Find Your Voice Pokemon Go Quest Guide

It’s an exciting time to be part of the Pokemon Go community, with new social features on the horizon. The addition of new Pokemon, the challenging Go League, and not to forget new Special Research tasks complete with unique and sparkly rewards.

It’s like Pokemon Go is only getting better! Finding Your Voice is a new Special Research task I recently completed during Pokemon Go Fest. Containing only six parts, I found it to be one of the most manageable Special Research tasks added most recently.

I’ve walked, caught, and battled my way to level 38, and I’ve completed almost thirty Special Research tasks in my Pokemon Go adventure, and I show no signs of stopping.

I highly recommend following the Finding Your Voice Special Research as you will be rewarded with many valuable items such as Premium Raid Passes and Rare Candies. Encountering the Mythical Meloetta is the leading prize for completing this task. I’ve broken this special research down below, so let’s GO!

Bottom Line Up Front

The bottom line is that this is one of the easiest Special Research tasks available. I had fun completing these tasks and found the rewards to be considerable.

I recommend that you equip a Lucky Egg when competing in the final stage of Finding Your Voice, as you’ll double the rewarded Exp to 18,000! This significant amount of Exp will propel your level forward if you have a low Trainer Level.

Meloetta is an extremely powerful Normal/Psychic-type. I caught mine at 1667 CP, which cost me just over 35,000 Stardust and 33 Candies to boost its CP to 2,500, making it a viable choice in the Pokemon Go Ultra League.

I’m usually a bit stingy when it comes to using my Stardust and Candies. However, the Finding Your Voice Special Research rewards you with a lot of extra Meloetta Candy, making it too good to disregard.

Finding Your Voice and the Mythical Meloetta

Finding Your Voice and the Mythical Meloetta

To obtain Meloetta, you only need to complete mission four of the special research. Although if you have already caught Meloetta, the reward slot will be replaced with 20 Meloetta Candies.

Meloetta is a Normal/Psychic-type Pokemon first introduced in Generation V, Black, and White. It’s a powerful Pokemon to add to your roster as it is only weak to Dark and Bug-type attacks.

Meloetta has great move coverage, learning Confusion and Quick Attack as Fast Attacks, and Hyber BeamDazzling GleamThunderbolt, and Psyshock as Charged Attacks. Although Meloetta has a Pirouette form, this cannot be accessed in Pokemon Go at this point.

When you complete the Finding Your Voice Special Research, you will also be granted extra Meloetta Candies making it easier to boost Meloetta ready for PVP. Remember that Meloetta is a legendary Pokemon and therefore requires you to walk 20KM before rewarding you with a Candy after setting it as your buddy.

Before cracking on with the tasks, I recommend you save your Star Pieces for mission four, as you must collect 20,000 Stardust. I always have a good supply of berries in my bag in case I come across a rare Pokemon or need to feed my buddy. But if you don’t, I suggest you collect at least thirty berries as you’ll need to use them in mission two.

Moreover, you will need at least three raid passes to complete this special research task. You can acquire a free raid pass a day by spinning Pokemon Gyms. However, you will only be given one if you have used the previous raid pass.

Finding Your Voice: Mission – 1

Finding Your Voice Mission - 1
  • Take a Screenshot of your Buddy
  • Catch 30 Normal-type Pokemon
  • Evolve 15 Pokemon

The first part of the Finding Your Voice Special Research task is easy and shouldn’t take too much time to complete. Taking a screenshot of your buddy can be completed instantly; however, catching 30 Normal-Type Pokemon and evolving 15 Pokemon may take longer, depending on the number of Pokemon spawns in your location.

If you live in a rural area like me, I suggest you travel to a town or city. If you can’t do this, find a group of PokeStops. Pokemon tend to spawn near PokeStops, and you’ll be able to collect valuable items and research.  Research tasks can sometimes reward you with a Pokemon encounter making it even easier to complete these tasks.

To maximize my experience gain, I wait to evolve my Pokemon in bulk and use a Lucky Egg to double my experience gain from evolving Pokemon. Lucky Eggs last thirty minutes, and you can easily evolve over forty Pokemon before the Lucky Egg effect runs out.

Although the number of Pokemon you can evolve somewhat depends on how fast your phone is, my Samsung Galaxy S10 from 2019 runs the game very smoothly. I can easily evolve over fifty Pokemon.

Pokemon Screenshot Catching Tip (For the Gram)

Have you ever planned a perfect screenshot of your buddy in Pokemon Go, maybe framed it perfectly with a sunset on a beach. Or framed your buddy sitting next to your pet dog like I’ve done countless times, only to have the photo photobombed by a Smeargle.

This is very useful if you cannot find many Normal-Type Pokemon, as every screenshot using the photo mechanic in-game gives a chance to spawn Smeargle. I used this method to finish off the Catch thirty Normal-type Pokemon task and found that the chances of Smeargle appearing are quite high.

  • For completing these tasks, you will be rewarded with 2,000 Exp, encounters with a Glameow and Eevee. As well as receive thirty Pokeballs and 1,000 Stardust.

Finding Your Voice: Mission – 2

Finding Your Voice Mission - 2
  • Use 30 Berries to help catch Pokemon
  • Earn 5 Candies walking with your buddy
  • Give your buddy 3 treats

Mission two can be a little more time-consuming if you cannot walk very far. However, to circumvent this consider swapping your buddy out for a Pokemon that requires a short distance of 1 Km to generate Candy. 1km Pokemon such as Magikarp and Starly. You could also choose baby Pokemon for this task as they require 1km walking distance for Candies.

Once you’ve selected your 1km buddy, feed it Pinup, Razz, or Nanab berries to complete the Give your buddy 3 treats task. Feeding your buddy Golden Razz, Golden Pinup, or Poffin will fill their hunger bar faster, meaning you’ll have to wait a while before you can feed them again.

Once you’ve filled this bar, your buddy will join you on your adventure in the world. You can only change your buddy twenty times per day, but you don’t need to worry about that today.

To complete this part the fastest way possible, catch as many Pokemon as possible while walking the 5 km. If you’re a speedy power walker, you could always complete some research tasks to encounter even more Pokemon.

I’ve discovered over the years that it’s sometimes best to save encounter Pokemon rewarded from research tasks. You can save up to 100 wild Pokemon encounters here to be used later for certain events, special research, and timed bonuses.

  • For completing this mission, you will receive twenty Pinap berries, a Slugma and Chancy encounter, a Poffin, 1,000 Exp, and 1,000 Stardust.

Finding Your Voice: Mission – 3

Finding Your Voice: Mission - 3
  • Win 3 Gym Battles
  • Battle in 3 raids
  • Defeat 3 Team Rocket Grunts

For mission three, you will have to roll up your sleeves and get battling. I recommend collecting some health items such as potions and revives. I use my friend’s gifts to acquire health items.

This mission is best completed in a built-up area with lots of Gyms. I was luckily in town when doing this part of the quest. You don’t have to worry about defeating the raid boss; you only need to battle in three. However, I recommend trying to beat them as you’ll be rewarded with some fantastic items.

Winning three Gym battles should be easy enough. This may be a challenge for the lower-level trainers, so I recommend boosting the CP of your best Pokemon. Or target weakened Pokemon that have been sitting in Gyms for a while. You can find some Pokemon that can even be hit by one attack, so choose your battles wisely.

Defeating three Team Rocket Grunts is the final part of this challenge. Team Rocket Grunts spawn randomly at Pokestops and last thirty minutes. I’ve sometimes seen clusters of team Rocket Grunts appear at bunched-up PokeStops.

So I recommend traveling to a place with a bunch of PokeStops nearby. Team Rocket Grunts will never use their shields in battle but can sometimes catch you off guard with high CP Pokemon, so only bring your best fighters.

  • You will receive an encounter with HairyamaMonferno, three Max Potions, and two Premium Raid Passes for completing all tasks. As well as 1,000 Exp and Stardust.

Finding Your Voice: Mission – 4

Finding Your Voice Mission - 4
  • Earn 20,000 Stardust
  • Catch 30 different species of Pokemon
  • Spin 3 Pokestops

That Star Piece you saved is gonna come in handy in this part of Finding Your Voice. As you are going to have to collect 20,000 Stardust, you can collect Stardust by completing various tasks such as catching Pokemon, defeating trainers in the Pokemon Go League, hatching Pokemon eggs, and unwrapping friend gifts.

You’ll quickly rack up Stardust by completing these tasks with a Stardust equipped. Moreover, you’ll collect a decent amount of Stardust by catching Pokemon for the second task. In this task, you must catch 30 different species of Pokemon. I used the Pokemon encounters I saved earlier to quickly complete this task.

  • You will be rewarded with a ChimechoLoudredKricketune, and Meloetta encounter. As well as 2,000 Exp and 2,000 Stardust as a reward for completing all tasks.

Finding Your Voice: Mission – 5

Finding Your Voice: Mission - 5
  • Take a Snapshot of Meloetta
  • Make a New Friend
  • Send 3 Gifts to Friends

This part of Finding Your Voice is the final part of the quest that requires you to complete tasks. It’s the easiest part of Finding Your Voice, as you only need to take a snapshot of Meloetta after you’ve caught it. Sending three Gifts is another easy task you can complete after spinning a few PokeStops.

Now, if you are struggling to find other Pokemon Go players to make friends with. You can join Pokemon Go groups on social media and post your friend code or add a friend code from group member posts.

I use to post my friend code and add other Pokemon Go Trainers. Using this method, you can quickly fill up your friends list. It’s also a great form of Exp gain as each friend tier will grant you a reward Exp.

  • You’ll receive 3 Revives, a Lucky Egg, twenty Meloetta Candies, and five Meloetta Stickers, As well as 2,500 Exp and 2,500 Stardust as a reward for completing this section.

Finding Your Voice: Mission – 6

Finding Your Voice: Mission - 6

This section has no tasks and is instead filled with rewards. You’ll gain an extra 9,000 Exp, Lure Module, twenty Meloetta Candies, and three Rare Candies. Before you accept these rewards, activate a Lucky Egg as you’ll double the Exp received, totaling it to an incredible 18,000 Exp!

If you want to be a pro-Pokemon Go player and make the most out of this Exp and Lucky Egg, save up some Pokemon for a mass evolution. Evolving Pokemon may be a slow process, but it’s a sure-fire way of racking up a bunch of Exp. Combine this with a raid, and you’ve easily got over 30,000 Exp. 


Question: What is Pokemon HOME, and How Does it Work?

Answer: Pokemon HOME is a free Mobile App and Nintendo Switch game that uses Cloud storage to store Pokemon.
Trainers can store and withdraw Pokemon to be used across Pokemon games. Pokemon from Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Shining Pearl, Brilliant Diamond, Pokemon Sword, and Pokemon Shield can all be transferred to Pokemon HOME and between games. 
Pokemon from Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! can only be transferred to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. However, you won’t be able to transfer Pokemon back after being transferred to either Sword or Shield.
Pokemon HOME can be connected to Pokemon GO. However, you will only be able to transfer Pokemon to Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Shining Pearl, Brilliant Diamond, Sword, and Shield if the Pokemon has already been registered on the game Pokedex. Do not send Lucky or Shadow Pokemon to Pokemon HOME, as they will lose their special status.

Question: What is Pokemon Go Plus and Poke Ball Plus?

Answer: Pokemon Go Plus and Poke Ball are Bluetooth devices that connect to your phone and allow you to collect items from PokeStops without opening your phone.
Tapping on the Poke ball or watch for Pokemon Go Plus, you can catch nearby Pokemon. I don’t believe these extra features are worth the money, as you can just open the Pokemon Go app on your phone.

Question: What are Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

Answer: When you trade Pokemon, there is a small 5% chance that they will turn into a Lucky Pokemon. However, trading Pokemon that are three years or older have a 20% chance of turning lucky.
A Lucky Pokemon’s stats are rerolled with a minimum of 12 IVs across all stats. Furthermore, Lucky Pokemon require less Stardust to CP boost. 

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