Electric Terrain Guide

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At this point in the Pokemon franchise’s history, Terrain-based moves have proven to be a boon. These actions can completely change the direction of a battle, allowing you to make a comeback if you play your cards right. Furthermore, when they are paired with certain powerful Pokemon, you can practically dominate the opposition.

  • General Info & Changes Throughout The Generations
  • Pokemon That Can Learn Electric Terrain
  • Uses in Competitive Battles

My Bottom Line Up Front:

Electric Terrain is a useful Terrain-based move that lasts five turns and boosts the power of all Electric-type moves whilst it is active. This type of terrain can also be summoned by using the attack, G-Max Lightning. In the competitive sphere, Electric Terrain allows you to constantly apply pressure on your opponent, netting you the advantage.

General Info & Changes Throughout The Generations

Introduced in Generation VI, Electric Terrain is a Status move that envelops the entire arena in crackling electricity. This electrifying technique boosts the power of any Electric-type moves and prevents the Sleep Status Condition. This move also lasts five turns and replaces any Terrain-based move previously active during the battle.

  • PP (Power Points): 10 (Can be upgraded to 16 via a PP UP)
  • Accuracy: This move cannot miss
  • Power: None; this attack deals no damage

This move doesn’t make physical contact with the opponent and is unaffected by all of the following attacks and items:

  • Protect (Move): A Normal-type Status move that defends the user from all damage for a single turn.
  • Mirror Coat (Move): A Psychic-type Special move that deals double damage to the target if the user took damage from a Special move during that same turn.
  • Mirror Move (Move): A Flying-type Status move that allows the user to mimic their target’s last move.
  • Snatch (Move): A Dark-type Status move that allows the user to steal the effect of the target’s next Status move.
  • King’s Rock (Item): A unique held item that gives all of the holder’s moves a 10% chance to flinch.

Electric Terrain doesn’t really have much of an effect on Status Conditions aside from Sleep. This prevents the use of many moves:

  • Hypnosis: A Psychic-type Status move instantly lulls the target to Sleep for at least two turns.
  • Dark Void: A Dark-type Status move that puts all the opposing enemies to sleep for at least two turns. This move creates a void of pure darkness that traps the target and drags them into a deep slumber. Note that this technique is exclusive to the Legendary Pokemon, Darkrai
  • Rest: A Psychic-type Status move. The user restores all of its HP and removes any Status Conditions. In exchange, the user will fall asleep for at least two turns.
  • Sing: A Normal-type Status move. The user sings a soothing lullaby and puts a target to Sleep.
  • Spore: A Grass-type Status move. The user releases a barrage of toxic spores at the target that lull it to sleep.
  • Yawn: A Normal-type Status move. The user unleashes a stifling yawn that causes the target to become Drowsy. If they are not switched out or defeat the user, the target will fall asleep the next turn.
  • Sleep Powder: A Grass-type Status move. The user scatters sleep-inducing dust all over the target, lulling them to sleep.
  • Psycho Shift: A Psychic-type Status move. The user can put a target to Sleep if they are also sleeping and use this move via the Normal-type Status move, Sleep Talk.
  • Secret Power: A Physical Normal-type move. The user draws upon the surrounding area to determine the power of the attack. If this move is used in tall grass or in Grassy Terrain, it has a 30% chance of putting the target to Sleep.
  • Lovely Kiss: A Normal-type Status move. The user plants a kiss on the target, lulling them to sleep.
  • Grass Whistle: A Grass-type Status move. The user plays a soothing tune on a grass whistle, causing the target to fall asleep.
  • Relic Song: A Psychic-type Status attack unique to the Legendary Pokemon, Meloetta. The user sings an ancient lullaby putting every opposing Pokemon on the opponent’s side to Sleep. Interestingly enough, this move is blocked by the ability, Soundproof.
  • G-Max Snooze: A Dark-type G-Max attack that is unique to Gigantamax Grimmsnarl. Deals massive damage to the opponent and also has a 50% chance of making a target Drowsy, causing them to fall asleep the next turn.
  • G-Max Befuddle: A Bug-type G-Max move that is exclusive to Gigantamax Butterfree. Alongside causing devastating damage, this move has a 33% chance of causing Poison, Paralysis or Sleep.

Any other ways of falling asleep are also prevented whilst Electric Terrain is active:

  • Effect Spore (Ability): A Grass-type ability that has a 10% chance to Paralyse, Poison or put an attacking Pokemon to Sleep. This ability only activates once the Pokemon has been hit by a physical attack.
  • Disobedient Pokemon (Mechanic): A long-standing mechanic in Pokemon games. If you don’t have the appropriate number of Gym Badges and then try to battle with an over-levelled Pokemon that was traded to you by another player, there is a high chance that they will disobey you. It may also ignore your command, hurt itself or even fall asleep.

Changes Throughout the Generations

Generations VI-VII

Considering that this was the Generation that this move got introduced in, this iteration of Electric Terrain is really quite powerful. It honestly might have been the most potent Terrain-based move in terms of raw damage potential, thanks to its boost to all Electric-type actions.

In Generation VII, Electric Terrain also received more benefits, such as being linked to specific abilities like Electric Surge and Surge Surfer.

  • Boosts the power of all Electric-type attacks by 50%
  • Prevents the Status Condition: Sleep
  • The move, Nature Power, turns into the move: Thunderbolt.
  • The Normal-type move, Secret Power, turns into the Electric-type move, Thundershock.
  • The Normal-type move, Camouflage, turns the user into an Electric-type.
  • The Electric-type ability, Electric Surge, activates Electric Terrain automatically whenever a Pokemon with the ability switches into battle.

Generation VIII

Generation VIII

In our current generation of Pokemon, Electric Terrain has become a bit more balanced than its original version. Despite this, though, this move is still advantageous.

  • Boots the power of the Electric-type move, Rising Voltage from 70 to 140 when Electric Terrain is active.
  • Pokemon with the ability, Mimicry will change to an Electric-type.
  • Reduces the power of Electric-type moves from 50% to 30%
  • Changes the move, Terrain Pulse, to an Electric-type move and doubles its base power from 50 to 100.
  • Electric Terrain is automatically when using the G-Max action, Max Lightning.

Pokemon that Can Learn Electric Terrain

Learned Via Levelling Up (Generation VI)

  • Luxray (Learned at either Level 1 or Level 67)
  • Magneton (Learned at either Level 1 or Level 11)
  • Magnezone (Learned at Level 1 or Level 11)
  • Manectric (Learned at Level 1, Level 60 or Level 70)
  • Electivire (Learned at Level 1 or Level 65

Learned Via Levelling Up (Generation VII-VIII)

  • Luxray (Learned at either Level 1 or Level 67)
  • Magneton (Learned at Level 1)
  • Magnezone (Learned at Level 1)
  • Manectric (Learned at either Level 1 or Level 60)
  • Electivire (Learned at either Level 1 or Level 65
  • Klingklang (Learned at Level 64)
  • Stunkfish (Learned at Level 30)
  • Togedemaru (Learned at either Level 37 or Level 50)
  • Boltund (Learned at Level 62)
  • Pincurchin (Learned at Level 40)
  • Xurkitree (Learned at either Level 53 or Level 60)
  • Tapu Koko (Learned at either Level 1 or Level 75)

Learned Via TM

Electric Terrain
  • Pichu (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Pikachu (Can be trained in Generation VIII)
  • Raichu-Kanto Form (Taught in Generation VIII)
  • Raichu- Alolan Form (Learned in Generation VIII)
  • Mew (Taught in Generation VIII)
  • Magneton (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Magnezone (Taught in Generation VIII)
  • Manetric (Learned in Generation VIII)
  • Luxray (Learned in Generation VIII)
  • Electivire (Taught in Generation VIII)
  • Klingklang (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Stunkfish (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Helioptile (Can be trained in Generation VIII)
  • Heliolisk (Can be trained in Generation VIII)
  • Dednee (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Togedemaru (Can be learned in Generation VIII)
  • Boltund (Learned in Generation VIII)
  • Pincurchin (Taught in Generation VIII)
  • Morpeko (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Tapu Koko (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Xurkitree (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Zeraora (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Melmetal (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Regieleki (Can be taught in Generation VIII)
  • Rotom (Can be learned in Generation VIII)

Learned Via Breeding

  • Pichu (Can be learned in Generations VII & VIII)
  • Helioptile (Can be learned in Generations VI & VII)
  • Mareep (Can be learned in Generations VI, VII & VIII)

Learned Via Form Change

  • Pikachu-Ph.D Form (Can be learned in Generation VI)

Uses in Competitive Battles

Like its fellow Terrain-based moves, Electric Terrain is no stranger to the competitive scene since it is used almost exclusively in OU Double Battles. I can definitely say that Electric Terrain is helpful for either early-game or late-game sweeps with Electric Surge Tapu Koko & Unburden Hawlucha.

Tapu Koko (Choice Specs/Life Orb Pressurer)

Tapu Koko
  • Base Stats/IVs/EVs: Special Attack, Speed & a little Special Defense 
  • Nature: Timid (Naturally boosts the Pokemon’s Speed stat but lowers their Attack stat)
  • Ability: Electric Surge (Activates Electric Terrain once the Pokemon enters the battle) 
  • Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Thunderbolt, Volt Switch & Hidden Power (Ice)

Held Item

  • Choice Specs: Greatly boosts the holder’s Special Attack but only lets them attack using a single move.
  • Life Orb: Boosts the damage of all the holder’s attacks but saps a little bit of their HP every turn. 

Tapu Koko is a legendary Pokemon that is tied to Electric Terrain through its ability, Electric Surge. It already has naturally high Special Attack & Speed stats, so it’s a good idea to play into them. Its Timid Nature boosts Tapu Koko’s speed even further, allowing it to outspeed a vast number of Pokemon.

This particular set revolves around this Pokemon applying pressure and pivoting in & of battle using Volt Switch. But thanks in part to its Held Item, Tapu Koko can also sweep during late-game since its Thunderbolt attack will be boosted from Electric Terrain as well.

This Legendary is an absolute menace and can easily knock out opposing Pokemon before they even have a chance to move. It’s no wonder this Pokemon is such a popular choice in OU among other competitive tiers. 

Hawlucha (Terrain Sweeper)

  • Base Stats/IVs/EVs: Attack, Speed & a little Special Defense & HP
  • Nature: Adamant (Naturally boosts the Pokemon’s Attack stat but lowers its Special Attack stat)
  • Ability: Unburden (Doubles the Pokemon’s Speed stat if it loses its Held Item for any reason)
  • Moves: Swords Dance, Acrobatics, Roost & High Jump Kick
  • Held Item: Electric Seed (Boosts the holder’s Special Defense by one stage when they are standing in Electric Terrain)

Hawlucha is simply terrifying to face under the effect of any Terrain-based move, especially in Electric Terrain. This set revolves around Hawlucha using its Held Item ASAP and then going about knocking out the weakened opponent’s Pokemon.

To do this effectively, it gains access to the Unburden ability, which will automatically make Hawlucha the fastest Pokemon on the field. On top of this, the Electric Seed will also activate, boosting Hawlucha’s Special Defense by one stage, making it much more durable.

It’s most potent move; Acrobatics gets an attack boost if the holder isn’t holding an item, which will devastate most Pokemon, but if not, another Swords Dance boost will definitely do the trick. 

Electric Terrain Guide: FAQs

Question: Does Electric Terrain Boost the Power of All Electric-type Moves Even if the Pokemon Using them isn’t an Electric-type?

Answer: Electric Terrain boosts the power of all Electric-type moves, regardless of the user’s typing. 

Question: Does Electric Terrain Affect All Pokemon Regardless of where they are on the Field?

Answer: This move affects every Pokemon standing on the battlefield. However, if they are flying or floating, Electric Terrain takes no effect. 

Question: Is Electric Terrain better than Misty Terrain?

Answer: I’d say it depends on your team and strategy. Misty Terrain is more valuable as a defensive option, but if you’re looking to hit hard and apply a lot of pressure on your opponent, Electric Terrain is the way to go.

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