the Cave of Hatching. You’ll have to fight a couple of trainers and a Togekiss Avatar to get through. Ultimately, you will have an optional double battle with a Pro Trainer, Nero.

If you defeat him, you’ll unlock a new location to sail to on your boat. However, this area will be added in a future update to Pokemon Tectonic.

pokemon tectonic cave of hatching gible egg location
Pokemon Tectonic: Cave of Hatching Gible Egg location – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Climbing up the ladder will lead to the Cave of Hatching exit. However, the exit will be blocked by a masked villain.

  • Lv. 65 Regice
  • Lv. 65 Milliblaze
  • Lv. 65 Florges
  • Lv. 65 A. Sandslash
  • Lv. 65 Absolus (Mega Absol)
  • Lv. 65 Palmantra

Once you defeat the masked villain, you can enter Whitebloom Town. Whitebloom Town is eerily reminiscent of the first towns of Pokemon games. You’ll find Yezera’s house, an old Pokemon Lab, and Alessa’s house in the town.

Previously Alessa mentioned that she was a rival to a strong Pokemon trainer. Moreover, Professor Tamarind mentions that Yezera destroyed Team Chasm.

pokemon tectonic whitebloom town
Pokemon Tectonic: Whitebloom Town – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Your next objective is to meet Yezera on the cliff’s edge; you can get to her by walking down the ledge to the southwest of Whitebloom Town. After reaching Yezera, she will explain that she will create a new world using the powers of the Regis.

Her reason? She is bored with her Pokemon adventure, explaining that she has completed nuzlocke, mono-type runs, and all kinds of self-imposed rules. She will then battle you.

Yezera Battle

pokemon tectonic whitebloom yezera battle
Pokemon Tectonic: Whitebloom Yezera Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw (1)
  • Lv. 65 Regidrago
  • Lv. 65 Regileki
  • Lv. 65 Chandelure
  • Lv. 65 Haerobic (Mega Lopunny)
  • Lv. 65 Togekiss
  • Lv. 65 Tyranitar

Once you defeat Yezera, your Performance Analyzer will increase the level cap by an extra five levels. With Yezera defeated, you’ll be able to start the Makyan Pokemon Championships.

Yezera states that you can meet her at Regigigas’s tomb after the tournament to battle her, whether to join her or stop her.

Tournament Grounds: Elite Four

pokemon tectonic elite four
Pokemon Tectonic: Battle Plazza tournament Grounds – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Head to the Battle Plaza to start the tournament and present your badges at the Tournament Grounds. Several Elite Four members may appear in the Elite Four. Note that you won’t be able to switch your party after entering the tournament.

Elite Four: X Battle

pokemon tectonic elite four x battle
Pokemon Tectonic: Elite Four X – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Lv. 70 Mr. Mime Play Rough
  • Lv. 70 Persian Fake Out Swords Dance Cha-Ching!
  • Lv. 70 Indeedee Mystical Fire
  • Lv. 70 Mimikyu Tantrum Shadow Sneak
  • Lv. 70 Sensibelle Psychic
  • Lv. 70 Gardevoir Mystical Fire Shadow Ball

Elite Four Elise

  • Lv. 70 Froslass Hail Aurora Veil Snowy Sorrows
  • Lv. 70 Dromerupt Earth Power
  • Lv. 70 Chimecho Dream Absorb Charge Beam
  • Lv. 70 Golurk Phantom Break Thunder Punch
  • Lv. 70 Mamoswine Crystal Crush Superpower
  • Lv. 70 Weavile Knock Off Ice Shard Life Orb triple Axe Psycho Cut

Elite Four Alessa

pokemon tectonic elite four alessa
Pokemon Tectonic: Elite Four Alessa – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Lv. 70 Forretress Spikes Poison Spikes
  • Lv. 70 Claydol Leyline Burst Calm Mind Cosmic Power
  • Lv. 70 Roserade Slay Leaf Blade
  • Lv. 70 Swampert Liquidation Earthquake Yawn
  • Lv 70 Crustle Bedrock Breaker
  • Lv. 70 Durant Iron Head Aerial Ace

Elite Four Lambert

  • Lv. 70 Zoroark Psychic
  • Lv. 70 Aegislash Shadow Sneak Wailing Blow
  • Lv. 70 Pangoro Sucker Punch Hammer Arm Bullet Punch Swords Dance
  • Lv. 70 Ryujin (Mega Lucario) Salac Berry Steel Beam Dream Dance
  • Lv. 70 Excadrill Undermine
  • Lv. 70 Infernape Drain Punch Fire Punch

Elite Four Eifion

pokemon tectonic elite four eifion
Pokemon Tectonic: Elite Four Eifion – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Lv. 70 Delphox Psychic
  • Lv. 70 Houndominus Dream Dance
  • Lv. 70 Octillery
  • Lv. 70 Slowbro
  • Lv. 70 Phionie
  • Lv. 70 Toxapex Tricky Toxins

Elite Four: Eko Battle

pokemon tectonic elite four eko battle
Pokemon Tectonic: Elite Four Eko – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Lv. 70 Incineroar Flame Spikes Darkest Lariat
  • Lv. 70 Elektross Superpower Electroslash Acrobatics Levitate
  • Lv. 70 Salazzle Knock Off Fire Lash Poison Jab
  • Lv. 70 Scolipede Leech Life Speed Boost Poison Jab Swords Dance
  • Lv. 70 Talonflame Flare Blitz
  • Lv. 70 A. Raichu Psychic Overload

Elite Four: Helena

  • Lv. 70 Pincurchin Spikes
  • Lv. 70 Wailord Water Spout Ice Beam Cold Front
  • Lv. 70 Fearow Throat Chop Brave Bird Parting Shit Drill Run
  • Lv. 70 Lanturn Scald Volt Switch
  • Lv. 70 Skarmory Stealth Rock Slag Spikes Roost
  • Lv. 70 Arclamor Overdrive Stored Power

Elite Four: Bence

pokemon tectonic elite four bence
Pokemon Tectonic: Elite Four Bence – Image by Alex Maksymiw (1)
  • Lv. 70 Archeops Stealth Rock Tailwind Parting Shot
  • Lv. 70 Palmantra (Mega Medicham) Adrenalash increases Sp. Atk after every hit.
  • Lv. 70 Dragonite Dragon Dance, Tailwind
  • Lv. 70 Hawlucha Zephyr Wing Close Combat
  • Lv. 70 Jumpluff Moonblast Aerodynamics Thriving Force
  • Lv. 70 Stonejournor Earthquake Berserk Adamantine Press

Elite Four Samorn

  • Lv. 70 Runerigus Stealth Rock Pain Split
  • Lv. 70 Flygon Sand Vortex
  • Lv. 70 Mega Lapras Frost Spikes
  • Lv. 70 Golem Earthquake
  • Lv. 70 Amaldo Adamantine Press Aqua Jet
  • Lv. 70 Wornet (Mega Beedrill) Drill Run Fell Stinger

Champion Zain

pokemon tectonic champion zain
Pokemon Tectonic: Champion Zain – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Lv. 70 Ferrothorn Spikes Knock Off Iron Barbs Take out Ferrathorn as soon as possible
  • Lv. 70 Serperior Leaf Storm Draco Meteor
  • Lv. 70 M. Gigalith Halting Cold Abberant Mote
  • Lv. 70 Sensibelle Aura Trick Flamethrower Yawn
  • Lv. 70 Empoleon Slay Crash Dive
  • Lv. 70 Blaziken Blaze Kick Speed Boost Close Combat Earthquake Life Orb

Once you defeat Zain, you’ll be crowned the champion of the Makya Region; however, before the coronation ceremony can take place, an explosion can be heard, and a Ranger gives you a message that Professor Tamarind needs you to head straight to the Regigigas Tomb immediately looks like the celebrations are going to have to wait.

pokemon tectonic new champion
Pokemon Tectonic: New Champion – Image by Alex Maksymiw

You can find Regigigas’s tomb by following the rail tracks east of Team Chasm HQ. Climb down the rocky ledge to find the Hexicle entrance. Inside you’ll have to fight a couple of masked villains and face Sang again.

Venturing deeper into Regigigas’s Tomb, you’ll discover Yezera along with a Regigigas Avatar. You’ll have to beat Regigigas to catch up with Yezera.

Legendary Avatar Regigigas Battle

pokemon tectonic legendary avatar regigigas battle
Pokemon Tectonic: Regigigas – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Regigigas has five phases in battle:

  • In phase one, Regigigas will be immune to Flinch and use Thunder Punch, Body Slam, and Heat Wave.
  • In phase two, Regigigas will use Primeval Leech Seed and Transform into a Grass-type, and use Crush Grip and Thriving Force.
  • In phase three, Regigigas will use Primeaval Calm Mind, transform into a Psychic-type, and use Flamethrower, Zen Headbutt, and Petal Blizzard.
  • In phase four, Regigigas will use Primeaval Bulk Up, transform into a Fighting-type, and use Extrasensory, Cross Chop.
  • In phase five, Regigigas will use Primeval Numb and transform into an Electric-type and use Blaze Kick, Discharge, and Removal Beam.

Regigigas will join you once you defeat it; you can choose whether to swap a Pokemon out from your party or store it on your PC. Continue onward to fight avatars of Zain, Alessa, and Professor Tamarind until you reach Yezera.

Yezera will summon an entity resembling Mavis, your evil mother, to fight alongside her in a double battle:

Yezera Double Battle

pokemon tectonic yezera double battle
Pokemon Tectonic: Final Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Lv. 70 Tyranitar
  • Lv. 70 Gardevoir
  • Lv. 70 Basculegion  Inferno Charge
  • Lv. 70 Haerobic (Mega Lopunny)
  • Lv. 70 Chandelure Focus Sash
  • Lv. 70 Frostmoth
  • Lv. 70 Luxray Sucker Punch
  • Lv. 70 Togekiss

What Next?

pokemon tectonic
Pokemon Tectonic: Final Battle Team – Image by Alex Maksymiw

After you complete the main story, you’ll be able to continue exploring the Makya Region, there is not a lot of post-game content, but you’ll be able to complete the MasterDex and defeat the remaining Avatars that can be found in the world.

In addition, there are many hidden battles and side quests that you can discover.


Question: How Can I Beat Avatar Pokemon in Pokemon Tectonic?

Answer: Avatar and Legendary Avatar Pokemon will change types in battle along with their moves and strategy.

As a result, Bar is one of the best moves for taking out Avatars. It will cause the Avatar to use Struggle if they don’t have an available move giving you an extra source of damage.

Furthermore, I recommend you avoid using stat-changing moves on the Avatar and boost your Pokemon’s stats. This is because Avatar Pokemon reset their stats at each phase.

Question: Where Can I find the Master Ball in Pokemon Tectonic?

Answer: You can find multiple Master Balls in Pokemon Tectonic:
• The first can be found by blowing up the rock with Dynamite by the Cave of Hatching south of Whitebloom Town.
• The second can be traded for a Cup of Coffee in the Rangers HQ in Canal Desert.

Question: How Can I Upgrade My EXP-EZ Dispenser in Pokemon Tectonic?

Answer: The EXP-EZ Dispenser stores EXP when you defeat trainers, and your Pokemon has hit the level cap. You can only obtain EXP from battling trainers making the EXP-EZ Dispenser an essential item in growing your Pokemon.

You can increase the amount of EXP that is stored in the device by 75% by completing the following:

• Defeat all the scientists on the second floor of the LuxTech Campus and talk to the scientist at the end to receive a 50% EXP gain increase.
• Pay the man 10,000 Poke south of Vanya in the Tournament Grounds for a 25% EXP upgrade.

Pokemon Tectonic Guide: Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, Pokemon Tectonic is a fantasy Pokemon fan-made game, while it probably won’t be too challenging for hardcore Pokemon fans. Its unique features and Pokemon Abilities mash-up made for a fresh Pokemon experience.

There is a litany of ways to strategize and build your team. I had a blast with this game and am excited to see new Pokemon Tectonic updates.

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