Meowstic Guide: A Psychic Kitty Worth Adding to Your Arsenal

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One of the many Generation VI pokemon, this catlike creature looks different between its genders but is an adorable psychic type pokemon that can be evolved from an Espurr whenever they reach lvl 25. If you can focus on how to use this unique character’s abilities during combat, then you will have a strong ally on your team.

Meowstic Stats


Meowstic: Summary of Appearances in Pokemon Versions and Media

Major Appearances In Anime/Manga:

  • Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction
  • Splitting Heirs
  • A Showcase Debut
  • Performing With Fiery Charm
  • All Eyes On The Future
  • Rocking Kalos Defenses
  • Forming a More Perfect Union
  • Pokemon Adventures: PS577

Major Appearances In Video Games

  • Pokemon X and Y
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
  • Pokemon Sun and Moon
  • Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
  • Pokemon Sword and Shield
  • Pokemon Go

Meowstic: Specific Summary of Appearances in Pokemon Versions and Media

Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction

A Meowstic appears at the beginning of the movie, when Ash is battling Astrid. After Pikachu defeats Pyroar, Astrid uses Meowstic to battle Ash’s Froakie, overpowering it after a close battle.

Splitting Heirs

This episode shows off both a male and female Meowstic, and the pokemon proves to be the cause of the conflict within the episode. Two brothers received an Espurr that evolved into a Meowstic and one brother began telling the other how to use it. The two began to butt heads over it, and eventually, each got their own Meowstic to train themselves. The two Meowstic then participate in a battle against a hostile Exploud and force the brothers to realize that they work better as a team.

A Showcase Debut

Whenever the team found themselves participating in the Showcase, several Meowstic were found in the episode, working with Blanche and participating in the contest.

Performing With Fiery Charm

Miette reappears in this episode, bringing with her a Slurpuff and a male Meowstic to participate in the Dendemille Town Rookie Showcase. Both Pokemon help her make the Poke Puffs that are needed to win the competition as well. Both Pokemon continue to participate in the event.

All Eyes On The Future!

Whenever Ash battled Olymia, she used both a male and a female Meowstic to battle Ash’s Talonflame and Frogandier, putting up a good fight before their eventual defeat.

Rocking Kalos’s Defenses/Forming A More Perfect Union

Whenever the Giant Rock, a weapon created by Team Flare, broke free and began to threaten the planet, the various heroes and their Pokemon worked together to attempt to overcome the Rock. A Meowtisc was among the Pokemon who battled together to stop it, using their powers to clear the roots of the rock so it could be defeated.

Pokemon Adventures: PS577

This chapter of the Manga had Olympia’s female Meowstic come to visit an injured Korrina, and worked with a Mr.Mime Pokemon to protect the characters from the blast of an ultimate weapon.

Pokemon X and Y

You can find an Espurr on route 6 in Friend Safari for both games. Once you capture it then you can evolve it to a Meowstic whenever it gets to level 25.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

You can find an Espurr in the levels ‘Delta Episode’ and ‘Sky Pillar’ for Pokemon Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire. It will be able to evolve into a Meowstic after it gets to level 25.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Espurr can be found in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra moon, and it can also be leveled up to level 25 for it to evolve into a Meowstic.

Pokemon Sword and Shield

You can find an Espurr in Pokemon Sword and Shield. You can find the Pokemon at Route 5, Hammerlocke Hills, and Motostoke Riverbank. You can also receive the Pokemon at the max raid battles for the Stone Wilderness and the Watchtower Ruins for both games.

You also have the chance to encounter the shiny versions of the Meowstic, or can attempt to breed for it. You can also try to battle against Meowstics to increase the chances of the shiny version appearing, especially on foggy days in the Dusty Bowl.

Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go, your best moves for this pokemon are Confusion and Psychic. It gives you a lot of DPS in gym battles and also allows you to have a strong defense as well. It is resistant to fighting attacks and psychic attacks, with those attacks giving only 63% damage. However, they are vulnerable to bug attacks, dark attacks, and ghost attacks, with each of those attacks dealing 160% damage.

You can evolve it whenever you feed your Espurr 50 candies, and can find Espurrs as exclusive prizes for one star raids in the game. Until they release the Kalos region in full, this is the only way to find an Espurr and later on a Meowstic in the game.

Meowstic Evolution: When Does Meowstic Evolve?

Meowstic is the final stage of Espurr’s evolution path, and your Espurr will be able to evolve at lvl 25. What gender you get with your Meowstic depends on the gender of your Espurr.

Meowstic Strengths

This Pokemon is a massive psychic damage dealer. It is resistant to fighting attacks and psychic attacks, and most of its attacks are psychic. The male versions of Meowstic have several normal attacks added to their moveset, while the female Meowstic tends to have more fairy, leaf, and electrical attacks. The majority of the psychic moves are kept between the two genders. Some of Meowstics best moves are Sucker Punch and Psychic.

Using the moves of Confusion and Psychic can be perfect against Pokemon such as Nidoran and Machop, as well as Mega Venusaurs and Mega Beedrills. If you find yourself against these types of Pokemon, as well as fighting and poison type Pokemon, break out the Meowstic!

Meowstic Weaknesses

Meowstics are damaged by bug, dark, and ghost attacks. The 3 best pokemon to defeat Meowstic are:


This bird type Pokemon uses Dark moves and is also resistant to the psychic damage that Meowstic primarily uses. It is vulnerable to fairy moves, so a female Meowstic might have more options. However, the two main moves of the Yveltal use are the dark moves Snarl, Sucker Punch, and Dark Pulse that can wreak havoc on a Meowstic.


Absol is not only a Pokemon, but it is also a boss in tier three raids. While a Meowstic might be one of the best members of your party, it certainly isn’t the best team member to bring to this boss fight! Even with allies on your side, you need to bring some counter pokemon along, and this isn’t one of them. Absol is vulnerable to fairy and fighting moves, but given the limited number of those moves that a Meowstic has, it’s not the best.

The moves Snarl, Payback, and Dark Pulse are part of this creature’s arsenal. These dark type moves are able to send a Meowstic running!


The Trevenant is a ghost and grass pokemon who is able to use moves such as Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball. It is only vulnerable to ghost moves, which the Meowstic doesn’t have access to. It also has access to the move Sucker Punch, which can blindside a Meowstic.

If you want to capture or defeat an enemy or wild Meowstic, then these are the best Pokemon to use!

Best Moveset

Other than the moves Confusion and Psychic, there are different movesets for each gender. The Meowstic male has some of these moves in Pokemon Go.

Some fast-type moves include confusion and sucker punch, charge moves are psychic, energy ball, and thunderbolt. Starting a fight with confusion and then hammering the opponent with psychic attacks can be a one-and-done combo to end the fight. The STAB attack can increase the amount of damage done with every single use of the ability, and to a pokemon weak to psychic energy, this can be very powerful.

While it is a grass-type attack, for Pokemon Go, an energy ball has a 10% chance to lower an enemy’s defense by one rank. That chance is pretty good, especially against enemies with a higher defense. Thunderbolt is straight damage, but even against opponents weak to thunder, you will have some better options.

If you have a female Meowstic, then go with psychic for the first choice when it comes to damage and the extra STAB modifier. You also have an energy ball, but we argue using Shadow ball is a better option due to the additional 10 damage and also having a dark type move in case you are battling another psychic Pokemon

Both of the movesets are very similar with the male Meowstic having confusion for a fast attack and psychic and energy ball for its charge moves. The female Meowstic has confusion for its fast attack and physic and shadow ball for its charge moves. The slightly different movesets do have their niche advantages depending on what you are fighting but for the most part confusion and psychic win the majority of battles.

In other games, Meowstic needs to have a certain role during your team roster. In some cases, they can be used as support pokemon to apply debuffs and damage or can be used as ‘sweepers’ where they can just overwhelm another team and win battle after battle.

Additionally, the moves and strength of your Meowstic can also be changed and enhanced based on the items that you give to them. Make sure to keep that in mind as well whenever you are assigning items to your team.

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Question: Should I Get A Male Or Female Espurr/Meowstic?

Answer: Of course, since this is one of the few pokemon where they have different forms depending on their gender, it makes some sense to take a look at the differences between a Male Meowstic and a Female Meowstic. They both have the same stats across the various games, and the main difference is their personalities.
The Male Meowstic in the lore is very laid back and defensive. This translates to the game by having them learn more supporting moves, such as prankster. Male Meowstics can really benefit and support not just themselves on the battlefield, but also a large team of fellow Pokemon. Their support abilities don’t downgrade and they can still hold their own even with late-game support Pokemon, so they are viable for the long term.
In the lore, it is the female Meowstics that are very aggressive with more attack moves. A female Meowstick can be great at offense and can use its competitive ability to raise its special attacks. However, while they aren’t bad Pokemon by any means and can really be helpful in early to mid-game, there’s a lot of Pokemon that are just better in terms of psychic offense. If you end up finding some of these Pokemon, you might end up swapping the female Meowstic for them.

Question: How Do I Use Them In Battle?

Answer: Offense is your key with the Meowstic, as this article has gone super in-depth with battle strategies. You can easily overwhelm an opponent with STAB bonuses to psychic damage, as well as the competitive move from the female Meowstic and the Prankster move from the male Meowstic. The one thing you need to do is watch their health, as these Pokemon are fragile and aren’t going to take too many hits well.

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