New Winking Pikachu and Piplup Join Pokemon Squishmallow Line-up

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The Pokemon Squishmallow range has been slowly growing since the brand introduced Pokemon Plush toys back in November 2022, with Pikachu, Gengar, Togepi, and Snorlax already available to Pokemon Fans.

Well, more huggable Pokemon are on the way in the form of Piplup and a Winking Pikachu Squishmallow.

New Pokémon Squishmallows revealed include Piplup, Pikachu - Polygon

Pre-orders for these new Poke-mallows are already open, and lucky fans able to lock in an order can expect these squishy Pocket Monsters to ship in ‘Early September 2023’.

Initially, these two Squishmallows will only be available in the standard 12″ variants, and will sell for $29.99 each. These are available via Poke Center, Amazon, Walmart, and a range of other major toy retailers.

Here’s the official announcement via Twitter (or X for you Edge Lords):

It’s also worth noting that if you manage to secure the Poke Center Squishmallows, you will receive a plush with a cool embroidered badge of authenticity, which might be a major selling point for true collectors.

So if this appeals to you, be sure to pre-order from Poke-center, as other variants sold elsewhere won’t have this stamp of approval.

Let’s Look At The Plushies!

Piplup and Winking Pikachu Squishmallow Pre-orders Open - Siliconera

Winking Pikachu

First, we have the long-running mascot of the Pokemon series, Pikachu, who will be getting their third Sqishmallow variant if we also count the Holiday Pikachu that is yet to be released.

This one shows Pikachu with a cute smile, iconic rosy cheeks, and a with cheeky winking face that sets them apart from the standard and holiday editions.

Soem people may feel a little short-changed with literally over 1,000 other Pokemon to choose from being passed up in favor of another Pikachu plush, but hey, people love Pikachu, and Pikachu sells.

It’s like printing money, so you can understand why it’s happened, even if we don’t necessarily like it.


Then we have the first non-gen-one Pokemon to get the Squishmallow Treatment, Piplup. This popular Gen IV starter is a fan-favorite, not only because of its evolutionary potential, but also because it’s so damn cute, as shown by the plush design above.

The design captures the essence of Piplup beautifully, with a dinky little protruding beak, a little roll to separate their head from their torso, and lovely little marshmallow buttons on their chest.

Aside from perhaps Togepi, this might be the cutest Squishmallow Pokemon yet.

We are very excited to see what the next Pokemon Squishmallows will be in the coming weeks and months, and for news on that as it happens, stick with us here at POK Universe!

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