Marnie Pokemon Guide

Marnie Pokemon Guide: Everything We Know About This Edgy Gym Leader

Marnie is one of the rivals you have to battle against in Pokémon Sword and Shield, and she was introduced in Gen 8. Marnie is a Dark-type specialist because she comes from Spikemuth, the hometown of the Dark-type trainers in Galar.

Marnie is a calmed girl with a strong determination and will; this happens because she wants to be the Champion only to help and support Spikemuth, her hometown. She gets into the tournament thank to his brother, who is Piers, the Spikemuth Gym Leader. Marnie appears throughout the game, helping and battling the player while getting farther in the Gym Challenge.

After Sword and Shield happened, Piers let Marnie be the Spikemuth’s Gym Leader, and you can rebattle her any time you want.

Marnie Summary of Appearances in Pokémon Versions and Media (Games, Anime, Movies)

Marnie Pokemon Guide

In Sword and Shield, Marnie is one of the Player’s rivals, and you’ll find her in specific points in the game, talking and helping while battling with you while participating in the Gym Challenge. In addition, she takes part in the Champions Tournament and the Galarian Star Tournament.

Marnie will have the following teams:

First Battle (In the Budew Drop Inn)

Croagunk, Lv. 24Poison/FightingPoison Sting, Venoshock, Revenge, Sucker PunchDry Skin
Scraggy, Lv. 24Dark/FightingBeat Up, Headbutt, Low KickShed Skin
Morpeko, Lv. 26Electric/DarkBite, Thunder Shock, Quick AttackHunger Switch

Second Battle (In Route 9)

Liepard, Lv. 42DarkFake Out, Torment, Nasty Plot, Sucker PunchPrankster
Toxicroak, Lv. 43Poison/FightingVenoshock, Sucker Punch, Swagger, Poison JabDry Skin
Scrafty, Lv. 43Dark/FightingBrick Break, Scary Face, Crunch, SwaggerShed Skin
Morpeko, Lv. 44Electric/DarkQuick Attack, Torment, Bite, SparkHunger Switch

Third Battle (in the Champions Cup)

Liepard, Lv. 47DarkFake Out, Torment, Nasty Plot, SnarlPrankster
Toxicroak, Lv. 47Poison/FightingVenoshock, Sucker Punch, Swagger, ToxicDry Skin
Scrafty, Lv. 47Dark/FightingBrick Break, Scary Face, Crunch, SwaggerShed Skin
Morpeko, Lv. 48Electric/DarkBullet Seed, Torment, Bite, SparkHunger Switch
Grimmsnarl, Lv. 49Dark/FairySpirit Break, Darkest Lariat, Bulk Up, TormentPrankster

Rematch and in Champions Tournament

Liepard, Lv. 59/72DarkFake Out, Torment, Nasty Plot, SnarlPrankster
Toxicroak, Lv. 59/72Poison/FightingDrain Punch, Gunk Shot, Earthquake, Poison JabDry Skin
Scrafty, Lv. 59/72Dark/FightingIce Punch, Thunder Punch, Drain Punch, CrunchShed Skin
Morpeko, Lv. 60/73Electric/DarkAura Wheel, Seed Bomb, Torment, Quick AttackHunger Switch
Grimmsnarl, Lv. 61/74Dark/FairySpirit Break, Darkest Lariat, Bulk Up, Play RoughPrankster

In the Galarian Star Tournament

Scrafty, Lv. 72Dark/FightingIce Punch, Thunder Punch, Drain Punch, CrunchShed Skin
Morpeko, Lv. 73Electric/DarkAura Wheel, Seed Bomb, Torment, Quick AttackHunger Switch
Grimmsnarl, Lv. 74Dark/FairySpirit Break, Darkest Lariat, Bulk Up, Play RoughPrankster

In the anime, Marnie has only appeared in Pokémon, Twilight Wings. Although her debut was as a cameo in Early-Evening Waves, she was in the Battle Café.

After that, she appeared in Sky alongside Piers, watching the Leon vs. Raihan battle.

She got the invitation to the Galarian Star Tournament in The Gathering of Stars. She appeared in this episode, walking out to the field in the tournament’s opening.

In this series, she has a Morpeko and a Grimmsnarl.

In the manga, she debuted in PASS06, trying to move a boulder blocking the entrance to the Galar Mine. Marnie, Shirudomiria, and Hop moved the boulder and advanced to Turffield, fighting against Milo and winning. The only Marnie’s Pokémon in the manga is Morpeko.

After that, Marnie continues doing the Gym Challenge, getting more and more badges.

In the TCG, Marnie has a support card that was introduced in the Sword and Shield base expansion. This card has three different versions, a Rare Holo, a Rare Ultra, and a Secret Rare.

Marnie Strengths

Marnie has a great team, even if it is Dark-type based. She has a lot of moves in her Pokémon to protect them from any menace. Liepard is her weakest Pokémon, but it has a really good attack, and it is pretty fast too, so it will hit you first, always.


Toxicroak is fast too, and it can hit pretty hard. It has Poison Jab and Earthquake, so it can be dangerous to any other Poison, Fire, Grass, or Steel-types. However, it also has Dry Skin, so it is immune to Water-types. Scrafty is a cool Pokémon too, Shed Skin will heal it of any status condition, and it has strong attacks. Sadly, it is rather slow, but it has a good move set, with Ice and Thunder Punch to protect itself from the Flying-types.


Morpeko has a signature ability (Hungry Switch, which will switch Morpeko between modes) which only works with its signature move, Aura Wheel. Aura Wheel will be an Electric-type attack if Morpeko is in its Belly Mode (which is when it is yellow) and will be a Dark-type attack if Morpeko is in his Hungry Mode (which is when Morpeko is Black and it gets Angry).

Morpeko is dangerous for Aura Wheel, which also increases its Speed, and its move set with Seed Bomb and Torment. Every turn Morpeko passes in the field, it gets more dangerous.

Lastly, Grimmsnarl is such a great Pokémon with a powerful type combination and great attacks. Get it down is a tough challenge. It has the best Fairy-type physical attacks, and it’s a problem for any Dragon-type Pokémon.

Marnie Weaknesses

Marnie has a great and balanced team, but there’s no unbeatable team, so let’s check out how you can easily defeat her. As we said before, Liepard is her weakest Pokémon since it is weak to Fighting-type Pokémon, and it doesn’t have any move to protect itself from them.


Toxicroak has a cool move set, but the problem is that it has an x4 weakness against Psychic-types, and it doesn’t have any move to defend itself. Scrafty suffers from the same problem but against Fairy-types, and even if it has two moves to defend itself from Flying-types, a good Fairy-type move will get it down.

Morpeko has a great mechanic, but Ground and Fighting-types will get it down easily; its defenses are bad. It has Seed Bomb, and it is pretty effective against Ground-types, but you don’t have to worry; it isn’t the strongest Grass-type attack, and it doesn’t have STAB with it either, so it won’t faint your Ground-type.

Lastly, Grimmsnarl. It is a great Pokémon with good defenses, but you can avoid its strongest Fairy-type attacks with a Steel-type while doing a good amount of damage. Poison-types work perfectly too. To get it down, you just have to hit it with your best shot and to hope to handle its attacks. If you have something to decrease its defenses, it will be perfect.

Marnie in a video


In this video, you can see how to get Marnie down easily. this battle isn’t hard if you have a proper team.

Marnie Pokemon Guide: FAQs

Question: How old is Marnie?

Answer: Marnie’s age isn’t confirmed yet, but she looks like she is a pre-teen and she is between 10 and 14 years old.

Question: Why is Marnie so popular?

Answer: Marnie is popular in the Pokémon community because of her cool personality and because she is a great character to represent what does a rival mean: someone to compete against but helping the player every time he/she needs.

Question: Which is Marnie’s team weakness?

Answer: Marnie’s team has a special weakness against Fairy-types. Marnie has a Toxicroak to counter her weakness to the Fairy-type.

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