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Hamsters and guinea pigs are cute and bubbly pets to own, although taking care of one has huge responsibilities. I had a friend who loved owning pets, from fishes to four-legged mammals.

His parents once bought him a guinea pig which he named “Walter,” and invited me over to his house to brag about it. The following day, I came back along with my cat I named “Oil,” because of its golden fur.

I came home that day now understanding the phrase, “Walter and Oil do not mix well together,” because Oil will just eat Walter up. Jokes aside, I love pets because they can be with you in your most hard times. In Pokémon, all your captured creatures can become your pets and friends for life. For example, Morpeko would be the Pokémon equivalent to Walter.

When Game Freak introduced their newest installments back in 2019, Pokémon Sword and Shield, people wondered what the Pikachu clone for this generation would be. They provided us with Morpeko, one of the most adorable rodents to date. Like the trending octopus toy, which can be reversed from the inside out, it can switch moods based on if it is hungry or not. Here are some more details about Morpeko.

Bottom Line Up Front

Morpeko is a Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII with the Electric and Dark typing. It does not evolve into anything, but it can change forms thanks to its ability, Hunger Switch. Below is some important information about the Two-Sided Pokémon Morpeko.

  • Morpeko (Two-Sided Pokémon)
  • National Dex Number: 877
  • Type: Electric, Dark
  • Ability: Hunger Switch
  • Hidden Ability: None
  • Egg Groups: Field and Fairy
  • Hatch Time: 2570 to 2826 steps
  • Height: 1’ or 0.3 m
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs. or 3 kg
  • Base Experience Yield: 153
  • Leveling Rate: Medium Fast
  • EV Yield: 2 Speed
  • Gender Ratio: 50% Male, 50% Female
  • Catch Rate: 180 (33.8%)

What Are Morpeko’s Base Stats in Pokémon?

Image from Pokemon Fandom

Morpeko’s base stats are fine, I guess. They are not competent enough to bring one with you into battle, and it does not have any amazing trump cards up in its pouches. However, I think that this rodent can still put up a good fight for a Pokémon with no evolutionary line. Below are Morpeko’s base stats, with a total of 436.


BaseAt Level 50

At Level 100

HP58118 to 165226 to 320
Attack9590 to 161175 to 317
Defense5856 to 121108 to 236
Special Attack7067 to 134130 to 262
Special Defense5856 to 121108 to 236
Speed9791 to 163179 to 322

What Are Morpeko’s Best And Worst Stats?

Morpeko’s Speed is impressive, and considering its signature move, Aura Wheel, boosts its Speed up by one stage, it is something one should definitely look into.

With a high-Speed Morpeko and Aura Wheel, you can make your little hamster dash through your opponents like a furry bullet. It is also a good physical attacker, which is great considering Aura Wheel is a physical move.

Morpeko’s worst attribute would be its defensive capabilities, both physical and special. Paired with a bad HP stat, it is a fragile little thing. Although, it correlates with real-life hamsters, which are prone to dying so easily. I have seen plenty of internet stories to know that these creatures can die from anything. They can die from overeating to scaring themselves to death by looking at its reflection.

What Does Morpeko Look Like in Pokémon?

Image from Pokemon Fandom

Morpeko is a rodent who has two alternating forms, namely the Full Belly Mode and Hangry Mode, thanks to its ability, Hunger Switch.

It stands upright in both modes, with short, stubby arms and feet. It also has pink cheeks on the side of its mouth, a small nose, fluffy, upright ears, and a patch of differently-colored fur on both sides of its body. Each side covers the arms, ears, cheeks, and eyes.

These sides take the form of a zigzag, leaving a small middle section of its main fur color. The zigzag pattern stops at the waistline, forming a pouch where Morpeko can store various stuff like seeds. Imagine how kangaroos have a front pouch to keep their babies in, but on the sides, like jean pockets. If humans had that biological trait, I think it would be pretty weird but useful.

In Full Belly Mode, its main fur color is yellow. It is much lighter than the franchise’s mascot’s fur. On its left side, the fur patch is black, while on the other side, it is brown. It also maintains round, dark eyes with large, white pupils, along with a cheerful smile showing a bucktooth. Similarly, my girlfriend would always be smiling if she were in Full Belly Mode.

In Hangry Mode, its main fur color changes to purple, and its eyes change to a downward-slanted, red half-circle, like its eyebrows are scrunched to give the impression of an angry look. Its smile is turned upside down, showing a full set of teeth.

Its right fur patch also changes to black. Similarly, my girlfriend gets incredibly angry when she is hungry (man, maybe my girlfriend is a Morpeko).

Where to find Morpeko in Pokémon games

Morpeko is Gen VIII’s Pikachu clone, so it is only available in Pokémon Sword and Shield (so far). It could make a possible return when Gen IX’s Pokémon Scarlet and Violet come out. It also is not available in Pokémon Go as of the moment, but it could be introduced within the game in the near future as its other fellow Pokémon in the same generation is out in the wild now.

Where to Find Morpeko in Pokémon Gen VIII (Sword and Shield)

You can encounter Morpeko on Route 7, Route 9, and the Lake of Outrage. In Route 7 and the Lake of Outrage, you can find a Morpeko roaming around in the overworld. You can approach it to commence a wild Pokémon battle and try to catch it. Meanwhile, you can only encounter Morpeko on Route 9 through a random encounter on the grass.

You have a 5% chance of finding a level 37 to 41 Morpeko in Route 7 or a level 40 to 44 Morpeko in Route 9. Meanwhile, this Pokémon has a 4% chance of appearing during a thunderstorm. Another way to encounter a Morpeko would be through Max Raid Battles in dens within Giant’s Mirror, Motostoke Riverbank, and the Lake of Outrage.

All encounters through this method have a 5% chance of finding a 5-star Morpeko with four perfect IVs. In Giant’s Mirror, the den containing Morpeko in its common pool is above the lake. In Motostoke Riverbank, the den has Morpeko in its rare pool directly below the pond. In the Lake of Outrage, a single den has Morpeko in both the common and rare pools. It is northeast of the large lake.

If you have the Isle of Armor Expansion Pass, you can visit Challenge Beach and find a lot of Morpeko there. There is a 5% chance that a level 10 to 15 Morpeko would wander among the grass regardless of weather conditions. One could also appear on cloudy days, with three possible locations for one: west of the Berry tree near the river, north of the Berry tree near the beach, and west of the Forest of Focus.

If you have the Crown Tundra Expansion Pass, there is a 10% chance during cloudy weather or thunderstorms for a level 60 to 65 Morpeko to wander around the grass in Ballimere Lake. Several Morpeko may also occasionally roam around in fixed locations of the area. However, players cannot pinpoint the exact spots.

Lastly, you can catch a level 65 Morpeko through Dynamax Adventures, a series of Max Raid Battles accessible through the Max Lair. Morpeko is unavailable in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, and Legends: Arceus.

Morpeko in the Pokémon anime

Morpeko garnered an animated spotlight thanks to the Pokémon Journeys series, although I would love to see more of this adorable rodent in future episodes. Morpeko debuted in the mentioned series’ 28th episode, “Sobbing Sobble!” In this episode, a Full Belly Mode Morpeko eats Team Rocket’s food and runs away after Jessie throws a tin can at it. It reappeared again, asking for more food.

When Team Rocket demands the Morpeko to go away because they do not have any more food, it 0switches to its Hangry Mode and blasts them away using its Aura Wheel. Later on, in the 70th episode, “Take My Thief! Please!” the show reveals that the same Morpeko that Team Rocket encountered before was living with them in their secret base for a while. It eventually became James’ own Pokémon.

As for minor roles, a Morpeko appeared in the series 99th episode, “Battling Turned Up to Eleven!” Marnie seemingly owns the Pokémon. It appears in other media such as:

  • Pokémon: Twilight Wings anime miniseries
    • Buddy (Episode 3)
    • Early-Evening Waves (Episode 4)
    • The Gathering of Stars (Episode 8)
  • GOTCHA! (Special music video)
  • Pokémon Evolutions anime miniseries
    • The Champion (Episode 1)

What is Morpeko’s Ability in Pokémon?

Morpeko only has one ability due to its unique gimmick, and it is Hunger Switch. It is the Pokémon’s signature ability, meaning no other Pokémon has this ability. Hunger Switch switches Morpeko between Full Belly Mode and Hangry Mode, and this switch occurs at the end of every turn. You may ask what is so important about these modes that I have been blabbering about for the past few minutes.

See, the typing of Morpeko’s signature move, Aura Wheel, depends on the Pokémon’s mode. If Morpeko is in Full Belly Mode, Aura Wheel becomes an Electric-type move, but if it is in Hangry Mode, it changes to a Dark-type move. In theory, it is pretty useful because you can store two moves into one slot. Imagine a move that can be an Ice Punch or a Fire Punch, depending on the Pokémon’s mode!

However, in battle, it is too unreliable. Every round, your Morpeko changes to another mode, but you cannot force it to stay in one mode. If it is attacking a Ground-type Pokémon, your Morpeko’s Aura Wheel would be 50% effective the whole time it is alive, assuming the opponent would not just use Earthquake on the rodent on its first turn. But, hey? What choice does Morpeko have?

What Are the Best Natures for Morpeko in Pokémon?

Image from Pkmncollectors Fandom

I would advise getting the Jolly or Adamant natures for your Morpeko. This Pokémon is born to be a speedster, especially putting its signature move, Aura Wheel, into consideration. As for why these natures are best:

  • Jolly (Increased Speed, Decreased Special Attack): Morpeko is a physical attacker, so decreasing its Special Attack does not hinder it at all. Increasing its Speed also elevates its speed-boosting capabilities, making Morpeko a fast and furious ball of fur. With Aura Wheel, your Morpeko will surely dominate the playing ground.
  • Adamant (Increased Attack, Decreased Special Attack): If you prefer to boost your Morpeko’s Attack stat instead of its Speed stat, then I would recommend the Adamant nature. Game Freak designed this Pokémon to be like a Ferrari, so boosting its Speed could be useless if it is already ruling the race (I do not know much about cars except for Ferraris).

Morpeko’s Moves Per Level (Generation VIII)




1Thunder ShockElectricSpecial40100%30
1Tail WhipNormalStatus100%30
10Power TripDarkPhysical20100%10
15Quick AttackNormalPhysical40100%30
45Bullet SeedGrassPhysical25100%30
55Aura WheelElectricPhysical110100%10

Morpeko’s Moves From TM (Generation VIII)




TM05Thunder PunchElectricPhysical75100%15
TM14Thunder WaveElectricStatus90%20
TM26Scary FaceNormalStatus100%10
TM43Brick BreakFightingPhysical75100%15
TM47Fake TearsDarkStatus100%20
TM50Bullet SeedGrassPhysical25100%30
TM66Thunder FangElectricPhysical6595%15
TM67Ice FangIcePhysical6595%15
TM68Fire FangFirePhysical6595%15
TM80Volt SwitchElectricSpecial70100%20
TM90Electric TerrainElectricStatus—%10
TM98Stomping TantrumGroundPhysical75100%10
TR27Sleep TalkNormalStatus—%10
TR58Dark PulseDarkSpecial80100%15
TR59Seed BombGrassPhysical80100%15
TR68Nasty PlotDarkStatus—%20
TR80Electro BallElectricSpecial100%10
TR81Foul PlayDarkPhysical95100%15
TR86Wild ChargeElectricPhysical90100%15
TR97Psychic FangsPsychicPhysical85100%10

Morpeko’s Moves From Breeding (Generation VIII)










Emolga; Dedenne;






Meowth (Alolan);

Meowth (Galarian);

Persian (Alolan);


Perrserker; Nuzleaf;











Fake OutNormalPhysical40100%10




Parting ShotDarkStatus100%20
Persian (Alolan);





Sandshrew (Alolan);


Sandslash (Alolan);




Rapid SpinNormalPhysical50100%4






Super FangNormalPhysical90%10
Meowth (Galarian);



























What is Morpeko Strong Against in Pokémon?

Image from Pokemon Fandom

Morpeko can resist a lot of types due to its Electric and Dark typing. Specifically, Morpeko is resistant to Flying, Ghost, Steel, Electric, and Dark-type moves by half, meaning it receives half the normal damage from these moves. It is also immune to Psychic-type moves, meaning it does not receive any damage from them.

What is Morpeko Weak to in Pokémon?

Defensively, Morpeko receives twice the damage from Fighting, Ground, Bug, and Fairy-type moves. The Fighting, Fairy, and Bug weaknesses come from its Dark typing, while the Ground weakness comes from its Electric typing.

What is the Best Build for Morpeko in Pokémon?

Competitively, Morpeko is not something you would consider bringing out in a battle with you. Imagine going to a cockfight and bringing with you your hamster to participate. It is not that great compared to other alternatives, but if you want to stick with your pocket-sized bullet of fur, then there are ways to make it work. I would recommend following the build below as I think it suits best for Morpeko.

  • Item: Leftovers (Morpeko heals at the end of every turn by 1/16 of its maximum HP)
  • Ability: Hunger Switch
  • Nature: Jolly; Adamant
  • EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP
  • Moves
    • Aura Wheel
    • Protect
    • Ice Fang; Fire Fang
    • Super Fang; Psychic Fang

Make your Morpeko brush its teeth thoroughly because this build is all about fangs and nothing but fangs! Well, except for Aura Wheel and Protect. These two moves are essential; Aura Wheel is Morpeko’s signature move. It is what the Pokémon’s ability is made for. Morpeko’s modes do not change its stats; rather, it would change the typing of the move.

Image from International-Pokedex Fandom

Without Aura Wheel, Hunger Switch would basically be useless because Morpeko would switch modes without any changes aside from its appearance. Aside from the gimmick, Aura Wheel is also useful thanks to it being a STAB move. Even when Morpeko is in Hangry Mode, the move is still a STAB move, which is great.

Protect allows Morpeko to dedicate itself to one typing for Aura Wheel. For example, you are facing off against a Ground-type Pokémon. Obviously, using Aura Wheel while on Full Belly Mode would be pointless. Thus, you can use Protect on turns when Morpeko is in Full Belly Mode and Aura Wheel when it is in Hangry Mode.

This strategy ensures that Morpeko can switch between protecting itself from super-effective attacks and dealing decent damage.

You can keep Ice Fang as a way to counter Ground-type Pokémon, the main weakness for Morpeko. You can also switch it up with Fire Fang as a way to counter Fire-type Pokémon. Plus, Electric Aura Wheel deals damage to Flying-type Pokémon, so Ice Fang would be redundant.

Lastly, I would recommend Super Fang. Although it is a bit hard to have on your Morpeko because it is an egg move, it is an incredibly powerful physical move. It halves the target’s current HP! However, it is a Normal-type move, so it would be ineffective against Ghost-type Pokémon. Still, Aura Wheel can be Dark-type. Thus, it would not be an issue.

If you deem the Super Fang too troublesome to acquire for a Morpeko, do not worry! I understand your sentiment. You can replace Super Fang with Psychic Fang to counter Fighting-type Pokémon too.


Question: Is Morpeko a legendary Pokémon?

Answer: No, Morpeko is not a legendary Pokémon, although I would understand why someone would interpret it as such. It has such a unique gimmick that it feels like something a legendary Pokémon would do. Its design is also creative! Sadly, Morpeko’s stats beg to differ, as it is simply a glorified guinea pig full of Speed.

Question: Is Morpeko in Pokémon Go?

Answer: As of June 2022, no, Morpeko is not in Pokémon Go. However, keep your hopes up because the developers are slowly introducing Gen VIII Pokémon. They already released a couple into the wild like Skwovet and Wooloo, so there is some possibility we can cling to that we can meet our fluffy boy in the real world.

Question: How does Morpeko change forms in Pokémon?

Answer: Morpeko changes forms between Full Belly Mode and Hanger Mode thanks to its ability, Hunger Switch. This ability forces Morpeko to change forms at the end of every turn. If Morpeko loses Hunger Switch through Skill Swap or the like, it will remain in the last form it took.

Question: What is Morpeko based on in Pokémon?

Answer: Morpeko is based on the designs of a guinea pig or a hamster, although its name most likely refers to the former. The first part of its name, “mor-,” may refer to “morumotto,” which is the Japanese word for the guinea pig. Meanwhile, “-peko” may refer to “hara peko,” which means “hungry” or “starving” in Japanese. Plus, Morpeko’s Aura Wheel takes inspiration from the real-life hamster wheel.

Question: Why does Morpeko look like Pikachu in Pokémon?

Answer: Morpeko looks like Pikachu because it is Gen VIII’s version of the mascot. If you have not noticed, every generation has a Pokémon similar to Pikachu, which we refer to as the generation’s Pikachu clone. For example, Gen VI has Dedenne, an Electric and Fairy-type rodent Pokémon, and Gen IV has Pachirisu, an Electric-type rodent Pokémon.

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