Ben Allen

Ben Allen

Ben is a certified Pokémon pro who has played from a early days on the GBC right up to the modern outings on the switch. When he isn't training his Pokémon party, he's usually taking on harder games like anything FromSoft makes, or playing a vast, open-world RPG.

Ledyba Guide

ledyba guide

Bug types have endured the test of time, and all they have to show for it are only a few well-remembered names, such as Scizor or Gollispod. Since they have relatively small movepools and tend to evolve at early levels,…

Electric Terrain Guide

electric terrain guide

At this point in the Pokemon franchise’s history, Terrain-based moves have proven to be a boon. These actions can completely change the direction of a battle, allowing you to make a comeback if you play your cards right. Furthermore, when…

Bewear Pokemon Guide

bewear pokemon

They say that every Pokémon is at least one person’s favorite. From the well-loved classics like Charizard and Pikachu to the more obscure creatures, like Accelgor and Lurantis. One of My Favorites is Bewear When I laid my eyes upon…