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Out of all the types of Status moves in the Pokémon franchise, Terrain moves have always proved very useful. With the ability to not just affect the user but all of the Pokémon on the field, Terrain-type moves will always be constant, especially on the competitive side of Pokémon.

Misty Terrain is one of those moves that has quite a few different uses depending on how you want to utilize it:

  • General Info & Changes Through the Generations
  • Pokémon That Can Learn Misty Terrain
  • Uses In Competitive Pokémon Battles

Bottom Line Front Up:

Misty Terrain is a Fairy-type attack that lasts for five turns and prevents Status Conditions from occurring.

General Info & Changes Through the Generations

Introduced to the franchise in Generation VI, Misty Terrain is a Fairy-type Status move that covers the entire arena in a thick layer of sparkling, pink smoke.

This fancy-looking move lasts for five turns and replaces any other terrain-type move. Although its effects differ depending on the Generation, Misty Terrain always prevents Status Conditions from occurring, such as Toxic or Hypnosis.

  • PP (Power Points): 10 (Can be upgraded to 16 with a PP Up)
  • Accuracy: (This attack cannot miss)
  • Power: (None, this attack deals no damage)

This move is doesn’t make physical contact with the any Pokémon, and it is unaffected by all of the following items and actions:

  • Protect (Move):- A Normal-type Status move that prevents the user from all types of attacks for one turn.
  • Mirror Coat (Move):- A Psychic-type Special move that deals double damage to the target if the user took damage from a Special attack.
  • Mirror Move (Move):- A Flying-type Status move that allows the user to mimic the opponent’s last used move.
  • Snatch (Move):- A Dark-type Status move that allows the user to steal the effects of the opponent’s next Status move.
  • King’s Rock (Item):- A rare item that allows all of the holder’s moves to have a 10% chance of flinching the opponent.

You can’t talk about Misty Terrain without examining the various Status Conditions. Status Conditions are status effects that affect Pokémon for several turns after initially being sustained. Each one has its unique influence that can quickly turn the tide of a battle:

  • Sleep:- The Pokémon will fall asleep, unable to do a single thing for several turns.
  • Drowsy:- The Pokémon will be half-asleep and fall asleep the turn after it was inflicted with Drowsy.
  • Poison:- A poisoned Pokémon will lose its HP each turn until the Poison is cured or the Pokémon faints.
  • Badly Poison:- A Badly Poisoned will lose HP each turn. HP will slowly increase with each turn until it is fixed, or it becomes deadly, causing the Pokémon to faint.
  • Burn:- A Burned Pokémon will lose a small amount of HP each turn. This Status Condition will also cut the affected Pokémon’s Attack stat in half.
  • Freeze:- A Pokémon rarely becomes frozen, but if it does, the Pokémon will be unable to act for several turns. However, it can be thawed out immediately if it is hit with a Fire-type move.
  • Paralysis:- A Paralysed Pokémon will have a moderate chance of not being able to act each turn. On top of this, the affected Pokémon’s Speed stat will be cut in half, automatically making it the slowest-moving Pokémon in the battle.
  • Bound:- A Pokémon that has been hit with a move like Bind or Wrap will have a small amount of HP sapped every time. It can’t flee or be switched out while suffering from this Status Condition.
  • Can’t Escape:- A Pokémon that can’t escape means precisely that. It will be unable to flee or be switched out.
  • Cursed:- A Cursed Pokémon will lose a quarter of its HP every turn.
  • Heal Block:- A Pokémon affected by Heal Block will be unable to use any healing moves, such as Mega Drain or Moonlight.
  • Flinch:- A Pokémon affected by Flinch will be unable to act for a single turn.
  • Encore:- If a Pokémon is afflicted with Encore, it will be forced to repeat the last move it did for several turns.
  • Identified:- Since this condition only affects Ghost-type Pokémon, it will allow them to be hit by Normal and Fighting-type attacks.
  • Infatuation:- A Pokémon that is infatuated will be unable to act each turn reliably and may not perform any actions at all.
  • Leech Seed:- If it is afflicted with Leech Seed, a Pokémon will have a small amount of its HP drained by the user each turn.
  • Taunt:- A Taunted Pokémon will be forced to use strictly attacking moves for two turns.
  • Embargo:- A Pokémon inflicted with Embargo will be unable to have any items used on it.

Changes in Generation VI

Misty Terrain

This was the Generation where Fairy-types were introduced into the franchise; this version of Misty Terrain is quite raw and was built to make this newly-added type seem as robust as possible. As a result, Misty Terrain still lasts for five turns and prevents the effects of Status Conditions; there are, however, some other changes:

  • Misty Terrain now cuts the power of all Dragon-type moves in half
  • Changes the attack, Nature Power to Moonblast
  • Secret power will lower the target’s Special Attack stat
  • Camouflage will change the user’s type to Fairy

Changes in Generation VII

In Generation VII, there came the appearance of Z-Moves, powerful, one-use techniques that are ensured to boost your Pokémon’s stats or deal massive damage. Along with this new feature, Misty Terrain had a few more changes:

  • Misty Terrain’s effect is now able to be used as an ability called Misty Surge
  • With the addition of Z-Moves, using Misty Terrain whilst under the impact of the Fairium-Z will increase the user’s Special Defence by one stage.
  • Pokémon can no longer be confused whilst Misty Terrain is activated.

Changes in Generation VIII

In this current generation of Pokémon, Misty Terrain has changed slightly again:

  • It increases the base power of the attack, Misty Terrain, by 1.5x
  • The attack, Terrain Pulse, will become a Fairy-type move and will have its power doubled.
  • Pokémon with Mimicry’s ability will have their typing changed to Fairy.
  • Using the Dynamax action, Max Starfall will activate Misty Terrain by default.

Pokémon that Can Learn Misty Terrain

With Misty Terrain being a Fairy-type move, it only makes sense that most Pokémon that can learn it are Fairy-types. However, a few Pokémon can learn this move via TMs or Breeding.

Learned Via Levelling Up

Generation VI & Generation VII

  • Mr Mime (Learned at Level 1)
  • Gardevior (Learned at Level 1)
  • Florges (Learned at Level 1)
  • Audino (Learned at Level 1, exclusively in Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire)
  • Sylveon (Learned at Level 29)
  • Spritzee (Learned at Level 42)
  • Aromatisse (Learned at Level 42)
  • Flabebe (Learned at Level 37)
  • Floette (Learned at Level 37)
  • Meowstic (Learned at Level 50)
  • Xerneas (Learned at Level 63)

Generation VIII

Misty Terrain
Image from bulbapedia bulbagarden wiki
  • Mr Mime-Galarian Form (Learned at Level 1)
  • Mr Rime (Learned at Level 1)
  • Gardevior (Learned at Level 1)
  • Florges (Learned at Level 1)
  • Spritzee (Learned at Level 24)
  • Aromatisse (Learned at Level 24)
  • Poppilo (Learned at Level 27)
  • Brionne (Learned Level 35)
  • Primarina (Learned at Level 37)
  • Sylveon (Learned at Level 35)
  • Xerneas (Learned at Level 40)
  • Milcery (Learned at Level 45)
  • Alcremie (Learned at Level 45)
  • Audino (Learned at Level 56)
  • Meowstic (Learned at Level 59)
  • Tapu Fini (Learned at Level 75)

Learned Via Breeding

  • Mawile (Learned in Generation VIII)
  • Cottonee (Learned in Generation VII)
  • Igglybuff (Learned in Generation VIII)
  • Ralts (Learned in Generation VIII)
  • Cleffa (Learned in Generation VIII)

Learned Via TMs

  • Clefairy (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Clefable (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Jigglypuff (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Wigglytuff (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Rapidash-Galarian Form (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Weezing-Galarian Form (Introduced in Generation VIII)
  • Ninetails-Alolan Form (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Mr Mime (Can be trained in Generation VIII)
  • Mr Mime-Galarian Form (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Mr Rime (Learnt in Generation VIII)
  • Cleffa (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Igglybuff (Learnt instructed in Generation VIII)
  • Marill (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Azumarill (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Ralts (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Kirlia (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Gardevoir (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Gallade (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Mawile (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Mime Jr (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Audino (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Cottonee (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Whimsicott (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Meowstic-Male (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Spritzee (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Aromatisse (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Poppilo (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Brionne (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Primarina (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Sylveon (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Klefki (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Milcery (Can be learned in Generation VIII)e
  • Alcremie (Can be known in Generation VIII)
  • Tapu Fini (Can be learned in Generation VIII)
  • Mew (Can be learned in Generation VIII)

Uses in Competitive Battles

Misty Terrain

Misty Terrain has proven itself to be quite valuable in the competitive sphere of Pokémon. As a result, it’s used most commonly in VGC battles or against opponents that use strategies that rely upon exploiting Status Conditions, such as the widespread, Guts ability & Flame Orb combo.

Thanks to its high base HP & Defence stat, access to multiple supporting moves, and unique ability, Misty Surge, Tapu Fini is a prevalent choice because as long as it is present on the battlefield, Misty Terrain will be automatically activated.

Furthermore, with the ability to completely shut down any Status Condition strategies and the capability to survive a lot of hits, this legendary Pokémon is indispensable in competitive Pokémon battles.

Although they are limited, there are a couple of items that benefit from the use of Misty Terrain:

  • Misty Seed:- A simple seed that raises the holder’s Special Defence by one stage when Misty Terrain is active.
  • Terrain Extender:- A held item that extends all terrain-type moves from five to eight turns.


Question: Does Misty Terrain Cure Status Conditions?

Answer: Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Misty Terrain only prevents Status Conditions from occurring; if you’re Pokémon is suffering from Poison before the Misty Terrain is activated, it will not be cured of its ailment.

Question: Do the Effects of Misty Surge Still Occur even after I Switch the Pokémon with the Ability out?

Answer: Misty Terrain will activate as soon as a Pokémon with Misty Surge enters the battle, and it will linger for about five turns, regardless if it faints or gets switched back.

Question: Can You Use Misty Terrain Whilst the Effects of Misty Surge is Active?

Answer: Nope, you cannot stack terrain-based moves. You can’t use Misty Terrain while it is already active, although other terrain moves, like Electric Terrain, can be activated. This will replace Misty Terrain, however.


Misty Terrain is a useful albeit niche move that can shut down various strategies and tactics whilst keeping your party safe from any unfavourable Status Conditions. On top of this, an extensive array of Fairy and Psychic-types can also learn this move naturally or via TMs, causing it to be reasonably accessible.

I highly doubt that you’ll have much of a demand for Misty Terrain as you progress through the main story, but this move really comes into its own in the competitive sphere of the game.

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